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2 Pinch to Home This one of my absolute favorite gestural additions in iOS 5 – never use the Home button again! Simply pinch with five fingers to return to the Home Screen. Multitasking Gestures In order for Multitasking Gestures to work they must be activated in the General>Settings >slide multitasking gestures “on”. Bring Up Multitasking Bar We’ve already noted how you can double-tap Home to bring up the multitasking bar, you can also do a four-fingered swipe upwards to achieve the same result. Swipe up to bring up the bar, and down to hide it. Double-Click Home You can also double-click the home button to bring up the Multitasking bar. This will allow you to switch between apps. No Tab Key, But... The iPad soft keyboard doesn't have a Tab key, but you can tap the space bar with three fingers at the same time to get three spaces, or four fingers to get four spaces. It works for five spaces too if you put five fingers together to press the space bar :) Double Tap Space On all iOS devices you need only double tap the space key to insert a full-stop (period). Hidden Apostrophe Have you been changing to the punctuation page? Hold down the comma key to find a hidden apostrophe. There is a hidden quote button under the full-stop (period). Other Characters Access a host of unusual characters and symbols by holding down a letter on the keyboard. Quickly Type Numbers Rather than using three button taps to add a dollar sign, just hold your finger on the numbers button and drag to the dollar sign. When you let go you’ll be right back on the normal keyboard! CAPS LOCK To enable Caps Lock you merely double tap the shift key. Tap once to turn it off. Split the Keyboard Find the keyboard icon on the lower left corner of the keyboard but press and hold. Select the Split command – your keyboard will divide in two, shrink, and move up slightly. You can also swipe the two sections apart by starting in the middle of the keyboard and pulling apart. This allows you to type using both of your thumbs and works well with the iPad in portrait position. Undocking does not make sense to me at this point. Let me know if you find a use for it!

3 Type Smiley or Emoji Characters (iOS 5 only) (or other language characters!) Now you don't need to rely on third party software to type smiley or emoji characters as the iOS 5 includes a built-in Emoji keyboard, which you can enable. 1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. 2. Tap "International Keyboards" and "Add New Keyboard..." 3. Select "Emoji". To type a smiley or emoji character, tap the "International" key on the keyboard (or touch and hold the key, then slide to Emoji), a plethora of emoji characters are then at your fingertips. Side Switch I don’t know if you remember, but originally the Side Switch on the iPad was only for locking the rotation of the screen. Well, that’s not the case any more. Head into General in Settings to select whether you want the Side Switch to Lock Rotation or Mute. For mute you can hold down the volume button long enough for the mute to kick in. Find Definitions (open a book) Just tap and hold to select the word and tap Define, the built-in Dictionary is right there. Cut, Copy and Paste This looks simple but can be tricky sometimes when you use different apps. In general, these steps can be used in Mail or some other apps: 1. Double-tap to select a word, or tap once with two figures to select a paragraph. (Note) 2. Drag the handles to adjust the area if needed, then select Cut or Copy. 3. Tap an insert point then tap the cursor, or more directly, touch and hold an insert point. 4. Select Paste. Note: Step 1 doesn't work in a browser like Safari since "double-tap" has been used to enlarge a webpage. Instead, use "touch and hold" to copy text or an image. If "touch and hold" shows a block on a certain webpage, try "tap and touch-and-hold". Remove an App Installing apps from the App Store to your iPad is convenient, likewise removing them is pretty straightforward. 1. Touch and hold an icon on your screen until the icons start wiggling. 2. Tap the X sign on the icon of the app you want to remove. 3. Select the Delete button to confirm. 4. Repeat the same for others and click the Home button to finish. Note: If you have synced your apps with the iTunes on your computer, uncheck this app in the iTunes or else it will be restored to your iPad when syncing.

