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IT Skill Seminar & CSR in Practice

INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Fostering Innovation at Unibail-Rodamco

Spring 2016

Global Student Board Meeting in Budapest

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Experience a high level of responsibilities and leadership opportunities, a diversity of jobs and a continuous exposition to top management. Benefit from a close follow-up of your career, ensured by Human Resources, a dedicated mentor and also a European network reinforced by an annual EGP seminar. Spring 2016

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A Word from President CEMS Global Student Board Meeting in Budapest CEMS Business Projects Term 2 2015/2016 IT Skill Seminar CSR in Practice

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CEMS Insider Spring 2016


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Responsible Global Leadership Seminar CEMS at VŠE “Brunch with the Managing Director” and more: How Unibail-Rodamco engages with CEMS students Move, Hilti, Move! Intrapreneurship: Fostering Innovation at Unibail-Rodamco Google Digital Garage Cems Club Prague Activities


CEMS Insider

From the Editor Dear Readers, The Spring Semester 2016 at the University of Economics, Prague has finally come to an end. Therefore it is my pleasure to present you the Spring Edition of CEMS Insider Magazine. This time it is not only full of interesting articles written by CEMS Office, CEMS Club Prague members and Corporate Partners but also comes with fully refreshed graphic design, I hope you will enjoy. Being an international student at the University of Economics, Prague, who pursues CEMS MIM programme, was an enriching experience for me and my fellow colleagues. The possibility to interact with Corporate Partners on weekly basis during our classes, 11 Business Projects, that were offered this semester, or Skill Seminars, as well as during formal and informal events prepared by CEMS Club Prague was invaluable. In terms of academic experience let me draw your attention to two new courses that have been launched in this academic year 2015/2016 with the co-operation from Corporate Partners: IT Skill Seminar and CSR in Practice. Student reports on those courses can be found in this issue of CEMS Insider Magazine. The buzz words of today's world are innovation and entrepreneurship. How do companies bring those terms into reality of their businesses? The answer can be found in Unibail-Rodamco's article on intrapreneurship. I would like to thank all authors for dedicating their time and efforts to contribute to this edition of the Magazine. Moreover, I would like to thank CEMS Club Prague for giving me the possibility to edit the CEMS Insider Magazine, but most importantly for their great efforts in making this semester unforgettable for all of us. I hope you enjoy the reading! Olga Barańska Editor-in-Chief CEMS | SGH | VŠE


Spring 2016

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A Word of Welcome Dear CEMS Stakeholders, I have been given the chance to say several words in this summer CEMS Insider issue. Let me take this opportunity to introduce the new courses IT Skill Seminar and CSR in Practice and to inform you about the two extra events, which will be organized at our university in the spring 2017. It has been two years since I was appointed as a CEMS Academic Director at the University of Economics, Prague. I could build on the excellent work, which was carried out for several years by my predecessor doc. Jiri Hnilica. Naturally, the programme development requires further improvements and changes. I am very proud on two courses, which were firstly organized in this academic year 2015/2016. Based on our students’ wishes, the mandatory course IT Skill Seminar has been launched. Thanks to the cooperation with our corporate partners Plzeňský Prazdroj and Procter&Gamble, our students are trained in MS Excel and other IT skills. The second recently established course CSR in Practice includes the real “hands-on” experience, which should help our students to broaden their horizons and inspire them for further growth, thinking or activities. You can read more about these new courses in this issue of the Magazine. The next academic year 2016/2017 at VŠE will be, in addition to many traditional events, enriched by the two CEMS events – V4 Conference in April 2017 and Academic Directors Meeting in May 2017. I firmly believe, that the realization of these two extra events will be a success which will enhance the university and the corporate partners’ prestige within the CEMS alliance. Finally, let me thank to the corporate partners for their constant assistance with development of our students. Ladislav Tyll CEMS Academic Director

Spring 2016


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A Word from President Dear CEMS Community,


➤➤ Proud CEMS Student (VSE/UB; Block Seminar SSE; Conferences: RCC at LSE, V4 at CUB) ➤➤ CEMS Club Prague President since SS 2015/2016 ➤➤ COO in ZEERAT

