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Experience a high level of responsibilities and leadership opportunities, a diversity of jobs and a continuous exposition to top management. Benefit from a close follow-up of your career, ensured by Human Resources, a dedicated mentor and also a European network reinforced by an annual EGP seminar. Spring 2017

A Word from President CEMS Global Student Board Meeting in Prague Academic Committee Meeting and Faculty Group Meetings Curriculum Practice Meeting: Reimagining Education CEMS Business Projects Student Business Project Reflection CSR Beer Pong CSR Green Monday

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Prazdroj Interns defend their projects in front of Top Executives Responsible Global Leadership Seminar European Graduate Programme of Unibail-Rodamco CEMS Round Table V4 Conference Tour de France, Marketing Research and VW Internship – one-year trainee ride at ŠKODA Global Alumni Week News from CEMS Alumni CEMS Alumni of the Year 2017, April Candidate: Tomas Laboutka Move, Hilti, Move!


CEMS Insider

From the Editor Dear Readers, The Spring Semester 2016/17 at the University of Economics, Prague has finally come to an end. Therefore it is my pleasure to present you the Spring Edition of CEMS Insider Magazine. This edition of the magazine is full of interesting articles written by CEMS Office, CEMS Club Prague members and Corporate Partners. Being an international student at the University of Economics, Prague, who pursues CEMS MIM programme, was an enriching experience for me and my fellow colleagues. The possibility to interact with Corporate Partners on weekly basis during our classes, 10 Business Projects, that were offered this semester, or Skill Seminars, as well as during formal and informal events prepared by CEMS Club Prague was invaluable.

Aakash Ahuja

Editor in Cheif - Insider SS2016/17 CEMS Home University: Ivey Business School, London, ON CEMS Host University: University of Economics, Prague CEMS Club Prague member SS 2016/17 Organizing committee, CEMS V4 Conference

This semester VSE hosted the annual V4 Conference, which saw participation from 100 students from the CEMS cohort, various corporate partners and numerous alumni. Being a part of the core organizing team for this event was an enriching experience and surely one that will stay with me forever. The buzz words for the spring the semeseter have been related to the alumni engagement. How did the CEMS Club Prague interact and engage the alumni? The answer can be found in the article on the Global Alumni Week in the magazine I would like to thank all authors for dedicating their time and efforts to contribute to this edition of the Magazine. Moreover, I would like to thank CEMS Club Prague for giving me the oppotunity to edit the CEMS Insider Magazine, but most importantly for their great efforts in making this semester unforgettable for all of us. I hope you enjoy the reading!


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

A Word of Welcome Dear CEMS Community, It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to say a few words in this CEMS Insider issue. Let me take this opportunity to inform you about what has been happening during the summer term 2016/2017 within the CEMS/International Management programme at VŠE. The last semester was enriched by several special CEMS events. In March, we organized a CEMS Stakeholder´s Round Table workshop and, together with alumni, students, teachers and corporate representatives, we discussed the further development and improvement of our programme at VŠE. This workshop is organized every two years. At the beginning of April, the CEMS Student Board also held its first meeting of the year 2017 at our university. The CEMS Student Board consists of elected representatives from each CEMS school. One of the highlights of this meeting was a workshop with the Executive Director of CEMS, Roland Siegers, on the CEMS Vision 2025. This meeting was followed by the V4 Conference, which is organized each year on a rotating basis in Budapest, Warsaw or Prague. Apart from the social programme, 100 students from 21 CEMS universities had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the area of behavioural economics, have access to recruitment opportunities and engage in workshops and competitions led by corporate partners, such as Google, L’Oréal, Unibail-Rodamco, Hilti, PwC and Škoda Auto. At the end of April, our University of Economics, Prague hosted another 3 academic CEMS events: the Academic Committee Meeting – an annual meeting of academic directors from 30 member schools of the CEMS Alliance, the CEMS Curriculum Practice Meeting – the first CEMS event of this kind with 100 participants, focusing on Reimagining Business Education and Creating Value in the CEMS MIM through Disruption. Last but not least, we organized a set of Faculty Groups Meetings – where teachers of the specific CEMS courses

Spring 2017

Mr. Ladislav Tyll

CEMS Academic Director University of Economics, Prague

shared their experience. If you are interested in the events mentioned above, you can find specific articles in this magazine. Finally, let me express my thanks to all participants of the Round Table, to the entire V4 organizing team, led by our student JasminMaria Hopp, to all of the participating companies in the V4 conference and to my colleagues from the CEMS Head Office and VŠE, who were responsible for the organization. I strongly believe that the organization of these extra events has enhanced the university and the corporate partners’ prestige within, but also beyond, the CEMS Alliance.


CEMS Insider

A Word from President Dear CEMS Community, I am glad to have the opportunity to share a few words about the past semester with you in this Spring edition of CEMS Insider Magazine. Insider is another initiative of CEMS Club Prague, prepared in close cooperation with the CEMS Office, Alumni Association and the Corporate Partners, which serves as a hindsight to the entertaining and eventful term. Special thanks to Aakash Ahuja , our visiting student from Ivey Business School, for putting the Insider Magazine together.

Petr Báša

CEMS Club President since SS 2016/17 CEMS Home University: University of Economics, Prague CEMS Host University: Ivey Business School, London, ON

I would like to start with giving a big shout-out to the previous CEMS Club, which has done an amazing job both in organizing numerous events last semester as well as in the transition of all the responsibilities CEMS Club faces during the semester to us. Without any doubt, this was one of the main reasons why we were able to organize so many events and engage students as much as we did. It is also worth mentioning that the previous CEMS Club, led by Natalie Badie, was awarded as the fourth best performing CEMS Club in the whole Alliance. Thank you guys for doing such a great job! Those four months were full of exciting events. We set off with an extraordinary welcome event organized in cooperation with Unibail-Rodamco. To get to know each other properly, we organized a teambuilding weekend in the Krkonoše mountains and were lucky enough to have nice and sunny weather for both days. Thanks to our corporate partner Procter & Gamble, the winners of the teambuilding game could enjoy their merchandise as prizes. This semester we decided to slightly change the regularly organized running dinner and added a different challenge to each team to make the cooking more sustainable. We had teams cooking without electricity, with only local ingredients, vegan meals etc. – and it was a huge success with 46 people participating in total. To burn the calories gained during the running dinner and to further enhance the team spirit, we pushed our limits in a Laser Game in cooperation with Procter & Gamble and Unibail-Rodamco. During this term, we also managed to organize three events as a part of the CEMS Global Alumni week, some of them in cooperation with the CEMS Prague Alumni association – we held


