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Greetings from the Editor Hi Guys! I am happy to meet you all again! The fact that You are reading these lines means two things to me. First of all You are interested in what is going on around CEMS and all the CEMSies in Budapest. Second, it indicates something that makes me very happy personally: It shows that You enjoyed our last edition and take the effort to have a look at this new one. I hope You will like reading this new issue as much as we enjoyed creating it for You. I would like to say thanks to all our authors for their valuable contribution and wish a wonderful New Year to each and every Student, Academic Stuff member, Corporate Partner, Coordinator & Alumni.

Bernadett Nรกdasy


Editor’s Greetings

18 Annual Events 2009 - Ceremony and parties in Cologne

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Working with Budapest Bank - Interview with András Keller


Bologna in Budapest - Interview with András Nemeslaki

CEMS Club News

21 Unforgettable Tata - Memories of a Blocked Seminar

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24 Kazakhstan - An authentic summer experience

29 Germany - Greeting from Cologne

12 Invest in Children 15 Children with Courage

32 The Netherlands - Fall in Rotterdam

WORKING WITH BUDAPEST BANK CBJ: Please tell us about yourself! How did you By Bernadett Nádasy

get in touch with CEMS?

Budapest Bank, as a member of GE Capital, the

András: I have always enjoyed exchange programs.

financial services unit of General Electric, offers not

I spent a semester in Germany and another in Vienna

only general experience in banking, but goes beyond

as part of Erasmus programs; it was there that I first



heard about CEMS. The opportunities it offered

businesses. Considering this, we found it very

seemed very appealing to me. Later I spent my

valuable to interview András Keller, CEMS Alumnus

internship in Germany at Daimler Chrysler, at that

about his job at Budapest Bank.

time I was most interested in the automotive industry.






CBJ: Budapest Bank is not directly connected to automotives… András: I graduated from Corvinus in 2001, majoring in finance, however never imagined working at such a boring place as a bank… but when it came to search for job, I got very interested in the executive trainee program that Budapest Bank offered. At that time very few companies offered such opportunities.

Throughout the four semesters of the program I got

the program is spent in the BB headquarters. By this

familiar with four different fields of the bank's

time, it is getting clear which areas are the most

operations. As I was still unsure which field I really

appealing for our trainees. They have the opportunity

want to work in, I grabbed this opportunity. Finally, it

to choose the last two fields they are most interested

turned out to be a very good idea as I have been

in. Alternatives include risk management, product

working at Budapest Bank in the e-business field

management, sales support, etc. Personally, I very

since then. So far, I have been the product manager

much liked the initiative that trainees could interview

of different bank services, managed strategic projects


as a project leader. I got new assignments every 1-2

development opportunities before choosing the next

years. At this moment I am the head of the e-channel

rotation. I found the job that suits me best and I also

development team.

realized that working for a bank is anything but boring







and is a great channel for creative ideas. CBJ: The bank’s executive trainee program you participated is still exists.

Another graduate program we offer is the Financial

AndrĂĄs: It does, but it's now called Bank Trainee

Management Program which concentrates on the

Program and focuses on developing future leaders in

Finance function but is broader in that the training

sales and marketing. In the first four months, trainees

and rotations give exposure to the whole diverse

work in retail banking at branches, which is followed

General Electric Company. In this program, trainees

by a rotation to corporate banking. The second half of

rotate four times in areas like financial planning,

pricing, controllership or tax with generally one six-

then we regularly participate in summer and winter

month rotation outside the business. The program

camps, Rotation Dinners, last spring we also had the

involves a lot of travel, with all FMPs worldwide

first Business Project for CEMS students.

participating in training and projects together. FMP graduates have huge prestige both in Hungary and

CBJ: How does the profile of an ideal BB

abroad. Knowing the interests of CEMS students, it

candidate look like?

could be a very good opportunity for them.

