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Our favourite track: WOLVES

the good natured Sarah started writing songs for The Good Natured when she was 17. Her hypnotic vocals create hauntingly beautiful pop songs. At the moment The Good Natured are playing lots of gigs, including the Get it Loud in Libraries’ UK tour and SXSW festival in Texas plus Sarah is writing them an album… that should keep her busy for a while. How did you get started in music? My grandma was very musical; she had an amazing organ in her house and an old Yamaha keyboard from the 1980s. Unfortunately she got arthritis and couldn’t play anymore. She was going to throw her keyboard away as she thought it was “a piece of junk”, but I rescued it and starting writing on it.


Where do you get your inspiration? My lyrics are all about experiences, whether they’re my own or somebody else’s. I write about anything that makes me feel a strong emotion. How have you found the Libraries Tour? It’s brilliant to bring live music to libraries. It’s quite ironic really but feels wonderful to be doing something different and unexpected. As they are all ages gigs it’s so nice to meet younger fans and we get to raise awareness of libraries too. It is such a shame so many are closing down. What do you love about spring? Going for walks up to Highclere Castle in my village and seeing all the lambs in the fields on the way!

Spring Fling issue 2011  

The sixth issue of Cellardoor