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01. Alumni mutual insurance Alumni mutual insurance is inspired by the idea of “purchasing insurance through crowd funding�, encouraging alumni to share the risk of diseases and to improve their health security.

Targeted problems Increasing risk of serious diseases

Preliminary Ideas

unmatched financial capacity

Target User: college students or new graduates Pattern :

financial support

(In case of insurance bilk)

6 yuan as initial margin

180 days

formal member

If someone catch cancer

(prepare for mutual events )

Value financial support  Homogeneous group can easily causes sympathy  The risk probability of the target group is lower than that of most charity organizations so that the financial burden is lighter  The small amount of capitation fee won’t cause no economic stress

Competitor Analysis Commercial Insurance

Crowdfunding platform

 High investment  Opaque asset management

 Hard to feel pity without empathy  uncertain income of relief fund

Problem Space ( 10 Plus 10 )

Increase publicity

contribution by User Generated Media Interpersonal spread (such as social networking website)

Jointly hold or sponsor campus activities

Address credit crisis show platform qualification ( Including business license, notarial certificate ) fund custody service by the third party custodian

Enhance the awareness of risk

Increase profit point

show the statistics about serious disease rejuvenation

embed soft advertising in health tips

report relevant cases

recommend medical and insurance APPs

publicly display the cooperation agreement with the third party institutions

invite the recipients to express feelings

spread through the alumni group , fellow-townsman party, etc.

link the health risk to the risk of unemployment that young people care about

promote by the school authority or school media Set news section to inform members of latest cases fully display medical cases full publicity and provide direct dialogue channel between the receiver and donators

recommend crowdfunding platforms and commercial insurance platforms

User study

Data Analysis

Unexpected inspiration

Are you agree with Solutions in Problem Space ?

 Add Medical Care as an independent module as most people need basic medical advice in their daily life  Implant it in WeChat instead of making an APP at the initial stage.  For recipients who apply for assistance , we should prepare a simple application form for them.  Members who share this platform with others can obtain the reward in terms of expense deduction.  Cancel the communication channel the patient and other members after treatment avoiding exaggerating its social function.

Increase profit points


Increase publicity


Address credit crisis


Enhance risk awareness


Storyboard ①

② Let’s subscribe to a WeChat official account——Alumni Mutual Insurance

You have joined our plan. Now you will donate to recipients!

Early Version

There‘s a case announcement. Let me know some details.

A university student was diagnosed with leukemia…

What a pity! He really need help!

⑤ I just talked to him! I hope that he can recover soon!

Wow ! Thanks to the efforts of this platform, He finally recovered!

From the recipient: I have recovered! I’m so lucky to get help from you all!

a.Functional framework

b. Work Flow

Usability Evaluation ( provisional )

 Cognitive walkthroughs

 Usability testing

 Don’t classify the news section and health tips separately  Remove the ‘diagnosis’ in the third module completely.  The basic knowledge of serious diseases and its preventive measures should be added.  Dialogue channels with the recipients during supporting period should be arranged in the same module above.

Final Option

Alumni mutual insurance  

Alumni mutual insurance is inspired by the idea of “purchasing insurance through crowd funding”, encouraging alumni to share the risk of dis...