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The Life Of Celin 3rd Block

Table Of Contents 1.Prologue 2.What’s In a Name? 3.Personal Alphabet 4.Likes/Dislikes List 5.Sensory Experiences 6.Metaphorical Definitions 7.A Quality Personality 8.Color Your World 9.Room Sweet Room 10.Personal Metaphors 11.Extended Metaphors 12.Symbolic Recipe 13.Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse 14.Telling Tales 15.Unfinished Sentences 16.Personal Symbols 17.Map of Life 18.Mysterious Place 19.Synectics 20.A Day in the Life 21.These Words Belong to Me 22.In Other Words 23.Flashback 24.Remembrance of Things Present 25.As Time Goes Bye-Bye!

26.My Own Lists of Lists 27.Cheer Yourself Up! 28.Metamorphosis 29.Picture This! 30.Look Who I Look Up to! 31.Remembering The Child 32.One Medium Suitcase 33.The Perfect Present 34.Memorable Event 35.How to... 36.Always Say Never 37.Are you Hungry? 38.Where I’m From 39.Dereck of 52. 40.Examined Life 41.Annual Report 42.Ekphrasis 43.Visually Speaking 44.Lessons Learned Too Late 45.The Door 46.Advice to the Young 47.Who Am i? 48.Rewarding Experiences 49.Valuable Lessons 50.Future’s Fantasy Fact

Prologue In my autobiography i am going to talk about my experiences,struggles,achievements, and basically my life. It’ll start off short, from introducing who i am to further information you’ll get to know about me, myself, and i. Here’s to my likes and dislikes. My personal and nonpersonal stories and what colors my world inside and out. To start it off i’ll bring you into what it was like growing up. As a kid i was always eager to find out how to do things on my own. Growing up life was easy, i had both my parents by my side and my 4 siblings to guide me into the direction it now leads me. My family was all i had as a kid. I didn’t mind arguing with my siblings because we always had a laugh at the end of the day. I chose coloring books over electronics and playing outside my house over going a play port. Actually, we never really had those experiences to do all those sorts of things as a kid. But i really wouldn’t have it any other way. My childhood was fun and if i could go back to being a kid i’d go back anyday. Growing up to be the young adult i am today, i learned many things in life. I did and experienced things i never knew existed and i also learned from the mistakes i made and it shapes me to become a better person than i was yesterday. My interests changes over the years that i get older but it doesn’t stop me to achieve my goals. I strive to become someone so successful and i plan to be the best i can be. I have so many good thoughts about life and i try to be someone so positive on the daily. Everything negative doesn’t get a hold of things i can do or be and that what molds me to be someone so strong. In the future i plan to be someone with a successful career with someone who supports me with everything that goes on in my life. I want to be someone my younger brother and little nieces and nephews look up to. In the future i aspire to be the best version of my past self. I wanna make my parents proud of the child they made. In the future i want a mindset that never gives up. I wanna live my life to the fullest with a great support system and i wanna achieve my goals with the people that i hold close to my heart and who i love the most!

What’s In A Name? Colorful and positive mindset, she Enjoys good company. Love’s good vibes Ignores the negative No matter what it could be Minds her own business Uses all her time to give to people Never says no Does the most, her Opinions are sometimes useful. Celin Mundo is her name, my first name is connected to a singer Celine Dion. When my mom was pregnant with me she was in love with Celine Dion’s songs, Minus the “e” my mom thought it would be unique. Mundo means world in Filipino. Celin is latin Orgin also used in German.

Personal Alphabet Active Beautiful Colorful Different Exciting Fantastic Generous Honest Intelligent Joyful Kind Loyal Married Natural Outgoing Positive Quick Real Safe Talkative Unique Victorious Warm Xenodochial Young Zealous

Likes/Dislikes List 1.Food 1.Feet 2.Sleeping 2.Chores 3.Swimming 3.Getting Dark 4.Strolling 4.Rushing 5.Sports 5.Stressing 6.Music 6.Silence 7.Driving 7.Cats 8.Puppies 8.Sweating 9.Respectful People 9.Disrespectful People 10.Shopping 10.Stealers 11.Parties 11.Homework 12.Dressing Up 12.Scary Movies 13.Netflix 13.Blood 14.Being Happy 14.Crying 15.Good Vibes 15.Bad Vibes

Sensory Experiences School Pep Rally LOUD and EXCITED voices all over the gym as we walked in. COOL COLD water going down our throat as we drank after yelling several school cheers. With a mixture of everyone’s sweat soaked on us with a mix of the smell of the our school gym. Beautiful and melodic tunes played by our chamorro classes and sba peers. The music and dance added to while each class battled to for our class lip syncs. Ending the pep rally with GLOWING lights of everyone’s phone as we sang a goodbye song with everyone in the gym.