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

a panel discussion with alumni, organized a beach volleyball tournament with alumni and CEMS drinks with alumni. One event I am truly proud of was the CSR Beer Pong in cooperation with Pilsner Urquell, during which we collected 4.600 CZK and donated the money to DEBRA ČR – an organization helping people with butterfly disease. CEMS Club Prague was among the eleven CEMS Clubs, who participated in the CEMS Global Blood race. We will definitely continue with this initiative next semester. The main event of this semester was the V4 Conference wrapped up with the V4 Gala night. There was a special organizing team appointed, who have set the bar very high. A big thank you belongs to Jasmin Maria Hopp, her amazing team, all the supporting members and our corporate partners Google, L'Oréal, Unibail-Rodamco, Hilti, Škoda and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Without their support this event would not have been possible. Other events organized this semester included the regularly held Rotation Dinner, this time on the topic Marketing and Sales with Hilti, Procter & Gamble and Unibail-Rodamco, the traditional rookie weekend, alumni brunch, dinner with BCG and an amazing Closing Event in Microsoft offices with the liquid support of Pilsner Urquell. I would like to once again thank all our corporate partners for the participation in business projects, V4 Conference or other CEMS events held this semester. Thank you Hilti, Pilsner Urquell, Procter & Gamble, Unibail-Rodamco, Microsoft, Google, L'Oréal, Škoda Auto, A.T. Kearney, Henkel, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Boston Consulting Group! Special thanks go to the CEMS Academic Office, which has supported CEMS Club initiatives during the whole semester, namely Mr. Ladislav Tyll, our academic director, Klára Vítečková, our programme manager and Šárka Otčenášková, our PR/Communications manager. This collaboration is essential for the smooth functioning of CEMS Club Prague and helps creating the richest experience possible for the students. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the members of CEMS Club Prague for their efforts during the whole semester, you were amazing and made this semester unforgettable. THANK YOU! I truly hope you will enjoy reading this issue of our CEMS Insider Magazine, as it gives you an overlook on what we have done during the spring semester 2016/17, both from global and local perspective. I wish you a great summer and I am looking forward to all the enriching cemsational moments that await us in the upcoming semester.

Spring 2017


CEMS Insider

CEMS Global Student Board Meeting in Prague

Dear Students, Academic and Corporate partners, Stakeholders, I would like to use this opportunity to share a few their potential. The Student Board also has a seat in words about CEMS Global Student Board, its first different CEMS governing bodies and committees, meeting in Prague and some ongoing activities and where the students’ voice is represented. projects. On a local level – representing the university’s CEMS What is the CEMS Global Student Board? cohort in front of the respective academic directors and programme managers, assisting the local CEMS CEMS Global Student Board is an initiative created to Club and being the link with the entire board and deconnect all the 30 universities of the Alliance, share aling with ad hoc issues concerning the programme. best practices and generally link all students with the CEMS programme management and with each other. The first meeting of the year was hosted in our beautiful University of Economics, Prague and lasted 4 days. The Board consists of 30 students, one from each uni- The main outcomes of the meeting are: versity, divided into several teams working on enhancing the CEMS experience for everybody. These inc- School Updates - The representatives shared expelude Executive Team, Alumni Relations, MIM Affairs, riences about strengthening communication with Marketing & Communications, CEMS Club Support, Program Managers, providing feedback to professors Corporate Partners and Responsible Leadership. about CEMS courses and collecting opinions on the Our mission is supporting locally - advocating glo- AE 2018 in Istanbul. bally. Team Updates and Cross-Team Sessions - CollaboEach Student Board Representative has a double role: ration between the six different teams led to the esOn a global level – undertaking projects within one tablishment of the ‘AE Sydney Taskforce’, who will be of the teams. I joined the CEMS Club Support team working on the events surrounding the Annual Events which has advocacy role as well as several projects (AE) in Sydney 2017 and the Asia Pacific Forum. aimed at helping individual CEMS Clubs achieve


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

New projects development - Exciting projects for 2017 include: CEMS Startup Challenge 2.0, a new tool to help you pick your exchange destination, a seminar on gender diversity, GAMP mentoring platform and, of course, CEMS Club support! Head Office Sessions - Head office staff joined us in Prague to talk about the CEMS Vision 2025 for the future of CEMS and the marketing planning for the AE Sydney 2017 and also to sit down with all the teams to align projects for 2017.

How to stay updated about the Student Board’s activities? ➤➤ Like the CEMS Global page on Facebook ➤➤ Visit the Student Board section on ➤➤ Read the Student Board Newsletter ➤➤ Contact VŠE Student Board Representative directly at

Corporate Partners Interaction – Process creation to help recent partner universities to promote the CEMS brand to local corporate partners and increase engagement. Hereby I would also like to thank the local CEMS Office, Malgo from the SB Executive Team and also the whole CEMS Club for their contribution to making this meeting happen. The next meetings of the Student Board are scheduled for end of August in Cologne and end of November connected to the Annual Event in Sydney. Robert Pradl CEMS | VŠE | HKUST Business School VŠE Global Student Board Representative CEMS Club Support Team

Spring 2017


Academic Committee Meeting and CEMS Academic Committee Faculty Group and Faculty Group Meetings Meeting Academic Committee Meeting


he University of Economics, Prague was a CEMS hub for the week between April 24 - 28, 2017. Our school was hosting an annual CEMS Academic Committee Meeting, CEMS Curriculum Practice Meeting and Faculty Group Meetings. From Monday till Wednesday, academic directors from 30 partner CEMS schools and 5 members of the CEMS Head Office were discussing CEMS curriculum, CEMS Vision for 2025 and other issues related to the CEMS Alliance. Except the mandatory program, guided downtown tour in the center of Prague, dinner in the Municipal House or brewery trip to VelkĂŠ Popovice sponsored by our corporate partner Pilsner Urquell has been organized. This meeting is held annually at one of the 30 partner universities. From Wednesday till Thursday, CEMS Curriculum Practice Meeting was held. This event took place in this format for the first time. Over 100 persons - keynote speakers, academics, alumni, students, corporate partner representatives and members of the CEMS Head Office gathered to discuss the topic "Reimagining Business Education - Creating Value in the CEMS MIM through Disruption".

Academic Committee Meeting

From Thursday till Friday, academics teaching Marketing, Global Leadership and Cross Cultural Management, Business Ethics, Business and the Environment were sharing their experience in the individual Faculty Groups. After hosting CEMS Student Board Meeting (March 31 - April 4, 2017) and CEMS V4 conference (April 5 8, 2017), the representatives of the University of Economics, Prague were again honored to welcome over 100 CEMS stakeholders on the premises of VĹ E.


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

Curriculum Practice Meeting: Reimagining Education Written by Rebecca Rosinski and Triona Campbell

Hana Machková

CEMS Head Office Article


he inaugural Communities of Curriculum Practice Event was launched last week on the beautiful campus of the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) on the topic of “Reimagining Business Education – Creating Value in the CEMS MIM through Disruption”. The event welcomed over 100 participants, including Faculty and Academic Directors from all 30 of CEMS Academic Member Schools, Student Board representatives, Corporate Partners, and members of the CEMS Head Office to discuss the topic of disruption in education.

guous, than in any time in modern history. We need to equip our students as best we can, not only to respond to those challenges of uncertainty, but also to capitalize on them and to succeed through them,” said Shields, in his opening address. This set the impetuous for the 2-day conference, which sought to challenge the CEMS academic community to envision the future not only of business education, but also looking at the future of work and how, CEMS as a community, can better pre-

pare students for this new future. Christian Busch, a guest teacher at the London School of Economics, helped guide this discussion, by sharing some of the forces that are disrupting society, politics and business. This was followed by Sandra Peter, Director, Sydney Business Insights at the University of Sydney Business School, who then challenged the group to make the connection between all of these disruptions and how CEMS is preparing students for the future of work. Peters argues that we’ve

The event opened with a welcoming address by VSE Rector Hana Machková and Conference Chair, The University of Sydney Business School Deputy Dean John Shields. “We face, at the moment, a turning point in management education. We are sending our students out into a world that is more disrupted, that is more volatile, that is more uncertain, that is more ambiJohn Shields

Spring 2017


CEMS Insider CEMS Head Office Article

Christian Busch

been preparing students for professions that are going to disappear and so what we need to do is to give students a set of skillsets, tools and mindsets. This includes, she says, asking big questions around megatrends that will be around for 10-25 years, for example, who is responsible if an autonomous car is involved in an accident and should a smartphone be a human right?


