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in chicago

Hear a city pour its heart and soul out nightly. IN A CITY KNOWN FOR ITS MUSIC, you can spend the day exploring world-class museums, upscale boutiques and Michelin-starred dining, in the midst of renowned architecture. But when night falls, oh baby. That’s when the blues and jazz echo from places like the Green Mill. And living legends take to the stage in their home sweet home.



Rick Nielsen Lead Guitarist of Cheap Trick (photographed at Coronado Theatre) It’s fitting that with a name like Rockford, one of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll bands of all time would call our city home. With artists like Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick hanging around town, you are sure to be In Good Company when you visit the beautiful Anderson Japanese Gardens, when you canoe, hike and bike the Rock River Trail or the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County or when you are inspired at the Rockford Art Museum and the historic Coronado Theatre. Welcome to Real. Original. Rockford: A little city with big life (just 96 kilometers from Chicago). | @gorockford | #gorockford



Lake Superior


MINNESOTA Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Bloomington


Marquette Mackinac Island


Lake Huron

Traverse City

Green Bay Pipestone

Milwaukee Rockford ROUTE


Mi Lak ch e iga n


Lake Ontario


Erie Lake


Chicago Fort Wayne










French Lick

You can’t beat the Great Lakes USA for sensational sunsets

the locals know best R

ELYING on guide books or websites to get to know a place when you’re visiting for the first time can never quite give you the whole picture … or the best holiday. Which is why it’s always better to Ask a Local. They know those secret places that serve the best coffee, clubs that have the best music, drives that have the best views, diners that serve the best grub, and parks that have the best trails. And the Great Lakes USA, where you’re bound to make Great Friends, are full of those Great Places – from terrific concert

venues to popular pizza farms; from quirky watering holes to sites for super sunsets; from historic locations to divers’ delights; and from underground adventures to auto extravaganzas. Great Music pulses through the Great Lakes USA wherever you go. Take your pick from the world’s largest music festival, the museum that charts the history of rock ’n’ roll, the recording studio where the hits rolled out year after year, or the behindthe-scenes tour that gives an insight into the workings of a pop legend.

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Delve into the magic of the Great Lakes USA through the eyes of the people who know, the people who live there, the people who are only too happy share their secrets. And don’t miss pages 17 and 19, where locals highlight their special featured attractions. Great Lakes … Great Friends.

FRONT COVER: An evening concert at the Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago

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from motown magic to ‘muscle’ cars The cog-whe el tram at Q uincy Mine travels half-a-mile in to the side of th e hill

best undergrou nd


Karen from Ca lumet Michigan’s Upp er Peninsula is steeped in co visitors can di pper mining he ve into its hist ritage and ory at Quincy Adventure Min M in e in Houghton ing Company or the in Greenland. only cog-whe At Quincy Min el tram travels e, th e Midwest’s half-a-mile into venture Mine the side of the offers a hike th hill, while Adrough underg with only the round caves an headlamp light d mine shafts to guide you.

Visitors have lver toured the Si unes Lake Sand D 80 years for more than

best music city

un f d n a n u s r o f best

art s Wendy from H acres of dune Dunes, 2,000 nd Sa ke xLa la The Silver are ideal for re Lake Michigan, uskegon and looking out on ted between M Si n. tio ea cr re e areas – one ation and vided into thre di e ar ey th n, -driving skills; Ludingto test your sand to es cl hi ve d ding; and the for off-roa and sandboar ng ki al w , ng ki a tour of one for hi ve been taking ha rs to si vi re urtesy of Mac third, whe an 80 years, co th e or m r fo s the dune Rides. Woods Dune


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Michelle from Grand Rapids Detroit’s impact on the global music stage cannot be overstated. The home of Motown, it brought the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye and the Supremes to the world’s attention. The Motown Museum – called Hitsville USA, after the original studio where so many hits were recorded – lets visitors stand where the Supremes first issued the command to Stop in the Name of Love and see original instruments and equipment dating from 1959-1972. A $50-million expansion to the museum is on the cards. As part of Detroit’s ‘comeback’, the city now has a booming clothing industry, bustling, all-action neighbourhoods, and countless up-and-coming restaurants and new hotels, while the Detroit Institute of Arts is among the top ten museums in the country.

