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The CE Leadership Summit for Youth Workers, will be held March 7-8 in Winona Lake, Ind. Barry Shafer, author of Unleashing God's Word, will be the keynote speaker.

CE National Honors n Grace Church of Greater Akron-Bath Campus, Church of the Year n First Christian Church, Kendallville, IN, Youth Ministry of the Year n Grace Community Church, Greencastle, PA, Turn Around Church of the Year n Western Reserve Grace Church, Outreach Ministry Idea n Grace Community Church, Goshen, IN, Men’s Ministry Focus n Timothy Lansing, National Youth Sponsor of the Year n Doug Kegarise, Developing Youth Leadership n Dr. Randy Smith, Teamwork Award

CE National is partnering with Grace College to host "Together '10", November 20-21, 2010. This overnight event will encourage high school students to reconnect spiritually following Momentum Youth Conference. Find out more and register at

FaithfulnessAwards: n Charles Ashman, Winona Lake, IN n David Coleman, Powell, OH n Ruth Dunlap, Canton, OH n Charleen Gill, Greencastle, PA n Lloyd & Susan Haldeman, Lancaster, n Trish Kauffman, New Holland, PA n Dane Rapp, Lancaster, PA n Judy Russell, New Holland, PA n Todd Shilt, Clayton, OH


The late Ralph and Dorotha Wiley were recently inducted into the CE National Wall of Honor for their exemplary service to the cause of Christ in Youth Ministry and Prison

P.O. Box 365 1003 Presidential Drive Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 Phone: 574.267.6622

Last night, after house church, a young man in his twenties made a significant decision to follow God with his life! At Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia, we have seen at least one adult have TOTAL life transformation EVERY month since March. The transformations are in people who were thieves, drug dealers, spiritists, compulsive liars, immoral people, alcoholics, homosexuals, and more... God is making a difference in lives!!  (2 Corinthians 5:17).     Why is God working?  I believe it has to do with the fact that the mark of the believer is how Christians love one another.  John 13: 34-35 says that the world will see how believers love one another and be attracted to following Christ.   People who are around the church sense that people love one another and that they, too, are loved.  But many churches show love to others, so what is another reason for changed lives?  I think it is focused prayer. God answers prayers prayed in faith-- and the more specific the prayer request, the greater the impact.  The people from the Urban Hope Community Church meet numerous times for prayer.  One group meets before work at 6 a.m. each day and another meets at 9 a.m.  Another group meets in the evenings and there are other groups gathering all the time for prayer.  The groups have this in common: they all pray for lost people by name.  They may mention people who are seeking work or are sick, but by far the focus of the prayer time is on the lost people in our community.  While we know that God has people in other cities and parts of the world, God put us in north Philadelphia to reach THIS community for Christ.   We are always pleading with

God for the souls of people. People in the church are “getting it.”  They are praying for people by name and they are working to talk to these people, building relationships with them, inviting them to church and church-events, and realizing that they are the ones who must put feet to their own prayers. Just recently, when a man and his wife asked Christ into their lives, they said that the thing that made them want to learn more of God was the love and warmth of the church people.  God uses people from Urban Hope (or anywhere!)   who are committed to Him, who pray for open doors, who seek Him, and who look for opportunities to be “on mission”.  They know that it is a mindset and that they can impact people no matter where they are---at work, at school, in a restaurant, giving greetings to people, or talking with friends and relatives.   I invite you to visit and view some of the video testimonies we have posted there.  God is doing some incredible things because we let HIM be the one to open doors as we keep praying and serving. Please pray that God will send a spirit of revival in Kensington and in urban areas all over the world!! In His Work,

National Institute Announces Special Guest - Mark Cahill The National Institute, the youth ministry major of Grace College, overseen by CE National, is pleased to announce that Mark Cahill will be presenting on the topic of evangelism at various times the week of November 29-December 2. Cahill, an evangelist and author, was a keynote speaker this past summer at the Momentum youth conference. Best known for his book One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven, Cahill is a captivating speaker and motivator. The former Auburn University basketball player will be presenting the three days of chapel at Grace College (10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. Tuesday-Thursday). The community is invited to hear Cahill speak on Monday evening, November 29 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. This presentation will be a part of the National Institute's Evangelism and Discipleship fall semester course. There is no charge for attending the seminar. For more information, please contact Judy at 574.267.6622 or