Sandra Peter

She also encouraged academics to teach for ambiguity, agile learning and speed, and creating habits that enhance the ability of students to quickly synthesize to new information.

CEMS Master in International Management programme to enhance the learning experience for CEMS MIM students. The group also broke up into 4 groups to discuss specific topics on Global Strategy, Global Management Practice, ReThe event also included sessions sponsible Management Education, for the CEMS academic communi- and Big Data Analytics between ty to brainstorm ideas on how we academics who are experts in these can integrate these ideas into the fields.

Spring 2017

CEMS Business Projects CEMS Insider CEMS Business Projects Term 2 - 2016/2017

Term 2 2015/2016

Written by Šárka Otčenášková

What is the CEMS Business Project?


(L-R) Camille Jacquet, David Michalitsch, Rafał Borgi, Radovan Sahánek, Tereza spišáková

Spring 2017

he CEMS Business Project is a consultancy-like project. International teams of students solve a real business problem as a one-semester part-time activity tutored by both the company and a professor in parallel. Each CEMS student has to carry out a Business Project during Term 2. It amounts to 15 ECTS, which is about 50% of one term workload. Business projects reinforce the CEMS partnership between universities, students and companies.




➤➤ gain insight into business life

➤➤ train their analytical and problem-solving skills ➤➤ apply research methods

➤➤ transfer theoretical knowledge into practice ➤➤ learn process management ➤➤ acquire social skills

➤➤ take responsibility for the project ➤➤ strive for the best results ➤➤ share the workload equally within the team ➤➤ communicate well with their tutors

➤➤ get to know potential employers and re-define

their professional goals

Business Projects in the summer term 2016/2017 were launched on February 15, 2017 with the presentations of the involved companies. 10 CEMS Corporate Partners and VŠE representatives gathered to introduce the 10 Business project topics to the CEMS students. Thereafter, 37 students determined their preferences and were divided into international teams. During the semester, students gathered regularly to work on the given topic. Moreover students also met with company representatives and tutors to discuss the issues which have arisen from the project. At the end of the semester, the project results are evaluated by the academic and corporate supervisors. Students write a report and give an oral presentation both in front of the top management of the respective Corporate Partner and during official event at VŠE that took place on May 19, 2017.


Companies introduced 10 Business Projects topics for Spring Term 2016/2017: Company

Topic 2017 Business consulting for an established start-up company Take Your Startup to Silicon Valley Launch of global brand on local CR/SR market Developing market penetration strategy for a new software solution in construction industry Building reputation of cosmetic company as an "Employer of Choice" for male target group Vertical solutions: transforming the business How to make beer the first choice for Millennial's in clubs & pubs? The future of public transportation systems in Western Europe and CEE

Turnover/fluctuation of sales staff and its impact on business How to successfully strengthen and extend local /fresh food offer in our shopping centres in the Czech Republic?

Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

CEMS Insider

Student Business Project Reflection

(L-R) Petr Báša, Aakash Ahuja, Eliška Macháčková, Mariya Belcheva For 75 years, Hilti has been specializing in supplying the construction industry with technologically leading products, systems and services that provide construction professionals with innovative solutions and superior added value. Today, Hilti wants to move towards even smarter solutions their customers. Therefore, one of their first steps included developing ON!Track, an asset management software, which allows companies to control all the equipment in their inventory – regardless of item, size and manufacturer – showing where they are, what condition they are in and which employee is responsible for them at any given moment. The students of Hilti´s Business Project (BP) had the chance to create a market penetration strategy for this new internal start-up that is currently being founded and will be rolled out within 3 CEE markets (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary) in 2017. So now let´s see how the students (Aakash, Eliška, Mariya and Petr) evaluate the Business Project

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What you liked about the project, did it meet your expectations? Team: Looking back, we could not have chosen a better project. When choosing our business project (“BP”), the top criterion was that it must be a real project where our outcomes would actually be implemented by the company. This was exactly the case with Hilti. The topic itself was very interesting, especially that ON!Track is an internal start-up and therefore does not come with much corporate bureaucracy, which allows for a “get things done” attitude. Moreover, we liked that Hilti is an innovative company, which is not afraid to amend the scope of their business in order to serve their customers better and meet their needs. We must admit the BP exceeded our expectations on all these levels - we feel we have made an impact and the experience was great!

Spring 2017

"We must admit the BP exceeded our expectations on all these levels - we feel we have made an impact and the experience was great!" 15

CEMS Insider Sponsored Article

How did the cooperation with Hilti work? How did you like/dislike it? Team: Hilti was highly involved in the BP. In the beginning, we were meeting every second week, later on even every week. Everyone was very friendly, approachable and responsive. In addition, two Hilti employees - Jarda from Customer service and Michal from Sales - were part of our team and provided us with valuable insights and feedback on our work.

tive. While observing the ON!Track consultant we also learnt how to adjust communication style to different audiences and always start with understanding the client’s needs first before selling. How did the final presentation go? What are your impressions? Team: Considering that we were supposed to present in front of the top management of 6 Eastern European countries of Hilti, we were a bit nervous at first. However, thanks to the rehearsal on the day before, we could implement the feedback we got and the final presentation went well. The management was very keen on our deliverables and we spent about 45 minutes in the Q&A. We only wish we prepared some questions for the management as their question “So what would you now want to ask us?” took us by surprise. Overall, we received a very positive feedback on all deliverables, stating they will be distributed to the whole region and that the Hungarian office is already implementing them in training of the new hired consultants. But you know, we do not mean to brag... :) Would you recommend your fellow students to participate in BP with Hilti in the future? If yes, why?

What were the most challenging parts of the BP? How it contributed to your development? Team: The field rides were not easy. To be able to make recommendations for the sales process we had to go to the field. We shadowed the ON!Track consultant during analyses, including early morning travelling, conducting multiple meetings, discovering the customers’ warehouses and looking for inefficiencies, which could be solved by ON!Track. We got very deep insight into the construction industry: observing how smaller Czech companies operate, what problems owners of such firms are facing, or how a usual day of a warehouseman looks like provided us with a brand new perspec-


Team: Definitely. The feedback on previous BPs has always been very positive and we can only join the “club”. The topic was a real project, Hilti was highly involved, provided us with lot of support and feedback, yet leaving us space for creativity at the same time. In the end, we feel we have made a big impact. Generally, BP is a great way how to get a deep insight into a specific industry and into the company culture. In case you would like to work in a very friendly and open environment, be part of an inclusive culture of meritocracy in a global company, Hilti is the place to be. In case you are interested in internships abroad or in the Czech Republic, or graduate programs or any sort of future cooperation, do not hesitate to approach Krisztina, CEMS Alumna (

Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

CEMS Insider

CEMS Club Prague's CSR Beer Pong Written by David Hung Nguyen


ell, wouldn’t it be nice to have tremendous fun and also contribute money for a good cause at the same time? This idea came through the minds in one of the board meetings this semester and as a result the CSR team proudly introduced one of the CSR events organized this semester, CEMS CSR St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pong, that took place on Friday, 17th of March. We decided to choose an NGO organization that has an impact not only globally but operates locally with the aim to help children. CEMS Club Prague took the opportunity to approach DEBRA ČR, an organization supporting children affected by epidermolysis bullosa congenital (EB) also better known as the butterfly disease. The “butterfly children” have blisters in the skin resulting in friction and skin fragility as butterfly’s wings. DEBRA ČR as part of the in-