The Loop at

Forest Dunes

Golf Club

best golf cours e

Terry from Oxf ord Michigan is re cognised as on e of the best pl the US to play aces in golf. The Loop at Forest Dun Club in Roscom es Golf mon features 18 greens that played two w can be ays – the Blac k Route clockw the Red Route ise and on the same gr eens in the co clockwise dire unterction. Inspired by the Old Co St Andrews, Th ur se at e Loop is the only course of in the US. its kind storic most 200 hi Bay There are al nd Thunder ou ar d an in shipwrecks

best diving site

ena der Judy from Alp makes the Thun ld, fresh water co lar 's pu on po ur a H Lake in Alpena ine Sanctuary ar ere M l Th . na rs io ke at N ya Bay lers and ka ke or sn , rs ve r di ound destination fo recks in and ar historic shipw 0 20 t ches to os in m w al are om a fe pths ranging fr de in y ese Ba th r of de y Thun e histor can explore th rs to nter si Vi Ce . et ge fe ita 200 itime Her reat Lakes Mar G e th at s . ck wre boat tour a glass-bottom or head out on

Gilmore Car Museum is th e largest auto museu m in North A merica

best car museu ms

Visitors to Hitsville USA take the Motown Tour

Celeste from Kalamazoo Michigan is ho me to some of the world’s to attractions, in p car cluding The H enry Ford in D west to Hicko earborn, but he ry Corners an ad d you’ll find th Museum, a 90 e Gilmore Car -acre site and the largest au North Americ to museum in a. Exhibits rang e from cars of classic Duesenb the 1890s, the erg and elusiv e 1948 Tucker (high perform to the ‘muscle’ ance) cars of the ’60s and ’7 0s.

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Waterfalls. Forever flowing. Forever changing. Swift waters that stir deep reflection. Where the rush of cars becomes the rush of brilliant water. And the world slows down just enough for us to step off for a while. Feel the weight of the day cascade away. And let the current take us to Pure Michigan.


blues, biking and beautiful scenery

T:297 mm

B:303 mm

S:268 mm

The Bean Blossom Blues Festival is a highlight in the Indiana music calendar

Indiana Dun es National Lakeshore off ers gorgeous lake views and m iles of hiking trails

best festival Jim from Owensboro, Kentucky Regular festival-goers think the Bean Blossom Blues Festival near Nashville, Indiana, continues to be new and exciting every year. It started as a small gathering for harmonica musicians and now, over three days, brings the best in blues to the rolling hills of Brown County. The best mountain-bike trails east of the Mississippi can be found in Brown County State Park, where visitors can also hike, go horseback riding or take part in other outdoor adventures. Spend the night taking in the breathtaking scenery at the Abe Martin Lodge inside the park. Nearby downtown Nashville, known as the Art Colony of the Midwest and home to more than 250 artists, offers eclectic boutiques and galleries.

best lakeshore

Kent from Valp araiso The du nes rising from gan in Indiana Lake MichiDunes Nationa l Lakeshore – feet high – off al most 200 er gorgeous vi ews of the lake miles of hiking , as well as trails. Another local favourite mile-long beac is th e threeh at Indiana D unes State Pa also love Turk rk. Hikers will ey Run State Pa rk. A glance in ravines takes to one of the you on a trip th rough time.

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it s i v l a r u t l u c t bes

Fort Wayne e Menno-Hof Thomas from ith a visit to th w re ltu nite cu h is to Am e Amish-Menno Take a peek in ana to learn th ew sh ops or ip sh Sh its in d ntre town an information ce h the centre of ug ro t in the th ke ll ar ro m st ve a est outdoor rg la e story. Then ha th t, ke ar handewana Flea M mbine with 21 visit the Shipsh s of blooms co nd sa ed ou rn th te at of dreds ic quilt-p Midwest. Hun case 20 gigant ow sh to s al ur tm painted quilt ar ardens. nearby Quilt G e th at s garden