4 Re-arrange Icons When you install new apps to your iPad, the system stacks up the icons automatically without asking you to select a home screen. But you can subsequently re-arrange the icons on the home screens and on the Dock. 1. Touch and hold any icon on your screen until the icons start wiggling. 2. Drag an icon to a different spot on the screen, or even to or from the Dock, which allows for six icons. 3. You can also drag an icon to the left or right edge of the screen until it starts sliding, then drop the icon to another screen. 4. Click the Home button to finish. Organize: Create, Rename and Remove Folders Other than the apps on the dock, sometimes it's difficult to quickly look for an app to open if you have many icons spreading across a few screens. Why not create a folder to group similar apps together? It's much easier than you might think. 1. Touch and hold any icon until the icons start wiggling. 2. Drag an icon over the top of another. The system then automatically makes a named folder, with the two icons put under it. Drag more similar apps to the folder when needed. 3. Click the Home button to finish. You can rename a folder at any time—touch and hold the folder icon to make it wiggle, tap it to expand, then edit the folder name after selecting it. While the system auto creates a folder for you, it does the same to removing a folder automatically—make the folder icon wiggling, tap it to expand, then clear all items inside the folder either by dragging them out or deleting them one by one, and the empty folder clears by itself. Triple-Click Home settings: Settings>General>Accessibility>Triple Click> select 1. Off – This disables triple-click functionality. 2. Toggle VoiceOver – Menus and options will be read to you whilst using the Home screen and applications. 3. Toggle White on Black – All screens are inverse colour a preference for some users during night time use. 4. Ask – This will prompt you to choose to Turn VoiceOver On, Turn Zoom On or Turn White on Black On. Quick App Switch Again using a four-fingered swipe, this time left or right, you can quickly switch between apps. It takes a second before the app you’ve selected is fully active, but it’s a very useful way to go back and forth between apps. Your iPad remembers where you are in a sequence of apps for a while so try swiping back and forth. Find My iPad For the forgetful, Find My iPad is great, simply turn it on in iCloud settings. If you ever need to find your iPad, just head over to the iCloud site on the web and enter your iTunes details. To help you find your iPad you can display a message that informs any potential finder what they should do, you can also get the iPad to play a sound – this overrides the volume and mute setting, allowing you to find it when you’re nearby!

5 Remotely Secure Your iPad If you’re worried that your iPad has been left in mortal peril, you can use the online iCloud site to remotely set a passcode. For ultimate privacy protection you can press the figurative self-destruct button and erase all of your data. Street View You can seamlessly access Google’s Street View on your iPad – right from the Maps application. Just open Maps, drop a pin (or search for somewhere) and tap on the red person icon to the left of the address. Change Map Type You can easily change the type of map you’re viewing by peeling back the map from the bottom right corner and selecting a different type. Find Text in Safari Ever wanted to find something on a webpage in Mobile Safari? Type your desired word in the search bar and you’ll find a section under the Google Suggestions called On This Page. Not only does it list the matches, but you can hit the button beneath to have them all highlighted. A bar appears at the bottom that allows you to easily scroll through the found words. Take a Screenshot Simultaneously hold down both the Home button and the Lock button for almost a second, and you will hear a camera “sound”. The screenshot appears in your camera roll. EQ Your Music You’ve been able to do this since the iPod days, but if you’re having trouble hearing that bass-end go to the Music settings and select an EQ style that’s suits you. How to Change a Notes Font and Sync Notes The Notes app on your iPad applies a font called "Noteworthy" by default. If you find this challenging to read, why not change it? 1. Go to Settings > Notes. 2. Tick "Helvetica" on the right panel if you prefer a widely used sans-serif typeface easier for reading and editing. 3. Run the Notes app again and check if the font has been changed. Zoom Ever thought it might be useful to magnify the entire screen? Turn on Zoom (Settings>Accessibility>Zoom, slide to “on”) and double-tap the screen with three fingers. You can then move around by dragging with three fingers – useful if you, or a relative, are struggling to read something and pinch to zoom isn’t available. Show Camera Grid I rarely take photos with my iPad, but when I do it’s useful to turn on the Grid to line things up. Open up the Camera, hit Options and toggle the Grid – note that it’s not available for the front-facing camera.


Multitasking Bar The multitasking bar is basically an easy way to access your most recently used apps, just tap and go. The absolute most recent apps are often sitting and awaiting your return; meaning you can pick up exactly where you left off, but the number of apps in this state varies. iOS 5 manages your apps so that there is always enough free memory for everything to run smoothly, closing previously unused apps if need be. It’s designed to be as easy-to-use and painless as possible. You do not need to manually close apps using the multitasking bar, it won’t change the performance of your iPad. The one exception being if there’s a specific app that’s got stuck, if the app you’re on has become unresponsive then it’s worth manually shutting it down. iPad User’s Guide from MacWorld ● Start the iBooks app ● Tap Store ● Tap the Star for “Top Charts” at the bottom of the page ● Look in the list in the column on the right labeled Top Free Books to find the iPad User Guide ● Tap the Free button next to the Guide and then tap Get Book ● The User Guide is added to your iBooks collection

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