➤➤ Founder of Offlajn by CZECHCRUNCH ➤➤ Passionate Yoga Lover

➤➤ Technology Enthusiast ➤➤ Wanderlust

➤➤ Gastronome


It is my great pleasure to have the possibility of sharing few words with you in this spring edition of CEMS Insider Magazine. Insider is another initiative of CEMS Club Prague, prepared in close co-operation with CEMS Office and CEMS Corporate Partners, which serves as a hindsight to the busy, yet entertaining spring semester we have experienced. Special thanks for putting the Insider together goes to Olga Barańska, the Editor in Chief. Let me start by highlighting the exciting news. Firstly, during last CEMS President Board Meeting, CEMS Club Prague, with Jan Volný as its President, has been awarded as third best performing CEMS Club worldwide. This is an outstanding achievement, a result of CEMS Club Prague’s previous accomplishments and great overall performance. CEMS Club Prague has always played an important role in supporting the development of CEMS MIM Programme at the University of Economics in Prague and was well renowned for it within the Alliance. Therefore I would like to thank Jan Volný for doing such a great job! As newly appointed CCP’s President I will make sure to nurture this legacy and provide the best possible experiences for CEMSies in Prague in the upcoming semester. CEMS Club Prague strived to make the spring semester enjoyable for everyone and I am happy to report that every event which has been organized so far was very popular with students, Corporate Partners and Alumni. Second another important news from CEMS President Board Meeting, which I am proud to announce here, is that University of Economics, Prague will host the next edition of V4 Conference, which will take place in April 2017. Having the opportunity, I would like to thank our Corporate Partners, namely HILTI, P&G, Plzeňský Prazdroj, ŠKODA Auto and Unibail-Rodamco for actively participating in CEMS MIM courses and activities throughout the spring semester as well as for their great support they offered to CEMS Club Prague. Warm welcome also goes to our new Corporate Partner – BCG. What is more, I would like to express my gratitude to ABB, A.T. Kearney, Google, Groupe SEB, and PwC for giving students hands-on experience in form of Business Projects. In total, University of Economics, Prague has offered this year 11 Business Project topics, about which you can read more on the

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

following pages. Our school is a leader in this area collaborating with the highest number of CEMS Corporate Partners. Special thanks goes to the CEMS Academic Office in Prague, which enthusiastically and strongly supported CEMS Club Prague’s initiatives throughout the semester. This collaboration is an essential part of smooth functioning of the CEMS Club and in my opinion is highly beneficial for both sides. Last but not least, warmest thanks go to the amazing CEMS Club Prague Team that devoted numerous hours into organisation, preparation and execution of all the events you could take part in during last few months. Without them it would not have been possible, so once again: THANK YOU! Finally, what goals are in front of CEMS Club Prague Board and what can you expect during the upcoming semester? We want to: 1/ develop further the relationships with Corporate Partners, 2/ throw a Mentoring Program and organize events that will enable to deepen the relationships among Alumni and CEMSies, 3/ organise Panel Discussions, 4/ enhance CSR activities: continue our successful collaboration with Tomáš Slavata and be part of CEMS Runs The World Event that we are currently helping to organise. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of CEMS Insider Magazine, as it gives you an overlook on we have done during the spring semester2015/2016, both from global and local perspective. Sincerely yours, Natalie Badie CEMS Club Prague President

Spring 2016


CEMS Insider

CEMS Global Student Board Meeting in Budapest Dear CEMS Community, Since the beginning of my adventure with the Student Board in February, my enthusiasm for this global body as well as for CEMS itself has increased exponentially. Therefore, I am thrilled to share with you a short overview of the achievements of the Student Board from the previous year together with the goals and objectives we set ourselves during the Student Board Meeting in Budapest. The Student Board is composed by a group of active and engaged students willing to contribute their free time on a weekly basis to develop CEMS. The Board meets three times a year to discuss recent developments in CEMS alliance, to work on alliance wide advocacy, to share best practices and to develop different community building initiatives. For the first meeting that took place from 20th to 23rd of April, 27 representatives from all over the world gathered in the beautiful city of Budapest. The event was kindly hosted by Corvinus University of Budapest, the leading education institution among Hungarian business schools. The highlight of the week was a 2-days CEMS Club Conference, where the CEMS Club Presidents, including our Natalie Badie, joined us to discuss several key topics and ongoing projects of the Student Board. In the past 15 years of its existence, the Global Student Board has been at the forefront of many projects that have aided enormously the development of CEMS. Among the most recent projects, we find notably the inaugural CEMS Asia Pacific Forum hosted


in Singapore, the first ever Global Alumni Week held in every CEMS school and the kick-off of the collaboration with Building Tomorrow that aims at raising funds to build a CEMS educational institution in Uganda. In the pursuit of globalisation, we were pleased to see Korea University Business School (KUBS) becoming the 30th official school of the CEMS Alliance. As for the the goals for 2016, the Student Board is determined to focus especially on increasing visibility, enhancing community building and boosting efficiency. Following a frequent request from students and corporate partners to integrate more entrepreneurial topics in the CEMS curriculum, we are thrilled to announce that the first ever CEMS Start-up Challenge will take place during the Career Forum in Vienna. Moreover, the MIM Team is exploring the possibility of supporting the expansion of the highly evaluated entrepreneurship skill seminars organised by CEMS Entrepreneurs. Last but certainly not least, the winners of the CEMS Club Awards for Term 1 2015/2016 have been announced and our previous CEMS Club Prague under the leadership of Jan Volny managed to get the 3rd place on the podium. Congratulations! Finally, please don’t forget to continue supporting the current CEMS Club that keeps surprising us with innovative and engaging events. Malgorzata Izabela Jablonska VŠE Global Student Board Representative

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

VŠE Global Student Board Representative explains:

What does it mean to me to be VŠE Student Board Representative?

It Malgorzata Izabela Jablonska CEMS | VŠE | WU

is the people that make the difference in each organisation and the most concentrated and the purest CEMS spirit can be found within the Student Board. It is therefore a true pleasure to invest my time and energy to make your voices heard on the global level and to work on a variety of projects and initiatives aiming at improving the CEMS alliance as a whole and especially the CEMS experience of fellow students.