The Robert Stewart Brid ge frames th into downtow e entry way n Columbus

best architect ure

Take a peek into Amish culture in a Shipshewan

Laura from At lanta, Georgia Called a mecca of modern arch itecture, Colum seven buildings bus has in the Nationa l H istoric Landm programme. A arks guided tour hi ghlights more notable establ than 70 ishments and pu blic art installa created by fam tions ed architects, designers and such as Eero Sa artists arinen, Harry W eese, Kevin Ro Pei, Henry Moo che, IM re and Dale Ch ih uly. Locals alw sharing this to ays love ur with visiting family and frie nds.

best theme par k

Rachel from So uth Bend Families that are regular th eme park visito World & Splash rs reckon that in' Safari in Sa Holiday nta Claus, Indi drinks, parkin ana – with its g, sunscreen an free soft d Wi-Fi – is on It has America’ e of their favo s first launched ur ites. wing coaster, goes 0 to 60 Thunderbird, w mph in 3.5 seco hi ch nds, and Spla the two longes shin’ Safari incl t water coaste ud es rs in the world (c World Record ertified by Gui s). nness

Springs West Baden drawing en be s ha Hotel e the 1920s visitors sinc

best getaway

e dianapolis t beat either th Nicole from In diana, you can’ In in , el ay w ot H ta ge gs n Sprin For a total el or West Bade ot H . gs do rin to Sp gs many thin French Lick ounds and so gr ul tif ew au dr be at s th which have mineral water as feature the the Pete Dye is e er th Both hotels’ sp , r golf lovers Fo s. Lick 20 19 e th out the French visitors in e area, check th in . le m hi W eu . us t Baden M Golf Course ench Lick Wes Fr d an ay ilw Scenic Ra


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The Thunde rbird ride at Holid ay World & Spla shin’ Safari


jazz, blues ... and a piece of history

Millennium Pa rk includes the Frank Gehry-desig ned Jay Pritzker Pavi lion

When it comes to jazz, the Green Mill is THE place to go

best live jazz Zack from Chicago Music and Chicago are synonymous, whether it’s jazz, blues, classical, hip-hop, electronic dance music or rock ’n’ roll and its famous Chicago Jazz and Chicago Blues festivals draw huge crowds every year. But when it comes to jazz clubs, THE place to go is … the Green Mill. An Art Deco-style jazz club in the city’s Chicago's Uptown neighbourhood, it has links to the days of Prohibition. Sit back and listen to some of the best jazz and cabaret music in the city at the club that was one of the locations in the hit film High Fidelity. For another authentic Chicago music experience, check out Buddy Guy’s Legends, one of the world’s top blues clubs.

best free conce rts

Andrew from Oak Park Millennium Pa rk in Chicago, an award-win and architectur ning centre fo e that includes r art, music the Frank Geh Pavilion, is the ry-designed Ja most sophistic y Pritzker ated outdoor in the United concert venue States. With pl of its kind enty of lawn se free concerts ating, the pavi almost every lion hosts week througho visitors to lay ut the summer out a picnic, si , inviting t back and en joy the music.

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best road trip

The ial nn te Cen Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

John from Ch icago Cruise the Mot her Road – Ro ute 66 – from find experienc Chicago to Alto es as unique, n to fu n and memorab long. The road le as the road defined a rem is ar ka ble era in Amer and it lives on ica’s history – along the 300 m ile s of Illinois Ro many roadside ute 66 in the attractions, m useums, restau interesting thin rants and kits gs you’ll find en chy, route. Route 66 de

fined a remar

kable era in

America’s hi


best family fun

tal Lake ic pier, has Kelly from Crys 's largest publ ld or w e th , er y Pi e Chicago Chicago’s Nav e delights of th th om fr , ne yo ever t-200ft-tall something for om the almos fr s ew vi e d an eum options and th Children’s Mus various dining its to es el ud he cl W rris hich in Centennial Fe unique gifts, w Store, with its m eu stages live us M so al us Drieha lery. The pier el w je e ad -m nd Shakespeare vintage and ha at the Chicago s ay pl g in ud incl e. performances, the Lake Stag oor concerts on td ou d an r te Thea

From renowned music festivals to lively local music, Champaign County, Illinois—home to legends like REO Speedwagon and Alison Krauss—knows how to entertain.