Spring 2017

ternational group DEBRA Inter- red beer resulted in announcing national helps them to ease the the winners of this tournament – pain in their daily lives. Pia van Gessel & Jura Urbančík. Congratulations! Before even kicking off the event where we wanted to engage cemsies in a socially responsible behavior, this event wouldn’t happen without the help of one of our corporate partners – Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s. By supplying us with all the necessary liquids for the game, we were We all had a great time toable to donate more money to gether by playing beer pong, taDEBRA ČR than expected. king time off our study responsibilities and simply enjoying the As all of us took GMP this night differently than usually. semester, we did not forget the We were moreover able to colkey learnings and pairs of futu- lect an amount of 4 600, - CZK re leaders were mixed in order to to help the children. I would like maintain gender equality. There- to end up this article by encoafter, divided into a single-elimi- uraging all people to help others nation tournament and armed who were not as lucky as we are with ping pong balls, the final just by a simple quote: “We make score was solely in the hands of a living by what we get, but we the players. Dressed in green co- make a life by what we give.” lor to entice the atmosphere of St. Patrick’s day, arguing with the referees; and drinking colo-


CEMS Insider

CEMS Club Prague's Green Monday Initiative

Report written by Jakub Macheta


n 2017, as a continuation of last year’s CEMS Club activities, we have reintroduced the Green Monday initiative - a global sustainability initiative that was designed to promote green lifestyle choices building on the successful eatless Monday and Healthy Monday programs. Once again, we have provided facts proving that the current meat consumption and food production processes are unsustainable and pose serious danger to the condition of our planet. Even though it cannot solve the situation fully, eating no meat on Mondays can at least mitigate its negative impact. Besides, the main point is that “getting people to eat less meat may be easier than getting people to eat no meat at all.” In order to bring innovation, we also broadened our scope informing about the vegan movement in the USA. As well as Paul Shapiro, one of the main representatives of the vegan movement in the U.S., we realized that “when you ask people for all or nothing, typically you get nothing.” That


is why we shifted from a pure informative approach to a combination of hard facts and posts offering friendly recommendations for one’s everyday life. In other words, we wanted to encourage rather than discourage people. Therefore, delicious recipes or a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants were introduced. All in all, we had a great semester full of interesting posts and inspiration. The feedback we got was mostly positive, which reassures us the initiative is meaningful. Therefore, we gladly state that Green Mondays have become a tradition here and we will do ourbest to continue with the effort in the future. The credits go to Jura Urbančík, a currently finishing CEMSie, who came up with the idea making sure Prague keeps up with the top CEMS Clubs in the whole Alliance. The next year’s main objective will be to engage the newcomers to this initiative and we feel more than ready to accept the challenge.

"The non-profit and social sectors are sadly to little discussed about and talked on in management programmes. Even if universities offer CSR courses, those very often are very theoretical and provide students with little, if not no value-added.”

David Nosak CSR Coordinator VSE | FGV

Spring 2017


CEMS Insider


For more information visit

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2.1.2017 10:28:13

CEMS Insider

Prazdroj interns defend their projects in front of Top Executives


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lzeňský Prazdroj’s summer internships are intended for students of economic and technical master’s degree programmes. Interns will become equal members of teams in the business and, at the end of their internship, will be required to present their performance results to the company’s top executives. The most successful of them will be given the chance to get a job at Prazdroj.

Work experience gained while a student helps young people become more attractive for a prospective employer. It also gives the student an idea of what job opportunities will be available to them once they finish their studies and helps them decide which direction their career path should take, that is, what they really enjoy doing. “It’s a precondition for sustained collaboration that both parties are satisfied,” says Tomáš Srb, Plzeňský Prazdroj’s Talent Manager. “Especially today, it’s quite difficult to find among the young generation employees who are willing to spend a long time, let alone their entire career, at a single employer. That said, if a student has experienced our business as an


intern, this, combined with our career advancement conditions, has proven to be a very successful way of gaining employees who are likely to develop a deeper bond with Prazdroj and thus stay with us in the long term,” Tomáš Srb explained. For seven years now, the leader on the Czech beer market has been offering paid summer internships to students in the 4th and 5th year of their university study. The internship at the biggest brewer in Central Europe is meant for students majoring in technical, chemical-technology and economic subjects. “Interns are treated as equal members of our teams, they work full time and are involved in real projects. During the summer, students also attend our broader meetings and at the end, they present the results of their work to the company’s top executives. The best of them will then have the opportunity to follow up on their successful internship in one of the trainee programmes we offer, and even get a permanent job,” Tomáš Srb added.

“Interns are treated as equal members of our teams, they work full time and are involved in real projects. During the summer, students also attend our broader meetings and at the end, they present the results of their work to the company’s top executives."

Spring 2017

CEMS Insider

Spring 2017

view the CVs and motivation letters received, then short-listed students will sit a written test of their intellectual abilities, and finally, the best of them will be invited to a face-to-face interview with an HR professional and the representative of the department in which they are to work and who will be their leader during the internship. “Given that we offer quite a large number of internships at Prazdroj, we don’t want to underestimate the selection process. Students will become equal members of our teams for almost three months, they will be paid for their work, they will be allowed access to all information, hence will also have a great responsibility. As well, they are viewed as prospective long-term employees, so we don’t leave anything to chance and put them through a standard selection process,” Tomáš Srb explained. Prazdroj brings up new leaders Every year, almost half of all interns continue to work at Plzeňský Prazdroj within its trainee programmes. As regards university graduates, there are currently two trainee programmes developed for them. The Future Leaders Programme was designed to develop new leaders for senior roles. Within two years, graduates will hold two to three real jobs in one of the company’s commercial teams (Sales, Brand Marketing, Trade & Shopper Marketing). They will go through a number of attractive training courses and sessions which will help them advance their career, while gaining experience in a multinational business. The Technical Graduate Pro-

gramme allows trainees to choose one of two specializations: Brewing or Packaging Engineering. They will be involved in real projects at the above-country level, gain experience abroad, receive training in soft skills, and will also be offered the chance to sit an international exam in brewing science. Those included in both of these programmes will try several different jobs and will rotate around the business. In this way, they will gain broader experience and overall knowledge of the business and the way it works. Throughout this highly diverse process, the trainee will be accompanied by their mentor, who is a kind of anchor, always out there for the trainee. A total of six students spent last summer in the commercial part of the business, three of whom are now working in various roles, including participation in the Future Leaders Programme. In the technical part, seven interns worked in the business last summer, four of whom are currently employed within the Technical Graduate Programme. Over the past six years of summer internships at Prazdroj, many of those who completed it became long-term employees of the company, including senior-role holders. Prazdroj offers diverse opportunities for career development, and when filling vacancies prefers internal employees, including former interns, to external applicants. Our internal selection processes help us prevent burnout syndrome and build a long-term relationship with our employees. concluded Tomáš Srb.


