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02. IN THOSE YEARS It focuses on consumption for reminiscence, aiming to establish an online platform where people could buy old things and express their nostalgia.

Project Proposal Framing the problem : Because of the increasing pressure and the rapid social transformation, nostalgia has became a common phenomenon of the 70s 、 80s,even of the 90s. But nowadays, despite the material prosperity, the online commercial platform for nostalgic consumption has not come into being yet. Value point: boosting emotional consumption ——subdividing the e-commerce market and focusing on the emotional expression of feeling Target Market : consumer groups of the 70s 、 80s and 90s with a strong sense of nostalgia

Competitor Analysis  provide rich goods choices ✖ lack purchasing situation and feelings

 create purchasing situation and emotional appeal ✖ too wide business scope and fuzzy target market

Six Thinking Hats ① Whether nostalgia has become a common feelings or not. ② The one who is nostalgic may not has the purchase intention. Black Hat ③ The subjective factors such as love knot may not are the main causes of emotional consumption. ④ It’s not clear that what can really causes people’s nostalgia emotions. ⑤ People may not be willing to share the personal feelings.

Supporting facts


User Study Valid questionnaires : 134 Age group : 1970s 32% 1980s 25% 1990s 39%

White Hat

① In recent years, a large number of youth movies and films adapted from games tend to get great box-office appeal. ② The questionnaire results show that the people who are willing to purchase or may buy nostalgic products account for nearly 90%. ③ The questionnaire results show that mood and subjective factors are the main factors ( over 40% ) affecting the emotional consumption. ④ The questionnaire results show that , to a large degree , songs, photos and books can cause nostalgic feelings. ⑤ The questionnaire results show that about 60% people are willing or likely to share nostalgic memories.

Inspiron  Treasure Box——The receiver can choose anyone from the same-value items while you just need to pay for one item.  Draw out lucky comments randomly in ’memory’ module and send out exquisite gifts to the poster  Product induction feature situation description to let users fit in with the circumstance  If users need to give a gift to others , they can pay for the price difference in advance so that receivers can purchase items at the old price

Mental Model Purchase Lack of access for buying old articles Can not afford the price oneself Recommend old articles to others


Nostalgia Have no idea of the receiver's preference

arouse nostalgic feelings

Improve one’s express will Find the interesting topic quickly

Buying gifts on special festivals

User can sell old products

Provide the most suitable item according to tags

Funny quiz game for arousing nostalgic feeling

Draw out lucky posters and send out gifts

chip in

chose according to time and category

Posts descripting past experience


Set tags for various posts in ‘comment’ module

buy a gift bag for others to chose

Product induction paid attention to situation description

Link to other shopping website

Promote festival program on a regular basis

Give others presents at the old price

Personas Personal information       

Gender : female Age : 23 Profession : graduate Consumption level : 1000/month Hobby : doing exercises 、 visiting shows 、 reading Personality : intelligent 、 quiet 、 artistic Living environment : urban life , went on holiday in rural areas

User goals


• send surprising and creative gifts for friends or elders • weave different living atmospheres through purchasing products featuring nostalgia occasionally

Pain points • have little knowledge about products featuring nostalgia which can please elders • Limited purchase channels for high-quality and exquisite products featuring nostalgia

Personal information     

Gender : male Age : 33 Profession : University Instructor Consumption level : 6000/month Hobby : doing research 、 watching movies 、 reading 、 studying history  Personality : knowledgeable 、 calm 、 rational  Living environment : metropolitan city , but be born in rural areas  Home life : has been married for 5 years and has a son

User goals


• recall the past • express one’s views about the youth and past life

Pain points • Lack vivid scene to help him to recall the past • Lack atmosphere to express himself

Personal information      

Gender : female Age : 47 Profession : businesswoman Consumption level : 8000/month Hobby : classmate reunion 、 travelling 、 playing mahjong Personality : careful 、 nagging 、 kind 、 take charge of all matters on herself  Living environment : urban life , but be born and bought up in rural areas  Home life: has been married for 22 years and has a daughter


User goals • weave different living atmospheres through purchasing products featuring nostalgia occasionally • Look through others’ comments on the past things and recall the past

Pain points • Limited purchase channels for high-quality and exquisite old articles • Lack vivid scene to help her to recall the past

Functional Framework

Storyboard When we were at senior high school…

You can use this APP for purchasing old articles or write posts to share the past life and memorable experience.

① Hot topic : Crazy little thing called love

I’m so touched by the users’ comments! Let me share my story!

③ Wow ! I’ve been chosen as the lucky poster. It’s so cool!

④ What a surprise for receiving an old radio!





Usability Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation

Usability Test • Users have no access to write comments under a post • Unchosen and chosen state have the same effect in ‘memory’ module • Swiping right left can not change the page in the homepage Think Aloud

Final Version

In those years  

It focuses on consumption for reminiscence, aiming to establish an online platform where people could buy old things and express their nosta...