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The "Re Use It" Collection is the result of a creative reusage of the promotional canvas used in all the Theatre’s shows on a fashionable line of shoes, clothes, hats and even accessories. The purpose of this initiative is to create unique and original items, thus helping not only to keep the promotion of all shows onto a different level ( moving it from the theatre’s front wall into a dressing line, instead of a garbage container), but also keeping culture alive and active, always moving around on someone’s feet, hands or body… Each item is unique / original, created in a very limited number, with all the accuracy and precision. The design is exclusive and singular and it is the creation of the fashion designer CELSUS. You won’t see any copy / imitation. This is something particularly innovative in the national and international fashion world, something which has never been done before. Enjoy the liveliness of this particular way of communication!

[CELSUS - Portugal Fashion_21 ed.]




[CELSUS - Portugal Fashion_21 ed.]


Egg model

Arm model

[CELSUS - Portugal Fashion_21 ed.]


CELSUS shoes for ‘Re Use It’ - Limited Edition

Boot “comédia” casual model [woman]

Boot “drama” classic model [woman]

Boot “farsa” casual model [man]

In this limited edition, only the outer skin was replaced by the screens of promotional performances of Teatro Aveirense, creating these unique pieces. No pair is like any other.

ReUseIt catalogue