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This summer, Plzeňský Prazdroj is opening 10 vacancies in total, suitable for young people majoring in finance, marketing or sales. The company is also looking for 10 students and graduates from technical schools, specialized in electrical engineering, utilities, chemistry, food processing or logistics. The interns will work on advertising campaigns for the various brands from Plzeňský Prazdroj’s portfolio, develop strategies for both offline and online communication, identify expectations among target groups, look for ways to approach and gain new customers and employees, monitor expenditures, and do a lot more. The roles being opened will be based at the company’s headquarters in Prague and in Bratislava (Slovakia) as well as at its breweries in Pilsen, Velké Popovice and Nošovice. Blanka Sudová, who was a summer intern at Prazdroj, comments: “My internship task was to optimize the stock of empty cans. The first few days were the hardest as I was getting used to the new environment but my mentor helped me orientate myself and so the job quite quickly became easier for me. This has been a valuable experience, particularly as the results of my work can be used in practice – unlike at school, this wasn’t just theory and I could come up with my own ideas.” Like others, interns are also required to go through a selection process Those interested in an internship at Prazdroj need to register via the company’s website and then complete a three-round selection process: first, the HR team will re-

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Responsible Global Leadership Seminar Written by Martin Krejčí


s part of our CEMS curriculum, I and other 36 first year students attended a two-day Responsible Global Leadership Seminar in the beginning of March. The seminar was held by two German experts – Michael Zerr, a businessman and Professor of Theory of Science and Interpretive Management at Karlshochschule International University, and Annette Gisevius, Head of Training at InterCultur. Thus, we had a chance to experience a professional seminar as it is provided to managers in corporations. The seminar was supplemented with the inputs of two other speakers, who shared their personal experience and opinions on the topic. The perfectly prepared seminar skillfully combined theory with examples from practice and interactive exercises. This allowed us to draw from the history of management, learn from the cases of Marshall or Ford, discuss the opinions of Milton Friedman, or experience the fragility of trust all in just two days. The program was divided into three topic areas. The first area was about the system, which included


a theoretical input, discussions on value conflicts between an individual and an organization, shareholder versus stakeholder approach, as well as the favorite exercise of the seminar – “Win as much as you can”. During this simulation we got to experience how a simple but strong incentive can lead to selfishness and how once broken trust cannot be rebuilt even after long negotiations and plenty of promises. For us it was a shocking and valuable learning about business interactions.

with them, how to include them and how to reach a consensus. As mentioned above, the seminar was supplemented by two speakers, each of whom shared their life experience. Josef Hrubec from Schneider Electric shared his experience of doing business in India through two unconventional case studies. The challenges and presented solutions were a surprise to all in the room and everyone will surely remember them for long. The second speaker, Dušan Kučera, spoke about the link between leadership and spirituality while drawing on his experience from Škoda Auto. Also this perspective to leadership was a novelty to many of the present students and may serve as an interesting inspiration for their future careers and leadership decisions.

The second topic area was on perception and morals. After a theoretical input and a short exercise comparing various approaches to morality, we faced the case of Marshall PLC. During the solving phase of the case the lecturers uncovered an unexpected dimension to the case, which was a true eye-opener to many in the room and The two-day seminar was for shed a new light on all other past all of us an interesting experience and future case studies. full of unexpected ideas, thoughts and opinions. It was a wonderThe last topic area focused on ful opportunity to learn from top the practice part of responsible experts in the field and to hear global leadership. The theoretical various approaches to responsible input as well as the exercises were global leadership. centered around opinion minorities, how do they feel, how to deal

Spring 2017

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European Graduate Programme of Unibail-Rodamco: A year full of challenges, learning and networking Written by Jan Rajchert

Spring 2017

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reshly graduated from CEMS studies in 2015, I joined Unibail-Rodamco as one of the 40 European Graduate Programme (EGP) analysts to embark on my career in the company with truly unique business and culture. 12 months ahead, 3 departments to explore, new projects, new challenges. During my first mission, I joined Operating Management team in Prague. Right after my introduction to the team I was assigned several projects ranging from analysis of the performance of the shopping centres or negotiation with tenants, up to preparation of the five-year Business Plan. The latter is one of the most significant and challenging exercises that determines the course of the company for the upcoming years; and I was entrusted to work on it even whilst being new to the company. I had the chance to work on all our three assets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, experience a vast refurbishment

European Graduate Programme members

project and grand opening of Aupark shopping centre in Bratislava, and collaborate with all departments across our organization. For my second mission I moved to Paris. Joining the International Leasing team was one of the biggest opportunities during my EGP year. I had the chance to discover the environment of Unibail-Rodamco headquarters, work with all regions in the Group and sit down at one table with global

players and leaders in the retail industry. During this mission I experienced again the amount of responsibility the EGPs are given. Together with the team we coordinated deals on European level, cooperated with retailers such as H&M, Inditex, Victoria’s Secret, Armani and many others. Throughout my stay in Paris I also had a chance to meet amazing colleagues within and outside of the European Graduate Programme, whether via after-work dinners or


CEMS Insider fic information, you will always know whom to give a call. Currently I work as Leasing Analyst in Prague, being responsible for leasing of commercial premises in Centrum Chodov and Černý Most. Our team brings new brands to the Czech market, fosters creation of new retail concepts and innovates the shopping experience. It is a great experience to shape the shopping centres of tomorrow – right under your hands you can see the results of your work in the real life. I truly enjoy being part of the company that turns fresh ideas into industry-leading projects.

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sport events which were happe- me to work with both internal ning on a regular basis. We even and external parties, among them formed a Unibail-Rodamco team suppliers, tenants and agencies. for the famous Mud Day race and participated at the event, further Another highlight of the EGP strengthening the team spirit. for me was the EGP Seminar – a week-long programme As another four months pas- full of workshops, team building sed, it was time for another assi- activities, asset visits in Paris and gnment. Destination: Bratislava. Stockholm, presentations by the For my last mission I joined the members of the Board of DirecShopping Centre Management tors, and many more. It was a great team of Aupark as Deputy Shop- platform where all EGPs from 11 ping Centre Manager. Apart from countries gathered to share their coordination of the daily ope- experience and tips. This event rations of the centre, new store was just another confirmation of openings and various marketing the uniqueness of the programme events, I was also in charge of – people you meet during your two interesting and challenging EGP year will be your colleagues projects: increase of footfall over across all countries in the Group. the summer months and imple- You might not necessary meet mentation of a new navigation them every day, but occasionally, system in the centre. This allowed when you travel or need speci-


Spring 2017

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Workshop CEMS Round Table Written by Šárka Otčenášková


epresentatives of the CEMS/International Management Programme at the University of Economics, Prague, which is taught at the Faculty of Business Administration, organised a workshop “Round Table“ on March 30, 2017. The aim of this event was to get suggestions and ideas that will lead to the further development of this programme. The programme management realizes that long-term development of the CEMS/International Management programme is only sustainable if all stakeholders participate. For this reason, representatives of all stakeholders – corporate partners, students, alumni and teachers - were invited to jointly propose solutions for further programme development. Corporate representatives, students, alumni and teachers intensively worked in teams for 4 hours and helped to find the future improvements, which should be primarily more hard skills, improved lectures, possibility of deeper specialization and active alumni helping to build the CEMS brand in the Czech Republic. CEMS office and alumni is now facing the challenge how to implement these suggestions. The last “Round Table” took place in April 2015 and was mainly focused on the profile of CEMS graduates. The first event of this kind was held in December 2011, with the key agenda being promotion and academic aspects of the programme.

