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(end of) BOOTERSTOWN PK BLACKROCK, CO. DUBLIN Tel 01 283 5135 or 087 289 5525

You are Invited to a Gathering on Sat 27th November from 11am to 6pm

MEET: Holistic Practitioners (gentle ½ hour healing sessions available all day – Donation Basis – Qualified Healers with NFSH, the Healing Trust

JOIN IN: Holistic Story Telling • EXPERIENCE: Creative Inspiration ENJOY: Music and Fun • ATTEND: Talks & Short Workshops

THERAPISTS, HEALERS, SPEAKERS & EXPERTS AVAILABLE ON THE DAY: Yvonne Fitzgerald, Editor Natural Connections, FREE Holistic Magazine –, & Spiritual Healer with NFSH, the Healing Trust John Willmott, Celtic Ways Labyrinth Journeys - Madeleine Doherty, Harps For Healing – Lainey Ennis, Soul Journeys to Spain / Yoga – Sarah Bird, Mentoring for Life Skills Ann Maria Dunne, 'Mindfulness' –, and presentation of John of God, The Miracle Man of Brazil Heather Wolfe, Sound Healing – Cathleen Morley, Aura Soma - Lyn Furlong, Animal Communication – Anne Byrne, The Gables Psychotherapy Practice, Shankill – Natural Living Foods available on the day SUGGESTED DONATIONS ARE FOR ONGOING RESTORATION OF WOODFORD I.E A NEW WATER PIPE FROM THE ROAD! FIND US ONLINE AT:

Holistic Day, Woodford House  

An Open Day at Woodford House on November 27th featuring 14 of the holistic practitioners who operate within the house

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