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Prinzessinnen Gärten ●

Berlin district: Kreuzberg

mobile garden at Moritzplatz

former wasteland between Prinzenstrasse and Oranienstrasse founded in 2009 by committed residents 6.000 sqm

Prinzessinnen Gärten District

high population density

high building density

little green area

many social problems

- unemployment - poverty ●

many migrants

Prinzessinnen Gärten Mobile garden Why? ●

The plot is object of speculation.

The plot is leased annually.


The plants are growing in: ●

recycled bakery boxes

rice sacks


Prinzessinnen Gärten Organic farming

no chemical fertilizers

no pesticides

Bee colonies makes an important contribution to the local ecosystem. They strive to preserve the diversity of crops. They care for old and rare varieties.

Prinzessinnen Gärten A place for all ●

No one has his own garden bed.

Everyone can participate and help.

Garden cafe and garden restaurant ●

They process vegetables and herbs straight from the garden. The revenues help to maintain the garden.

Prinzessinnen G채rten

Tempelhofer Feld ●

former airport of Berlin West, use for the Berlin Airlift End of 2008 the airport was closed. Since 2010 it is used as a park. Since 2011 several initatives were founded to fight for a green Tempelhofer Feld Today it is in temporary use of different organisations.

Tempelhofer Feld 3 „Pioneer fields“ ●


(2010-2016) / East „Neuköllner Neighbourhoods“ ●


(2010-2014) / North „Combined sports and cultural uses“ ●

Tempelhofer Damm

(2010-2014) / West „Knowledge creates culture“

Tempelhofer Feld Different organisations are located here Allmende-Kontor: ●

Garden initiatives will advise on all aspects of urban agriculture and community gardening. Pioneer field Oderstrasse

stadtacker/stattacker: ●

realized a non-profit exhibition project and makes the connection between city and nature. Pioneer field Columbiadamm

Rübezahlgarten: ●

The community garden is green classroom, fruit and vegetable garden, a meeting place for neighbours and playground Pioneer field Oderstrasse

Stadtteilgarten/Schillerkiez: ●

The neighbourhood project is looking for a critical and constructive dialogue with the Tempelhof freedom Pioneer field Oderstrasse

Allmende Kontor Origin and backround of the project ●

Substainability criteria

Knowledge and Learning

Clean technologies of the future

Sports, Health and Wellness

Integration of neighborhoods

Inter-religious Dialogue

Platform of the New

Allmende Kontor ●

founded 2011

5.000 sqm

300 beds

700 gardens

Allmende Kontor Mobile garden Why? â—?


The contract will end in 2016. The area will be used for a new settlement (flats, ...).


The plants are growing in raised beds on EUR-pallets.

Allmende Kontor

Ton Steine Gärten ●

Berlin district: Kreuzberg


near the Georg-von-Rauch-House (very famous squattered house) and the Mariannenplatz

Situated in an area which is famous for the yearly May-Dayriots.

Ton Steine Gärten ●

Founded 2009 after an occupation of the plot.

1.000 sqm

30 beds

40 gardeners (most with a german origin)

Ton Steine Gärten ●


long-term agreement with the owner (borough council) NO mobile gardening All gardeners have their own bed.

Ton Steine G채rten

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Berlin Visited Gardens  

Berlin Visited Gardens, Study Visit 1, Germany

Berlin Visited Gardens  

Berlin Visited Gardens, Study Visit 1, Germany