Metaphorical Definitions Pain is weakness leaving the body Happiness is getting a passing grade Sadness is a dark room Excitement is counting down the day to graduation Love is a box full of chocolate Peace is being in a room full of a happy family Fear is failing a test Strength is facing your fears Confused is a maze Disappointment is a jail cell

A Quality Personality Hurt. Hurt is a sad person. She is full of sorrow and lessons learned. She will be confused most of the time and unstable, so she will do whatever it takes to get out of a dark tunnel. To everyone she meets it helps her grow from the dirt she was left in. She can be sensitive, observant, quiet, and smart.

Color Your World I associate with the color Yellow because of how i am as a person. Yellow is very bright, fun, and outgoing. I feel that color suits me best because it matches my moods on all sorts of days. Yellow stands out in all the other colors and that’s how i feel with most people. Yellow is the color meant to be happy. I am the type of person to be happy no matter the outcome. Yellow means joy.

Room Sweet Room My room is not just my room. It is my comfort zone. I know some of you guys use your room as a place to get your clothes, change, or even sleep in. Mine, i use mine as it is a fashion show or even a confession box. I spend most of my time dressing up, to even dancing and singing my lungs out in my room. I spill my darkest secrets in my room and i also cry my heart out on my bed. I spend most of my days laying down or even rearranging my room. My room is my comfort zone. Besides my mirror,walls, and every other furniture in there no one has ever seen me act the way i do. It’s like i could be myself on most days i feel i can’t out in public. My bed is my escape. Although my room may not have everything in it or be as big as a master bedroom, it a place i find very comforting.

Personal Metaphors 1.Animal- Turtle 2.Car- Jeep 3. Article of Clothing- Sunday Dress 4. Day of The Week- Friday 5. Food- Sour Patch Kids 6. Color- Yellow 7. Movie- Avengers 8. Fragrance- Sweet 9. Type of Building- Tall Buildings 10. Plant- Sunflowers 11. Musical Instrument- Piano 12. Geometric Shape- Heart 13. Piece of Furniture- Bed 14. Song- BOMO 15. Season of the Year- Summer 16. Television Character- Barney Stinson: How I Met Your Mother 17. Comic Character- Iron Man 18. Appliance or Machinery- Barista 19. Natural Phenomenon- Tsunami 20. Word- Chill

Extended Metaphors In my opinion i think i am a puppy, because i am friendly, comforting, sensitive, and loving. I am a SunFlower because i am bright and nice. If i was a furniture i would be a Bed, because i am comforting. I would be Summer too, because it’s my favorite season and it’s summer everyday on the island i live on,Guam. If i could be anyone I’d wanna be Iron Man, although he’s a guy. He’s powerful and brave.

Symbolic Recipe “Secret Recipe: Ce” Ingredients: Full cup of Love ½ of sweetness 3 bags of humor 110% of effort Half a bag of comfort Before you start on this fine art, you need to have all of the ingredients listed above. First you’ll start off with a full cup of love. everyone deserves to be loved some how. Second, you with need ½ of sourness. Dealing with something unique you’re gonna need something sweet to add in. a dash of sweetness won’t hurt. Third, you’re going to need 3 bags of humor. To enjoy what you’re creating it’s always fun to have a little laugh sometimes a lot. Fourth, you need your 110% effort. You need to put in everything you got to have the best you ever had. And lastly you need half a bag of comfort. It’s always nice to have comfort or be comfortable with someone or something you spent your time and effort in.

