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Carlos i Pau

Carive is a small island in Carribean sea, there is always very hot and sunny in summer and spring and a lot of turist go there becouse it’s hot and sunny in summer and there are beautiful beaches and hotels in Carive island.

In Caribe island live a man it name is Marcos. He want go to Vallter 2000 because there live his child and he want skiing there.

On day he goes to the aeroport , and then he catch an aeroplane and goes to barceloana.

She is Mariana, the girlfrend of Marcos. She likes skiing too.

One day they goes to skiing but Marcos falls and they goes to the hospital.

He stays one day and then he goes again in Caribe and never goes to ski.

Skiing(002 glb Pau Sisternas and Carlos Arnau)  

one day we go to ski