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Shedd Aquarium Skydeck Chicago The Field Museum Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago 360 CHICAGO

(formerly John Hancock Observatory)

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best city walk

Will from Evan ston Chicago’s rece nt redevelopm ent of its alread riverbank has y-stunning resulted in 1.2 5 miles of live restaurants, gr m us ic venues, een spaces, a walking path, and kayak and pu bl ic art, bike rentals. Th e open, uninte pedestrian trai rr up ted l lines the sout h bank of the River, stretchi Ch ic ag ng from Lake o Michigan to Fr the heart of do anklin Street in wntown Chicag o.

Chicago’s riverbank has music venues, restaurants, green spaces and public art

from View Galena on a hot air ballo

ing n o o l l a b r i a t o best h

Illinois, is the ena in north-west n Matt from Gal w to ic or st s zipming and hi for adventurou Galena, a char , whether it’s ay w ta Dozens ge e. a re r sp fo a shopping perfect place or on llo ba r Main Street, om a hot ai sy sidewalks of lining, views fr co e th e lin s reets in storefront autiful Main St of 18th-century the 15 Most Be of e on ed m which was na Digest. e Architectural America by th

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music legends and sensational sunsets

Fry pies are big favour ites in Ohio’s Amish country

best pies Sarah from Millersberg Fry pies – delicious half-m oon-shaped pies filled with black raspberry, cherry, peach and even elderberry, then fried and covered with a sugar glaze – are big favourites in Ohio’s Amish country. Res idents say you simply can’t beat the fry pies at Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery in Millersberg. Work up an appetite by shoppi ng for handcrafted Amish items created by loc als, or tour Yoder's Amish Home, an aut hentic Amish farm.


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best drinking spots Kristen from Cincinnati at places to get a Cincinnati has so many gre ecially love The esp l wil drink, but movie buffs ino-themed ant Tar Video Archive – a quirky ge, inspired by Lod ok erlo speakeasy – and The Ov g. The Brewing Heritage Stephen King’s The Shinin the city’s newlyTrail includes a glimpse into wery tunnels. In the bre nd rediscovered undergrou n were producing more tha mid-1800s, 36 breweries nd rou r and digging underg 30 million gallons of bee s. nel lagering cellars and tun

ck Sample a Writer ’s Blo Overlook Lodge i’s nat cin Cin cocktail in


best for rockers Isabel Kiefer from Brunswick The best place to feel the real power of music is at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. The city has a thriving arts and cultural scene – you can browse modern art inside a turn-of-the-century transformer station or hear an orchestra perform live inside a hot-dog joint – but the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a must-see destination for any true music enthusiast. It has the largest collection of rock artefacts in the world - from music legends such as Elvis Presley and David Bowie - as well as permanent exhibitions featuring the likes of Black Keys and Taylor Swift, and regularly-changing exhibits that showcase various decades of rock. Elsewhere in Cleveland, why not take a Friday-night wine tour, visit the monthly Asian night markets or wander the artistic Tremont neighbourhood? Cleveland’s legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Shopping in Columbus's Short North Arts District

best for fashion fans

Jami from Columbus Not only is Columbus’s urb an core really walkable, it’s an amazing place to find unique jewellery, gifts and fashions. One of the hippest places to experience fashion first-hand is in the Short North Arts District, with unique bou tiques such as Rowe and Tigertree, while, in a nea rby suburb, Easton Town Center attracts 25 million annually to its retailers from Nordstrom to Coach to Anthropologie.