National Institute Hosts Kick-off Dinner

Tour Israel in 2011 With

Dr. Randy Smith Randy Smith, with Ed Lewis, will lead a tour to Israel July 31-Aug 12, 2011. Randy will be the tour guide and teacher and Ed will help to coordinate ways for the team to practice effective ministries to the people of Israel. The tour is more than a learning experience, it is an opportunity to be loving and serving and to be "on mission."

Over 75 people enjoyed the annual The National Institute Youth Ministry Kick Off dinner held August 30 at CE National's Russell Center. Incoming freshman rubbed shoulders with upperclassmen and learned some of the ropes regarding the youth ministry major. Special guests who spent time talking with students included Dr. and Mrs. Bill Katip (Grace College Provost), Dr. Rock LaGioiga (new Bible professor at Grace College), Ed Lewis (Executive Director of CE National), youth pastors from churches in the area, and TK (TNI Director). The event was catered by Judy Fisher, TNI Administrative Assistant, and her husband, Mike. There are currently 55 students majoring in youth ministry and over 20 who are pursuing a minor. Please pray with us for the training and equipping of these men and women who will be ministering to the next generation!

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Urban Hope Kids Decide to Have God-full Hearts Sixty plus kids from Urban Hope had an amazing experience at Camp Conquest in Denver, Pa. For many, the nearly two-hour drive is the farthest they had ever been from home and the first time they had been away from the city. The lessons centered around godly ways to resolve conflict and be peacemakers. "Most of the kids at camp made a decision to have God-full hearts rather then sin-full hearts," says Ashli Moon, Coordinator of Children's Ministries at Urban Hope. "They know that Jesus is the way. Pray that they will stand strong and allow Him to change them from the inside out." To see more pictures and reports from the camp, go to

Tremendous Tool for Personal Devotions For the last few years CE National has had the privilege of giving OnTrack Devotions as follow-up materials to Momentum youth conference attendees. OnTrack Devotions, a ministry of Pilgrimage Education Resources, does an excellent job combining study of the Bible with personal application. The uniqueness of these devotionals is that it incorporates the concept of inductive Bible study by asking questions of the participant. Ed Lewis says, "I think it is the finest material I have seen for personal devotions. I have used it every day for over a year and I find it helpful, practical, and challenging." The studies are also used with students at Grace College who are a part of the National Institute, the youth ministry program that CE National oversees at Grace College, the CE National staff, and people at Urban Hope.

This 50-page, free resource from CE National will help church leaders understand how to disciple young people. Go to to download it for free. Table of Contents: Week One Why Youth Ministry is Biblical Week Two Philosophy of Our Youth Ministry Week Three Adults are Needed in Youth Ministry - Parents are Adults Too Week Four Knowing: Knowing and Applying the Word of God Week Five Being: Character Development & Discipleship Week Six Doing: A Mature Student Does Ministry Week Seven Youth Need to be Connected to a Local Church Now and in The Future Seven was created by Greg Summers, Dan Cosentino, Timothy Kurtaneck, and Ed Lewis.

OB Impacts Urban Hope The high school senior came to the microphone and said, “Hi church….I just want you to know that I asked God to come into my life this Friday at ROCK.” Urban Hope Community Church was encouraged because this is the ninth young or middle adult who has come to Christ in the last several months at the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia! This high school student is from a non-believing family. He lives with his dad in a rough area of the neighborhood where drugs are everywhere. Yet this student said he is so excited that he

came to hear about God. Why did he come? He had been invited by Luis. Luis and Hector are two high school students from Urban Hope who were sent on Operation Barnabas this summer. As a result of the training they received they came back with a new desire to make a difference for God. They are committed to trying to be “on mission” at Edison High School this year. They stood at their flagpole with 12 others for See You at the Pole and they have been seeking believers in the school. They know that the best way to start an outreach is to work as a team. God answered and they found a small group of youth from nearby churches. Luis and Hector are reaching out to their friends and inviting them to hear of God. They also share

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Christ informally with other students. A group of youth meet at 6 a.m. on Wednesday mornings to pray with others from Urban Hope. One person who has already made that decision for Christ is this student! And Luis and Hector have only been back in school for one month! Know a high school student who would benefit from the ministry training experience of a summer on Operation Barnabas? Encourage them to visit Applications for the summer of 2011 are now being received with a deadline of November 12. For more information, contact Sherilyn at or 574.267.6622.