The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Good Afternoon Mrs. Griffin! To whom it may concern please excuse me, Celin Mundo. For not attending classes on May 1, 2018 Due to the fact that i was sick. If there are any concerns you may have you may contact me by pulling me out in one of my classes. My schedule for today is. 1st block: Office Aide, and 2nd block: Advance Pe. Or you may have a talk with me when i enter your classroom! If there are any make-up assignments i need to do i am more than willing to complete them and turn them in next class! Thank you so much for your understanding. Have a wonderful day.

Telling Tales When i was younger i had a couple of friends, ancestor friends. Before elementary i always went with my sisters and their boyfriends to the beaches and hiking. One day on our normal routine we went to marble cave. As a kid i always pretended to sleep so that someone older would carry me into my house or in the car. But this time i wasn’t kidding. I couldn’t feel my legs once my brother-in-law put me down and my parents rushed me into the soranu. An older person you would go to to heal you whenever someone get bothered by a taotaomona. As a little girl i had super long thick hair and that’s what they loved. I would always sleep walk around my house talking to other people i saw that no one else didn’t. It was such a crazy but cool experience having a third eye. As i got older they don’t bother me no more but i still highly respect them. I still get the chills whenever i share my story with friends or family but it’s always something to tell when talking about different past experiences. I have so much more stories i would like to share but i will just cut this one short and if you would like to know more or are curious to know you can just let me know and i can share some stories with you!(:

Unfinished Sentences 1. I get angry when people lie to me. 2. When i am on my monthly i get super moody. 3. I usually worry about other people more than myself. 4. I’m at my happiest with the people i love the most. 5. I’m more comfortable around the people i’m close to. 6. I’m confident most of the time, self love. 7. I get frustrated when i can’t get things done. 8. I get nervous when i don’t study for a test i’m about to take. 9. I feel super sad when my feelings are hurt. 10. I feel super sentimental when old people cry.

Personal Symbol Last christmas i got a pandora ring from my bestfriend. This ring means a lot to me because it’s basically a promise ring that no matter where life takes us or the odds that may come in between we will forever remain best friends. I wear this ring every day since i got it and i haven’t took it off. It means so much to me because i’ve never received a ring like this from anyone and i never wear rings so it really does say and mean something.

Map Of Life

Place i was born, GMH.

I attended AIJMS

I attended Price Elementary School

I attend GWHS

Map Of Life

I participated in sports all years in middle and high school.

I am from the village of Mangilao

I wanna attend GCC and major in nursing.

Mysterious Place As a kid my parents would always bring my siblings and i to my grandma and grandpa’s house in yigo. Where my grandparents stayed, my grandma’s siblings stayed also. Down the street there was a house my nana and the rest of my grandma’s siblings and grandma stayed that was abandoned since my nana passed away. Not really abandoned but a house no one stays in but a house full of furniture and old things my grandma and her family owned. It’s a place no one goes to but a place my cousins go to to check because we’re always curious on what’s in there. So one day we finally had the guts to go inside and check. In the house remained everything my tata and nana owned with a side of my grandma and her siblings belongings. We freaked out once we saw old dusty pictures with how they look with furniture and a old radio from way back that still remains to play. It was crazy but cool, we even saw clothing that they owned and more things. What was super cool was that there was a river in the back of the house that my uncle showed us. It was a river my nana would use to get water from everytime they didn’t to use for cooking and washing clothes. My nana and tata’s house is a mysterious place and it’s something to cherish looking at.

