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Welcome Investors and Founding Members: This letter is an invitation for you to become a Founding Member and Investor in Jacksonville and the First Coast’s first co-work accelerator for women. The mission of CenCon Cowork is to create a thriving collaborative community that empowers women to reach their lifestyle goals, gain self-confidence, and build economic equity in the global business marketplace. We believe in the economic advancement and empowerment of women. THE CASE Women in Jacksonville constantly find themselves with no designated community space where they can go to gather, recharge, learn, celebrate, and work with one another. From Boomers to Gen Z, today’s women are searching for economic equity through entrepreneurship alongside meaningful connections that support their business goals and enrich their personal lives. The answer is CenCon Cowork, a community space designed for enterprising women, open to all. CenCon [Center for Confidence = CenCon] Cowork is a space for those who identify as women and those who support women. It’s a space for women who desire a work environment that inspires and motivates them to elevate both professionally and personally. Our community welcomes women who are looking to grow, collaborate, connect, and create with like-minded people who support them and believe in their brand. This is where women work and relax, and fills a gap addressed by no other business in the First Coast. We're building a dynamic and diverse community of women who inspire each other to live more empowered lives.

Entrepreneurship among women is up 114% over the past 20 years AND in 2018, the number of coworking spaces rose 16% in the U.S. and 36% outside the U.S.

CenCon Cowork is interested in likeminded investors who can help us make our idea, space, and community reach its full potential. We believe finding investors who share our values and believe in our vision are a core part of our future growth and success.


To Book a Tour (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays through Sept. 6, 2019): http://tiny.cc/f2hdaz

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CenCon Cowork Founding Member Invitation