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e v i t c e l l o C m CenCo Volume 3, Issue 10

November, 2012

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Inside this issue: Important Reminders 2 Fun Facts


Employee Spotlight


Since we are entering the time of year when flight volume is typically lower we should all be aware of complacency. It is easy to become relaxed and not be 100% in performing your job duties. Low flight volume should not equal low work ethic. Our crews and customers expect and deserve the same quality from us during the slow times as during the busy times.

We encourage you to find ways to fight complacency. Be sure your attention to detail and safety do not diminish. Make reminders for yourself, look out for each other, assist others when needed, ask for help when you need it.

thing in our capability to send the crews and patients back to their families safe for the holidays!! Your dedicated educators, Eric Smith Kevin Burgess

We are all busy outside of work preparing for the holidays. It‟s an exciting time of year! Lets be sure we are doing every-

Quote of the Week “Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store.” -Dr. Seuss

Volume 3, Issue 10

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Important Reminders If a crew is grounded for weather away from base overnight and another unit is built, the new unit will show them at base and available. Situational awareness is imperative in these situations. Knowing where your aircraft are at all times is critical to efficient operations. Maintenance flights should be receiving two cards in Golden Hour. One while en route to maintenance and one for the return. For ground standby requests, be sure you are documenting the time the request is activated as a „go‟ flight. Anytime a flight crew declines a flight for cabin temperature be sure to utilize „Departure Temperature‟ as the missed reason in Golden Hour. Also, be sure to notify Medlink and document the notification. Anytime a pilot is unsure of accepting a flight it is very important to obtain a go/no go decision and continue on in the processing of the request. If a pilot declines due to unfamiliar area be sure to transfer the pilot to OCC for follow up.

Points of Interest Congrats to Emilie Mikel, Shauan Schubert, and Monica Zucol for completing Communications Academy in November! All are currently precepting in the com center. An EMT refresher will be offered in February in O‟Fallon. Stay tuned for dates and details!

Fun Facts-West Virginia Edition WV has the oldest population of any state. The median age is 40. WV was the first state to have a sales tax. It went into effect on July 1, 1921. One of the first suspension bridges in the world was completed in Wheeling in November 1849. WV is the only state created by carving out territory from another state, without that state‟s permission. Governor Cecil Underwood was the state‟s youngest governor when he was first elected in 1956 at the age of 34. Elected again in 1996, Underwood became the nation‟s oldest governor.

Famous West Virginians Daniel Boone

Chuck Yeager

Don Knotts

General Stonewall Jackson Mary Lou Retton

George Brett

e e y t o pl igh m E otl Sp

Brenda Thomspon Welcome once again and happy holidays, we ho-ho-hope everyone has a terrific season. This edition of the Employee Spotlight stops by the office of our wonderful Administrative Assistant, the one and only, Brenda Thompson. Brenda has been with the company for just over two years and hails from Rural Stacy, MN, just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Prior to Air Evac, Brenda says that one of her favorite jobs was Operations Manager for a small residential cleaning service and now, introducing Ms. Brenda Thompson… Welcome, Brenda, and let‟s get it kicked off with a holiday theme…food…what‟s your favorite dish to prepare and/or partake of? “I love to experiment in the kitchen when I have time, but most enjoy old stand by comfort foods – fried chicken, mashed

potatoes, ice cream…” Can‟t go wrong with comfort food, so aside from time in the kitchen, how do you spend your free time? “Hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking (pedal not motor), playing with the dogs, cribbage, needlepoint, jigsaw puzzles, cooking, reading…” That is quite the variety of hobbies, all of which sound like fun…admittedly I had to Wiki cribbage and it sounds more complicated than calculus, but anything with cards can‟t be too bad…but back to the subject of work, because that‟s fun, tell the folks at home about the best part of being Administrative Assistant. “The Comm Center staff – even though I‟m buried in my office most of the time I have great re-

gard for our communicators and really enjoy the opportunities to chat about personal things for a few minutes.” That is very nice of you to say, we all hold you in the highest regard as well…and not just because you make sure that we get paid, although it doesn‟t hurt the cause…and since we‟re joking around, might I add that more than a few minutes of chatting with some of us would probably change the previous answer…all in good fun, because I happen to know that Brenda also has a terrific sense of humor…

