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vibrations of the equipment where they are used. Being material hygroscopic, they admit impregnating as oils of transformer or varnishes and increase the thermal class up to 105° C. • When choosing the section of a flat wire or rectangular wire is due to consider that winding square or almost square conductors, these tend to turn on their own axis and to lean on one of its edges. If the section is great, the flat wire is very difficult to straighten and it is even a hardening of the metal is obtained, producing additional winding difficulties. • In order to avoid this disadvantage, it is recommended to choose flat wire sections in which the thickness is at the most 2/3 of the wide one.

Applications The Insulated Wires Magneto with Paper are used in power and distribution transformers, dry or oil impregnated.

Sizes Round Wire: 2.5 to 12.5 mm. Squared Wire: 10 to 4 AWG Flat Wire: See Graph Ranges of Manufacture Flat Wire.

Note: Other configurations and sizes not specified herein are available upon request.


Magnet wire  
Magnet wire  

Magnet wire