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How to learn a CeMAP course in UK Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP) is the basic pre-requisite qualification you need to possess if you aspire to become a mortgage adviser - whether as a practitioner or as an employee. There are intensive CeMAP training courses for those in a hurry to achieve success in CeMAP exams. However, there are different CeMAP training courses including home study courses in UK to cater to everyone's budget and personal circumstances.

To appear for CeMAP exams, there are no prescribed minimum academic qualifications nor do you need any industry experience. Therefore most CeMAP training courses are specifically tailored for individuals who are completely new to the mortgage industry. There are other types of training courses for people currently working in banking sector or mortgage industry. It is natural that more and more people want to acquire the CeMAP qualification as there is a dearth for qualified mortgage advisers. To achieve an overall pass with this CeMAP qualification, a candidate has to individually pass each of the following 3 CeMAP modules: CeMAP 1 - UK Financial Regulation CeMAP 2 - Mortgages CeMAP 3 - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge Attending a CeMAP training course is certainly beneficial for passing the exams at the first instance – provided you choose a reputed and reliable training course in UK. The advantages of attending a training course are: Much easier than doing self-study with the IFS manuals without any guidance You can grasp the CeMAP course content quickly without getting confused The course content is presented by many trainers in fragmented study blocks for easy comprehension Constant support available from highly efficient CeMAP trainers

Some of the best training programs for CeMAP in UK are of five days duration and generally include workshop seminar and group study. You can also register online on the web sites of CeMAP training courses and choose from 3 study options: full time, part time and home study. Most training programs provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding of the UK financial service industry and the environment in which it operates. CeMAP 1 is regarded as the toughest of all three modules and most training courses pay special attention to it. CeMAP 1 exam is of two-hour duration and has 100 questions and it is a multiple choice examination. CeMAP 2 is the Mortgages module, and is split into four units and focuses on law, practice policy and markets, application, payments methods and products and post completion issues. You need to learn the exact knowledge and understanding of all the key critical areas of CeMAP 2. The examination is computer based and consists of 25 multiple choice questions on each unit (100 in total). The final knowledge assessment module, CeMAP 3, requires you to apply the knowledge and understanding of modules one and two, by using suitable mortgage solutions within the regulatory and ethical framework. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% in each unit of the 3 modules. If students fail to gain 70% in any unit/s within a module they will have to re-appear for the exams. The grades are: Pass 70%, Merit 80% and Distinction 90%. There are CeMAP training courses that stay with you till you acquire the qualification with no extra or hidden costs. You will have to necessarily spend time to analyses the plethora of CeMAP training courses available in UK and select the one that ideally meets your requirements.

How to learn a CeMAP course in UK  

Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP) is the basic pre-requisite qualification you need to possess if you aspire to become a mor...

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