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Magnet Wire Soldincel 200°C

Description SOLDINCEL is the generic name of this Magnet Wire produced based on polyurethane insulation overcoated with polyamideimide, its main characteristic is its almost instantaneous solder ability. This round wire is manufactured in two insulation thickness Single Film (SSN) and Heavy Film (SDN), this product is manufactured upon special requirement.

Thermal Class SOLDINCEL Magnet Wires of CENTELSA are designed for a Thermal Class of 155°C.

Characteristics • Easy winding. • High resistance to thermoplastic flow. • Solvents resistance. • Compatibility with varnishes. • Solder able without previous removal of film. • Excellent dielectric characteristics. • Excellent solder ability. • Insulation sublimates from 360°C to 430°C. • Abrasion resistant.

Applications SOLDINCEL Magnet Wires are used in a wide range of applications: automotive use as generators, alternators, field windings and starting motors; electronic use as coils, choke flyback TV; in different windings of radio frequency, special transformers as ballasts, startings, measurement windings, small transformers, small devices and controls, low power motors and open small motors. 9

Magnet wire  
Magnet wire  

Magnet wire