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all for just one gold coin

Iron Age

Call to Arms August - September

Warrior Queen on the Warpath!

Edrinios: ‘Decision time’!

What shall we do about the Romans? Inside:

How not to get lost in the Iron Age

Royal, Visit!

Lavina s watercress soup Test your knowledge of the Celts

Royal visit exclusive! Two young members of the tribe out gathering watercress were the first to spot the VIP who visited us last week! ‘We saw a cloud of dust in the distance’, said Lucia, ‘so we hid behind a tree and watched’. ‘She came by in her chariot at the head of a band of warriors. Her hair was f lying out behind her – it was amazing’, said Kiara. They took a short cut through the woods to tell our chieftain and the elders so the tribe was ready to greet their visitors.

See who visited and why she came on pages 4&5! Manachar (Luca) and Arian (Clare) & the clan...


(pronounced sah-win or sow-in)

Celebrated nowadays as Halloween, Samhain is the most important festival of the Celtic Calendar. This year we have six whole days of celebration at Celtic Harmony Camp culminating in the Samhain Winter Festival on October 31st. You can find out more about Samhain in the next issue of the Celt. In the meantime, book your ticket for the Samhain celebrations! (there will be no entry on the day without a ticket...) Details are on the back page. Pre-bookings Only!

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What to do if you get lost in the Iron Age Imagine getting lost in another century! How would you cope? Faelon the hunter often goes off for days on end hunting for food to feed the tribe. Here are his tips for f inding your way home again:

1. Climb a hill and take a good look around you for signs of habitation. (This only , works if you re not in the middle of a forest. There are a lot of forests in the Iron Age...)

2. Look at trees.

Moss likes the damp and shade and tends to grow on the north side of tree trunks, away from the sun. Often there are fewer branches on the north side, too. Ants like warmth: , they re more likely to build their nests at the foot of a tree facing south, so be careful where you sit!

3. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

At its highest point, at mid-day, it is in the south. If you stick a stick in the ground its shadow will be shortest at mid-day and will point north. (This is easier in the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky and shadows are longer.)

4. The North (or, Pole) Star.

This is really useful if you re out on the sea, on a trading ship sailing to Gaul perhaps, in which case you want the North Star to be on your shield arm side (left). On a clear night you can see the constellations known as the plough, shaped like the one we use in the f ields, and Cassiopeia, shaped like your letter W. Find the handle of the plough and measure about f ive lengths of the handle towards Cassiopeia to f ind the North Star. Note: this should all work in your time too, even in towns: parks are best. You can f ind moss growing on the north side of buildings sometimes. You might f ind it diff icult to see the stars, though, because of ‘light pollution’from street lights. or call 01438 718543

Warrior Queen A very important visitor ...Boudicca... came to Celtic Harmony Camp last week... Queen of the neighbouring Iceni tribe. She was calling for members of our tribe to join her army and attack the nearby Roman town of Verulamium.There were very different ideas about what we should do!

What do YOU think? Why not have a CLASS DEBATE to decide what you would do if you were us. Choose two people to be the main speakers. One speaks FOR the, motion- for instance: We should join Boudicca s rebellion’. You can use all the ideas Lavina mentions on the next page and add some of your own. The next speaker speaks AGAINST the motion, , using Faelon s ideas. Other people can then add their own ideas if they are different from what has already been said. When everyone has f inished, have a VOTE to decide what to do- and let us know your results! It might help us to decide what the tribe should do... ( Remember, we don’t know what the outcome of the battle will be)


has promised to visit our tribe at Samhain to f ind out if we will join her rebellion against Roman Verulamium. She will be there to train up young warriors and to tell us her side of the story...

Come and meet Boudicca at our Samhain

on the Warpath

...our Faelon says... ...and Lavina says...

Photocopy the characters onto (or stick them to) some board, cut out around them, fold the tab back so they stand up and use them to show which side you take in the debate...


Pre-bookings only

Now you can all enjoy my watercress soup!


like awithCelt Lavina

Watercress Soup

Make this recipe with the last watercress of the season. We pick this all summer long from rivers and streams, but you should buy it from a shop or farm, as in your time it can cause illness if it is not cleaned thoroughly.

You will need: 2 Bunches of Watercress, Half an onion 25g of butter, 25g of flour, 600ml chicken or vegetable stock and a pinch of salt ( Make the stock by using the water left over from cooking chicken bones or vegetables, or you could cheat by using a stock cube.)

1. Wash the watercress thoroughly, cut it up very small and throw away the toughest stalks. 2. Melt the butter in a pan, and gently fry the onion until soft. 3. Add the watercress, and cook with the lid on for 5 mins. 4. Add the flour, and cook for a further 3 mins, shaking the pan from time to time. 5. Add the stock gradually, stirring all the time. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins.Taste and add salt if needed 6. If you want to, you can liquidize your soup before serving. If your goat is still giving lots of milk, serve your soup with a swirl of cream in it!

For more creative Celtic ideas why not

How much do you know

about Celtic Britain? Answer a, b, c or d to these questions. 1. What shape were Celtic houses?

a) square b) rectangular c) triangular d) circular

2. Which of the following foods was NOT grown by the Celts? a) wheat b) potatoes c) barley d) oats

3. What was the favourite meat eaten by the Celts? a) beef b) lamb c) wild boar d) deer

4. What is the meaning of the name of the Catuvellauni tribe?

a) great thinkers b) strong swimmers c) deep drinkers d) mighty warriors

5. Which of the following was NOT used to make jewellery? a) bronze b) silver c) plastic d) gold

6. What was the name given to wise people in Celtic tribes? a) dryad b) druid c) deltoid d) dragon

7. Which of the following did the Romans NOT buy from Britain? a) hunting dogs b) woollen cloaks c) olive oil d) slaves

8. Who out of the following was NOT a Celtic leader? a) Cleopatra b) Boudicca c) Cartimandua d) Caractacus

9. What was the blue coloured war dye called? a) Woad b) Cyan c) wode d) Weed

You,ll find the answers at the top of the back cover, so no peeking and good luck... Check your score below!


Oh dear!

You really need to pay more attention to your elders!


Well done!

You know a lot, keep reading the Celt and visit the camp!


Wow! , You re nearly an expert, you should join our tribe!

join our enews at

Celtic quiz Answers

1 (d) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5 (c) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (a) 9 (a)

Now add up your score and turn back to page 7...!

Smell, touch, hear and see Iron Age Britain on a school trip

Come and join our Samhain celebrations! Saturday 26 to Thursday 31 October 10am-4pm every day at Celtic Harmony Camp The Iron Age settlement near Hertford

Celtic Harmony is a non profit organisation promoting a better understanding of the natural world through school trips and events at Celtic Harmony Camp, the Iron Age settlement near Hertford.


of the Town...

To f ind out how to make a Torc ,just like Boudicca s, Join our enews at We’ve just made the year longer! Now that we have our heated Celtic Café, where pupils can eat their packed lunches in the warm, school trips continue into November 2013 and start again in February 2014. Explore the Haunted Forest... Have a go at archery, autumn crafts, pumpkin carving, wand and broomstick making and woodland trails. Relax and enjoy three great shows: the Warrior Demo, the Owl Display and Storytelling. Make sure you arrive in time for the animal feeding at 11am with our ancient breed sheep and goats. Hot food & refreshments available from the Hog’s Head Kitchen. Celebrate the Celtic New Year with music, a fire procession, face painting, drumming, storytelling, longbow archery, Samhain bonfires and activities galore!

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