Exploring in Hocking Hills’ Ash Cave is a visitor favourite

best sunset

The sunsets in South Bass Island l State Park are surrea

Mary from Put-In-Bay ich to watch The perfect spot from wh Put-in-Bay on the sunset after exploring nd’s state park. South Bass Island is the isla is Perry’s tion The most impressive attrac ce Pea Memorial, Victory and International Canada on a from which visitors can see lude riding inc clear day. Other must-dos downing and in on the Put-in-Bay Tour Tra rld at wo the in a beer at the longest bar the Beer Barrel Saloon.

best nature tour Kelley from Hocking Hills little differently, Off-Road If you want to do hiking a ir cking Hills is a must-try. The Segway Adventures in Ho dle mid h recessed caves in the tours let visitors roll throug are e. Other visitor favourites of native plants and wildlif Cedar Cave, Old Man’s Cave or hiking or exploring in Ash k, or ng at Lake Logan State Par Falls, canoeing and kayaki the area’s many stables. horseback riding at one of

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featured attractions DETROIT, MICHIGAN

Music is the lifeblood of Detroit

best live music Curt from Detroit, Michig an Music has been and always will be the lifeblood of Det roit, the city where the early heroes of the Motown sou nd first recorded. And nothin g beats wrapping up an eve ning like live music at PJ’s Lag er House, where performers such as singer-songwriter Jake McArthur soothe the sou l. This is one spot that allows you to feel the beauty of Detroit’s music.



A Tuesday evening in the Andersen Japanese Gardens


best relaxing evening ois Janet from Rockford, Illin s, a den Gar se ane Anderson Jap of dle mid the in peaceful oasis the of one as ed ard the city, is reg s den gar se ane Jap highest-quality r, me sum the In a. in North Americ dens Tuesday Evening in the Gar on n ilio pav the to brings music ment ain ert ent The the large lawn. k– roc to folk to ass - from bluegr t fec per the it ke and setting ma g nin eve g xin rela a place to enjoy k o.u d.c for ock of music. gor

DULUTH, MINNESOTA Bob Dylan’s childhood home

The atrium at Paisley Park

best celebrity tour

Sherri from Bloomington , Minnesota Only 20 minutes from the Mall of America in Bloomington , Paisley Park is a unique tribute to music idol Prince. Visitors to the private estate and production com plex that Prince also called hom e get an insight into the star’s life and likes, where he worked and rela xed, and how he created his own nig htclub in the complex. Guests can also eat from the menu produced by Prince’s chef. bloomingtonmn.or g

Lagomarcinos’ Hot Fudge Sundae

best ice cream parlour

best music legacy

Kyle from Moline, Illinois There are many great hang-outs along the Great River Road on Illinois’ western border but few compare with Lagomarcino’s, which featured on the Cooking Channel’s Ice Cream Nation on US TV. The ice cream parlour has been famous for its soda fountain and ice cream since 1908. In the past, many young children were taken there with their grandparents for Tin Roof Sundaes. Now, those kids take their own families there.

ota Mark from Duluth, Minnes is alive acy leg ’s lan Dy Much of Bob ays be a alw l wil He . luth and well in Du Bob Dylan Duluth legend. Stroll along dedicated Way, the two-mile stretch you and , son ive nat to the town’s nhole ma ned sig -de lan encounter Dy ciality covers, boutiques and spe wcasing sho one ing lud stores – inc lan photos Dy – l are app ed Dylan-them Shopping and memorabilia at Fitger’s ’s childhood Complex, as well as Dylan first six home, where he spent his om th.c ulu years. visitd

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Breakfast at the Joliet Route 66 Diner

best breakfast diner


Bob from Joliet, Illinois luding For a great breakfast (inc eting the hottest coffee) and me rld, guests from all over the wo top Joliet Route 66 Diner is a s from itor Vis als. loc h wit ite favour and an around the globe call in – book international guest sign-in g for proves it. Stop in the mornin ch, breakfast and stay until lun tors swapping stories with visi Street in travelling America’s Main Illinois. heritagecorridorc


Concertgoers on the Lawn in White River State Park



The Lego Store in Blo ® Mall of America

best shopping and entertainment

Minnesota Doug from Bloomington, e hug a is a® The Mall of Americ and US favourite, both in the million worldwide. More than 40 is no ich wh ly, people visit annual the largest , res sto surprise, with its 520 erica, Am rth No in indoor theme park and es, sho or g thin no sales tax on clo ing lud inc , nts 400 annual free eve of Britney performances by the likes wonder it’s No ift. Sw Spears and Taylor the Great of ood llyw nicknamed the Ho om a.c eric am llof Lakes Region. ma

