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To get back together with an ex you need to know what requires fixing in the relationship. Sometimes a relationship ends and you do not know the real reason. It may sound odd, but sometimes your ex may not be able to say exactly why they dumped you either. There are many reasons why a relationship breaks up. All relationships consist of four basic needs. The basic needs of both people in the relationship need to be met for it to thrive. If you are wondering why did the relationship break up it is likely because your partner did not feel that their needs were being met. If any of these basic relationship needs were missing, then to get back together with an ex then you need to work on that area. 1. Stability Stability includes commitment and trust. Did your partner feel that they could no longer trust you or that you were not committed to the relationship?

Did you spend more time with your friends or on your hobbies than with your partner? Did you get caught out in "white lies" or keep secrets? Did you cheat on your partner To get back together with an ex you need to prove by your actions that you are fully committed to the relationship. Trust takes time to rebuild and will take more than just saying sorry. 2. Communication A relationship break up often happens due to lack of communication. Communication is more than just talking to each other, it's listening to, and respecting, your partners opinion and views too. Did you find yourself:

Nagging or criticising your partner often Tuning out when your partner tried to talk with you Talking over your partner when you disagreed with them Arguing often Learning how to communicate effectively will help you get back together with an ex.

3. Intimacy Intimacy is not just sex although sex is important in a relationship.. Intimacy is showing that you love your partner with affectionate touches and actions. Your partner needs to know that you love them and that they are important to you. If you stopped letting your partner know they were the centre of your world then this often is a cause for a relationship break up. 4. Physical Proximity Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain. These relationships break up due to a lack of physical proximity. It is hard to keep reassuring your partner you love and cherish them when you can not be physically near them for long periods. A healthy and happy relationship contains all four of the above basic needs. To get back with an ex you need to plan how you are going to address each of these requirements.

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