Spring 2017


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CEMS V4 Conference Written by Jasmin Maria Hopp


n the beginning of April, we opened the gates to our fairy-tale city Prague for 100 delegates from 21 member schools of the CEMS alliance. Together with engaged corporate partners, alumni and local students we created unforgettable memories throughout the 4-day conference. The goal of the V4 Conference is to promote the eastern European CEMS countries as wonderful places to live and work to all students in the region and CEMS alliance. While the topic of the academic content changes yearly to focus on current business trends, the V4 Conference location itself also rotates annually among Poland, Hun-

gary and the Czech Republic. The L’Oréal and Google and our three CEMS Clubs (Warsaw, Bu- Conference Partners Škoda, PWC dapest and Prague) work together and HILTI on board for this 4-day with local corporate partners to regional event. plan the yearly V4 Conferences. In 2017 it finally was our turn again to introduce the magical city of hundred spires to a new batch of Cemsies from all over the world and from Wednesday April 5th till Saturday April 8th we hosted the CEMS V4 Conference in beautiful Prague. A special V4 planning task force of the CEMS Club Prague prepared this inspiring event for a total of 8 months together with selected corporate partners. We were excited to welcome our Strategic Partners Unibail-Rodamco,

After careful consideration of several sought-after topics, the Strategic Partners selected Behavioral Economics - the application of psychological insights into human behavior to explain economic decision-making. With our corporate partners operating in such a variety of industries the topic of Behavioral Economics offered great potential for being showcased on real business cases. The V4 conference

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After a month long selection process the 100 best applicants were chosen and invited to join us for the conference in Prague.

Day 1 Wednesday 5th April started out with a middle-ages themed team-building game where participants could get to know each other and discover the center of the city by


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider solving challenges and riddles. The delegates had 3 hours to learn about the golden cities’ legends, strange sculptures and architectural highlights. In the evening, the official Welcome Event took place at Palac Krizik in Andel where our corporate partners and organizing team welcomed all delegates with champagne. The delicious dinner was catered by our local social partner Pohoda, a café that employs differently-abled waitresses and waiters, and was served together with local wine and famous Czech beer. Delegates had the chance to network with our corporate partners and listened to 3 inspiring keynote speeches by our Strategic Partners.

Day 2 On Thursday 6th April the delegates had breakfast at the offices of our Strategic Partners L’Oréal, Google and Unibail-Rodamco and experienced a hands-on morning

workshop. As the world’s most valuable beauty brand, L’Oréal gave delegates a seminar on how to build a love brand by using consumer and behavioural insights. Europe's leading listed commercial property company Unibail-Rodamco dived deep into the importance of managing marketing in a retail environment. Google, whose mission is to organize all the data in the world and make it accessible for everyone in a useful way, decided to teach about digital marketing and behavioral economics. In order to refuel, all the delegates met again for lunch in a traditional restaurant at Namesti Miru and tried Czech specialties. After catching some fresh air during a nice walk from the restaurant, the academic program continued at the University of Economics with a lecture on the Paradox of Choice. The lecture was split into two interesting parts held by representatives of the start-ups SmartAssistant and GoodAI who explained the

consumer psychology behind choices and why sometimes less turns out to be more. After some refreshments and snacks, the delegates split up once more for their afternoon workshops with our Conference Partners HILTI, Škoda Auto and PWC. In a wonderfully enga-

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Panel Discussion - Day 2

Spring 2017


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CEMS Insider ging setting Hilti, who consistently gets ranked among the world’s best employers, explained the importance of personality profiling in B2B business. Škoda, the largest manufacturer company in central Europe decided for a more futuristic outlook on Behavioral Economics and dived into the topic of e-mobility. The workshop of PWC, one of the world’s top players in auditing, focused on the practical application of Behavioral Economics from the viewpoint of a consultant. In the evening the delegates had the chance to explore a different area of Prague once again. At

the Bitcoin Café Paralelni Polis in Holesovice the students could kick back with various games and activities following the demanding day. After a hearty dinner was served, the delegates could join our beer and wine tasting which was featuring delicious varieties of Moravian whites and reds as well as an array of beer types provided by one of the best microbreweries in the Czech Republic.

After a snack break the delegates split up for the last time and met with our Strategic Partners again. This time they faced three different and challenging case study competitions. Google tested the students by asking them to create a marketing strategy for YouTube, while Unibail-Rodamco was looking for the creation of the most successful tenant mix in a shopping center. L’Oréal’s case focused on how to achieve the highest le-

vel of consumer happiness with the focus on which channels to use to attract Generation Y. After the winners of the presentation were announced, the academic part of the V4 Conference ended. For the evening program the delegates were joined by local Cemsies, rookies, corporate and social partners, alumni and friends to dance the night away at the stunning Sacre Coeur venue at Andel. More than 220 guests


April the delegates met bright and fresh for a networking breakfast at the Academic Club of the University. The students socialized together with many corporate partner representatives during an engaging networking game on the relevant topic of bridging the need for international experience with the wish to keep in proximity to home. This event was followed by an interesting panel discussion of experienced professionals and academics who talked about BeDay 3 havioral Economics in the context of the Era of Increasing DigitaliIn the morning of Friday 7th zation and Artificial Intelligence

enjoyed the magical setting and created memories for a lifetime.

Day 4 Saturday, the 8th April marked the final day of the V4 Conference and all delegates were invited for a final get-together for goodbyes during brunch. A local barista guaranteed a gentle wake-up with his specialty coffees and our

Spring 2017

CEMS Insider social partner Pohoda served a interesting topic of Behadelicious buffet which catered to vioral Economics. the sweet and savory wishes of the delegates. Our second focus was the creation of memories and making students fall Behind the scenes in love with our region. Have you ever wondered what Therefore, we included it would be like to create a row of many playful events in events for over 130 participants? the schedule that focused on different facets of PraWhere do you put your focus? We will let you look behind the gue and surroundings. For instance, in addition scenes of this project. When we started creating the to traditional Czech event we decided to set ourselves cuisine throughout the 3 priorities that we kept in mind event, we also included a throughout the whole planning Vietnamese lunch on Friphase: Networking, creating me- day to put a highlight on this small but important mories and sustainability. community in the Czech When we shifted our focus Republic. Furthermore, on networking, we could create a we wanted to surpass the delegates’ wonderful win-win situation for expectations wherever possible and both students and corporate part- one of the ways we did that was by ners. While choosing the top ta- setting up corners with emergenlents among the students we ma- cy supplies at the accommodation naged to simulate a multifaceted and in the gala bathrooms with assessment center situation for our items that prove to be useful and company partners, who could fol- busy individuals will likely forget low students through various chal- to bring with them. lenges, social and academic settings as well as other activities. On the other hand, we gave students the opportunity to really get to know some of our global CEMS corporate partners on a personal and local level and to learn more about the business they do by linking it to the

Spring Spring2017 2017

Our final focus was sustainability and CSR – a topic that makes us Prague Cemsies really proud. Cems Club Prague itself puts increasing focus on sustainability and the V4 Conference was a great medium to share this passion with students from other parts of

the alliance. By providing reusable cups we managed to avoid the use of over 800 plastic throw-away cups. In instances when disposable plates had to be used, we opted for fully biodegradable paper plates that were made from sugar cane. We performed our good deeds for the environment by serving at least one vegetarian meal for the whole delegation during every day of the conference. Hereby alone we cut our carbon footprint by half and saved 1.4 million liters of water. We supported the community and employment of differently-abled persons by ordering catering from our social partner Pohoda. We also tried to keep the use of paper to an