Have a beer at one of Traverse City’s microbreweries

best city tour Pete from Traverse City, Michigan There’s no better way to see – and taste – what Traverse City has to offer than hopping on the Kayak, Bike & Brew Tour. Visitors cycle the city’s urban bike trails, paddle an inland lake and river through town, and then head to the open waters of West Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Four of the city’s 11 microbreweries are included on the tour. Cheers!

best concert venue

Clay from Indianapolis, Ind iana Indy is home to 250 acres of urban green space right downto wn. A central canal flows throug h the White River State Park, wh ich is surrounded by seven attract ions. A favourite summer activit y is a concert on The Lawn in the park. It’s an intimate setting wit h local food and drink and the am biance doesn’t get much better wit h the sun going down behind the amphitheatre.


Blackberry Smoke per form at Springfield’s Boondock s pub

best country music

Tom from Springfield, Illin ois Springfield’s Boondocks pub , where they invite you to “Come get lost with us”, won the Academy of Country Music Awards Nightclub of the Year recently. An evening there wouldn’t be complete without stoppi ng first at Obed & Isaac's Microbrew ery and Eatery to munch on a Ho rseshoe, the original Springfield sandw ich. While in town, also check out all the Abraham Lincoln connections (he live d in Springfield for 24 years).

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Minnesota’s Northern Stars From world landmarks being illuminated purple in honor of Prince, to the sight of the Aurora Borealis in the northern Minnesota sky, the color purple is significant in Minnesota. Prince influenced the music scene around the world with his innovative sound, and fellow Minnesotan Bob Dylan had such a profound impact on music that he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016. Visit Minnesota and discover the places that influenced the creativity and character of these musical pioneers.

First Avenue, Minneapolis

Minneapolis helped shape Prince into the man and the artist he became, and in return, Prince forever left his mark on Minneapolis. Even as Prince’s success swept the globe, he always remained close to his roots in Minneapolis. Enjoy the many nightclubs and music venues of Minneapolis and tour his home and studio, Paisley Park. Stay central to the Twin Cities’ music culture in Bloomington, offering more than 40 hotels all in close proximity to MSP International Airport and home to Mall of America, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the United States. Hard Rock Café Mall of America’s music inspired memorabilia includes clothing and instruments owned by Prince, Bob Dylan, and other legends. Duluth’s music scene is forever ingrained within the region’s culture. Combine the award-winning Bayfront Festival Park venue with Lake Superior’s picturesque waterfront backdrop, as music festival enthusiasts descend on Duluth, birthplace of music legend Bob Dylan. Visitors continue to enjoy elements of Dylan’s legacy including landmarks like Bob Dylan Way and the singer’s childhood home.

Paisley Park, near Bloomington

Bayfront Festival Park, Duluth


hitting the high notes and highways best classical music James from Minneapolis At Sommerfest, the Minnesota Orchestra’s annual summer festival staged in Minneapolis’s Orchestra Hall, the orchestra presents music from New York to Vienna, with an ever-popular, rousing opera finale. When Osmo Vänskä, music director of the Grammy-award-winning orchestra, isn’t busy conducting, he’s travelling on one

of the many scenic routes around Minnesota on his motorbike. His favourite is Highway 61, the southern leg of the highway Bob Dylan made famous, which travels along the Mississippi River in south-east Minnesota. Part of the Great River Road scenic byway, it offers spectacular views of river bluffs, the river, and the many quaint small towns. Stop at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha or the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, which showcases works from artists such as Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso.

The Minnesota Orchestra performing in the city’s Orchestra Hall

best winter activities

The Beer Dabbler is part of the Winter Carnival in Saint Paul

Beth from Winona ivities – from skiing and Famous for its outdoor act – Minnesota also hosts nusnowshoeing to ice fishing Men g winter. The Grumpy Old merous events celebratin int) sho both films were Festival in Wabasha (where test and minnow races; the con e cludes a goofy-costum ships has teams competing US Pond Hockey Champion is; and the Beer Dabbler, on open ice at Lake Nokom r Carnival, takes over the part of the Saint Paul Winte ty. ds for a giant outdoor par Minnesota State Fairgroun

