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Celine Freszel ~ Human Dynamics ~ Tuesday / 12 PM

An object that acts as a tangible piece of the soul, designed to bring comfort through familiarity with oneself.

Interview Joseph Bonacorssi

Favorites Color: Red Tree: Redwood Animal: Leopard Time of Day: Before bed/first thing in the morning Cuisine: Mexican and Italian Artist: Dali / Da Vinci Musician: John Mayer Element: Water Place on Earth: Northern California: mountains, forest, ocean Part of Body: Calves Metal: Gold Number: 7 Smell: Rosemary Environment: Greenhouse Material: Wood View of Self: Curious, thoughtful, introverted, energetic, ambitious Comfort: nature, activity, close circle Discomfort: large crowds, loud noises, heights, alien complex View of Humanity: Good Plant: Cactus Texture: smooth, Right Brain or Left brain: Left Brain Hot or Cold: Hot Tea or coffee: coffee Transparent or opaque: Opaque If you could be a _____‌ Material: Water Weight: Light as a cork tree Color: Green Animal: some kind of wild cat Shape: Triangle

Totem Significance & Use The totem acts as a microcosm of the soul; A small portion accounting for the whole. Using symbolism one can find familiarity through shape, color, and material and they act as a refrain to oneself and in turn provides comfort. Each totem is designed for each individual, its physical appearance and presence is a mirror of its master. It belongs to no one else and the law of it existence is deeply personal, therefore no one is allow to hold it, as to prevent contamination. Joseph’s totem is meant reflect simplicity through inspiration from nature, his idea of comfort. The totem is a vehicle to himself as well as a place of ease and separation from the overwhelming world around him. The shape, color, material, weight, and details are a direct reflection of his most integral qualities. It provides a foundation and comfort through a small glimpse of total reality. The totem is proportional to the users hand so that its may be synchronized with the fluidity of the users soul and body. It is unconscious and conscious, godly and humane. This grey area acts as a vignette, a small corner of their existence where they can feel grounded, safe, and important.


Joseph’s Totem Qualities of Totem are directly related to:

• Nature • Sensuality;


• Simplicity;


• Childhood;


Materials Symbolism

Gold Purity/Brilliance

Lignum Vitae Density/Strength/ Foundation

Final Product

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