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It is a game of collaboration-opposition, where the main objective is the elimination of the opposing team or the achievement of a secondary objective that we encounter. In an activity pose different situations moves, using a field equipped with trenches and other hiding places, where the players from both teams will try to eliminate their opponents. To do this is used as a kind of gun or marker to shoot balls of paint. Adversary touched, adversary eliminated! Minimum Requirements: • Any person with a physical condition basic may perform this activity. • The minimum age is 14 years (attention, more than the age depends on the constitution of each person. We have to ensure that all the protections that are provided are adapted to the person).

Place to practice: In the heart of the Sierra de Guara. The course is situated just to the side of the River Alcanadre in passing through the town of Bierge, in an area called the leap of Bierge (its exact location is next to the Hostel "The leap" ).

PRICES: • Initial batch of Paintball with 100 balls of paint: 29 € • Initial batch of Paintball with 200 balls of paint: 34 € • Other reloads additional 100 balls (6 € recharge). • Possibility of purchase fund as a whole in 2000 balls (105 €).

Paintball in Sierra de Guara  

Paintball in the heart of Sierra de Guara, Alquezar (Aragon, Spain)

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