Synetics 1.A house cost so much, You can have a roof over your head and call it home than to have a dream house and struggle on the cost it may come with. 2.Music brings joy to your ears, It either expresses how you feel with the lyrics it has that brings the words out of your mouth that you couldn’t say. Art expresses pictures. 3.The truth is more like a happy day, because the more someone telling you lies the more angry and hurt you feel. So it’s better to tell the truth than to lie. 4.A pencil is wiser, because if you make a mistake you could just erase them, rather than using a pen it’s permanent and stuck on the paper forever. 5.A side walk is easier to forgive, because you are more safe. Therefore the streets and highway are risky for you to walk on because anything could happen. 6.A calendar is smart, it has all the important events and dates logged onto it. 7.The clock is also smart because it tells time. 8.Mathematics is more of a promise , because it more accurate. Science isn’t very accurate you have to through certain processes. 9.A nightmare is more difficult, because it hard for you not to think about it and maybe your nightmare could be based on something bad. 10.A year is more braver, because you can deal with a lot in one year. Things drastically change unexpectedly. 11.Entrance has more pride, because it is very risky, most people are very motivated when it comes to new beginnings. 12.A map is more easier to close, because there is no chaos happening or traffic. You have to worry about. 13.A mirror is more like a legend, because other religions have myths about looking into a mirror. They say it could be a portal leading you to somewhere. 14.Snow is very suspenseful, because it is hard to see and it gets messy. It piles up everywhere. 15.A signature has less charm, because you could be signing anything. Therefore, an autograph makes you feel special and you’re signing your name that people would like. 16.Literature is more trustworthy, because history isn’t promising. 17.An enemy is more useful, because it teaches you that no matter how old you get people will hate you or be an enemy to you. 18.Seek is depressing, because finding something is the same thing as seeking something and looking for things you need in life only comes to you when you find it not right away.

A Day in the Life One summer evening my parents discussed how they wanted to off island in August. My siblings and i didn’t think they were gonna pull through with their word until one day my mom took all of us to rev and tax to get all of our passports. I thought to myself “this is real.” My parents talked more into it and told my siblings and i we were gonna moved to california for good. My eyes got bigger and shouted out loud “FOR GOOD?” my mom looked at me nodded her head yes for good! I was super excited. As the days got closer my mom withdrew us from our schools and got all the papers ready. Days flew by super fast so we started counting the days and got rid of a lot of things and started to pack. I didn’t wanna leave the second we got to the airport because i knew it was happening. I cried the hardest out of everyone because i didn’t wanna leave my bestfriend, my cousin. We both cried the hardest once it was time to go and looking back at it i laugh. The mainland is always a good place to go to for vacation but it isn’t for me. I got home sick super quick but talking to my family in guam everyday always helped.The state i lived in for 9 months was California. It’s a beautiful state and has many sites and places to visit but super long road trips. I enjoyed many of them, to me personally i rather go to the states for vacation and have no destination for road trips with my family and a bunch of friends.The schools are way different from the ones here and the people too. It has many opportunities but i wouldn’t wanna stay in the states.

These Words Belong to Me 1.Tidy (adj) Arranged and neat in order. I am a very ocd type of person. It really gets to me when the house is messy, it makes me really frustrated to the point i have to make sure it is tidy. 2.Authentic (adj) Genuine. This word best describes me because my feelings and and myself in general are very authentic. Most days i always got myself at the end of the day. 3.Sturdy (adj) Strongly and solidly built. I am very sturdy, not physically but mentally and emotionally. I don’t let anyone bring me down because of how i was raised and taught, other people’s opinions don’t matter to me. 4.Astound (v) Shock or greatly surprised. This definition truly describes me. My life is full of surprises and i do many things that astound people. 5.Assimilation (n) Fully understanding information or ideas. Being understanding is a part of me. I understand someone more than i understand myself, but no one understands me. 6.Enchant (v) Fill someone with great delight or charm. I always enchant someone with my personality. 7. Try (v) Make an attempt to do something. I always try and make someone’s day esp my family or friends. 8.Audacious (adj) Showing willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. Even with the type of person i come off to some people i am always down for the anything. Not in any negative way, but somehow someone’s has to do it. 9.Love (n) An intense feeling of deep affection. When i love, i love hard no matter the person. You give me 110% you get the same back. 10.Ecstatic (adj) Feeling or expressing excitement or happiness. Everyday i feel ecstatic.

“In Other Words” 1. “Celin is so funny and nice, she always bright’s up my day.” 2. “Celin is super strong with everything she’s been through, one day i hope someone gives her the world!” 3. “Your faith is so strong, how often do you go to church?” 4. “When celin puts her mind to it she can do it!” 5. “I love the positive celin.” 6. “Whenever i see celin she either has food in her hand or complains that she is hungry.” 7. “Celin is so weird, i love it!” 8. “Celin hates working out but at the same time she doesn’t need it.” 9. “Celin knows how to clean, cook, and take care of kids? Damn.” 10. “Celin is so loud and crazy, she’s not afraid to express herself.”

