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Innovation Centre for Sensor & Imaging Systems

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Your Vision

Your company has a technology innovation challenge that needs specialist SIS research and development expertise. This could range from incremental improvement to step changing innovation. You may also need funding.


What kind of SIS challenge do you have? The CENSIS Business Development and Technical teams will explore your aims and development plan with you and help to shape your vision. This will be in the context of our knowledge of the SIS innovation landscape and our understanding of the market.


Benchmark your starting point. Our initial review will look at existing and emerging technologies.

How can CENSIS help with your SIS Innovation Project?

This will have a cross sector perspective to analyse and identify which SIS technologies could meet or contribute to solving your challenge. Many effective innovations involve taking existing solutions from other sectors.


Could your solution be applicable to other markets? We will help you understand the relevance of your technology across the SIS market sectors. CENSIS will work with you to identify the potential technical interventions at appropriate levels in the sensor stack that will have the biggest impact for your innovation idea. We will also identify any relevant SIS markets for your technology outside your target market.


Who, what and when? At the project planning stage, the CENSIS team will work with you to optimise your R&D choices and create a technology development plan. This will identify the resources and expertise that will be required to fulfil the project objectives. We will make the introductions and help you source the right expertise and collaborative partners.


Managing costs, risk and reducing time to market. CENSIS will help you to convert an end-to-end project into a phased development plan. The budget for each phase of your project will be quantified and possible funding routes will be identified if required. We will alert you to any eligible funding opportunities that might be helpful to you and support you in applying for these.

Project Lifecycle

Support from CENSIS does not end when your project starts. Support continues throughout the lifetime of your project, including lessons learned and identifying next steps/future challenges.

Why engage with CENSIS? We are Sensor & Imaging Systems (SIS) experts with a cross-sectoral knowledge base We have the skills to sense, measure, process, communicate and visualise; turning data into valuable and actionable information. We are the industry-driven centre of excellence for SIS integrating academic research and industry communities.

We have in-house engineering & project management capabilities Our commercially experienced team is available to guide and provide expertise, getting involved as required throughout the life cycle of your project.

We engage with the full supply chain to optimise exploitation opportunities We have knowledge, networks and connections with end users, developers, integrators and system architects to fully support your commercialisation opportunities.

We have academic partners at Scotland’s world leading Universities We can integrate the SIS-relevant expertise and facilities from all of Scotland’s universities.

We have an extensive network of funders and strategic partners CENSIS supports Scottish-based businesses in developing SIS projects and in finding resources to realise their SIS objectives. We can help you to assemble a fundable technology development plan. We also have the in-house capabilities to become one of your project delivery partners should this be required. As well as CENSIS funding, we can present opportunities to access SE, HIE, Innovate UK, Horizon 2020 funding and other specialist sectoral funding schemes. CENSIS has funds that can be used to support the costs of any Scottish university project partners. There are various options for funding your research project and we will explore these with you at the Planning and Scoping stage. Options fall into the following categories with the most suitable funding highlighted depending on the maturity of the technology, described by Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

CENSIS funding models Funder

Project type

Challenge level

CENSIS or CENSIS with third party funder from Scotland, UK or EU

Collaborative R&D projects

TRL 4-7 (projects at integration, demonstrator or prototype level)


Researching trends in response to wider industry need

TRL 2-3 (projects covering the formulation of new technology/application to Proof of Concept)


Consultancy on specific needs

TRL 4-8 (from integration level needs through to suitability to meet operational requirements)

CENSIS is a not-for-profit organisation There is no charge to use our services for planning and scoping your SIS project.

Contact details: CENSIS The Inovo Building 121 George Street Glasgow G1 1RD Tel: 0141 330 3876 Email:

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Opportunities to Partner with CENSIS  

Opportunities to partner with CENSIS, the innovation centre for sensor and imaging systems.

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