This year at Momentum, our students packed enough food through Feed My Starving Children to feed 293 Haitian children for a year! Dave Rank, Sarah Knepper and I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Haiti with a CPR-3 team to see Haitian children that desperately need that food. We traveled to Haiti on a team of 15 for the second week of CPR-3's summer ministries there. The team that was there the first week had already completed (among other things) a school building for a very poor village that otherwise did not have a school. During the second week, our team got to put together two Samaritan's Purse shelters for families to live in. It was incredibly HOT while we were there, but God (and Dan O'Deens) put us to work alongside our Haitian brothers to care for the overlooked in the village of Cabaret, Haiti. Through the two CPR-3 teams, there are many more shelters that have been funded and will be built by the Haitian villagers. We also worked on a 90-foot cement

block wall, hosted a medical clinic, and distributed food, clothing, shoes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. People on our team played more soccer than I care to tell you about and we made many friends with the children in the village. We got to visit two orphanages and every day held the opportunity to love on kids that come from broken families, who are hungry, barefoot, and sometimes even halfnaked. On Sunday, we attended the three-hourlong Haitian church service and even got the chance to share two English songs as some on our team played the keyboard, guitar, and drums. It was so cool to see our God

transverse culture and language as we celebrated his Glory with Haitian believers. God is working mightily in Haiti although the poverty there is unimaginable. Driving through PortAu-Prince it was evident the January earthquake exposed to the rest of the world the pre-existing poverty and added much to the struggle of unlivable conditions. There are collapsed buildings and buildings that still stand, but are not structurally safe and may fall anytime. There are tent cities everywhere, trash liters everything and you leave the city feeling a little hopeless. But, as we know, there is hope because as it says in Psalms, our God is GOOD and His love endures FOREVER. He has not forgotten about the people of Haiti. But, as the church, it is our job to bring that hope to the people of Haiti and the rest of the world. As the CPR-3 motto states, we are "breathing hope into the world and life back into the church." - Erin Cooper

Let’s Serve in Our Own Community

A team of youth leaders at Winona Lake, IN Grace Brethren Church, recently put together a o n e - w e e k ministry trip for the students at their church. The unique part of this trip was that it was focused on the community around the church. "Sometimes it's so easy to go," thought Tim Wright, youth pastor. "Why not serve in our own community?" So Tim, Nick Deck, junior high coordinator, along with Nathan Zuercher and Kristin Yocum, both National Institute majors and

summer interns from Grace College, organized the initiative called "Right Here." "Nathan and Kristin were the ones who put together all the details for the week," says Tim. The week of ministry had students doing various ministries in the community. One day they did a program in a trailer park less than a mile from the church. Kids in this park attend an elementary school that's right across the street from the church. There are also ladies in the park that attend the ESL program at the Winona Lake Church. To encourage students to tell their testimonies, they went to a local retirement center. Two students met with one retired individual and, some for the first time, shared their testimony. Other opportunities were unplanned. Students helped clean up after a storm hit the area one evening. In order to put into practice their evangelism training, the group went to a mall to talk about God with people they didn't know. They also spent a day helping a county

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youth center. At the center, students did work projects and helped lead a small portion of the teen summer program. To prepare, the group read and journaled through Mark Cahill's book "One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven." Throughout the week, Tim encouraged students to "do the things you normally do, but with an open set of eyes." One day they enjoyed a water park, but were encouraged to pray and share their faith with others. "We love the opportunity to prioritize our summer ministry trips for 7th-9th graders and having the chance to work with them as they learn to do ministry, in some cases for the first time," says Nick Deck, junior high coordinator. "The fact that it was in our own community helped them develop the heart for local people at the same time." CE National is encouraged to hear about churches that are creatively reaching out to their communities. If your church has effectively involved your congregation in the community please email so we can share your story with others.


