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By Hugh McGuire

The Porch Lockout

Me and my brothers, Kai, Ian and Lee always love to mess around on the weekends. We wrestle underwater, push each other down high diving blocks, mix weird things into our food and drinks, and pull funny pranks. The list is endless. But this story is about a particular prank. I put fake poop on the carpet and wet the carpet with water. So now it looked like my dog came in and had pooped and peed in his room. I laughed. He got mad and I knew he would do something back. About 2 weeks later Ian ganged up with the rest of my brothers and pulled a prank that would top them all. I was eating my sandwich. Kai, Ian and Lee were all staring at me. I looked at them with suspicion; I finished and slowly walked away. I was about to put my foot on the first stair when Lee took me by my neck, Ian took me from the feet, then with all his might, Kai lifted my body up. Soon all my brothers were carrying me. “Stop! Let me go! What are you even doing!?!?” I yelled. I was squiggling like a worm. I called for my mom. “She’s coaching swimming,” Ian said with an evil smirk. I didn’t bother to call for my dad because I knew he was at work. Then Kai, the leader of the operation, had a slow countdown. “3…2…” I closed my eyes. “1!” They threw me down onto the couch. Ian held my legs down and Lee took my arms. While my eyes were closed, Kai heaved my jeans off. I know where this is going, I thought. He ripped my shirt off. Lee took my boxers off. They threw me outside and firmly locked the porch door. ”Uh oh,” I said with worry. ` Everyone laughed at me from inside. “Ha-ha very funny” I sarcastically laughed then suddenly ran to the other window and tried to climb in. It was locked. “Every door and window is locked, except for the front door!” Kai said, laughing evilly. The front door is on the other side of where I was. So that would mean I had to run naked in public. “C’mon guys, let me in,” I said calmly. They ignored me. “Seriously guys.” They still ignored. While I was begging I heard the sound of high heels tapping the gravel. I hid under a table like it was an earthquake. But this was the first obstacle I would have to face. Soon a whole group of businessmen would pass by. I hid again. I turned my head. All my brothers were playing my favorite videogame. Without me. Now they were teasing

me. Mocking me. Punishing me. That was what it was all about. They were punishing me for the dog prank. I was going insane. I was thirsty, bored, and getting cold. I was ripping my hair out. “Fine!” I shouted. “You win! Just let me in!!” Kai pointed to the front door. “Never!” I shouted. At the time I was too paranoid to think so I thought I should barricade in. I wore a bucket on my head, I held a window wiper and I was riding a broom. “Charge!!” I shouted like a maniac. I ran straight into the glass. My face pressed against the cold window and I fell down. I lay down with my eyes closed. I was depressed. But not for long. An Idea sparked in my head. I looked at the clock. It was 1:00. That's when my helper comes. I heard the door slowly open. Everyone hid, not wanting to get in trouble. She looked at me with confusion. It was too awkward to bear. She opened the door and I explained what happened. She laughed. After my parents came home I told on them. All my brothers looked at me with angry eyes. “Tattle tale” I thought I heard Lee whisper. From that day forward, I learned that if you pull a prank on a sibling, always be cautious because they might take revenge.              

The Porch Lockout  

I get locked out of my house, naked.