Flashback If i could go back in time i would go all the way back to middle school. In middle school i joined many sports, sports i didn’t even think i would join. Lets go wayyyyy back, since the start of 6th grade year i joined my first sport, basketball. I grew a love and passion for the sport and it became my favorite sport ever. After that, i joined cross country, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. I grew a passion for every sport i played because i wasn’t gonna join something i didn’t have interest in. I found many friends with the sports i joined. I love middle school, if i could go back i would. Not only the sports but the friends and memories i made with a bunch of people and staff i thought i would never get close to. My middle school years were the best years of my life and if i could go back in time i would.

Remembrance of Things Present 1.Strength 2.Understanding 3.Love 4.Kindness 5.Rebellious

As Time Goes Bye-Bye Later in life, my dream goal in my bucket list was to always travel the world with my bestfriend’s. It would be a dream to go to new places with my girls and to do many new things with them. The one thing we would do is go on road trips without a destination. The main place we all would go though is California. We would have most days to relax and most days shop and eat everywhere. My friends are crazy so i know we would all have a good time. Imagine us go everywhere esp to VEGAS! My friends aren’t the type to just shop at malls they would wanna go to bars and dance at clubs and meet new people and have the best memories ever.

My Own Lists of Lists 1.People who influenced me… *My mom-Sharon Mundo 2.Places that make me happy… *The beach, my bed 3.Places i would like to go… *Disney World 4.Things in people which i like… *Effort, and humor 5.Things in people which i dislike.. *Disrespect, and lying 6.Things that worry me.. *Health, and safety 7.Things i would like to know how to do… *Dance, and sleep 8.Things that have moved me… *Lessons, and past 9.Ideas that intrigue me… *Graduation 10.My personal favorites.. *Bubbly shakes, and food

Cheer Yourself Up! 1.Eat everything on the taco bell menu 2.Go skydiving 3.Scavenger hunt 4.Sleep for a week 5.Jetskiing 6.Booze cruise 7.Camping 8.Sunset watching 9.Riding a hot air balloon 10.Fly an airplane

Metamorphosis I use to be super shy and quiet, but now i’m open and loud. I use to hate vegetables, but now i eat everything. I use to not eat so much, but now i eat A LOT. I use to cry whenever someone would hurt my feelings, but now i really don’t care what anyone says. I use to have a lot of friends, but now i keep my circle small. I use to walk to school, but now i drive.

Picture This

The picture above is with one of my This is my family. Without them i don’t know Cousins that i consider my sister. Where i would be. My family is my rock. We’ve been through everything Growing up we would do everything together Together, we basically grew up No matter the situation or day it was it would together since we were babies. Always be a good time. My family does so Her name is Kiara and we are the much for me that i do back. We may not be Same age and grade. She attends a perfect family but no matter what my love Simon Sanchez. We do everything for them would be never ending. We all fight Together, we act the same, and we 24/7 but at the end of the day we always got Sorta kinda really do look the same each other. We are all growing up slowly and Too. She is my person and my go to. We are going about with our lives and doing She’s been my best friend since ever our own thing but no matter the outcome we Since and i couldn’t imagine life without will all be whole together. My parents are my Her. She’s one of the many people i know my anchor and they strive to make our family I can rely on whenever and she’s the only the best we could be. Without my siblings i Person i know who won’t judge the decisions would be beyond bored. With the never I make with life. She’s my person i can go to ending fights and trash talks only my Hype me up or to even cheer me up. I never siblings and i get each other. They are Really cry to anyone unless i’m alone but with my backbone and the light of my life. Her i can do whatever and i’m totally comfortable I love my family with all i am and for And okay with it. I love her to death. The rest of my life.