CEMS Insider absolute minimum and used the technology of QR codes to record attendance of delegates during the different events and by providing the schedule of the event always accessible to everyone on a smartphone event app. We were particularly happy about the engagement of CEMS alumni during the V4. In the beginning of our journey as an organizing team, the two CEMS alumni Miroslav Havela (P&G) and Martin Strnad (ATKearney) supported us with valuable feedback sessions and helpful suggestions. We were also excited to work together with CEMS alumni among our Strategic and Conference Partners. One of them is Tomas Hruska, Country Managing Director for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary at L’Oréal who was actually the first student to graduate from the CEMS program at VSE: “This is a special moment for me to be back at the University of Eco-

nomics and take part in the V4 Conference”. In general, we send our gratitude to all sponsors of the conference, without whose generosity and support it would have not been possible to organize and finance this event. We thank our Strategic Partners Google, L’Oréal and Unibail-Rodamco who invited the participants to exciting workshops at their Prague offices and challenged them with case study competitions. We want to show our appreciation to the Conference Partners PWC, HILTI and Škoda who engaged with the students during workshops that were held at the University of Economics. We also want to say thank you to our in-kind supporters P&G, Plzensky Prazdroj, Pohoda and Minipivovar Urban. We wish to recognize the CEMS Office for putting the trust in us to organize such an important event and supporting us along the journey.

Jasmin Maria Hopp

Project Director V4 Conference VSE | Nova SBE "The biggest gratitude however goes to my team that worked days and nights for many months to make this event the tremendous success it eventually was. As it is normal with any project there are always challenges to face on the way and this remarkable team managed to support each other and stay motivated despite every one of them."

Strategic Partners

Conference Partners


Spring 2017


Spring 2017




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Tour de France, marketing research and VW internship: One-year trainee ride at ŠKODA Auto P

etra Sadílková is responsible for the ŠKODA AUTO trainee programme, a project she first got involved in as a participant. What kind of experience was that for her and how can you get to this programme? Read our interview with Petra here and now!

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Q - You joined ŠKODA as a trainee. Why did you sign up for this programme and what brought you to it? Petra - After completing my studies, I spent eight months travelling and gaining experience in New Zealand. When the date of my return approached, I started looking for job opportunities. I had come across the ŠKODA AUTO trainee programme as a student, and I liked the concept, so I signed up for it, was invited for an interview and took the first tests, still in New Zealand. Just two days after arriving back in the Czech Republic, I (plus other candidates) was interviewed by an expert committee made up of company managers while completing a series of tasks as part of the Mladá Boleslav-based Assess-


ment Centre. Later that day, I (and two other candidates) was informed I was admitted. That was in July, and the trainee programme was scheduled to start in September – great, two months of holiday ahead of me!

a chance to experience something similar within one year!

Q - What did you like most about the trainee programme, and what do you believe are its greatest benefits?

I certainly didn´t, and that was exactly why I signed up for this trainee programme. My ambition was to check my strengths within that year and also find some area in which I would want to raise my profile and develop my career. The trainee programme has given me a great insight into the whole company, which made my decision-making easier.

Petra - I was fascinated by the diversity of the programme. In particular, I appreciated the opportunity to cooperate with professionals across many lines of expertise as well as to meet the other trainees – we became friends in no time. The trainee programme offers high-quality courses and an international internship at the Volkswagen Group. I found these career development opportunities highly important. Within just one year, I worked on projects I will never forget - I took part in a marketing research initiative, got familiar with the Tour de France sponsorship strategy and was a member of a team to organise a conference for nearly 4,000 people. Not many people get

Q - Did you know right away in which of ŠKODA´s areas of expertise you would like to end up?

Q - What are your current responsibilities? As I have already said, I worked in various marketing-related areas over my trainee year, and I always liked to design and organise new activities for trainees, so when at the end of my year I was offered to head the whole trainee programme, I did not hesitate. I liked the prospect of assuming responsibility for my own project and helping talented graduates to start

Spring 2017

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their careers. My cooperation with students and graduates is full of inspiration and positive energy. Q - That sounds like a dream come true! Do you have any vision in terms of moving forward and learning new things?

Petra Sadílková

HR Marketing Specialist ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

My personal philosophy is to never stop developing my career, learning and opening myself up to new opportunities and challenges. I believe that the quality of the training programme is very high, but even good things can always be improved. I have a plenty of ideas how to make it even more exciting, and I am surrounded by trainees who are ready to start new things. My ambition is to help them start their careers and ensure that they see this trainee programme as a great start when they look back one. Q - ŠKODA is a huge company, and it may seem that “getting in” is nearly impossible. Is that really so? ŠKODA opens its doors to enthusiastic graduates, as well as to students who want to be involved in shaping the future of the automotive industry. There is no need to worry, and the candidate selection process alone is no doubt a valuable experience – the best way to check this all out is to sign up for one. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Are you interested in more details about the ŠKODA trainee programme? Ask Petra directly at petra.sadilkova@Š or sign up for an internship or PhD programme. For more information visit www.Š

Spring 2017


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CEMS Global Alumni Week Written by Tereza Spišáková


his year, a special week starting from 20th to 26th of March was devoted to all the alumni within the CEMS alliance. In general, the CEMS Global Alumni Week is a globally organized week of activities with a special focus on engaging alumni with the CEMS community. This concerns all CEMS stakeholders, ranging from students and academic members to corporate and social partners. The aim of the Global Alumni Week is to strengthen the interaction between all the stakeholders, specifically its students and alumni as well as to encourage professional networking together with raising awareness for the CEMS Alumni Association. During the second edition of this global initiative, 27 CEMS schools organized all together 54 events and therefore doubled the number of events from the last year. Additionally, the week was kicked off by a Global Webinar, organized by CEMS Alumni Association, where the winners of Alumni of the Year 2016, Senior Leader Karin Jestin (HEC/ Bocconi) and Young Leader Joeri van der Geelen (RSM/ NHH), shared their experience and discussed the following subject: “How can business leaders commit to helping society improve?”. CEMS Club Prague also decided to participate in this initiative and use the opportunity to maintain and further develop positive relationships with our alumni. Moreover, CEMS Club Prague joined forces with CEMS Alumni Board Prague in order to strengthen the cooperation and improve the quality of the activities. Several formats of events were discussed, but only the most popular for both, students and alumni, were chosen and organized.

1 CEMS PANEL DISCUSSION We started off the Global Alumni Week a bit earlier with CEMS Panel Discussion and Networking on the 16th of March organized by CEMS Alumni Board Prague. The topic of the discussion was Entrepreneurship and the audience had a chance to listen to the stories of former CEMSies, who are currently running their own businesses. The speeches were as inspirational as the business ideas and the participants were introduced to the business concepts of VIP travel agency, pet food, fresh organic food, young coconuts and running courses for women. Afterwards, the networking part took place in a cosy restaurant and everyone had a chance to engage in further discussion with the speakers as well as to mingle with the others.


Spring 2017

CEMS Insider 2.

