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I’m DORY ! ! !

Hi there, my name is Dory !!! And well, I’m a fish, a Surgeon fish! I’m a very active fish, I mean, I can’t stop talking, swimming ...! I always need to be with somebody else, I cannot be alone! Even though I’m not afraid of anything... well anything excepts sharks, Yes I hate Sharks, they are very aggressive and they are always hungry!!!!!

Oh I nearly forgot! Do you know what? I have a friend, oh no, wait I have a BEST friend, his name is Nemo !! Beautiful name, isn’t it? We always do everything together ! We Love to go swimming and feel that the sea is ours! We also love to do races, and let me tell you something, I always win !!!! Nemo and I Love swimming up to the surface and watching the boats, it is so lovely!

When I get older I will: 1-Change the fish world and stop the fish market !! How can human beings kill and buy us?? It is so cruel! And they put us into the oven, or on the pan!!! It is so sad... So when I get older I will change this, I don’t know how yet, but I promise I will!

2- I’ll improve my whale Language. Even though I think my whale language is perfect, my friend Nemo keeps telling me I should improve and get the whale degree! So I’ll study hard to do the exam and get the whale title!

3-I’ll soon go to Miss Mermaid show, which helps you to make a change and become more femenine! It is like the ones they do on MTV but under the sea! Now is when you say: OH no!! Dory you are perfect like this! But I need to admit that I’m not very femenine and I’d like to change!

4-I’ll be the first fish to have a Facebook page! Why can’t we have a Facebook account? That’s not fair for fish so I’ll create a Facebook only for fish, which I’ll call “Fishbook”.

5-I’ll invent a Machine which will give me more memory!! Recently, I’ve been losing my memory and I’m really scared! So I won’t sit around and watch my memory fade away and I’ll invent a memory Machine which will provide us (the fish) with MORE MEMORY! Now I understand why people use the expression: “ you have the memory of a goldfish” .

Well I hope you liked my blog ! Take care and remember !!


Dory (403, Marina Casanovas)  

Dory's blog. From Maria Moreso