Who I Look Up To I look up to two most important people in my life, and they are my grandparents. My grandparents love is unconditional but not only that. They are very hardworking people and they taught me that whatever i want in life is something i have to work for “Nothing in life comes easy.” And that’s something i always have in mind. My grandparents are the only people who can really tell me what’s right and what’s wrong because i believe they know what’s best. Before my papa passed away things always went good. I mean they still do but i know my grandma needs him by her side, what other half doesn’t? I don’t know anyone but my grandma who checks the cemetery everyday to be with my grandpa. That’s true love, my grandma always says never take life for granted because once you do that’s it for you. As a kid they would always be the ones to baby sit me when my parents went to work. My grandpa is such a hardworking man. The roof over my head was built with my grandpa’s bare hands with help from my dad and his brothers. I’ll forever be grateful for my grandparent’s and everything they do for my family. They are my role models and everything i know and learn from them i’ll use it for the rest of my life.

Remember The Child When i was a kid i did most things other little girls wouldn’t do. I was never interested in dressing up or playing with dolls or babies. I never owned a barbie or anything girly or pink things. I was more of a boy when i was younger. I always played outside wanting to wrestle the other little boys who lived down my street and i always attempted to cut my hair short whenever i found a pair of scissors lying around. I was a naughty kid, i never listened to my parents when they told me to wear a dress to church i would lock myself up or cry non stop. I hated when my hair was down in school and i always looked like a mess coming home. I had majority boy friends in kinder and i liked doing boy things. Going to my grandparents house in yigo i would always make a fire with y boy cousins and follow them to play in the jungle. My childhood days are so crazy but cool at the same time.

One Medium Suitcase In my suitcase i would bring 6 important things i may need. For example one, clothes i would bring sets of clothes because i am the type of person to shower everyday. Second, i would bring hygiene products i can’t stand the fact of smelling bad. I always need to be clean everyday. Third i would bring undergarments, i would bring a lot because like i said i always need to shower at least twice a day. Fourth i would bring electronic chargers, to survive in a place or are i need a charger to charge my electronics for when i’m in need of help. Fifth, i would bring a small blanket, no matter where i am i wanna be at least comfortable where ever i’m at. And lastly the last thing i would need are comfortable shoes, i need shoes to wear whenever i go to somewhere that’s extreme. I need to always be comfortable for me to last on whatever i am doing or where ever i am going.

The Perfect Present The perfect present is respect. In this crazy world we all need respect. Respect goes a long way, today’s generation lacks so much of it. If they don’t know you you’re not respected. It bugs me how things change and happen so fast even if you’re not known to somebody.Growing up i was taught how to give respect and how to respect myself. If it’s one thing i admire the most is respect. I can not stand someone or something that’s disrespecting. Family, friends, strangers who ever you are you have my respect until you lose it. In my opinion for things that are happening today i wish some people have it but it’s really something that they lack. I also believe in a saying “To get respect, give respect.” Now a days people don’t follow or use that saying. All i know is that i am a respectful person and if there is anyone who thinks differently they probably disrespected me or they don’t know me.

Memorable Event A memorable event was in 5th grade when i lived in California. When i was younger i was obsessed with demi lovato, the jonas brothers, and every other disney cast out there. On my birthday i was surprised a ticket to go to their live concert. I was super happy no one even knows, i cried so hard because i didn’t think it was real but i also knew it was i was just crying tears of joy haha. The days went back quickly and i was so amazed at the fact i was going to my first concert ever. What’s even more cool is that i met them in person, it felt like a dream. I attended the concert with my cousin and my auntie. It was a super fun and amazing experience, it was really one for the books. My childhood was such a fun time to be in, if going back to a kid was possible i would go right back.

How To Do A Roach Prank! Step 1:Find someone to prank Step 2:Buy a fake cockroach Step 3:Find a place on where to put your victim or put the roach where they are always at Step 4:Plant the roach Step 5:Place your camera and start filming

