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Visual Production II Photography

Present By Hanyue Zheng

Course number:502-AP6-AS Group:2010 Teacher:Kathryn Kelly



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Part B









There are ten photographs in this part. The first one is shot during the summer 2013 in Shangri-La, Yunnan, China. It is the wall of the temple. The second one is shot on St-Catherine Street, which is next to our school. Those people gathered in front of the office of Chinese Embassy to publicize the Falun Gong. Then, it is the photo of my table lamp on my bedside cabinet. In the night, the light makes me feel safe and warm. Next, it is a photo that I shot in China, again. It was dawn when I took this picture. I saw a guy who was alone rafting on the lake, and the scene was beautiful but lonely. The fifth one is one seat on the bus. The sunlight comes in through the window that creates the contract of light and shadow. The last one is about branches on trees. The sunlight through all the gaps between branches and leaves makes me feel outgoing and refreshing. By assembling all those photos, the story is about loneliness and finding identification in a different side of the world. The story starts at my country where is distinctive about its own culture. I use to go to temple to pray for my family and friends, but this time, I pray for myself. I wish that I can be opportune in other country, Canada. However, when I arrive here, I realize that it is no my place anymore. I cannot find my identity and position here. Everytime I see Asian people on streets that makes me feel safer, but we are different. We might from differetn part of the Asia and we speak different language. Also, they might feel the way as I do. It is lonely here. Fortunately, I still have a place in this big empty city. Every night, I would turn on my table lamp and stare at it. The light from the lamp is soft and warm, which makes me think of my home. If life is a lake, we have to cross it by our own sometimes. We cannot stop in the middle of the lake, or surrender to the loneliness. After few years, I realize that identity is something I need to fight for me, not the sociaty gives to me. Even though there is no one sit with me face to face in a bus, I am still who I am. Loneliness is not a devil who trys to kill me, it helps me grow up. Otherwise, I am still under the same sky with all of my family and friends. Through all these photos, the message I try to express is that how a person changes his or her mind during some life moments. According to my experience, taking pictures are not as easy as I thought. My camera is NIKON D7000, and it is a heavy camera than others that I used. Also, I use two lenses to take photos, one is 18-105mm, other one is 50mm. At the beginning, I do not realize that different lenses can make the photo so different. After I use the 50mm lense, I find out that 50mm lense is better for close up landscape and human figure. The bokeh is better than the 18-105mm one. Also, it is hard to focus on the thing I want to shoot sometimes, because my lenses are autofocus. otherwise, the camera is quite heavy. When I hold it for a long time, my hands shake. Then it affects the quality of the picture. However, it is a good experience to work with this camera. It is only that I am not professional enough to shoot perfect picture. 12

Part C


The original one by William Eggleston

The Re-creation by Aloisy Woland

My Re-creation


William Eggleston is an American photographer. He was born in 1939, Memphis, Tennesse. His early works were enspired by Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson’s book, The Decisive Moment. This book was the most serious book for Eggleston in his career. The subject-matter in Eggleston’s works is ordinary. It can be a car or only the kitchen. Also, he is good at catching the light and shadow. The color of his photos are bright and warm, and there is always a contract in color. The style of Eggleston is unique. It is the imitation of or ordinary life. Esperison of his mature works is from his life. The original work is Eggleston’s Drink. The subject matter is a glass of drink. However, the high light of this photo is the light and the shadow of the drink. Also, through the background, we notice that this photo is shot on an airplane. It is quite hard to do the re-creation. Therefore, I find one re-creation of Drink by Aloisy Woland, who is a Germany photographer. He posts his re-creation on Flickr. As a result, I choose Woland one as the model of my re-creation. The reason is that his work has the same effect as Eggleston’s drink. They both show the art of light and shadow.

I use my 50mm lens for this photo. However, it is hard for me to find a right angle. The 50mm lens cannot zoom in like the 15-108mm one. Therefore, I have to take as many as possible from different angles to choose the closest one. Also, there is no direct sunlight in my apartment. As a result, I decide to use flashlight as an experiment to try if it works. The sunlight is yellow, the flashlight is white, and it affects the environment of the photo. After all, the flashlight works well, but I have to adjustment the color with Photoshop. It is a fun experience to work with light and shadow. Also, it reminds me that never forget to use my creativity to produce my work.



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