Andrรกs: Very good knowledge of languages is a must, besides that we require strong academic

CBJ: When you applied to BB, was it already a

achievement for our leadership programs. Firm

CEMS corporate partner?

knowledge in finance and good computer skills are

Andrรกs: BB has been a corporate partner for two

also needed. Besides that, the desire and ability to

years and I can be proud to have had an important

learn, excellent communication and influencing skills,

role in the accession. Each year when we announced

persistence and leadership abilities are needed. In

the Financial Management Program, we faced the

this aspect, candidates from CEMS usually perform



much better, as the program itself generates such

Knowing the abilities of a CEMS student and also

situations where these skills are developed. Not to


mention experience in a foreign working environment,





highly the

qualified corporate


opportunities, I drew the attention of our HR Leader to the program and so the partnership started. Since

which is also an asset.

Apart from all this, we always look for a characteristic

leader of. One is the installation of a new version of

or accomplishment that distinguishes the applicant,

our internet banking system. The project lasted for

should it be an achievement in sport or anything else

the whole of 2008 and we received the Netbank of

they are proud of, or enthusiastic about.

the Year award from Global Finance and still keep receiving prizes for it. The other project I am very

CBJ: What are you working on currently?

proud of was the rebranding of Budapest Bank. This

Andrรกs: Each day is different, which I really enjoy.

project was also a very exciting one as it had an

The role of my team is to look for solutions to new

impact on the entire operations of the bank and 120

emerging challenges, specifically in online banking. A

people were involved.

recent example would be the opportunities and challenges







CBJ: You seem to enjoy your job very much.

regulations. There is a great deal of freedom,

Andrรกs: I have considered changing work a few

everybody can express their ideas. In fruitful

times, but a new challenge always made me stay.

discussions we finalize the idea, formulate the


strategy, prepare the business case and the financial

interesting projects and the great atmosphere at

model. After the first round of approvals we lobby to

Budapest Bank keep me motivated.

make our idea a project. When it is achieved, we manage the project from beginning to end. I am especially proud of two projects I was the team






on his job as an Academic Board Member. It was


almost 8 years ago.

By Zsanett Czifrus

I think, that time was the CEMS MIM’ childhood here

We asked Professor Nemeslaki about the effects of current transitions process on CEMS Budapest and his opinion about underlying opportunities. CBJ:



When did you meet CEMS first and what was your first impression? Prof. Nemeslaki: I started to teach at Corvinus University in 2000 and in 2002 I became the vice-dean. That time Mr. Kerekes was the director of CEMS, he knew that I’m interested and I have the competencies therefore he suggested I took

in Hungary, I took an active part in the planning of the MIM program and I could get an insight, how it was working. The first internationalization wave just finished in Europe, and the universities started to feel the bright side of these changes. Since the top rated universities already worked out their strategies, it was a challenge to maintain this alliance attractive and beneficial to them. Meanwhile there was pressure on the smaller universities to improve their quality. There were two big issues that revolutionized the CEMS’ strategy: getting into the Financial Times ranking and expanding outside of Europe: becoming global. The presence of new members brought a fresh initiative to the whole organisation and even the existing universities could experience the positive benefits of it. Next year two more new countries are

going to join us, Canada and Turkey, so CEMS will

the international field and also focus on the financial

have 26 full members.

issues of the CEMS program. To illustrate the nature

Actually there was also a third element which

of change, I would like to point out that this is the first

contributed to the success: The peer review system

year when the number of the exchange students

in which universities have been evaluating each

exceed the Hungarians’.

other. It is a kind of quality management and it

I am convinced that the university should pay more

supports our all improvements.

attention to this program, because it’s one of the best way to become a stronger international player on the

CBJ: What kind of affect does it have for the

global map.

CEMS in Hungary? Prof. Nemeslaki: It means a challenge for us, but

CBJ: Let’s take a look at the current situation. As

there is no excuse any more, we are an EU member

we know there are some bureaucratic problems

for 5 years, moreover our students have very good

in the Hungarian system. Since there are some

reputation all over Europe, so we have to grow up to

overlaps in the curriculums, the Hungarian

this role. Of course there are some critical points that

students are overloaded. Do you have any

still need to be improved.

initiatives to make the Hungarian CEMS students’

As a consequence of the Bologna-process for

studies more transparent and solve the problem

instance, we have to redefine the model in Hungary,

that the multiplied courses cause?

Corvinus University should strengthen its presence in

Prof. Nemeslaki: The new Master system (i. e. in the

that matter the most are the language exam and the

Bologna system) runs with 120 ECTS credit, the

Bachelor degree.

