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Oticon Intiga The Smallest Wireless Hearing Aid Available

Oticon has done it with the new Oticon Intiga, the world’s smallest completely wireless digital hearing aid! Specifically made to meet first-time hearing aid user’s needs, Intiga provides both performance and invisibility to make acceptance easy!

These are not the giant hearing aids of the past. Providing quality, clear sound in a small package with excellent features, Intiga may be right for you!

Intiga is a very small receiver in the ear (RITE) behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, designed to hug the form of the ear so closely, it is virtually undetectable by sight!

Intiga is a ‘put on and go’ hearing aid, great for new and experienced users alike! A wide range of hearing losses can be accommodated from mild to severe.

Discreet and beautiful! Sleek in design, Intiga is available in a number of vivid colors, like mother of pearl, vivid lilac, silver, chestnut brown , think pink, and many others to suit your taste!

Intiga is equipped with Oticon’s Speech Guard processing to improve speech comprehension in complex listening environments.

Intiga is a fully wireless binaural hearing system with RISE 2 signal processing, allowing the adaptation time for new users to be much quicker!

Oticon Intiga The Smallest Wireless Hearing Aid Available  

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