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best biking tra il

r The Superio is l ai Tr g Hikin top Minnesota’s nce rie pe hiking ex

Millie from Sa int Paul Lake Wobegon may be fictiona l, but the 62-m Trail is real and ile-long Lake W runs into forest obegon s, by lakes and America. Minne th rough small-tow sota boasts 30 n paved bike trai mountain bike ls for riders, fro rs to family gr m serious oups on a day along routes th out. Most trails at include easy are located access to acco tions such as br mmodation an eweries, winer d attracies and ever-p opular ice crea m stands.

il a r t g n i k i h t s e b

uth that Anna from Dul 310-mile route iking Trail – a H r rio uluth and D pe of Su e h Th e Park sout at St e ok Co y rior to the begins near Ja e of Lake Supe or Sh th or N e Minnesota’s travels along th an border – is di na Ca e th ws the Pigeon River on th mainly follo rience. The pa pe ex t views ng ea ki gr hi p to Superior, with ke La e ov ab erous rivers ridgeline high s crossing num ge id br ot fo d has 52 of the lake, an Hiking Shuttle . The Superior lls fa er at w d an en route. pick-up points

The 62-mile -long Lake Wobeg on Trail runs through sm alltown Americ a

best burger

mington y Lucy, which John from Bloo sota is the Juic ne in M you in er rg ous bu . But where do The most-fam from its centre ng zi hot is oo ol se ap ee n ch o Minne features molte ntenders are tw co p e To Th ? st as be the ers such get the best of , but newcom ists d the 5-8 Club an r Ba , offer new tw t's ul at Pa M t spots, both in Sain b, Pu r oo D Blue Nook and the vourite. r Minnesota fa la pu po on this

The 18ft-tall statue of Pa ul Bunyan, a lumberjack giant in American folklore

best american f olklore

Ted from Bem idji Paul Bunyan, a giant lumbe rjack in Americ is immortalised an folklore, in countless pl aces across th stands 18 feet e state. He tall alongside his 10ft friend Blue Ox, in Be , Ba be, the midji, along th e shores of La in Akeley, visito ke Be midji; rs can crawl in to Paul’s hand the nearby Pa – an d tour ul Bunyan His torical Museum Brainerd, visito ; w hi le , in rs can explore Paul Bunyan La oversized repl nd , w icas of Paul an ith its d his trusty side kick.


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y Lucy Taste a Juic apolis ne in M in hamburger

URBAN PLAYGROUND Chicago is a lively, exciting city filled with art, culture and good food — the recipe for a perfect holiday. SHOP THE MAGNIFICENT MILE – This 13-block stretch of Michigan Avenue is filled with hundreds of merchants, including designer labels and major retail chains, three indoor vertical malls, one of which is the iconic Water Tower Place. TASTE CULINARY EXCELLENCE – From celebrity chefs to a diverse ethnic food scene that ranges from Chicago-style deep dish pizza to Michelin-starred restaurants, Chicago’s countless options have earned the city its reputation as foodie heaven. DIVE INTO A MUSEUM – Chicago is home to 60 museums and 90 art galleries. Explore every corner of the Art Institute, home of the largest collection of Impressionist and PostImpressionist paintings outside of the Louvre in Paris; peruse one of the largest collections of natural history exhibits at the Field Museum, and ponder the universe at the Adler Planetarium. UNCOVER NEW NEIGHBORHOODS – Chicago’s 77 vibrant neighborhoods provide plenty of places to eat, shop and relax. Visit Wicker Park/Bucktown, Logan Square or Pilsen for street art and more cultural pursuits as well as delicious cuisine. Wander through the Lincoln Park Zoo or take in over 25 miles of gorgeous lakefront. THE LAKEFRONT TRAIL & LINCOLN PARK - Chicago’s urban park space is unlike any other. Its entire lakefront is preserved for the public to enjoy. Bicycle, run, walk, or swim along Chicago’s 18.5 Mile Lakefront Trail. Along the way take in the 26 natural sand beaches, beachside café’s, volleyball courts, soccer fields, public art, and native wildflower gardens.