e e y t o pl igh m E otl Sp

Brenda Thompson but back to business, Ms. Thompson does a lot more than verify payroll; she is also a MS Excel master, assists in maintaining certifications, takes our Staff Meeting Minutes and a long list of other tasks that help keep CenComm running smoothly. And since we‟re on the subject of AEL, Brenda, what are your thoughts on flying and have you ever flown rotor? “My first visit to West Plains coincided with homecoming the year it was held at the Civic Center and since my bro-in-law also works here we were able to go up. I love flying in small planes, helicopters – still need to experience a hot air balloon.” Well, that is cool and glad you enjoyed it…being up in a rotorwing has given me a much deeper respect and appreciation of our crews. For anyone who hasn‟t been up in a helicopter, I‟d

liken it to a riding lawn mower at 120 mph, 2000 ft up, good times. On a side-note, one of the company‟s founding fathers Mr. Bill Chritton, is a balloonist. Off the subject of work though, are there any travels that you‟d like to mention? “I spent a summer in Haiti building an orphanage, a summer in the Dominican Republic building a church and a month in Biloxi, MS doing hurricane clean-up… would love to get back to all 3 places, especially Haiti.” Travelling and good deeds, you‟re making a pretty solid case for sainthood. If you could travel anywhere that you haven‟t yet been, where would it be? “My dream vacations are to go on an African safari, visit the Australian outback and hike the Appalachian Trail… to really experience God‟s creation and chal-

lenge myself physically.” Africa or Australia would be nice about this time of year. I‟ve seen the southern Appalachian, NC and TN, but would love to start at the top and hike the entire trail someday myself (if I only had a spare 5 or 6 months to do it). So back to the Midwest, on a scale of 1-10, what was the level of culture shock experienced when you moved from MN to southern MO? “6” Not bad, only a little above average…To elaborate on the previous question, what are the biggest differences between the two (I guess obviously the weather, but anything else)?

e e y t o pl igh m E otl Sp

Brenda Thompson “After spending 16 years in the inner-city where 6 months in one place was a long time, it‟s very different to listen to senior citizens visit who grew up here and have known each other all their lives. There are few strangers – if you talk long enough you find someone in common. Up north we may be known for our MN nice but MO is definitely the home of the subtle turndown. I enjoy the slower pace of life, the rural setting, all the community activities… I do miss the cold and snow, noon walks with my co-workers.” I‟ve been to Rochester, MN a couple of times and cannot see how on earth anyone could miss that kind of cold…but then again Ozarks humidity isn‟t much to be desired either. You mentioned earlier that you enjoy reading,

we‟re getting into that blanket and good book time of year, any that you‟d recommend? “The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which was part of what brought me to live in the inner city for 16 years, working with kids, getting drug houses shut down, organizing community events.”

I haven‟t read it but will definitely check it out sometime. I think I may know the answer to this one, but if you had to choose one for life; reading, music or tv? “Definitely reading… you can go anywhere, anytime and if you don‟t like the direction a book takes you, you write your own ending.” Absolutely, although I‟m a music lover as well, so that

would be a tough one…and last but not least, everyone‟s favorite hypothetical…if you could travel on the AEL Time machine, what era would you visit?

e e y t o pl igh m E otl Sp

Brenda Thompson “Frontier days in the Midwestern U.S. I‟d like to know what it felt like to be in a wagon train not knowing what to expect from day-today but hopeful and excited about the future, living in a soddy, clearing the land and then seeing a real farm house, garden, pasture come to life through my vision and work.” A very scenic picture indeed…well Brenda, that‟s about all the time we have for today, thank you so much for taking time to entertain us all, is there anything that you‟d like to add before we go? “Even though we may not talk often, I‟m going to miss seeing the folks that move to O‟Fallon – you will leave a hole here!”

Again, very nice of you to say, on behalf of myself, the Leadership group and CenComm, thank you for all that you do and happy holidays!!! And to everyone else, take a minute sometime to stop by and thank Brenda yourself… happy holidays to you all as well!!!

CenCom Collective December 17, 2012