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All about the Different Modules of CeMAP CeMAP training courses are one of the most challenging courses, they are meant for people, who are forward looking and really hard working. It is a course offered in the segment of mortgage, the people taking up this course intend to become mortgage advisor. The financial professionals are aware of the fact that this is the certificate course offered by the Institute of financial service. CeMAP stands for Certificate in the mortgage advice and practice, this course also caters to the requirements which are jotted down by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC). The course has been accredited by thae Qualifications



Authority (QCA); it has been incorporated Qualifications






three levels. Above all the CeMAP course has been recognized as one of the most appropriate qualifications in the field of mortgage advisor by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This is one of the most preferred mortgage advisor degrees as most of the mortgage advisors are among the upper middle class. In case you are intending to do the CeMAP course and intending to become a well paid professional then you have three options to do the CeMAP qualification on the basis of full time or part time or even home study.

It is essential to understand the module of CeMAP; the first module has been divided into two units. It is important that you take up the courses that offer you an exhaustive training spread out on the entire syllabus; they focus on the fact that you can comfortably face the examination without any problems that can act as a barrier to move ahead in life. It is also essential that CeMAP training is incorporated on the basis of the present industrial environment. This sink with the industrial environment is very much essential as this is what which is required for the success in the examination. The first level that is CeMAP 1 is regarded as one of the toughest levels in the entire three levels; hence more amounts of concentration and hard work is expected in this level. This level is a two-hour duration examination consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. As far as the CeMAP 2 course is concerned it is completely based on mortgage and it has been divided into four units which concentrate on law, the practice policies followed in the market, application and the payment methods adopted for the different products. This level it is essential that you be very much thorough with the concepts so that you can answer the case studies present in the CeMAP 3 which are based on the CeMAP training syllabus of CeMAP 2. The CeMAP 2 consists of 25 multiple choice questions from each unit, in short 100 multiple choice questions. The last and the final assessment module of CeMAP 3 require a complete understanding of the first two modules and the application of the ethical framework.

All about the Different Modules of CeMAP