How to stay updated about the Student Board’s activities? ➤➤ like the CEMS Student Board fanpage on Facebook ➤➤ visit the Student Board section on ➤➤ read the Student Board Newsletter ➤➤ contact our SB Representative at

Spring 2016


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CEMS Business Projects Term 2 2015/2016

Written by Ing. Šárka Otčenášková

What is the CEMS Business Project?


he CEMS Business Project is a consultancy-like project. International teams of students solve a real business problem as a one-semester part-time activity tutored by both the company and a professor in parallel. Each CEMS student has to carry out a Business Project during Term 2. It amounts to 15 ECTS, which is about 50% of one term workload. Business projects reinforce the CEMS partnership between universities, students and companies.


Spring 2016



➤➤ gain insight into business life

➤➤ train their analytical and problem-solving skills ➤➤ apply research methods

➤➤ transfer theoretical knowledge into practice ➤➤ learn process management ➤➤ acquire social skills

➤➤ take responsibility for the project ➤➤ strive for the best results ➤➤ share the workload equally within the team ➤➤ communicate well with their tutors

➤➤ get to know potential employers and re-define

their professional goals

Business Projects in the summer term 2015/2016 were launched on February 17, 2016 with the presentations of the involved companies. 11 CEMS Corporate Partners and VŠE representatives gathered to introduce the 11 Business project topics to the CEMS students. Thereafter, 32 students determined their preferences and were divided into international teams. During the semester, students gathered regularly to work on the given topic. Moreover students also met with company representatives and tutors to discuss the issues which have arisen from the project. At the end of the semester, the project results are evaluated by the academic and corporate supervisors. Students write a report and give an oral presentation both in front of the top management of the respective Corporate Partner and during official event at VŠE that took place on May 20, 2016.

Spring 2016

Companies introduced 11 Business Projects topics for Spring Term 2015/2016: Company

Topic 2016 Key factors influencing customer satisfaction From Assembly-Line to High-Tech Specialist: Can We Build a “Silicon Valley” in the Czech Republic? Expansion opportunities in the EU power sector for an integrated power utility by 2025 Boost the Good Cause: Online Marketing Strategy for NGOs Communication of café full automat (FA) brands (DeLonghi, Seaco, KRUPS, Bosch, Miele, Nivona) Possibilities of new services´ integration into Hilti tools operating lease FMCG eCommerce in Central Europe: How to remove the barriers of trial? How to build cider as a category with long-term and full year relevance Strategic assessment of energy markets in Western Europe and CEE Innovations in ŠKODA approaches and technologies in Sales Process and expectations of “digital customers” in Sales Process Far beyond a regular shopping experience


Sylvain Kuntzmann


students BP insights

CEMS Insider Jana Sklenรกล™ovรก


ur project was very practical, we created and launched online marketing campaign for ProART festival. As a part of the project we developed a brand new website for the festival, set up Google AdWords campaign and managed emailing. We got the opportunity to not only gain valuable insights from Googlers, but also from online marketing specialists from Acomware agency.

usiness Project was way more demanding than expected in terms of work and time. The good part is that I truly learned a lot about the subject (Online Marketing) in which I had zero prior experience. We received good guidance and tips and a lot of material to study and we were really independent the CEMS team was leader of the project. Maybe sometimes too much as none of us had background in Marketing and we really learned the hard way at the beginning. Overall I'm happy with the choice of the project but I had to sacrifice many other priorities through the semester.

Jakub Macheta


he cooperation between the company representatives and our student team was really great! We were allowed to work at PWC's office where we were always provided with assistence, guidance, big know-how and valuable insights. I have learnt a great deal about the energy industry and the work of successful consultants. But the most rewarding is the fact that we have been part of the team and that our work contributed a lot to a real project. To future students I just can say: Take the PwC business project without even thinking about it! ;)


Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

IT Skill Seminar Written by Lenka Čubová and Olga Barańska


or the first time CEMS students had the possibility to take part in a newly opened IT Skill Seminar course, the goal of which was to improve students’ knowledge of MS Excel. The course was structured into two one-day blocks.

day 1 The first, day-long seminar was organised on the 22nd of April at Plzeňský Prazdroj’s office in Prague. PhDr. Natália Fecková, a Senior Talent & Performance Management Specialist for Czech Republic and Slovakia at Plzeňský Prazdroj was one of the tutors for this course. Before first session, Mrs. Fecková sent students worksheets with functions that had to be learnt before the session. Being provided with this material, students were ready to go through the skill seminar programme and learn more advanced features of MS Excel. The day passed very quickly as the course consisted of interactive exercises, which students were doing throughout the session.

