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Rules to remember On leash/off leash zones

Dogs are allowed off leash in dedicated areas in Centennial Parklands but must be under effective control at all times (see map for designated off leash areas). Numbers

n Maximum of four dogs per person

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Dogs must be on leash:

Environmental protection

Dogs are prohibited in the following areas of Centennial Parklands:

n Within 10 metres of ponds and waterways

Dogs must be kept away from ponds, pond banks, long grass and shrubs, which are sensitive areas and are often home to our native fauna.

n Within 10 metres of all children’s playgrounds

n On all roads and shared paths, including footpaths, cycle lanes and Federation Way n In the front lawn of the Superintendent’s Residence n Within 10 metres of the horse access corridor near Robertson Road Gates

Respecting other Park visitors

Dogs and horses don’t mix. Please keep your dog well clear of horses and their riders as horses can cause serious injury if they are chased, bitten or barked at.

n Within 10 metres of Learners Cycleway n Within 10 metres of Centennial Parklands Childcare Centre n Horse areas including the horse track n Wildlife protection areas including ponds, waterways, the Bird Sanctuary and York Road Bushland n On playing fields when they are in use

n Within 10 metres of Federation Pavilion, as bounded by the stone circle in the lawn (to protect the heritage significance of the place where the Federation of Australia was declared) n Within 10 metres of food preparation and consumption areas including Centennial Parklands Dining (the Restaurant, Café, Kiosk and BBQ areas). Tethered dogs must be supervised and remain the responsibility of their owner or carer Professional dog walkers are encouraged to avoid Federation Valley.

The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust is not responsible for the actions of dogs in the Parklands.

Dog Brochure Map  

A guide to on and off leash dog zones in Centennial Parklands, Sydney.

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