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How to Choose a DVR Enclosure A DVR enclosure holds a standard DVR (which is about 19 inches) to protect it from environmental factors like moisture, dust, heat, cold, vibration or corrosion. It also protects your DVR from theft or vandalism. Therefore, it deters criminals from tampering with the equipment. Understanding what a DVR enclosure is and does is the easy part. How to choose a DVR enclosure, sometimes referred to as a CCTV enclosure, can be difficult because there are so many different options available. First, understand the sizes available. Even though a standard DVR enclosure holds a typical 19inch DVR, you can purchase different sizes. For example, the enclosure comes in full and halfsizes. Do you want to mount the DVR enclosure on a wall or not? This is an important question for the next step, choosing the enclosure by where you intend to place it. You generally have three options:

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Wall mount Rack mount Customized

For example, you may not want to mount the enclosure on the wall, but keep the enclosure in a desk drawer. Many enclosures are available with an internal cooling system. The next step in choosing an enclosure is deciding whether you need an internal cooling system built into the enclosure. If you're not interested in installing an internal cooling system in your DVR enclosure, there are many enclosure options with framing that has enough openings to ventilate the DVR, but not allow any access for criminals to get into. Fourth, pick the DVR enclosure by the location you're planning to use it. You have two options:

1. Indoor DVR enclosure 2. Outdoor DVR enclosure Each type of enclosure is different. For example, you don't want to purchase an indoor DVR enclosure for an outdoor location because the enclosures are built and designed differently based the environment. For instance, an outdoor DVR enclosure sometimes resembles a locked box. It's insulated to keep the weather or environment from damaging it. It also may come with an internal blower, which cools down the enclosure when outside temperature causes its heat to rise. How to choose a DVR enclosure depends on the features you want and the location you're planning to use the equipment. If you plan to use it outdoors, then you want to consider features that suit your needs and an enclosure that protects the DVR from the outside elements such as wind, heat, cold and rain. Protecting your business from theft or vandalism is important and choosing the right equipment to keep it safe is vital.

How to choose a dvr enclosure  

If you are buying a security camera system for your home or office, you should also consider buying a DVR enclosure. Like a CCTV enclosure,...

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