Spring 2016

The materials provided were based on real Excel sheets, which were used at Plzeňský Prazdroj and thus, the whole seminar was very practically oriented. Being present for the whole day, Mrs. Fecková was very helpful. Students could approach her every time something went wrong on their screens.

day 2 The second part of IT Skill Seminar was hosted at Procter&Gamble’s office. This time, the seminar´s focus was on do’s and don’ts of data visualisation. In particular, students learnt what kind of graphs are recommendable to particular set of data and how to effectively present information using graphs. Firstly, students were asked to send examples of incorrect data visualisation, which later were discussed during the seminar. Mr. Juraj Slota, CEMS alumnus and Business Intelligence Services Manager in P&G, prepared the class and guided students through the day with great deal of enthusiasm and involvement. Once again,

the day was full of interactive exercises. Also, a lot of discussion has been initiated when choosing the right graphs and its features for every case students faced. All the students really appreciated these two valuable days of skill seminars chaired by supportive coaches. Overall, the course was very practical and focused on features of the programme that may become very useful both in everyday work and while undergoing a recruitment process for Finance or Business Analysis Departments at different companies. We are sending big thanks to both P&G and Plzeňský Prazdroj for hosting the class and dedicating the time and efforts to share the useful knowledge about MS Excel with CEMS students. Moreover, we would like to thank VŠE CEMS Office for responding to students’ feedback and launching this course, which we highly recommend to any prospective CEMS student at VŠE.


CEMS Insider

CSR in Practice Report written by Jakub Macheta

bubbles and tunnel

Being a student, especially a business/management student, very often can make us vulnerable to encounter the so-called: tunnel vision. It means that we live in a bubble, our own bubble, and forget about the other bubbles in the world, which are people that are not as fortunate as we are. Those people very often constitute a big part of the society, which must not be omitted! The non-profit and social sectors are sadly too little discussed about and talked on in management programmes. Even if universities offer CSR courses, those very often are very theoretical and provide students with little, if not no value-added. Therefore, “CSR in Practice” course offered at VŠE is a very valuable offer which provides students with a deep insight into the non-profit/social sector. All the reasons mentioned above motivated me to take this course and in the following I will share my experience, thoughts, learning and opinion on the child care house in Krompach and in lesser detail on the child care house system in the


Czech Republic, to the extent I am a feeling of stability and commuable to this. nity. Nevertheless, the children child care house in krompach are of course allowed to meet, play The child care house lies very and interact with children from near to the border with Germany. other “families”. The building in which the current The two employees play the role orphanage is located in, had been of parents and therefore perform a school until 1965. Now the who- different tasks, such as cooking le complex of buildings includes a with/for the children, helping preschool, elementary school and them with their homework and the orphanage itself. The orphans other activities, go with them on are divided into so-called “fami- trips and on vacations. Furthermolies”, which means that approx. re, many children are members in 12 children live together with two clubs (e.g. sports) or can participaemployees (who alternate with one te in various projects organized by another) in a tract of the building the children care house (in coopeand form a family. The intention ration with other non-profit orgabehind this is to give the children nizations). All these activities are

„The non-profit and social sectors are sadly to little discussed about and talked on in management programmes. Even if universities offer CSR courses, those very often are very theoretical and provide students with little, if not no value-added.” Spring 2016

CEMS Insider intended to give children positive Whether it was helping them to get impulses and lead them to the ri- dressed, repairing a toy or helping ght direction. them adjusting the bike seat, we my duties at the orphanage were there to help them. At the orphanage, me and the upbringing in child care houses other three students basically did - analysis the same activities as the employGrowing up in a child care hoees there. use has many disadvantages, but Those activities included: in some situations, when they are • cooking with the children endangered, neglected or abandoOn the first day we were there, we ned, it can be beneficial to those decided to cook a pizza with the children. Before I will discuss the children. Since it is not a compli- advantages and disadvantages of cated dish to make, but requires many hands to do, we thought that this would bring all the children together. All children had different tasks and were helping out with a smile on their face. From putting tomato sauce until the last pieces of ham, every child had the feeling that he/she contributed to the final result, which were 8 very tasty pizzas. • spending time with them (playing, talking, going orphanages, we have to first analyfor a walk, etc.) All the children ze why children in general are sent were very happy about our visit. to such facilities. There are three They invited us to play with them main reasons: on the computer, with various toys • Parents died (or too sick) and no and also simply sitting together in one else can take care of them. front of the television or talking. • Parents abused, neglected (e.g. liOn the first day, before dinner, ving conditions, hygiene, etc.) or we went for a walk. We went up abandoned them. a big mountain until the peak of it. • Parents don’t have enough moDuring the walk we were able to ney to provide their children with get to know more about the child- suitable living conditions. ren from themselves and also from Having all this in mind, the folTomáš Slavata and the employees lowing advantages and disadvantaof the orphanage. ges can be identified. • helping them with their pro- advantages: blems/issues • Children are taken care of and

Spring 2016

are not anymore influenced badly by their parents. • Children learn very quickly to deal with other people (other children) and to share with others. • Children experience appropriate living conditions and have the possibility to live a normal life after they leave the facility. disadvantages: • Expectation vs. Reality. Very often child care houses (and similar institutions) are underfinanced

and provide therefore only slightly better conditions for children than their parents. • Too little affection and time offered by the employees (resource limitations), who in general never will be able to replace parents. • Little privacy and development possibilities. • No stability (changing employees, facilities, etc.). To put it in a nutshell, first the state should do everything to help families to solve their problems by their own and support them. Only in the worst case, children should be taken to child care houses. The-


CEMS Insider state should invest more money into the social system and successful people should contribute more to the state and finance such facilities to a greater extent.

how my perspective has changed?