Always Say Never 1. I wouldn’t wanna get pulled over by the police again. 2. I wouldn’t wanna go through fake people again. 3. I wouldn’t wanna stress out things i could finish again. I wouldn’t wanna get pulled over by the police again, because while i was driving around with my friends they were being crazy and decided to speed on the main road until we got pulled over by a police. I called it but nah “don’t worry.” When my friends drive they aim to race every car on the road until we get pulled over. I’ve never met a bunch of safe drivers who break the rules. Lesson learn is to not let the same person who always wants to drive to drive and speed because the consequences get put on you. I wouldn’t wanna go through fake people again, but they’re every where. I’ve never in my life have met a bunch of people who could backstab me and play victim. Never have i imagine it would be the people i’m closest to. I wouldn’t wanna come across fake people ever again. I hate liars and i also hate disrespectful people who think it’s okay to disrespect everyone. I wouldn’t wanna stress out again on things i could finish, it really frustrates me when i wait until the last minute to get things done. I really can’t afford to procrastinate anymore. Life after highschool i swear to myself not to do the same mistakes i’ve made in high school, lessons learned. There are many things i wish i should’ve done on time and things i should’ve done when i had the time to but didn’t take it. In the life after this i will get things done on time for college so that my stress level wouldn’t be all the way up there.

Are You Hungry? My favorite meal is majority of the pasta’s at caps. If i wouldn’t know what to eat caps is always the decision i would make up my mind on. Caps is my favorite place to eat and it’s a place i would never get tired of. I can eat there all day and i recommend everyone to try it and eat there. Only reason i love this place is because it fills you up and it can make you full. It’s a finger licking good meal. Every time i goto caps i always see everyone enjoying their meal. You see the same people doing whatever you are doing so you wouldn’t feel like you’re the only one doing so.

Where I’m From 1.Fiestas 2.Beach 3.Carnival 4.Legends 5.Ancestors 6.Fishing 7.BBQ 8.Offroading 9.Chamorro Month 10.Hot 11.Festivals 12.Sinahis 13.Santa Maria Kamalen 14.Chamorro Village 15.Night Markets

Deck of 52’ 1.Starbuck coffee 2.Spirit week themes 3.Things you spend on senior year 4.Things you do on pep rally 5.Things to do in California 6.Things to do in Guam 7.Things to do in the summer 8.Tv shows 9.Netflix 10.Games 11.Home cooked meals 12.Shopping places 13.Casual outfits 14.Basic outfits 15.Different braid styles 16.Different makeup 17.Different workouts 18.Things to do in Vegas 19.Things to do in the Bahamas 20.Halloween costumes 21.Different ice cream flavors 22.Different bubbly teas 23.Shopping malls 24.Home made baking 25.Responsibilities after grad 26.Restauraunts to eat at

The Examined Life Good 1.Respectful 2.Forgiving 3.Understanding 4.Confident 5.Good Listener 6.Reliable 7.Leadership 8.Advice giver 9.Trust worthy 10.Promising

Bad 1.Disrespectful 2.Forgetting 3.Distraction 4.Easy 5.Stressed 6.Temper 7.Complicating 8.Not taking my own advice 9.Trust issues 10.Lenient

Annual Report Last year was probably the worst year of my life. I went through friendship breakups and a relationship break up of two years. I had friends who stabbed me in the back and my other half lie straight to my face. I didn’t think i would get over anything i was going through for a long time. I was super depressed, i was beyond sad and i always had the mindset that i was never gonna get through it. For a while i didn’t care about what i was doing and if it affected me or others around me. My heart was cold i was in a dark place and i never really wanted to get out. I got comfortable with the fact of being not okay. I strongly believe that things do get better. Now i’m with a group of people who know me better than anyone and support the decisions i make and who are always there for me. And now i have met the love of my life who knows myself worth and gives me what i deserve in life. I am so happy and complete with my life and i wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

Ekphrasis In january i went to the philippines for my basketball trip. My team and i stayed in a place where the mountains were at and we stayed there for about a week in a half. In that week i met a lot of people and i learned a lot of things there. I experienced many different things. After that week of basketball we went on a 6 hour drive to manila. While our stay there we did a lot of shopping and visited a lot of places one of my favorite places we went to was the art museum the paintings were crazy. Something that will make your heart drop but was so cool to see. There are many picture’s i have of the art museum. It was such an amazing experience.

Visually Speaking SWEET

Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late 1.Procrastinating 2.Waiting until the last minute I procrastinate all the time, it never fails. I always wait until the last minute to do something that will be due until the very last minute. I stress myself out with all the mistakes i make. I’m such a busy person so i never really have the time i think i could do in the very last minute. I always have important things to do at home and things i have to take care of outside of school. Procrastinating is very bad because it really does make you feel like giving up even if you shouldn’t. I learned from the mistakes i made with the lessons i learned. Waiting until the last minute to get things done is what i do best. I always wait until the last day to do things i should’ve done long time ago. I always learn from my mistakes but the mentality i have is like i could get everything done right before it’s due. I always make things hard for myself and i push myself harder than i should. My stress level is probably higher than most .

