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Quickguide: Chat

Overview Chats enable students and instructors to interact with each other in real time. You can create chats for the entire class or only for specific students. All chat sessions are archived so you and your students can review them later.

How to Access Chat To access the Chat tool, you must add it to your navbar. Refer to the Navbars Quickguide for instructions on adding a tool link to your navbar.

In This Guide Creating Chats Participating in Chats Viewing Chat Archives Deleting Chats

Creating Chats 1. Click New Chat (Figure 1). 2. Give your chat a title (required) and a description (optional). 3. Select whether you want a personal chat or a general chat.

Figure 1

• A general chat is available to all students and instructors in the class. • In a personal chat, you must manually add participants to the chat. 4. Click Create.

Add Participants to a Personal Chat

1. On the “Chat List” page, click the members icon (Figure 2) for the chat you want to add participants to. 2. Click Add Members (Figure 3). 3. Select the participants from the list. 4. Click Add.

Figure 2

Note: To remove participants from the list, go to the “Chat Members” page, select the participants you want to remove, and click the delete icon (Figure 4). Figure 3

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Participating in a Chat 1. On the “Chat List” page, click the name of a chat to enter it (Figure 5). Note: The “Participants” panel on the left will show who else is logged in to the chat. Students’ CampusConnect usernames will be displayed rather than their names.

Figure 4

2. Enter your messages to the chat room in the bottom text box and click Send (Figure 6) or press enter/return on your keyboard. Your messages, as well as students’ responses, will appear in the box above.

Viewing Chat Archives Desire2Learn automatically archives chat sessions. Archived chats are viewable for future reference or grading purposes. Once all members leave a chat, the session is considered completed and the chat is saved. 1. For the chat archive you want to view, click the view sessions icon (Figure 7). 2. Click the date and time of the chat session you want to view. The chat session will be displayed.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Deleting Chats In the event that a chat becomes obsolete, you have the ability to delete it. This option is available only to the creator of the chat. Note: Deleting a chat also removes any archives associated with the chat.

Figure 7

1. Click the checkbox next to the chat you want to delete. 2. Click the delete icon (Figure 8). A confirmation dialog box will appear. 3. Click Delete.

Figure 8

Chat quickguide  
Chat quickguide