Although I have already more than 2 years’ experience working with children (aged 5-11 in a child care centre), I have never engaged with children from child care houses (orphanages). The stay showed me that all children are the same: they are all looking for some authority, want to have friends and be loved. The only difference is that children who live in child care houses have it much more difficult to experience those feelings and conditions. Therefore I believe that such children, who were separated from the family, need special attention and care in order to live a normal


rything that I have and also to my „I want to thank the CEMS family. Not all people have the prioffice for offering the cour- vilege to experience the same life as I do. Nevertheless, I believe that se. It was a CSR hands-on knowing about the disadvantaged experience which I really people is not enough. We (all peappreciated.” ople) have to engage much more in this topic and be more proactive in life as much as possible. Nowadays, these kinds of matters. I know I’ll do! child care houses are the best we personal note can provide, but we need someI want to thank the CEMS offithing different! The state has to find ce for offering the course. It was a other possibilities to provide those CSR hands-on experience which children with better conditions, I really appreciated. Furthermore, may it be by assigning them to lo- this weekend for sure helped me to ving foster families (educational improve my Czech language skills. campaign would be needed to co- Kid: “You speak in a strange way!” nvince families to adopt foster chil- Me: “Yes, because I am a foreigner. dren) or by programmes, which I am from Austria and I am leareven prevent separating children ning Czech.” from their families. Kid: “Aaah, ok. I am also a foreIn general, the stay at the child igner, I am from Ceska Lipa!” care house reaffirmed my belief So in the end, we are all forethat I should be grateful for eve- igners trying to find a home…

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

Responsible Global Leadership Seminar Written by Ing. Klára Vítečková


he Responsible Global Leadership Seminar (RGL) is a two-day course, which takes place at the beginning of Term 2. The main goal of RGL Seminar is to bring together representatives from Corporate and/or Social partners, professors and students, for an experiential learning experience. This seminar is relatively new in the CEMS curriculum and we organized it for the third time in our CEMS Prague history. After a great feedback from the last year, the seminar was held in cooperation with our corporate partner Plzeňský Prazdroj again. Our RGL Seminar took place in Velké Popovice, where Velkopopovický Kozel (one of the brands of Plzeňský Prazdroj) is based. We started in the morning with a presentation held by Mrs. Pavlína Kalousová (Business for Society). In her opening presentation, she introduced us a general insight into the CSR issue. This presentation was followed by a discussion and another presentation of CSR issue, this time focused on business value of sustainability in Plzeňský Prazdroj. This topic was presen-

Spring 2016

ted by Mrs. Drahomíra Mandlíková, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communication at Plzeňský Prazdroj, who also introduced students the main ideas behind company's sustainable development programme, Prosper. Mr. Milan

was dedicated to a students’ team work on Excelent case study. The second day of the seminar was devoted to environmental and social issues. Except of interesting lectures covering approach of Plzeňský Prazdroj to these topics, we could visit a water treatment plant, which was for the most of our stu„The main goal of Redents an unforgettable experience. sponsible Global Leader- After lunch in Kozlovna, we started the afternoon with presentaship Seminar is to bring tions of team work outcomes, stutogether representatives dents’ suggestions and ideas. In the end of the day, we had a chance to from Corporate and/or visit the Kozel’s brewery, and finally, we could enjoy the highlight of Social partners, profesthe tour - we met the goat Olda, the sors and students, for mascot of the Kozel beer and the whole brewery. an experiential learning I believe, we all enjoyed this seexperience. ” minar and I look forward to our cooperation with Plzeňský Prazdroj Fořt gave a speech about Exce- next year again. lent, one of the brands of Plzeňský Prazdroj, which was also an introduction to the interactive part of the seminar: a case study students had to solve in teams and present the following day. After a great lunch in Kozel’s branded restaturant Kozlovna, the rest of the day


CEMS Insider

CEMS at Job Fair Šance


he Job Fair Šance at the University of Economics, Prague was held on March 15 - 16, 2016. The CEMS programme had an info-stand in Rajska Building atrium and prospective students could gain valuable information and find answers to their questions from the current CEMS students. During Tuesday afternoon, the CEMS Mock Assessment Centre in English took place. Those students, who attended this session, were able to experience various aspects of the real CEMS assessment center. This center was supervised by doc. Daniela Pauknerová and organized by Martina Fischerová (Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology, Faculty of Business Administration). The next mock assessment center will be held during the CEMS Day in October 2016 at VŠE.

