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The School of Spiritual Psychology Presents

Immortal Earth: The Spiritual Path of the Mineral World A two-year Certification Course in Developing Healing Capacities with Crystals and Minerals for Earth, Her Creatures, and the Spiritual Human Being


The Vision The Mineral World as A Spiritual Path Robert Sardello, Ph.D Crystals, mineral crystals become wonderful objects of research and observation precisely for the person seeking entry into the spiritual worlds……what we see down here as crystallized minerals is caused by the living spirit found in the expanse of the cosmos. -- Rudolf Steiner The densest of matter holds the highest of mysteries. We know little detail of the history of spiritual work with the mineral world. The secrets of the realms of matter were held in deepest silence by spiritual initiates. They knew that the knowledge of the spiritual nature of the mineral world had to be revealed slowly, according to the spiritual development of the human being. Otherwise, misuse and destruction would ensue, which seems to have happened in Atlantis anyway. The many contemporary leaders, writers, and practitioners working now within the enticing realm of metaphysical engagement with crystals and minerals, were undoubtedly themselves among the early initiates, and they rely heavily on semiconscious memories of those times.

What comes to us from past spiritual initiates of the Spiritual Path of the Mineral World arrives in fragments, subject to great confusion, inflation, fantasy, and promises. Attempts to understand the power and magic of the mineral world often does not emanate from an understanding of the spiritual nature of the cosmos. It never emanates from a coherent and sustained spiritual understanding of the Earth, nor of the human being. Present metaphysical work with crystals and minerals opens to all levels of stone presences – physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual, indiscriminately. The Spiritual Path of the Mineral World requires the development of capacities to be present with the spiritual presences who transcend and yet also imprint and permeate the mineral world and are creators, guardians, and care-takers of the ongoing unfolding evolution of the Earth-human complex spirit unity. A contemporary Spiritual Path of the Mineral World begins with a sensitivity to the whole of the cosmos as consisting of spiritual beings. Such a path also begins with the sensed and felt presence of Earth as a being of body, soul, and spirit, some aspects visible, and others invisible. Such a path, thirdly, originates with inward presence to the essence of the life of the human being as inherently spiritual. The difference between human beings doing spiritual acts and spiritual human beings acting according to their true nature can be discerned. The former always centers on self-interest, while the latter always centers on being a reverent part of the Whole. The importance of spiritual work with the mineral world does not lie with mastering this world or using it for our benefit alone. Rather, the significance of such a path concerns the fact that what the ancient initiates were doing was something for the future of the unity of the spiritual-human with the spiritual –Earth. The spiritual immortality of the human being, what is now often termed the ‘light-body’, is a human ideal, what the human being can become. Such spiritual immortality is inherently tied to the unfolding of the ‘light-body’ of the spiritual Earth in a similar manner. All engagement with the mineral world holds this promise of spiritual completion. Every human interaction with the world of matter consists of a combining of the human spirit with the Earth-spirit. This knowledge formed the deepest wisdom of the esoteric dimension of Freemasonry, now all but lost. Building the world, maintaining it, furthering it – are all interactions between the human spirit and the Earth-spirit, and unites them – either in spiritual elevation or in spiritual degradation. Only when the interaction occurs consciously and reverently, does the spiritual future of both unfold in proper unity. In a similar manner, the human, living-body also consists of an ongoing, vital, relation with the mineral world. All that we take in – not only through eating, but

also in sensing and perceiving, combines the spirit of the mineral world with the human spirit through the body. All our unending engagements with the spiritual-human, spiritual-Earth unity does not necessarily lead to the ideal of the immortality of both. This ideal cannot unfold outside of conscious intent held deeply and centered within the heart. We do not possess such a consciousness. Modern consciousness splits us from Earth, our Mother, elevates us to the false position of masters rather than workers with the mineral world, and produces a world steeped in and motivated by fear. Individual spiritual work with the mineral world introduces a real and tangible current into the world as a healing force. Individual transformation through contemplative work with the mineral world indicates that such a current is activated. Spiritual initiates had one task – to be the holders, guardians, and inspirers of the future. The future of the earth-human ideal has been severed and it is no longer possible to rely on culture bearing spiritual ideals. The present interest and fascination with the mineral realm now exists only as holding onto our spiritual future by the barest fingernails. And, in the context of a culture of fear, such interest tends to be very self-serving, understandably. The very notion of attempting to develop a Spiritual Path of the Mineral World breathes hope into the world. The very act of the presence of such a path places something in the world that can serve as a balance toward prevailing forces of hubris and destruction. Such a path creates an ongoing prayer force. Having minerals as aesthetic objects, or as collector items, can alter to awareful accompanying of spiritual beings of untold power. Working contemplatively with the mineral world goes a step further and can become a life of working together with the spirits of the human-spirit, Earth-spirit progress.


The Course

The School of Spiritual Psychology Presents

Immortal Earth: The Spiritual Path of the Mineral World A two-year Certification Course in Developing Healing Capacities with Crystals and Minerals for Earth, Her Creatures, and the Spiritual Human Being A combination of intensive onsite workshop meetings and home study for developing capacities of experiencing the living qualities of crystals, minerals, and metals Self-Transformation for the Sake of the Earth A Training in Contemplative Action through reverently and ritually accompanying the spiritual beings of the Mineral World in the forming of the New Heaven and the New Earth Six Onsite Sessions over two years audio recordings home study modules with exercises Excerpts from original books and writings, including “Stones of the New Consciousness” by Robert Simmons and “Steps on the Stone Path” by Robert Sardello, “Occult Mineralology by Friederich Benesch, “The Stars, the Human Being, and Precious Stones” by A.H. Alhborn, “The Healing Power of Metals” by Henning Schramm

All crystals, minerals, and metals/ores employed in the course are supplied; session work with over thirty minerals, crystals, and metals The only available spiritual education into the Mineral World grounded in an esoteric tradition. Rudof Steiner wrote extensively on minerals in his Spiritual Science of Anthroposphy. Over the past ten years The School of Spiritual Psychology has developed his many reflections and suggestions into a clear and sustained imagination, methodology, and practices meeting the needs of our time.