CEMS program has 60 ECTS. It means that the 2-

I would like to emphasize that one of our main

year long Master would be one year longer, but it’s

strengths is the CEMS Student Club. They help us a

not a way to do it. If the university would accept at

lot to create a cohesive community and they support

least 30 ECTS credit, it could shorten the term to 2,5

us with professional programs as well. E. g.:

year. That seems to be a reasonable solution. Due to

organizing skill seminars.

the high autonomy of numerous programs, it is not

As a conclusion we should reinvent the product,

easy to find a satisfying agreement for the credit

promote it, and build a good marketing strategy

recognition because in some cases we are not able

around it. That’s our long-term homework now and

to find the course “equivalencies”.

we are on the way to do it. The “CEMS enlargement”





Regardless of



has just finished in Europe; we have a particular

management, the students and the CEMS MIM

position in South Eastern and Central Europe that

program management - should have a more open


approach and gain consensus somehow.

optimistically into the future and I trust in our

We introduced changes in the selection process, as

continued success with CEMS MIM.

well. The new bachelor generation just steps into the scene and we have made efforts to create a fair system for every applicant. The main requirements







then join the CEMS students for a round

By Zsigmond Fajth


UNICEF’s Chief of Economic Policy and Planning

aid, development and

talks with CEMS students about the challenges of


social development

started by painting out

discussion The



the big picture and the On a sunny Friday afternoon an unusual poster


adorned the entrance of auditorium I.: it publicized a

affecting humanity in

mini conference on aid, development and CSR - a

the near future, then

theme quite rare for our university. Despite the

went on to describe the

uncomfortable timetable, a brisk interest was in the

most urgent issues, to finish with UNICEF proposition

air as people from many diverse walks of the

on what is to be done.

university started filling the room.

So what are these long terms trends? The lecturer

Mr. Gaspar Fajth Chief of UNICEF’s Social Policy

started with the population growth: in 2050 there will

and Planning Unit in its New York headquarters took

be 9, 1 billion people living on our planet, compared

advantage of a European trip to stop at Corvinus,

to current 6, 4. Furthermore, all of this growth will

from where he graduated 30 years ago, to give a

come from developing countries, while the population

lecture on the challenges of human development and

of developed countries will stagnate at best. This of



course will put an even greater pressure on the

wealthiest 20% of countries. Something must be

world’s resources, such as energy, food and water,

done to smooth these tensions. But are the strategies

at the time when we need to say goodbye to ’dirty-

for development changing? We can see that there

fossil’ energy, which now constitutes the basis of the

has been much transformation from Reagan to

global economy. The increase in population is


already creating problems by increased food prices

Washington Consensus (stemming from the IMF, the

and greater threat of new pandemics emerging.

World Bank and the US treasury) we have come to

Malthus is gaining a new relevance. However, it is

the Millennium Development Goals, from G7 to G20

also important to note, that population growth will

and so on- we are seeing a multilateral world- but the

subside with the development of third world, as it

question still is: how will all this affect the bottom

happened in Europe a few decades ago.

billion (those living in extreme poverty)? What threats

Perhaps the greatest environmental threat, climate

are they facing now? To illustrate some of the

change, will also affect those living in the poorest

problem the lecturer took the example of Malawi. This

regions of the earth most strongly, said Mr. Fajth,

is a country where GNP per capita/year is 250 $ and

which might result in further migratory waves. This

12% of 15-49 years old have HIV or AIDS. Life

creates huge political pressure, which sums up to the

expectancy is 37 years and there are only 108 local

already existing strain created by the huge disparities

doctors for a population of 15 million. What happens

in access to income, energy, food, clean water.

to these people when maize prices rise? Two months

Currently 80% of the income belongs to the

after the prices go up people start flooding to the







UNICEF nutrition centers. These people needed


immediate help. UNICEF can work on prevention and

vitamins and minerals. With $60 million/year you

monitoring but it cannot leave these people to starve,

could have an annual return $1 billion, which

so a focus on the short term issues is just as

indicates a 1500% rate of

important as a focus on the long term strategies.

return! However, you can

UNICEF’s strategy of development is to invest in

only intervene in a short

children, explained Mr. Fajth. This unites long term

period of their life; there is a

and short term goals.

