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o Mo n


It’s almost you could catch the letters.

陈善乔/231104016 晓云/231104015   方妮   Altered  book    workshop  leaded  by  Mrs  Ausra  Lisauskiene.  

月亮 ( Moon )

几乎你可以抓到字母。  书籍可以告诉我们过去,不同的文化。  书籍是⼀一种时空的旅行方式。  停止阅读和想象来自不同国家的书籍,  语言和字母漂在月亮上。  试想⼀一下,时空的“征途”,停在太空中。  你们在月亮上跟这些书在⼀一起。没有重力。  想象⼀一下,⼀一个新的语言,字体的混合。  时间改变了书籍,释放它的元素。


Moo n It’s almost you could catch the letters.

Books can show us the past and different cultures.

Books are a way to travel through time and space. Stop reading and imagine books from different countries, languages, and alphabets floating on the moon. Imagine "their" journey through time, stopped in space.

No gravity.

You are on the moon with these books. Imagine a new language with a mixture of typography. Time alter books and frees its elements.

“月亮” altered books workshop  
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