Year I •

Heart Awareness as unitive imagination of cosmos, the mineral world, earth, and the spiritual individual: The Path of Feeling

The Mineral World as a Spiritual Path: mineral practices of transforming thinking into Reverence, Feeling into Love, Doing into Ritual-ing

Seeing through the veil of the sleep of materialistic consciousness, causeeffect thinking, sentimental feeling, and acting through technological doing to spiritual-earth consciousness, synchronicity, heart presence and contemplative action

Developing heart and soul presence with stones: befriending, sensing, uniting, listening, spiritual presence

Entering the feeling-presence of ‘ritual-ing’ and meeting the beings of stones

The process of bodily transfiguring through spiritual resonance with the Mineral World

Exercises with an array of crystals and minerals

Initial practices developing ‘stone synchronicity’

Introducing engaging the presence of the ‘future earth-spiritual human’ arising through attunement with the Twelve Stones of Earth-Soul Revealing

New imagination and re-visioning of healing through heart-soul stone presence

Certification preparation I

Year 2 •

The revelation of the spiritual-earth, spiritual - human unity - working contemplatively with the Twelve Stones of Earth-Soul Revealing

The spiritual magic of the necklaces of the Twelve Stones of Revealing

Revealing, Purifying, Expressing, and Sustaining – creating the support of individualized spiritual-stone essences

Knowing and distinguishing ‘personality’ presence from soul-spirit presence with the Mineral World – practices in contemplative action, contemplative healing

The Earth-Spirit of minerals and the Earth-Spirit of Metals/Ores

Purification of the Emotional Body through engaging the spiritual beings of the metals

Spiritual Contemplation with Twelve Metals/Ores

Soul-Healing with the Twelve Metals/Ores

Sustaining heart-awareness capacities awakened on the Spiritual Path of the Mineral World; encountering tendencies toward doubling and contrivance v

The New Heaven-New Earth Responsibilities

Certification preparation II

The Facilitators

Robert Sardello, Ph.D., is co-founder and co-director of The School of Spiritual Psychology, which began in 1992, and co-editor of Goldenstone Press. He is the author of six books, including Steps on the Stone Path: Working with Crystals and Minerals as a Spiritual Practice. He has been engaged with the mineral world as a collector, researcher, and practitioner for over 30 years. He has taught a series of courses on contemplative practices with minerals, crystals, and metals for a number of years.

Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, Ph.D., is co-founder and co-director of The School of Spiritual Psychology. She is a teacher in the School and also administrative director. Her areas of writing and research are the development of the spiritual senses, a spiritual understanding of the primary illness of our time, such as Alzheimer's disease, and an understanding and methods of being with the 'so-called dead'. She has been engaged with the mineral world as a collector, researcher, and practitioner for over 30 years. She has taught a series of courses on contemplative practices with minerals, crystals, and metals for a number of years. Session Dates: February 27-March 3 (2014) May 15-19 (2014) September 4-8 (2014) January 8-12 (2015) April 9-13 (2015) June 11-15 (2015)

Costs: Tuition $3000.00 for the six sessions (single session attendance not an option) Board and Room: $395 per session (double room) $495 per session (single room, if available; must arrange at time of registration) Stone Fee: Approximately $250 – Due at first session; pays for all stones for the course Location The program is held at the Spiritual Psychology Center located in Benson, North Carolina. Benson is an easy forty-minute drive from Raleigh where

there is a major international airport (RDU). Benson is located at the intersection of Interstate Hi-way 95 and Interstate Hi-way 40. The very comfortable Center for Spiritual Psychology is located on fourteen acres with a pond and a swimming pool, two labyrinths, a healing circle, a large garden, two dogs and a cat.

Registration Copy and Fill out This form and Send by regular mail to address indicated below Name ___________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________ City ______________________State_________Zip_____ Phone ___________________________ Email ___________________________________________ All fees paid to The School of Spiritual Psychology: Deposit due with Registration: $500.00 (will be deducted from final balance) Tuition, room and board – if paid in full in advance will receive a $300.00 discount Double Room; $5070.00 Single Room, $5670.00 Tuition, room and board can be paid per session if arranged in advance with the School of Spiritual Psychology (with $500.00 deposit paid at registration): Double Room - $895.00 per session 1-5; $395 for session 6 (total: $5370 with deposit) Single Room - $995 per session 1-5; $495 for session 6 (total: $5970 with deposit) (note: deposit is deducted from last session)

You may pay by check made payable to The School of Spiritual Psychology or by MC or Visa credit card: Amount Paid _____________________________________ Card Number _____________________________________ Expiration Date __________________________________ Billing address (if different from above ) ______________________________________________ V Code (on back of card) _____________

Send To: The School of Spiritual Psychology P.O. Box 7, Benson, NC 27504 Email: Phone: 919-207-0526

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Immortal Earth: The Spiritual Path of the Mineral World  

The Vision and a description of a two-year certification in developing healing capacities with crystals, minerals, and metals