It has two main rationales.

window of opportunity in each

Firstly it is important from a human rights perspective:

child’s life that we are missing

the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states

again and again, each day.

that all children have the right to life, to family, to

To make aid for growth work,

education, to play and to equal opportunities. This

inclusive and participatory development is needed: it

convention was signed by all countries in the world

must involve the local community and possibly the

except two and it is thus legally and morally binding.

local authorities. However, in a globalized world, this

The second rationale is that the cost of this strategy

is not a far away issue, it must also involve us. A

is the smallest compared to its return. In the

small investment now can make a huge difference to


those receiving it, he concluded. This is everyone’s









economists were asked what is the investment with

business; we are talking about our common future.

the greatest return today in the world. The top three:

CHILDREN WITH COURAGE By Alex Horváth In January 2009, the that time CSR responsible of CEMS Club Budapest sent an email to the local CEMS







consequences for a CEMS alumnus. Having been working in strategy consulting for more than 3 years, this particular alumnus felt an ever growing need to give something back to society, something that has a

cross their perceived limits and overcome challenges

direct effect on the lives of people.

This feeling

that they would have never thought of before.” The

coincided with the opportunity that opened as the

CEMS alumnus, who happened to be me, did not

CEMS alumnus was reading the email: “Come and

hesitate for long. He applied to become a volunteer

apply for a volunteer position at Bátor Tábor (Camp

“buddy”, and the adventure started…

of Courage) – a summer camp for chronically ill

The camp is situated near a town 60 kilometers from

children. These kids spent a significant part of their

Budapest; it is complete with a forest, a lake for

lives in hospital or at home, due to their illness. In this

canoeing, a place for riding a horse, beautiful new

camp you can help them feel as normal kids, as they

cottages for children, and a large canteen where all camp dwellers have breakfast, lunch and dinner

together. In each of the 6 turns during the summer 70

buddy”, someone who stays with the same group of

children and the same number of volunteers spend a

children the whole week, every day from the time

week in the camp. A variety of programs are held for

they wake up in the morning, through all their

the kids, apart from the above mentioned canoeing

programs during

and till they go to sleep in the

and horse riding, they experience how fun music, theatre, the noises of the forest, archery or climbing on high ropes can be. The method used is called recreational therapy. It helps children build selfconfidence, much needed after a prolonged period of absence from society due to serious illness. All programs are organized by volunteers, and they are the ones who stay with the children in their cottages, smile and cry with them and help them in making the most out of the week they spend far from home. For someone like me, who never worked with children, does not have one and comes from a totally different field of activity, this whole idea might seem rather challenging. It is. But the time I spent in Bátor Tábor is something I will remember forever. I was a “cabin

evening. The cottage I was assigned to housed boys between the age of 9-11. In one sense they were as other boys of this age, fond of football, running around all the time, loud and sometimes very naughty. But they also showed signs of being grown

up ahead of time; they all had, at some point in their

have a lot of tension building up in you, as you try

life, suffered from some form of cancer. Maybe as a

never to lose any of the 10 kids from sight, or solve

result of their illness, maybe because of the way the

conflicts between them, or calm them down when

camp was organized, these kids showed unusually

they cry, because they miss their family. This tension

deep emotions, and you could see how grateful they

then bursts out when the last kid leaves the camp,

were for the unique experience they encountered. It

and you dance on the field in front of the canteen with

was breathtaking to watch how someone at the age

all other volunteers to the music that used to signal

of 9, struggled to climb up a 6 meter tall wooden pole

lunch or dinner, being sprinkled with water from a

and how happy he was when he reached the top. But

hose‌ Well, this is also something I will never forget.

he showed the most courage when he jumped into

As the days go by, these memories are still as clear

the abyss and hit the big red balloon, hung from a

as if all this happened just yesterday. And I am happy

rope near the pole. Everyone was cheering as the

to have taken part in something that really made a

boy was lowered on the safety rope and the smile on

difference. This is the kind of

his face was our real reward for the volunteer work

experience that gets you addicted. So I hope to

we were doing.

return next summer, when the camp will welcome again a band of children with courage.

