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GGC’s iExplore project Program Description The iExplore project was designed to encourage and inspire faculty to investigate the value of iPads and mobile apps on their teaching. Faculty participants have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of mobile learning environments in collaboration with a supportive group of campus colleagues. Participants receive on-going training and support from the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Membership The program was originally open to 10 full-time GGC faculty members, who received a GGCissued iPad 1. This group expanded to include anyone who owned an iPad and was interested in contributing to the project.

iExplorers Implementation In early March 2011, interested full-time faculty were given the opportunity to attend one of two informational meetings to learn more about the application process, project goals, and requirements. Applications were reviewed and participant letters were distributed by the end of March. An initial meeting was held in April to distribute iPads, discuss communication and additional meeting times. The group ended the spring 2011 semester with a meeting to discuss iPad basics and how-tos. Over the summer, group members will use Twitter to communicate new ideas and mobile apps to the group.

Role/Responsibilities 

Assigned an iPad for spring 2011, summer 2011, and fall 2011 semesters to explore its application to learning environments

Receive training on mobile technology

Share ideas and experiences on using mobile technology both within the team and at CTE events (Fall 2011 new faculty orientation fair)

Research the availability of content (podcasts, apps, eBooks, etc), and explore teaching methods that take advantage of mobile technology

Participate in surveys on iPad use in the classroom

Participate in iExplorer meetings and communication

Future Goals 

Obtain a classroom set of iPads for loan to group participants

Have interested participants apply for GGC seed grants in the Fall

Conduct surveys to assess the effectiveness of the iExplorer project

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