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Celia Cassab, Victoria Micha & David Cherem


Chapter 1

iFruit Ebook Science Fair

For this science fair project we are going to create an ecological charger. This charger will receive all of its energy from fruits. This way we can help the environment by not polluting with the chargers batteries.

Section 1

Objective Create an ecological fruit powered charger for the Apple devices so we can help the environment BACKGROUND INFORMATION At the moment that you put two dierent kinds of metals into a citrus fruit a reaction could take place. If Zinc metal can dissolve it will release energy, but it also loses electrons. When the zinc is connected to the other metal, the copper by an electric circuit, theses electrons can make the circuit neutralize copper ions in the apple, lemons or tangerines. All of this process it what releases energy which should make your iPod charge. On the citrus fruits there are copper ions already, but almost most of them are created by the tarnish when the copper dissolves in the acid of the fruit, and when this happens the ions in the copper oxide tarnish. 2

HYPOTHESIS If we put three fruits an apple a tangerine and a banana together, connected with copper and some nails all connected to the iphone, then maybe we are going to be able to charge the iphone becuase of all the energy that the three fruits together get and share, with each other and with the iphone.


Questions 1.How can the fruit pass the energy through the cable? 2. Does the fruit contain energy enough to charge the ipod completely? You need to have at least 4 fruits or more 3. With what other kind of fruit can power an ipod?

4. How can we control the number or voltages? 5. Why is it important to control the voltages? 6. How many voltages are needed to power an ipod? 7. What properties does the fruit have that allows it to power a device? 8. What other kinds of devices can be powered by fruit?


Section 4


* 1 Banana * 1 Apple * 1 Tangerine * 2 Nails * 2 Copper wires * Ipod USB The fruits can be bought in the market, the nails and copper in The Home Depot and the USB port. For the iPod can be bought in the


PROCEDURE 1. Take the copper cable and put it around the nails (one cable for every nail) 2. Put the nails inside the apple and the orange one inch deep (separately) 3. Place the cables in the banana 1 inch apart of each other 4. Place the USB between the 2 cables and let it rest for 15 minutes (the more time the better) 5. Connect the charger to your iPod



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In our hypothesis we said that if we put three dierent kinds of fruits connected with copper coil we would obtained a 12 voltage charge to power up the device. After completing the experiment we realized that three fruits didn't channel enough energy to charge the iphone. the only thing we think went wrong was that we needed to create a lot of voltages, and this time use copper and zinc nails so the energy could channel more fluently. If we were to make the experiment again and make it work, we think that we would need more connected fruits, like eight or ten. Because then enough energy would be created and transferred into the fruit to power the device.

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At the end of this project we learned a lot of things even though it did not work. We understood what were the flaws in the project, so if we were to do it again we think that by fixing some things we could in fact power device. 8


This E-book was created for the Science Fair, we used ibooks author to create it