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Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems The oldest, most widely known and respected brand name in the cell phone repair industry! In our connected society, personal digital devices have become an integral part of our daily lives while increasing in importance as mobile offices, mobile jukeboxes and even mobile theaters. With cell phone activations approaching 6 billion worldwide, nearly everyone has had a cell phone that has needed minor repairs. Initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary cell phones have increased in complexity, cost and functionality making today’s devices less disposable and consumers more likely to have damaged units repaired. With the only available option for repair service being the current “mail-in-and-wait” model, consumers have been reluctant to do without and opted instead to simply buy new devices – often in the midst of an extended wireless contract – forcing them to pay much higher replacement prices since the original purchase price was heavily subsidized by the carrier (who’s financial interest is in the long term annuity service contract, not the device). Enter CPR® – Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems, Inc. (CPR®) an independent service organization dedicated to the on-premise repair of cell phones, iPods, game systems and other electronic gadgets whose retail outlets offer “while-you-wait” service and speedy on-site repairs for all models of phones and gadgets. CPR® in Norman repairs everything under the sun, from cell phone to tablet repairs, and even under water! Specializing in water damage, charging ports, broken LCD’s, and much more CPR® has the capability of fully restoring damaged devices – instore and usually in under an hour. The growth rate of cell phone users and small electronic devices needing repairs has set the stage for the independent cell phone repair space. Although the demand is already very high, the supply of competent authorized independent repair centers is still very small and highly fragmented. Cell phone repair is an emerging industry in Norman and Yukon, OK, primed for rapid growth, international opportunities and a great return on investment for its practitioners. Enter CPR® – Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems, Inc. (CPR®) – an independent service organization dedicated to the on-premises repair of cell phones, iPods, and electronic devices at all of our locations from Yukon, OK, to Los Angeles, CA. Our conveniently located retail outlets offer “while-you-wait” service and speedy on-site repairs for every smart phone conceived. Once upon a time, broken cell phones were dismissed cursorily as ”throw-away” gadgets – cheap to buy and cheap to replace. Those days are gone, as the newest models are more complex, more pricey, and have taken functionality to brave new levels barely conceived of just a few years ago. Because these gadgets are less disposable – savvy consumers are more likely to have damaged

units repaired. While the “mail-in and wait” method used to be how repair was done … now there’s a better way … the CPR® way! From water damage to cracked or shattered LCDs, CPR®’s own in-house service technicians have the capability to fully restore any salvageable damaged electronic devices on the spot, from cell phone to computer repair, typically within an hour all on-site at our Norman or Yukon locations. CPR® is the largest player in the industry with an anticipated 200 locations slated by the year 2012. For Cell Phone Repair In Norman, OK, Simply Walk -in Our in-house expert service technicians are in-store, on-site, every day for the single purpose of performing cell phone – no matter how smart it is – or electronic gadget repairs while you wait all at our local Norman or Yukon location. Have you shattered your LCD screen while rushing to an appointment as it fell out of your briefcase or purse onto a concrete slab? Has your toddler drooled all over your MP3 player? Have you run over your teen’s PSP? Did you drown your smart phone? Does your phone turn on but fail to work – looking like a blank slate? When you visit us in Norman or Yukon, one of our expert service techs will be pleased to troubleshoot your ailing phone or gimpy gadget on the premises, and promptly provide you with a detailed estimate of what your repair will cost and how long it will take. If your phone or gadget happens to be under a valid manufacturer’s warranty, we may be able to fix it for you free. Every CPR® customer is also welcome to drop off their phone or gadget for timely repair. We’ll let you know as soon as possible about when to pick them up. As a potential satisfied customer, you should be aware that CPR®’s inventory is vast – how vast? Think of the grains of sand on a beach, and multiply by 2.5 and you’ll have a pretty good idea. Why is our inventory so vast you might ask? So that we can efficiently service your needs – in other words – whatever YOU need! Mail-in Repairs

If you don’t live in the immediate area, you might be too busy to visit our quaint little high-tech shop where we repair, repair, repair. If so, don’t worry. We gladly accept all mail-in cell phone and electronic repairs, and what’s more, you’ll be sure to get your beloved gadget returned to you in a timely manner. Upon receiving your device, one of our dedicated technicians will look into the issues it may be having, contacting you immediately with an estimate of cost and time required to get it back into your anxious hands. We ask that you please send the phone only, no SIM cards, no batteries, no chargers.

Recycle Your Cell Phone Instead Of Repair At CPR® In Norman, OK CPR® has partnered up with Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and a percentage of proceeds will be sent to children in need, while making our planet a greener place to live.

Franchise Nearly everyone owns a cell phone in today’s society and nearly everyone breaks them at one time or another as well. The cell phone repair industry is here to stay and there is no better way to tap into this highly lucrative market than with a CPRŽ franchise.

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Cell phone repair franchise systems  
Cell phone repair franchise systems  

Enter CPR® – Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems, Inc. (CPR®) – an independent service organization dedicated to the on-premises repair of c...