Of course, working with children all day long is very tiring, and by the end of the week, volunteers were both mentally and physically exhausted. You also


least was a rather comforting fact. Secondly, I was lucky to be

By Zsombor Szirmai

ble to attend my own graduation

December 5th, 2009, about 10am: I woke up quite

as a few weeks prior I had

late on my last day as an active CEMS student,


hereafter I would officially be declared a CEMS

registering for the ceremony a bit after the last

graduate and alumnus.

minute. Since things all seemed to be on the right



track, I headed with all due confidence to have

winter-like, typical North-

breakfast. After overcoming some communication



hurdles with the otherwise kind waitress, I was finally

(i.e. clouded, windy and

served my Earl Grey tea, which I thought was a


simpler request than a mango-vanilla shake.










Cologne, I noted one or two


foremost, headache night’s


first had after



Around 11am: I have yet to mention that I was not


travelling alone to this long weekend trip to


Düsseldorf and Cologne (some of you can guess with


whom I was), making it incomparably more fun as if I

together (and several Kölsch beers), which to say the

had been by myself. Being all set for some sightseeing, we took on the city of the Dome, the

home of 4711. With the Christmas shopping frenzy

auditorium of the University’s main building was



noteworthy for several things: the deans and rectors’

crowded for what I would call a light stroll through

gowns, some of which strongly resembled Santa

some of the narrower passages of Cologne, but of

Claus; a jazzy performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to

course we could not elude our destiny and did some

Joy”, that contained the original piece in traces; a


very thoughtful and inspiring keynote speech by











Bratwurst and the Glühwein, but to admit the truth we




never really had “resist Bratwurst” on our list of to-




dos. On the contrary we just about managed to

Verheugen, in which we could find out that he, at

complete all stereotypical must-dos in Cologne,

some stage in his life attended the University of

before it was time to leave winter wonderland

Cologne; lastly a self-declared lead singer for

Cologne (except for the missing snow) behind for the

Gaudeamus Igitur, which could have been performed


with slightly more decorum.

Around 2pm: I finally found the Corvinus University

Around 6pm: Here we stand, official graduates of

table and many long not seen friends at the

CEMS, with a glass of champagne in our hands to

University Main Building, after doing a little 5-minute

celebrate the 4-5 years of being CEMSies!

jog through what seemed to be a serious contender

Around 3am, next day: we’ve had a great dinner at

for the dubious title of “longest university corridor of

the city’s most historic and oldest assembly hall, the

the world”. The graduation, held in the enormous

Gürzenich (the taxi driver did

Verheugen; of



not know the place on the way here), and partied all right. Shortly before falling asleep it struck my mind again that CEMS is one of the best things that happened to me during my time at university, and could not guess how many friends I made through CEMS. A smile came to my face when some moments of this CEMSy weekend flashed in my mind and I was sleeping like a rock.

That was CEMS Annual Events 2009, see you next year in Rotterdam!

UNFORGETTABLE TATA by András Viszkievicz

start and thanks to Prof. Kerekes, this aim was perfectly met.

I arrived in Tata following a long and eventful Saturday night spent at one of the famous clubs of Budapest. I believed that we will have some rest during the almost one week in the town of Tata, enjoying the beautiful environment of the Hungarian Olympic training center. But this vision turned out to be false. In fact, the last time when I had comparably little sleep was the first year’s freshman camp. Although during the introduction everybody was a bit stressed and we discussed that everybody has

After having some inspiring lectures on CSR and

brought a suit for the presentations. Later we had no

environmental topics until the early afternoon, the

use of these suits, but I suppose nobody complained

afternoons and evenings were really joyful. After a

about it… I guess, the main goal of this block seminar

company visit at Güntner Tata, the Szöllősi vinery

was to create the team spirit before the semester

hosted us for a memorable wine tasting. By the way, this vinery was awarded with the Vinery of the Year

prize in 2009, and they proved to be great hosts, so

under the trees with Prof. Tyteca, the critical remarks

we left in very good mood. But the night was still very

of Prof. Martinuzzi, wine tasting-wine tasting-wine tasting again and again, preparing for presentations, relaxing in the sauna after 4 hours of sleep, the all you can eat meals in the canteen, making contacts with the local policeman, coffee break in the bar, and so on. I hope thes 6 days spent together established the famous „CEMS spirit” (praised so much by Prof. Delfmann) in our small community. Guys, be sure that I could not imagine a better start of my CEMS year, and I really hope that most of you shares this

young and maybe some can still remember the fabulous pyjama party that followed… Just some memorable moments of the six days without respect to the timeline: different concepts of goulash, sitting


Messages from far‌

Well, after opening the guide book and reading this on the first page when I was already located in Almaty (the city of apples) and felt extremely disappointed about the guide books professionalism despite of their very well established reputation.