CEMS at VŠE Written by Ing. Šárka Otčenášková

CEMS Assessment Center


he CEMS Assessment Center for new CEMS applicants was held between March 18 – 24, 2016. Our own CEMS Assessment Center is organized for the purpose of choosing the best CEMS students at the University of Economics, Prague. Following the submission procedure of the 1st round, 80 students advanced to the 2nd round of the admission procedure and thus participated in the CEMS Assessment Center. There are 2 psychologists, 2 members of the CEMS office, 3-4 company representatives and 15 students per a day. Students are assessed through many perspectives – how they work individually, in groups, their motivation, behavior in stressful situations, responsibility, flexibility, self-confidence and communication skills. Students also have to pass the logical and psychological tests. At the end of the day, each student gets feedback from psychologists and is also interviewed by the academic director and the programme manager. After the careful consideration, 51 of the original 80 participants were admitted. The whole admission procedure is completed in the 3rd round. The enrollment takes place on July 1, 2016, by this date the students must have successfully completed their Bachelor’s Degree.


Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

“Brunch with the Managing Director” and more: How Unibail-Rodamco engages with CEMS students Written by Zaruhi Harutyunyan


nibail-Rodamco, the largest commercial real estate company in Europe and second largest in the world, has been a Corporate Partner of CEMS for already nine years. Throughout the time, it has been actively involved in various activities, both of academic and student community-development nature. While the country offices partner with local CEMS Clubs in the 12 countries where the company operates, the “Given the size of our company, where about 2000 employees manage multi-billion euro projects and initiatives, it is crucial to hire graduates from the best business schools. We therefore highly value our partnership with CEMS and are always ready to go the extra mile in integrating students in our company culture, showing them the true spirit of Unibail-Rodamco and establishing fruitful partnership beyond employment as such.” Pavlína Václavíková, Director of HR Central Europe and Austria

Spring 2016

Skill Seminar on Negotiation Techniques 2016

company corporate headquarter in Paris, France collaborates closely with the CEMS Head Office to develop more activities that are beneficial for both parties and ensure long-lasting cooperation. In Prague, throughout the Spring 2016 semester only, Unibail-Rodamco took part in nine activities, among them participation at CEMS Assessment Centres, conduction of a Skill Seminar and Business Project, participation at the Rotation Dinner, CEMS Gala

and Employment Diversity research within a course curriculum, as well as guest speaking at lectures. Two of the most notable events were the Skill Seminar on Negotiation Techniques and the Brunch with the Managing Director. Together they provided the students with the opportunity to meet majority of the management team members, as well as the Group HR Director and leading specialists of business functions.


CEMS Insider While the first one taught the students how to negotiate in different situations, and the experts shared practical tips and know-how of high-value contract negotiations in real estate, the second one stressed on the importance of running strategic projects and operational initiatives to maintain the leadership position in the industry. The day encompassed both company strategy presentations and informal networking which is equally important for establishing strong ties with students. Unibail-Rodamco’s partnership approach with CEMS is quite straightforward; the company wants to be a trusted partner and a collaborator on win-win basis. That is the objective behind the company’s active involvement in various campus activities bey-

ond recruitment periods. This year Unibail-Rodamco was also among partners of V4 Conference in Budapest, Hungary and acted as one of the three main partners of DACH Forum in Vienna, Austria. The business representa-

tives from various functions coached the Forum participants in developing an industry scenario and business planning, therefore sharing a practical experience of how business processes run in corporations. “The interest of CEMS students towards our company is growing day by day; and we can see that both by the number of applicants for our URMall Business Game, the European Graduate Programme, and other campus activities we are part of, and by the approach the students have towards our representatives and the interest they show to getting to know our colleagues more. It was hence not surprising that the majority of 11 finalists at URMall competition from Central Europe and Austria region were CEMS students.” Zaruhi Harutyunyan, HR Analyst Central Europe

CEMS Rotation Dinner: Marketing & Sales 2016 with Unibail-Rodamco Representatives


Spring 2016

Move, Hilti, Move!

CEMS Insider

Written by Ing. Šárka Otčenášková


CEMS student Pavla Červená won a gold medal, CEMS alumna Karolína Kaslová (Berdychová) won a silver medal – congratulations!

Spring 2016

EMS participated in the charity run Move, Hilti, Move organized by our corporate partner Hilti and Tomáš Slavata. On a sunny Saturday on April 30, 2016, all sports enthusiasts gathered in a park in Prague 6 - Řepy. All stakeholders took his wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends or kids with them and fiercely raced in the short runs. Guess which medals won our student Pavla Červená and alumna Karolína Kaslová (Berdychová)? After this sport section, the participants were grilling sausages and then went home to celebrate the traditional Czech holiday “Burning Witches”. We would like to thank Hilti for connecting us with Tomáš Slavata. Tomáš supports children from child care centers and motivates them to take part in sports. Also our students are visiting the orphanages with him within the new mandatory CEMS course CSR in Practice. Tomáš was recently facing the challenge “Běžím domů” (“I am running home”) during the first week in May. This challenge included 11.4 km of swimming, 188 km of running and 620 km on bike within one week!!!! You can still support Tomáš Slavata’s idea on by purchasing the sport T-shirt. The collected money from this charity run was donated to Tomáš, who will use it for buying sport equipment to the kids who are in need. Tomáš and Hilti, thank you for organizing this meaningful event!


