By Any Means Necessary: Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 36

Additional Comments “I know people are looking for a source of joy. Sometimes people see the commemoration of Black August as focusing on things that don’t bring us joy. I think we have to understand and look for joy in the actions of our ancestors. Whether it be for the understanding of what it takes to be someone like Harriet Tubman or George Jackson, these people who are certainly a strong example of New Afrikan revolutionary resistance. I think about people like Jalil Muntaqim who helped bring the New Afrikan independence movement, the Black liberation army ideology, to the prisons. When we look to those of our people who are in prison we have to look at them as people who are in our community. We have millions of people in these prisons so to celebrate our resistance and commemorate our lives is important. I do find the need for us to find joy in what we do and we have to move ourselves from thinking the only way we do that is through parties and celebrations. Find joy in being disciplined. Find joy in the fact that you finished a new book. Find joy in the fact that you increased your physical activity. Find joy in the fact that you came together in a regular study group. The fasting is a promotion of health and well-being. These are the things we have to try to understand as to why we were creating and promoting Black August.”

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By Any Means Necessary

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