AURHENTIC SUMMER EXPERIENCE IN KAZAKHSTAN By Krisztina Podonyi „Fast Facts about Kazakhstan: The 9th largest country of the world. Area 2.7 million sq km Population 15 million Capital Astana Famous For: Oil, Borat Sagdiyev� /Lonely Planet: Central Asia/

Then I thought it over and realised that actually I came here with the same bare knowledge that Kazakhstan is famous for its oil fields and Borat. The only extra I was aware of is Baykonur, the world known space station, and that Lance Armstrong was cycling in the Astana team this summer. Not too much to be proud of, right? So I started to explore as much of this country and its culture as possible, since choosing this summer university instead of another one was because of my lack of knowledge about Central Asia.

A Kazakh businessman phrased it to me perfectly

Although I am all in all extremely happy that I tried my

when we had dinner together: people from the West

luck once and last in life, since I have seen such



places and culture of the world that I will keep forever

Kazakhstan is the most developed among all, thanks

and will tell my grand and grand-grand kids in

to its oil and technology developments.

another quarter or half a century â˜ş






-Stan countries? Well, never go on your own anywhere unless you are a man, speak perfect Russian and look either Rusky or Asian (maybe Arab). I got in very tough and dangerous situations when I was travelling on my own... Luckily I always survived without being robbed or lost or worse... Though anything could have happened, since I was followed several times by robbers, satyrs and once locked in a train cabin during night when all the passengers were sleeping. See how lucky I was that nothing bad happened to me? Lessons to take away: always have a travel mate or more, and participate in guided tours only!!!!







international products, wear Benetton, DG and Louis


Vuitton, drive Lexus, Ferrari and Maserati, and enjoy

Prime Minister Nazerbayev replaced the capital from

the city by night view from their luxury hilltop

Almaty to Astana, to create further geographical




neighbouring districts wear second hand, buy food on

governmental center (since the fear of Chinese

the market, which is rotting in the 40 Celsius during

invasion is huge) and to strengthen the Russian-

the day (that is why I never bought fish and fresh

Kazakh relation via locating closer to Moscow. Well,

meat from the stands), travel on the crowded public

Nazerbayev also aims to change the whole country’s

transport for 37 HUF per drive, and works on the

economy by 2032 by replacing the Cyrillic alphabet to

street selling newspapers or ice cream. And this is

Latin, making the population speak English all over

not the end yet, because the men of the desert, the

the territory and aiming towards Europe and the

steppe and the mountains have not been mentioned

World in general by joining the World Trade

yet. They either have a camel, a horse or walk the

Organisation and reducing import taxes from 40% to

dozens of kilometers to get from one village to the

make international brands available for the public.












And here comes the question, what does public mean? Because this huge country has so great gaps

Well, I experienced all of these. Lived in the KIMEP

in its population that it’s hardly possible to explain.

dormitory (which was quite poor, but the best

While the city center’s inhabitants in Almaty purchase

community experience I have ever had during my

university studies), gained some rich friends from

Hungarian labels and description under the pictures-

classes who drove me home (and then I could see

unbelievable it was!!!). A scientific research has also

how rich people in Kazakhstan cook from premium

been conducted: A. Z. Bíró, A. Zalán, A. Völgyi and

ingredients), and traveled to the countryside several

H. Pamjav: A chromosomal comparison of the

times for hiking around the mountain lakes, where I

Madjars (Kazakhstan) and the Magyars (Hungary).

have spent one night at local people’s home (who live

American Journal of Physical Anthropology, (2009).