EXPERIENCE THE THEATRE SCENE – Chicago has over 200 theatres dotting its cityscape, all home to a diverse offering of comedy, drama, classical, and contemporary performances. Get a laugh at Second City, and see where some of the world’s comedy greats began their careers. Traditional theatregoers can see Broadway in Chicago, or take in an inspiring performance at one of the most critically acclaimed Orchestra’s in the world, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


City Center is just minutes away Stay on Chicago’s North Shore The most beautiful area outside of Chicago’s city center can be found twenty minutes north along Lake Michigan. Gardens, museums, shopping, restaurants and affordable first-class hotels are located on Chicago’s North Shore, connected via transport on the city’s famed elevated trains.

“The Magnificent Mile” Shopping District

Millennium Park

Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing

Cloud Gate “The Bean” Contact us:


a feast of festivals and breathtaking beauty

Cheers! Supp er clubs are a Wisconsin tradition

The two-day Eaux Claires Music Festival offers a diverse line-up

best music festival Sarah from Madison If there’s one thing Wisconsin is good at, it’s holding music festivals. From the Mile of Music in Appleton and the Big Bull Falls Blues Fest in Wausau (the state’s longest-running blues fest) to Country Fest in Cadott and the Summerfest in Milwaukee (the world’s largest outdoor music festival) there is no shortage of sounds during the year. The two-day Eaux Claires Music Festival – founded in 2015 by Bon Iver frontman and Eau Claire native Justin Vernon – offers one of the most vibrant and eclectic experiences you can find in Wisconsin. Many visitors are drawn to the diverse music line-up (the 2017 line-up included Chance the Rapper Wilco and Paul Simon), while others come for the innovative, world-class art installations.

best supper clu b

Brian from Milw aukee Supper clubs ha ve been a Wis consin tradition 100 years and for almost tourists visitin g W isconsin Dells ly-formed gorg – a glaciale with striking sandstone form bound to enco ations – are unter one on th eir travels. Ishn Club sits atop ala Supper Mirror Lake St at e Park and its bi showcase the g windows waterfront and Norway pine fo clubs are also rest. The a great place to relax in after a Wisconsin Del day out in ls, the Waterpa rk Capital of th e World.

Great Lakes USA – Official UK Tourist Board




most romantic location Sue from Fish Creek scenic shoreline, Door Framed by 300 miles of Midwest, is a natural County, in the heart of the st for couples looking target for visitors and a mu ind and watch the for a romantic spot to unw t juts into Lake sunset. A sliver of land tha quaint waterfront Michigan, Door County has munity that combines villages and an island com l landscape to make it with an incredible natura . an ideal tourist destination

for people Door County, a must unwind to t spo a for looking Milkshake time at the Flat Pennies Ice Cream sto re

best pizza

Gourmet pizza parlou rs on farms are popular in Wisconsi n

best drive David from Lake Geneva nic lake With its combination of sce and uty bea ing tak routes, breath nsin is sco Wi ns, tow all fascinating sm ng on driving ideal territory for explori Frank Lloyd trips. The nine stops on the rn Wisconsin Wright Trail across southe 94 at the – beginning on Interstate works of the ce tra – line Illinois state as America’s the man widely regarded e of his greatest architect, from som his home to res ctu stru sive most-impres and birthplace.

Tom from Chippewa Falls Drive along the Mississipp i River – a great favourite with tourists – and you’re bound to encounter one of the Wi sconsin farms that have converted themselv es into gourmet pizza parlours. They harvest fre sh, home-grown ingredients to craft mouth -watering pizzas to be enjoyed right there on the farm. AtoZ Produce and Bakery in Sto ckholm, just east of the river, has developed quite a following for its highly-regarded woodfired-pizza nights.

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best ice cream stop

There are nine stops on the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail across Wisconsin


Mary Lou from Eau Claire Hit the Great River Road along the Mississippi River - des cribed as the “best scenic drive in America” - and in Bay City you ’ll find Flat Pennies Ice Cream. An iconic stop in Wisconsin for som e of the best ice cream in the sta te, it is located in a cabin next to a Soo Line railroad car. Around 50 years old, it is now a visitor cen tre and a great favourite with kid s.

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