CEMS CLUB PRAGUE VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT After an enriching evening with an entrepreneurial atmosphere, we continued the Global Alumni Week with a more competitive event. The most sportive CEMSies created small teams and fought against each other to win the golden trophy at CEMS Beach Volleyball Tournament. All the teams showed great motivation and immense desire to win, however, only one team could proudly step up on the top rung. Not only the golden medals and sweet surprise were the reward for the winners, but also title of The Most CEMSational Volleyball Player. Hereby, we would like to congratulate Radovan Sahánek, Lenka Čubová and Martina Krivošová for their exceptional effort and great team spirit that helped them to become the winning team of the tournament.



We finished the Global Alumni Week with networking and rather informal CEMS Alumni Drink. The authentic CEMS spirit was enhanced by attractive premises of the traditional Czech restaurant Lokál Dlouhá. All the participating alumni and students had an opportunity to get to know each other better in a friendly atmosphere.

To summarize, I would like to thank all CEMS Club members, who helped to organize the various activities and all the CEMSies for attending them and participating actively. Last but not least, I would like to thank CEMS Alumni Board Prague for great collaboration and I hope for further cooperation. The Global Alumni Week is usually a main focus of the Head of Alumni in the CEMS Club and this year it was no different. I am proud that we managed to organize various interesting events and I am grateful for all the positive feedbacks.

Tereza Spišáková Head of Alumni, CEMS Club Prague CEMS | VŠE | NHH

Spring 2017


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News from CEMS Alumni Written by Pavlína Šimurdová

It is our pleasure to share with you a few updates from the CEMS Alumni Community in the Czech Republic. It has already been more than five months since the new board was elected and thanks to incredible support from the alumni community, the University of Economics, Prague as well as CEMS students and CEMS Club Prague, the Alumni Community has become active again. We are happy that we can build also on our own experience; Pavlina’s long term active involvement in the CEMS Club Prague or Vojtech’s experience as CEMS Alumni President in the past. Our main mission for 2017 is to bring a new sparkle of energy to the CEMS Alumni Community in the Czech Republic, connect different generations of alumni and establish a close link between CEMS alumni and students. To achieve this, we have been organizing regular events and talks dedicated to topics such as Family and career, Running own business


or Burnout. At the same time, we have relaunched the Mentoring Programme connecting current CEMS students with experienced CEMS alumni. Last but not least, CEMS Alumni Community has met at several social gatherings, CEMS brunches and CEMS sauna events. We are very happy that CEMS Alumni Association together with the University of Economics, Prague hosted Round Table 2017, a joint event dedicated to the future of CEMS. Having CEMS corporate partners, teachers, alumni and students being present in one room and together brainstorming about the hot topics of today’s job market was a unique opportunity that has helped CEMS in the Czech Republic to name key priority areas and agree on concrete actions. What’s the second half year going to be like? Following the findings from the broad research among CEMS Alumni, there will be regular monthly educational/ professional events organized starting from September 2017.

Based on the lesson from the restarted Mentoring Programme, we will launch the next stage of the programme open for 2nd year CEMS students and fresh graduates as mentees and senior CEMS Alumni as mentors. We will continue our close collaboration with the University of Economics, Prague and co-prepare a few events with the CEMS Club Prague. Last but not least: To make the CEMS Community even more lively we are looking for new ideas and volunteers to realize these ideas. Are you the one? Or do you know someone who may take the challenge? Please let us know! We would like to thank the whole CEMS Community for the great support we receive. We will do our best to prepare highly valuable and yet fun events in the second half of 2017. Sincerely Yours, CEMS Alumni Board Pavlína Šimurdová - President, Vojtěch Opleštil – Vice-President, and Jan Horáček – Treasurer

Alumni Board Article

Dear Readers,

Spring 2017

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CEMS Alumni of the Year 2017, April Candidate: Tomas Laboutka

The CEMS Alumni of the Year is a joint campaign by the CAA in close collaboration with the CEMS Student Board, which gives the CEMS community the opportunity to learn about CEMS alumni on a monthly basis and vote for the favorite candidate as the CEMS Alumni of the Year. Meet Tomas, the April candidate for the CEMS Alumni of the Year 2017 election. “My passion has always been in trying to uncover the blueprint for building successful companies and discovering and developing talents. This drive enabled me to connect with CEMS Entrepreneurs, students and alumni around the world. It has resulted in 4 startups over the past 9 years in Europe and Asia.” Tomas Laboutka, on summarizing his career path. Tomas graduated from the University of Economics, Prague from CEMS in 2010 with his exchange at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Currently he is running his own business as a CEO & Co-founder of HotelQuickly, which is a leading last-minute hotel booking app in Asia-Pacific. It offers travelers discounted deals at three to five star hotels in more than 250 destinations. HotelQuickly has partnered with more than 10,000 hotels to bring customers rates which are on average 28 percent cheaper than best prices online. He is a perfect type of role model to many current CEMS Students, who would like to launch their own business and make their idea come true in the future. 2. What are the three most • Grit and tenacity will help important things that have per- you weather all the seasons of life. sonally shaped you? • A purpose-driven life can CEO & Co-Founder of HotelQuicbe achieved through the clarity kly. Serial entrepreneur passiona- • You can find comfort in di- that comes with value-driven decite about building great teams. An scomfort if you approach the unk- sion-making. advocate of personal growth and nown with curiosity and enthusiamindful living. sm. Embrace diversity. 1. How would you describe yourself in a tweet?

Spring 2017


CEMS Insider 3. How did the CEMS ne- with CEMS Entrepreneurs (which Reflect often, and fine-tune your twork contribute to your profes- I co-founded), I was exposed to inner compass. Then repeat the sional achievements? different cultures and perspectives. process all over again. How successful you are in life will ultimaWe are a network of ambitious hi- 4. What advice would you tely be the result of how well you gh-achievers. CEMS opened doors give to current CEMS students? master this process. to successful business partnerships and life-long friendships. I Don’t be daunted by the big qu- Source: founded two companies with my estions in life. Take action that is classmates, and through seminars in line with your beliefs and values.

Move, Hilti, Move!

Written by Šárka Otčenášková


or the 3rd time CEMS participated in the charity run Move, Hilti, Move organized by our corporate partner Hilti and Tomáš Slavata. On Saturday April 29, 2017, all sports enthusiasts gathered in a park in Prague 6 Řepy. All stakeholders took their wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends or kids with them and fiercely raced in the short runs. Just as the last year, Karolína Kaslová, CEMS alumna, won the second place in the women’s category. After this sport section, the participants were grilling sausages. We would like to thank Hilti for connecting us with Tomáš Slavata. Tomáš supports children from child care centers and motivates them to take part in sports. Also our students are visiting the orphanages with him within the mandatory CEMS course CSR in Practice. Collected money from this charity run was donated to Tomáš, who will use it for buying sport equipment to the kids who are in need. Tomáš and Hilti, thank you for organizing this meaningful event!


Spring 2017

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CEMS Club Prague

Igor Lorenc Vice President & Head of Corporate Relations

Hung (David) Nguyen Head of CSR

Tereza Spišáková Head of Alumni Relations

Martina Krivošová Head of Socializing


Petr Báša President

Anna Oemer Head of Marketing

Martin Krejčí Robert Pradl Treasurer Student Board Representative

Aakash Ahuja Marketing Coordinator

Pia van Gessel Event Coordinator

Martin Štěpánek Event Coordinator

Jasmin-Maria Hopp V4 Coordinator


Georgios Ballas Marketing Coordinator


Alissa Maier Marketing Coordinator


David Nosák CSR Coordinator

Spring 2017


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