in yurts, don’t have running water, so I had my

By the way Kazakhs used the same burying way as

extremely quick shower-bath in the 7 Celsius cold

ancient Hungarians did, and the Golden Rein Deer

mountain stream water with some sheep, cows and horses accompanying me ☺). These were truly the best times of my international trips, though I have already been to several interesting and culturally exciting countries, like South Korea or Gambia. One more thing all of you must know is the Hungarian-Kazakh relation, about which I have seen a whole floor of exhibition in the National State Museum of Kazakhstan in Almaty (imagine, the whole museum is a 3 storey building, and one floor is dedicated to the Hungarian relations with loads of

was also the symbol of this steppe nation! Not have

special, and said to be very helpful and beneficial for

mentioned the Kymis yet, which is the traditional

your immune system. That’s the reason I drank at

drink of the Kazakhs, and used to be the drink of the

least 2 liters of it after having been recovering from

old Hungarians as well. Kymis is the milk of the

the H1N1 I suffered from in the KIMEP dormitory.

horse, which is quite sour, has a definite strong smell

Yes, the H1N1 was there already this summer, and

and some percentage of alcohol, so it is not

many beautiful cities were under blockade to prevent

recommended to drink for breakfast. The Shuba is

further infections. That’s why I could not visit for

similar, a little softer, less sour, rather sweetish, and

example Turkistan, one of the most beautiful cities of

this comes from the camel, so it’s camel milk - very

the Silk Road. Altogether I can only say that in case you have some friends to accompany you and at least one of you speak Russian or Kazakh, and you are not only females, no worries, just go and visit this amazing country, especially Almaty, where during the week you can see at least 40 wedding ceremonies in the Panphilov Park from Monday till Sunday!


aspect since I love travelling. Language was a crucial

By Bence Barta

criterion for me as well: studying in both English and German seemed to be an attractive challenge. As I can imagine myself working in Germany, it was the best decision I could have made considering networking and language reasons. To study at the meeting point of European crossroads also provided the chance to get acquainted, spend leisure time and party with CEMSies from very different cultures. After








contentedly conclude, that all my experiences met my expectations: Cologne is not just well situated, but As the whole Hungarian CEMS class for the first time

uses its unique location to generate various tangible

ever, I have started the CEMS program as a fifth year

advantages for the residents: Cologne - Bonn Airport

student. Universitaet zu Kรถln has been the school I

is one of the largest hubs, besides that other 5 (!)

have chosen, as it is situated in the heart of Western

airports serving the needs of the approximately 23

Europe, with a direct connection and exceptionable

million people living in the south part of North-Rhine

proximity to almost all western states- important

Westphalia, building a huge interconnected city-

network of Bonn, Cologne, D端sseldorf, Dortmund,

trips to Edinburgh and Mailand, making weekday-life

Aachen and Gelsenkirchen, linked closely to each

a bit busy but providing life long experience.

other. Considering my language expectations the

Moreover, the University fits my expectations also:

time spent in Cologne was quite useful- I passed the

almost every class provides the possibility to examine

DSH exam, it means I am allowed to apply for a

practical implications of the theories, and to attend

German university place as well (which is not realistic

lectures held by companies.

of course). The University has cca. 10 000 exchange

The CEMS community in Cologne is not that strong,

students each semester, thus Cologne is famous for

but we know each other well since almost everybody

its party and night life as well. Almost everybody

participated at the Block Seminar in Oberwesel. The

takes the bike as a mean of transport; I have one as

CEMS Club Cologne is an open Club, but the

well which makes my life a lot easier. Students are

treatment of CEMSies - as well as the main social

open-minded, local people likewise. Despite the fact

events - are organized by the central International

that the only beauty spot in Cologne is the Cathedral,

Relations office. The Hungarian club can be quite

it is easy to find cities nearby worthwhile to visit:

content considering corporate relations: having long

M端nster, Aachen, Maastricht are my favourite ones.

term sponsorship contracts are important advantages

Due to the numerous airports and airlines, I visited

of our operations.