Grace College Students Resources for Urban Hope

Grace College students donated funds for new Bibles and discipleship materials for children and youth at the Urban Hope Training Center in Philadelphia. Gifts totaling over $875 were given as part of the The National Institute's spring semester Youth Emphasis Week. TNI is the Grace College youth ministry major overseen by CE National. Urban Hope was begun over eleven years ago, primarily as a place to begin an inner-city ministry so that the youth ministry majors at Grace College would have a place for cross-cultural classes, internships, and eventually lead to a church plant in the Kensington area of Philly. Short-term ministry opportunities are available through Urban Hope. Dormitories and kitchen accommodations are available. The Urban Hope Community Church, with children, youth, and house church components, ministers to over 200 people who now call Urban Hope Community Church their church home. The campaign for much needed Bibles and materials was headed up by TNI youth ministry students Heather Speckman and Katie Hock through the Tree of Life bookstore. Many thanks for the generosity of Grace College students for investing in the spiritual life and development of the next generation in the inner-city of Philadelphia!

Special ThankS for oBi

A team of 20 vibrant young Americans has brought love and program OBI can offer their students, there will be open doors the glad news of Christ to many Filipinos. From loving, feeding and when OBI returns again. caring for impoverished children; individually leading Filipino The OBI Philippine team wrapped up their 17-day Philippine children and teens to a tour by visiting the personal relationship "largest" high in Christ; to impacting school in the scores of people world, Rizal High through song, dance, School, in Pasig and drama; the OBI Metro Manila. students have certainly Tw e n t y - f i v e made an impact for thousand (25,000) eternity in the lives of students attend this thousands of people school and OBI here. We praise God was allowed to for the everlasting share the Gospel in victories that He has music, pantomime made through the lives and drama with of these talented and Filipino students, dedicated young ages 12 - 16. people. Following the hour After 12 days on long program by Boracay Island, OBI the OBI team, close performed and shared to 300 Rizal at the Marikina Grace Brethren “My wife and I, along with the staff, have come to the students responded when the Church. Later that afternoon, they invitation was given to come ministered to a combined group conclusion that this is the BEST student ministry team forward for prayer and to at a special service of the Greater make a decision for Christ! Manila Grace Brethren Church we have ever hosted here in the Philippines in 21 years. Thank you for praying and its two satellite churches. for the OBI team. They had a Thanks so much for sending this team! During this special service on the tremendous impact during 4th of July, 25 people were set free their visit to the Philippines. To To God be the glory!� Dan Beaver, missionary for eternity with decisions for God be the glory for the great Christ! things He has done! We The day before, close to half of the 250 High School students are grateful for David and Carly Nicodemus and their wonderful gave the same response showing how effective OBI students were leadership of the OBI team. We are forever blessed by the in the schools during their Philippine ministry tour. ministry of this team to help the work of the Great Commission Now that Philippine schools are aware of this type of in Manila and Boracay Island. News & Views Page 3

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Highlights of


Aaron Keyes leads worship at Momentum 2010. Four worship leaders, ten main session speakers, over 40 Powe r Tr a x presenters and over 1,600 attendees were a par t of Momentum 2010 at Cedar ville University in July. The theme was Pursuit, taken from 2 Tim 2:22, "Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure hear t." It was about coming clean and then pursuing God, which star ts with turning from evil and then moving toward God. Jeff Bogue, senior pastor of Grace Church in Akron, Ohio, was the first speaker to challenge students. "Will you flee evil and pursue righteousness?" asked Jeff. "Maybe tonight's the night that you let the chase begin." Other speakers throughout the week encouraged students to put aside sin and chase after righteousness. Jim Brown, senior pastor of Community Grace in Goshen, Ind., challenged students with the words, "What could happen if we offered God purity always?" Mark Cahill, conference speaker and bold evangelist, told students "Sharing your faith isn't a presentation, it's a conversation." He repeatedly emphasized that ever y two seconds, two people die, asking if anyone cared about where those people will spend eternity. Mark Batterson, lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC, took the conference to the stor y of the rich young ruler in Matthew 19. During his talk Mark told the conference that the rich young ruler would have