CEMS Insider

Intrapreneurship: Fostering Innovation at Unibail-Rodamco


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orporate entrepreneurship is the "secret weapon" of the business world. Companies support intrapreneurs with finance and access to corporate resources, while the latter create innovation for companies. It is vital at the current age of rapidly changing environment and technology to be at the forefront of innovation. More to say, it has already become a common practice for both big and medium-size corporations to encourage corporate entrepreneurship through development programs, design thinking sessions and company-wide innovation competitions. Companies such as Xerox,  Virgin,  Siemens  and  Microsoft  developed separate research and development departments. Siemens-Nixdorf took a different approach, designing a two-year corporate program to turn 300 managers into intrapreneurs, skilled in spotting new business opportunities with notable potential.


Written by Unibail-Rodamco Team

Unibail-Rodamco has established an internal innovation hub called UR Lab. It is a small team of internal explorers that is in charge of creating the building blocks of Unibail-Rodamco’s innovation strategy and ecosystem. UR Lab is not a R&D department; rather the team acts as a connector, a facilitator and a transformative force to ensure that innovation happens mainly outside UR Lab, triggered

and brought forward by local, regional and cross-functional teams. There are currently three initiatives that support and foster innovation at Unibail-Rodamco:


Aimed at development of the culture of innovation in the company, this program enables employees to dare, develop their creative skills and share more around new business ideas. It also provides the ground to connect employees with innovators outside Unibail-Rodamco. In other words, this program puts innovation at the heart of career development, starting the process by recruitment where the company looks for people aligned with its company culture and values. With physical environment as creativity rooms and training facilities, Learning Expeditions to discover disruptive start-ups,

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider Start-up Pitches with participation of employees, Idea Contests, Keynote Speeches and many more, Ureka! acts as an accelerator for employees to develop their left and right areas of the brain and continually develop their talents and skills in respect to innovation.

innovation Champions

Innovation Champions is a program to boost creation of innovative products and services that can be implemented either now or in a longer-term of up to five years. It is in frames of this program where the concept of intrapreneurship comes in picture, since the company creates the environment for employees to present their ideas, test and develop incremental innovations in the current portfolio and projects and become strong project managers. The Innovation Champion Graduate Program (ICGP) is an internal career opportunity designed for employees who are eager to develop their innovation and cre-

ative skills. Each year the program recruits, trains and issues internal degrees to 20 to 40 future alumni within all regions and functions. After graduating, the Innovation Champions also have the mission of sponsoring further innovation and supporting others on innovation techniques across their teams, activities and countries. Within the program each Innovation Champion leads at least one phase of an innovation project for 6 to 18 months and hence masters his/her project management skills.


Magellan program is designed to set up a vision for the future of the company, as well as the environment in which we live in. Launched in 2014, the objective of the program is to identify social and technological trends and share them with the Unibail-Rodamco teams. Based on that, the idea is to devise disruptive products and services that will serve the company’s long-term projects.

The methodology of the program is designed in the following way: 1. UR Lab assembles the results of meetings with experts, Learning Expeditions, panels and surveys, readings and observations, as well as workshops on social and tech-

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Innovation Center in Paris - design

Spring 2016


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CEMS Insider nological disruptions. 2. UR Lab shares the results with Unibail-Rodamco Managing Board to update the strategy and maintain them at the highest level of knowledge about transformations, as well as with all Unibail-Rodamco teams and especially with development teams working on long-term projects to fuel their programs. 3. UR Lab monitors the acceptance and usage of identified trends in the company’s 15 main catchment areas. In addition to the key internal innovation development programs

described above, Unibail-Rodamco also runs several programs that foster Open Innovation. It collaborates with start-ups in frames of UR-Link program, with final customers within the UR-Communities program, and with universities via Unibrains program. Given the importance that the company places on innovation and bringing up innovation champions internally, Unibail-Rodamco is developing a brand new Innovation Centre in its headquarters in Paris. It is going to become the central hub for the company to collaborate with start-ups, to foster coope-

ration with like-minded creative individuals via co-working spaces, and to provide project rooms that are open to every employee to work and get inspired from. All these activities and programs already have fruitful results in developing internal entrepreneurs, imagining solutions together and identifying and implementing innovative projects. Combined, they are driving the overall strategy of corporate entrepreneurship at Unibail-Rodamco.

Google Digital Garage Written by Ing. Šárka Otčenášková


n April 21, 2016 our corporate partner Google organized a half-day bootcamp “DIGITAL GARAGE”. This event was intended for Czech/ Slovak speaking students from our university. Almost 300 participants could learn how to make a complex online strategy and the best professionals from the field took them through the social media marketing. Have a look on the educatio-


nal portal, finish the video-courses and get the certificate! The programme: • David Špinar (Head of Performance, Google) - Introduction to online marketing and the method See-Think-Do-Care • Veronika Brindzová (Performance advertising & Web analytics team leader, Sun Marketing) - Search in advertising • Pavel Ungr (SEO Consultant,

Lecturer) - Search Engine Optimization • Ondřej Sláma (CEO, INBORN) Display and video advertising • Eliška Vyhnánková (Social Media Consultant) – Social media • Jan Tichý (Medio) - Web analytics

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

CEMS Club Prague Activities Written by Jana Sklenářová


CEMS WELCOME EVENT Official opening of the semester was hosted at xPORT VŠE Business Accelerator on February 18. During the event CEMSies had a chance to hear opening speeches from VŠE representatives, CEMS Club Prague and corporate partners to later meet and network with them, accompanied by delicious snacks and drinks provided by the special partner of the event: Plzeňský Prazdroj.