Portugal and Poland as well, we roamed the surroundings of Cologne- Brussels and Luxembourg,

However I had precious time in the previous months

for instance by a rented car. I still have plans about

which widened my horizon a lot, I still can not







Hungarian exams I will return for some remaining lectures and exams, and of course for the well-known Carneval. Cologne welcomes everybody who would like to participate at this unique event!

nézzük is mi történt velem az elmúlt szűk 4



By Gábor Briber

Amikor az RSM (Rotterdam School of Management) mellett döntöttem, több érv is mellette szólt. Az egyetem rendkívüli népszerűsége illetve igen magas oktatási színvonala vonzott, ami rögtön az első helyre repítette




a a





pontosan egy héttel, bátran állíthatom, hogy az egyetem méltán tartja eszméletlen népszerűségét. Egy új országot, egy új várost megismerni mindig A





Rotterdamban, a Vizek városában töltöttem. Pont a mai napon írtam meg utolsó vizsgámat pénzügyből és még van egy hetem hátra itt, amit egy „exchange semester” - en részt vevő diákhoz méltón szeretnék eltölteni...No de nem szaporítom tovább a szót,

nagy élményt jelent. Nagyon érdekesnek találtam a rotterdami








mentalitását. az


barátságosak. Mielőtt még nyakamba vettem volna Hollandiát, otthon ezt tanácsolták nekem: “Gabesz, Hollandiában akárhova is mész kerékpárra lesz szükséged”…Nos, hát ezzel az útravalóval érkeztem meg Rotterdamba, és mit ne mondjak, az első, amin

történetesen először meglepődtem az a hihetetlen mennyiségű bicikli ,ami a vasútállomás mellett sorakozott egymás hegyén-hátán. Rotterdam igazi mintaképe a globalizációnak, hiszen nemzetek sokasága zsúfolódik össze ebben a városban. Én például egy tipikus török – marokkói arab negyedben laktam. Bár ez talán elsőre nem hangzik túl jól, az itt töltött idő alatt nagyon összebarátkoztam néhány helyi lakossal, rendkívül kedvesek és segítőkészek voltak. Igaz, ebből a soknemzetűségből




Nem is beszélve a város egyik jelképéről, az

hogy bizonyos helyekre ne menjünk, mert ott egy


csöppet megbicsaklik a közbiztonság ereje.

A holland gasztronómia a sajtnál kezdődik és ott is

Ha Rotterdamban jársz, mindenképpen látogass el a

fejeződik be, ami persze nem probléma, csak

Kikötőbe, ami a világon az egyik legnagyobb ☺.

meglepő volt - legalább is számomra - amikor ebédre



szendvicseket szolgáltak fel. Persze könnyen hozzá

Paalwoningen-eket, amelyek kocka alakú lakások és

lehetett szokni a tenger gyümölcseivel teletömött

helyi nevezetességek közé sorolandók.




☺ Fantasztikus élményként ért,

amikor a városban járkáltam és el akartam jutni egyik

helyről a másikba, megérdeklődtem egy átlagos

A CEMS-ről meg azt hiszem, nem kell feleslegesen

holland nénikétől angolul, hogy mégis merre menjek,

ódákat zengenem, mert mindenki ismeri, tudja, aki

mire ő gördülékeny angolsággal magyarázta el

meg nem az próbálja meg, felvételizzen, mert nagyon

nekem, hatalmas mosollyal az arcán☺

megéri! Ezek az egyetemek, amelyek képviselik

Az egyetem hihetetlenül modern és rendkívül jól

magukat a CEMS programban egytől egyig rendkívüli

felszerelt. Az osztálytermek direkt kis csoportos

színvonalúak. Őszintén, bennem megfogalmazódott

foglalkozásokra, ha úgy tetszik szemináriumokra

egy bizonyos szintű elvárás a RSM-tel kapcsolatban

lettek kialakítva. Az optimális oktatáshoz minden

mielőtt kijöttem volna, és bátran állíthatom, hogy még



túl is szárnyalta az elképzeléseimet. Persze, azért

képzések szinte egytől egyig angolul folynak, ami

még 2 vizsgám eredményét várom, remélem nem fog

nagyban megemeli az iskola renoméját.

változni a véleményem…☺





Ellenben negatívumként éltem meg, hogy a tanárok keze nagyon megvan kötve, hiszen ha tegyük fel valami problémám adódna a vizsga időpontjával kapcsolatban,





fordulnom, hogy engedjék meg a professzoroknak, hogy írathasson egy új vizsgát egy másik, általuk megadott időpontban… Meglepő volt, de semmiképp sem mulatságos!

CEMS Club Budapest Journal / 2009 Winter  
CEMS Club Budapest Journal / 2009 Winter  

The fact that You are reading these lines means two things to me. First of all You are interested in what is going on around CEMS and all th...