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CANYON DESCENTS (FAMILIES, LEVEL I) The descent will always be led by an expert guide, which at most will be able to carry 10 participants. The duration of this day can easily be adapted to the requirements of each group and optionally some rappel can be done to get started on this technique and that will allow us to access higher levels to find more sensations.

Requirements: • Know how to swim. • Have a physical condition minimum to spend a full day in the nature • Minimum age: 7 years old.

Place of practice: for its location and beauty, the most advisable is the third chaos of the Vero River’s Canyon, in Alquezar.

Other examples: final stretch of the Formiga River, in the Alcanadre River, Petit Mascún, in the pretty village of Rodellar…

PRICES: • 5 to 7 participants: 42 € • 8 to 15 participants: 38 €

DECLINE IN CANYONS, RAVINES (INITIATED, LEVEL II) From the inside, we will have to walk on gravel, slide by chutes, jump to deep pools or pass through the narrow gorges in opposition. When we find ourselves with a vertical considerable drop, it will be necessary to use the technique of the rappel. We consider a descent to be aquatic when the river does not present any point with obligatory installation of strings and therefore, there is no rappelling. When a canyon descent is what we call those rivers that due to its shape makes it necessary to install one or more times the strings and descend with the rappelling technique.

Minimum Requirements: Not be afraid of the heights. At least, to be able to be on the verge of a vertical 15 meter wall. Places where you can practice: Aquatic descents: Vero River’s Canyon, impressive descent for its beautiful landscapes. It is not characterized by a river with a great quantity of hops, but by its caves between large boulders. 6 hour duration. La Peonera is a stretch of the Alcanadre river, highly aquatic, with a large quantity of hops, pools, slides, siphons ... very dynamic. Needs a great resistance, for it lasts 5 hours.

Canyoning: Formiga River and Canyon of the Balcés offer a version more concentrated of the descents. With shorter duration (between 2h30 and 3h30 inside the water) but with the lure of the rappels.

PRICES: • 5 to 7 participants: 48 €. • 8 to 15 participants: 42 €.

Canyoning in Sierra de Guara  

Families and Initiated. Vero River’s Canyon, La Peonera, Formiga River, Canyon of the Balcés