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Create a Free Business Website for Profit and Publicity Let’s admit it; it’s hard being a small business today. Your competition is fierce and you’re not just coping with other small businesses and big box stores, but also massive online stores like Don’t let success pass you by! Get your name out in the online world when you create a free business website. It’s a simple and easy process that can help you increase your client base and add credibility to your business. People trust what they see on the Internet and by having a website, you’re legitimizing yourself as a local business alternative. Changing Face of Searching Many businesses are still depending on old-fashioned ways of marketing and promotion to retain and find new customers, but the times have changed. It isn’t good enough to simply get ads in newspapers and on the radio or paying a premium for big flashy listings in the Yellow Pages. Just when was the last time you looked for something in the phone book? Your prospective customers are going online and searching for local services and products through search engines like Google. If they do it, what are they going to find for your business? Is it a generic listing that you didn’t even write or a attractive looking website detailing everything about you and your services? Your Competition’s doing It A website is becoming almost standard business practice for any company and if you don't have one, I can promise you that your competition does. How many clients are you losing because they’re finding your competitors or getting their product or service from a big online retailer simply because they don’t realize there is a local place? You’re losing customers each and every day because they don’t know you exist. You could take out ads in newspapers and on the radio, but lacking an online presence, you’re passing up on an opportunity. Yes, You can do It Many people are scared of creating their own website. They think that it will cost a lot of money or will be too complex for them to manage by themselves. The fact is a website can cost thousands of dollars - if you have someone else design one for you. But with today’s free website offers, you can accomplish it without having to spend anything at all. Let the competition spend their hard-earned money on a website and you can create a welldesigned website for free. There are lots of places that offer free sites and each one has their particular positives and negatives. You’ll want someone that has easy-to-learn tools and technical support to help you through it. and create your free business website. They’ll help you through every step of the way from start to finish.

Your business can grow when you create a free business website  

Let’s admit it; it’s hard being a small business today. Your competition is fierce and you’re not just coping with other small businesses an...