CEMSbuilding WEEKEND Right after the official Welcome Event, February 19-21, we got off from the city for a team building weekend in Šumava mountains. The main goal of this get-together was to get to know each other and strengthen the relationships within the group. We enjoyed amazing parties and lip sync contest which took us back into 80s&90s and also adventure hike in the mountains which due to unexpected weather change became unforgettable for many of us.


CEMS RUNNING DINNER All corporate wolves, foodies and joggers for sure were satisfied after the CEMS Running Dinner which took place on March 23. Eighteen CEMSies took this not only great opportunity to broaden their networking sites, show their mastery in cooking and enjoy delicious food but also to run a bit around beautiful Prague. Delicious homemade food prepared by CEMSies and amazing atmosphere of meetings at three different places during one evening is what the CEMS Running Dinner is all about.

Spring 2016





To keep the CEMS spirit up and running we organize regular CEMS Drinks. Once in two weeks, Thursday nights are spent within our lovely CEMS community. Every time we select different place - Prague has so much to offer! We are very glad that not only current CEMS students join this initiative, but also few alumni or other friends join the fun.

On April 8 the whole CEMS community gathered for the biggest event of the semester - CEMS Mystery Gala. The astonishing gala night covered in mystery took place in gorgeous historical venue, the New Town Hall. The event was inspired by venetian masquerade and we were very pleased by attendance of more than 200 guests. The Mystery Gala was not only about having a great time, but also supporting a good cause. During a raffle, which was sponsored by gifts from our corporate partners, we managed to collect 8 650 CZK for Armin Fridrich, who is 11-year-old boy from low income family from Rynoltice. He loves sport and has a big talent, but his mom can’t afford to buy him sport equipment. The collected money was used to buy him equipment for triathlon competitions. This donation was organized with big help of Tomáš Slavata, who regularly cooperates with CEMS on charity events.


CEMS Insider 6.

PRAGULIC - PRAGUE THROUGH THE EYES OF HOMELESS PEOPLE On April 13 we decided to explore Prague from different perspective - through the eyes of homeless person. In cooperation with social enterprise Pragulic we organized a tour in Prague city center with Karim, who lived on the street for many years and used to earn money by selling himself. Every coin has two sides and so does Prague, we believe that it is important to also get to know the darker one. Karim told us stories about the life in Prague’s streets and changed our perspective from which we look at Prague as a city.



CEMS ALUMNI DRINK April 14 hosted a special edition of our regular CEMS Drink, this time it was focused on Alumni. We organized a special get together with our Alumni in order to support the Global Alumni Week. The event took place in newly opened exclusive bar inspired by the novel Les Lisasons Dangereuses - Le Valmont Club & Lounge.



CEMS ROOKIE WEEKEND As every year, we welcomed the newly accepted CEMS students in the community on a weekend in the mountains which took place on April 2224. This time we went to the Giant Mountains and enjoyed lovely time in Orlík cottage in Pec pod Sněžkou. Like on every CEMS team building we pushed ourselves to the limits and after crazy party we hiked Sněžka - the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Despite not very ideal weather conditions, everybody survived and managed to stay up all night once again. Of course we also managed to do the lip sync contest which started to become a CEMS tradition.

ROTATION DINNER: MARKETING & SALES Rotation dinner is a CEMS tradition therefore we couldn’t omit this event during this semester. This time we met at Noodles Restaurant for delicious three-course dinner on April 28 and the main focus was on marketing and sales. Representants from three corporate partners - HILTI, P&G and Unibail-Rodamco, shared with us insights from their field of expertise, their corporate cultures and we also gathered some tips for the recruitment process.


CEMS CLOSING EVENT Right after the final business project presentations, on May 20, we enjoyed dinner & drinks at Olympos Tavern to celebrate the end of the semester. We had a nice opportunity to meet once again with the whole CEMS community - current CEMS students, international students that are finishing their exchange semester in Prague, corporate partners and also representatives from the CEMS academic office.

Spring 2016

CEMS Insider

CEMS Club Prague

Jana Sklenářová Marketing Head

Ahmad Miari CSR Head

Kamil Prouza Socializing Head

Daniela Dírerová Corporate Relations Head

Zuzana Sleziaková Alumni Relation Head

Kateřina Hlaváčková Treasurer

Malgorzata I. Jablonska Student Board Representative


Natalie Badie President


Olga Barańska Insider Editor-in-Chief

Silvia Neupauerová Digital Marketing Specialist

Jiří Heřman Marketing Specialist


Jiří Trumpeš Event Coordinator

Spring 2016

Tekla Hajdu Event Coordinator

Adnan Drnda Event Coordinator

Joao Alves Event Coordinator


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