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“One of the key advantages of National Dental Plan is it can remove this whole affordability issue that often clinicians are faced with. Patients are now able to access the ideal treatment and pay for it over time. NDP has had a big (positive) impact on revenues across all my practices” Dr. Nauv Kashyap, Dentist, Multiple Practice Owner and Founder Practice Ownership Consulting.

“The application is simple and time effective, offering patients peace of mind without long waiting periods. The payment is transferred directly to us, normally within 2 weeks, creating a wholly stress-free process. Highly recommended.” Dr. Joseph Saad, Principal Dentist and Owner, Wardell Dental Clinic.

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With NDP, patients can be treated today and pay in slices. It’s a familiar scenario. A patient needs important dental work but baulks at the cost. They put financial health before oral health. NDP (National Dental Plan) can help: It’s fast: patients apply on-the-spot, online or on their mobile. It’s safe: NDP is backed by one of Australia’s largest payment plan providers. It’s affordable: your patients pay in instalments over time with no interest ever.

Best of all, you can offer NDP without putting pressure on your staff to be financial experts. After all, you already have enough to do.

Better for your patients. Simple to apply Less than 5 minutes at your front desk.

Easy payments Affordable fortnightly direct debits.

Fast approval No interest ever For patients who meet our lending criteria. Pay over time.

Better for your practice. More patients accept treatment Showing treatment is affordable takes the focus off the total cost.

Patients are accepted fast Your patient’s payment plan is agreed digitally, with no complex paperwork.

Upfront payments You will receive upfront payment at the commencement of the treatment.

And humm will promote you better. Your practice will join the humm store page – seen by thousands every week.

Better processing options. NDP is ready and waiting inside Dental4Windows. Your patients can be approved without printing or posting a single page. You can even automatically print repayment estimates on your current treatment plans. That way you and your staff can focus on what’s important – your patients.

How humm works

Patients apply online or on their mobile

Fast approval

You’re paid on treatment day

Better than traditional finance. NATIONAL DENTAL PLAN

Traditional Finance

Amount available

$1 to $12,000

Depends on company

Average approval

30 seconds – 1 minute

1 hour to 24 hours

Time at desk

5 minutes

20+ minutes

Interest charged

No interest ever!

Up to 25%


Access to 1.7M customers

Depends on company

What if my patient misses a repayment? Your patient will have the direct debit reattempted on the same day we’re notified it was unsuccessful. If it’s still unsuccessful, we’ll contact the patient via phone, email, SMS and mail to re-establish their payment plan. Can I advertise National Dental Plan? Yes you can. We will provide a support kit, promotional material and a dedicated support team who are here to help. Can my patients pay out their agreement early? Yes, they can. And they won’t pay extra fees for early payment.

Can my patient use a credit card? Yes they can. Through humm they can pay their deposit and direct debit repayments from their credit card. Can aged pensioners and veterans apply for NDP? Yes they can. Their situation is factored in by humm. Who is behind NDP? NDP is powered by humm – one of Australia’s largest payment plan providers. Humm is the combination of Certegy Ezi-Pay and Oxipay with over 1.7 million customers that have previously shopped at over 12,000 retail locations.

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1300 361 962 410 Elizabeth St Surry Hills NSW 2000 Credit approved applicants only; fees, terms, conditions, minimum amounts and exclusions apply. Credit provided by Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd ABN 28 129 228 986. For more information on humm visit 1741_HU_APR19.

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National Dental Plan Powered by Humm  

National Dental Plan Powered by Humm