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6. He averaged just 7 points a game as a freshman at BYU.

10 Things That You Didn’t

7. Officials in Warren County are hoping they can use Jimmer Mania as an economic development tool.

Know About 1. Him

8. His father says when Jimmer was a kid, "There was no off-limits dribbling in the house."

Jimmer could hit a three-point shot when he was five years old.

2. Jimmer loves to drink milk.

3. Jimmer's full name is "James Taft Fredette."

4. Jimmer says he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and doesn't have sex -- all prohibited by the BYU honor code.

5. Jimmer has hit so many long distance shots this year that announcers in other games have started calling shots "Jimmerlike."

9. Jimmer's family would like him to play for the Knicks.

10. Jimmer led the nation in scoring this season at 28.5 points per game.

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