The Door Walking out the door i wanna make something out of myself. I wanna graduate and make my parents proud. When i walk out the door i wanna walk into summer. I want to walk out the door with a diploma in my hand ready to take on the real world. When i walk out the doors of gw i wanna come out to be a somebody. I wanna make my parents and family proud of the person i’ve become and i wanna be the best i can be in life. When i walk out of the door i don’t wanna walk into the first day of school i wanna work for my money and attend college. When i walk out the door i don’t wanna see every fake person i saw in this place.

Advice to The Young Dear my child, Today on May 17,2018 i am writing this letter to you because i don’t want you going through the many things i went through in life.I want you all to live life to the fullest with no regrets. As your mother i want all of you to know that you can come to me with anything you are going through in life without being afraid. I am your mom, you can talk to me, vent to me, cry to me, and even let me know things i should or shouldn’t. Growing up i was never really able to talk to your grandma, things were hard. I did many things i couldn’t even come out to her about. But now as a mother i want you to be respectful to not only others but yourself. I do not want you guys to make me nor your dad look like we don’t know how to raise you. You are our daughter and our son, we’re cool parents. But please do not take this beautiful life for granted. I want you to know that although you do something you are scared to tell me, please tell me. I will never leave your side and support your dreams and goals! Xoxo,Your mom!

Who Am I? 1.Youngest Girl 2.Daughter 3.Nina/Auntie 4.Student 5.Future Peadatrician

Rewarding Experiences 10. I don’t need anyone, i am independent. 9. You don’t need to do anything bad to be happy. 8.You don’t need someone to keep you happy. 7.You need to stop being stressed on what you can control. 6.You need to stop procrastinating. 5.You need to know when to stop. 4.You need to stop being lazy. 3.You need to stop wasting your time. 2.You need to stop letting people take you for granted. 1. You need to stop giving you all who someone who gives back half.

Valuable Lessons 1. Independent with or without someone 2. I can be happy on my own. 3. You need to put my foot down when needed. 4. You need to stop being lazy. 5. You need to have limits. 6. You need to be respectful at all times. 7. You need to stop putting on makeup because you don’t need it. 8. You need to stop going out with friends and spend time with family. 9. You need to focus on your goals. 10. You need enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Future’s-Fantasy Fact Celin is a person who achieves her goals, and works hard for it. She gets paid a lot of money by just doing what she does. She has four cars and 2 mansions. She has seven kids with the love of her life and a cook and maid who live with her also. Her maid is not really her maid but her close friend who she got close to over the years. Her cleaner gets good pay with aside of her cook. Every family vacation the cook and maid follow with a side of her family. Celin has 10 bedrooms in her house and 5 bathrooms. She always has family guest who always visits and has a good time. She always has family parties and after parties when the elders leave her mansion is always the spot.

Ten years from now, i see myself just starting to get my life together. I would be done with college and i would be achieving my goals with my family and loml. I would be in a settled in a nice house and i would be driving a nice car and on our vacations, traveling the world. I would be stabled with two kids and have the love and support from my other half. I would be a peadatrician and be successful with my life. My dream goal is to achieve my goals and live happily ever after with my family.

Epligoue You have just read 53 pages about my life! Crazy huh? From the beginning of my life towards the ending of who i wanna be. This is my story of my life. It has every detail of who i was, who i am, and who i’m out to be. This autobiography is about my life. There are some personal, and some that are not. You basically read about my whole life until now. Here’s to my likes and dislikes, my personal and nonpersonal information, and what colors my world inside and out. There are many things i wanna achieve in life but i wanna aim to do it one step at a time. This is the last of my autobiography. For those who don’t know me it takes a lot for one to understand. My life is as crazy as i am and i hope for all who get to ready each and every page of my autobiography please enjoy!

The life of celin  
The life of celin