gained much more if he had just let go of what he had. "Is there something that you need to let go of?" Mark asked. Kondo Simfukwe, church planter, encouraged students with the words, "The chase is over. Your satisfaction is in Jesus. Now the pursuit begins for you to get to know more and more of Him." Kondo talked with students about giving up ways they look for satisfaction outside of Jesus. Other main speakers challenged students throughout the week with Jeff Bogue and the Communion ser vice concluding Saturday night. Jeff's final message to the conference was to flee the evil desires of youth and be trained in righteousness. Students put into practice what they were learning through We Care Miami Valley on Saturday. Over 25 ser vice projects were completed with the combined effor ts of Momentum and the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches national adult conference. Carnivals were run, bathrooms were cleaned, flyers distributed, faces were painted, garages cleaned,

food distributed, over 106,000 meals packaged for malnourished children in Haiti, and more. But most of all, the Gospel was presented and people in the Dayton area responded. Students' and adults' lives from both conferences were changed by the active par ticipation of spreading the love of Jesus to a needy community!

Momentum 2011, will focus on ministering to the overlooked in the mountains of Appalachia. The week-long conference will be held on a campus right in the middle of many Appalachian needs in western Pennsylvania - on the campus of The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Aaron Keyes will return to lead worship, and some of the speakers for the week include Jeff Bogue, Kondo Simfukwe, Chuck Bomar, and Jim Brown with more to be announced. Plan now to attend this week-long event which will help 7th-12th graders strengthen their commitments to Christ, to their local church, and to their local church youth group. Find out more at

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Tips to reach Christ for a student who wants others for

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1. Pray and make sure that you are willing to follow God yourself. 2. Seek other Christians from your school who would meet with you for prayer. 3. List one or two names of students you especially want to befriend and target for outreach. Develop a plan of action for reaching that student. Report back to the other Christians so that the core group can continue to pray together and work as a team. Have a plan of follow-up after a student comes to faith in Christ. Consider using a Bible study like "First Steps" from CE National for new Christians. Have one on hand so that when a student comes to faith, you are ready. Within 24 hours of a student coming to Christ, make contact with the student and keep encouraging him or her to grow spiritually. If the student doesn't already have one, give him or her a readable version of the Bible such as the NIV or even The Message for those who do not read as well. Meet with the student almost daily to pray and to be introduced to your believing friends. Take the student to your church and youth group to introduce him or her to others. Talk about baptism with the new believer as a way of "going public" with their faith.

encouraging Quotes about Momentum 2010 “We have watched new leaders being born this summer through your ministries. We have watched others step to the plate of reaching out and doing something with what their God-given abilities are. I just wanted to write and let you know how much my wife and I appreciate the effort and energy that you have continued to put into youth conference and the impact it has made on me personally, our kids and their mates, and now on young people in our church.”- Jim "Feed My Starving Children was an awesome experience." - Becky "During sports, We Care, and sessions the students all had a great attitude and willing spirit." - Kristin "I love Power Trax. The ability to choose a specific area of life to learn about through the lens of Christianity is valuable and beneficial to our growth." – Spencer "This is my first Momentum and I am thrilled with the entire process. I was humbled by the sincerity and openness of the teens. It brought back for me that time when I was so open to God. That's been renewed for me.” – Jackie "My prayer for our students was that they would take a spiritual step and be blown away by God's power. I keep seeing God answer that prayer over and over." - Brandi

Youth workers need to be asking students how they are doing spiritually. Don't ever feel you are being nosy to ask about a decision for Christ. A student who went public with his faith in the summer is stating he or she wants to make a difference for God, so ask how they are doing.

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CE News Fall 2010 Edition  

The publication of CE National.

CE News Fall 2010 Edition  

The publication of CE National.