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Celtic Salt It's A Natural Trace Mineral Supplement From The Ocean Here's Why To Choose It- Celtic Salt _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Nelon David - Trace minerals are vital for the health of the cells in your body. You could take the minerals as a supplement, but there is an easier way to include them in your diet every day, and you will not have to convince the kids that it is good for them! All you have to do is use a different kind of salt. White salt that flows easily out of the shaker has been refined in its journey from the sea to your table. Iodine is sometimes added too, as iodine deficiency is common. The end product that you shake onto your food is almost exclusively sodium and chloride.Unrefined natural sea salt (also known as Celtic, grey or macrobiotic salt), on the other hand, is pure evaporated sea water. All the trace minerals available in the ocean remain in the salt, like calcium, magnesium, iodine and iron, and lots more. Sea water is collected and evaporated in large ponds.

What Is Celtic Salt

You can buy crystals coarsely ground (good for cooking) or finely ground, ready for use on the table. Because natural salt has a coarser texture than white salt, the easiest way to use it is to present it in a small tub with a wooden or bamboo spoon to transfer to your plate or fingers. It even tastes better than

processed salt!Naturally evaporated sea salt appears grey because it has not been processed. Its important, though, to check that the salt has been assessed for the presence of pollutants. If the salt is certified organic, it has been collected in clean waters, and checked to ensure no pollutants are present. Minerals in sea water are dissolved, in ionic form, which means that the molecules are arranged to be more easily absorbed by the cells of your body. This is the best possible way for your body to utilise whatever minerals are present in the food you eat. Unrefined sea salt from different parts of the world will have slightly different colours, and slightly different tastes. If the idea of using grey salt does not appeal to you, try including some kelp in your diet, wrapped around sushi or added to a seafood stew, as a way to obtain extra minerals from the sea. Next time you are buying salt, why not buy the unrefined variety instead, and give your body an extra dose of trace minerals.

You can easily find it in the health food store, or in the organic / health foods section of the supermarket.Olwen Anderson is an accredited naturopath based on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Visit her web site for free health information, subscribe to her monthly Health e-News for up to date natural health information; and read more articles that can help you take control of your health.

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Celtic salt  
Celtic salt  

Trace minerals are vital for the health of the cells in your body. You could take the minerals as a supplement, but there is an easier way t...