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Monday 11th June

8 am OK, John is messing about with the vacuum cleaner and now he’s woken me up... 8 O’CLOCK!! OMG I can´t believe it. OOOH NO! Monday again? I thought it was Monday yesterday, in fact I think there is more than one Monday each week but nobody notices except me. I hate Mondays! Goodbye world, I will try to sleep all day, tomorrow will be a better day.

11 am Oh c’mon Odie! Stop licking me! STOP! Don’t worry I’m a good actor I can pretend to be sleeping; he will get tired and leave me alone.

11.30h No, he won’t! I think he’s creating the Loch Ness with spittle. IUUU! OK Odie, you wanna play? Let’s play…

1pm Time to eat! This is the only time of the day I like! WHAT? DIET? John, are you kidding me? NO please, please you can’t do that, I’ve been a good cat! C’mon John look at me! I can’t survive with a dish of vegetables… No, no, no! Please don’t leave! John if you make me a lasagne, I promise I will find you a girlfriend. Why are you looking at me like that? Oh! I meant well! JOOOOHN JOOOOHN! Definitely this is the worst Monday of my life. Oh! I think John has been baking and now he’s out… nice cake: wait for me, I’m coming!

1.15pm Fat? Who? Me? OK Odie, you can stare at me all afternoon, I won’t give you any cake. Don’t look at me like that, it’s Monday, I need that cake.

2pm I think I’m going to have a nap.


Guess what? John has bought new curtains and I’m getting used to them, they seem comfortable.

5pm Yes, I’ve been painting; I was so bored and tired of Mondays that I needed to do something. Do you want me to show you what I’ve just painted? OK, turn the page.

Yes, I’m saying goodbye. Now leave me alone Odie, John and you. I HATE MONDAYS! And I just want to sleep for the rest of the day. Do you think you will be able not to disturb me? I Hope so… Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow and we can talk or you can help me to disturb Odie or we can make lasagne together, like good friends, but now LET ME SLEEP!


Today is the worst day of the week

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