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The Kentucky Pork Producer News SPRING 2014


KENTUCKY PORK PRODUCER NEWS EDITOR & DESIGNER: Celeste L. Harned Celeste Communications Paducah, Kentucky KPPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Bonnie Jolly KPPA STAFF: Gilberta Riggs Rhonda McGrew KPPI, INC. DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MARKETING: Wendell Ockerman KPPI, INC. STAFF: David Lewis

MISSION STATEMENT: To influence and affect, when possible, the internal and external factors relating to pork production on the farm. Marketing the live hog, processing the product, and merchandising the product to the consumer in ethical ways, in order to enhance the producers’ opportunity for profit. Subscribed to by the: Kentucky Pork Producers Association, Inc.

2014 KPPA EXECUTIVE BOARD PRESIDENT Bill Cochran Rineyville, Ky.

FEDERATION COUNCIL Dr. Dennis Liptrap Nicholasville, Ky.

SECRETARY Bob Robinson Cox’s Creek, Ky.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Maurice Heard Rockfield, Ky.

VICE PRESIDENT James Coates Franklin, Ky.

TREASURER Mark Reding Howardstown, Ky.

CONTACT US: Kentucky Pork Producers 1110 Hawkins Drive Elizabethtown, KY 42701 Phone: (270) 737-5665 Fax: 270-769-9079


Kentucky Pork Producer News

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT John Medley Springfield, Ky.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Larry Eidson Paducah, Ky.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Eric Heard Auburn, Ky. DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Benji Hudnall Bowling Green, Ky.

COVER PHOTO: Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer addresses the 2014 Kentucky Pork Producers Annual Meeting. Unless otherwise noted, all photos and stories in The Kentucky Pork Producer News are by Celeste L. Harned of Celeste Communications.

GREETINGS FROM THE PRESIDENT Hi all, This is our first attempt to get a quarterly newsletter restarted. We hope you will find the information and articles interesting and helpful. It seems like it has been winter forever, but hopefully spring is just around the corner with planting getting started on a good corn and soybean crop. In the last twelve months we have seen unheard of high prices for corn and soybeans due mainly to the drought of 2012. These feed prices played havoc on pork producers to make a profit. How quick things can change, with feed prices moderating and pork supply in short order, because of 2013 cut backs, the bottom line looks good this year. The price of hogs now is at record highs and looks to be going even higher. As it appears now, 2014 could be one of the best in the past 30 years. With prices being high and feed costs moderate profits are looking good, if we can avoid the threat of disease. As many of you know PED virus is taking its toll on the pig supply, even more than the planned cut back for the high feed prices. If you have not had PED virus then you are some of the lucky ones or you have been on top of your biosecurity. It is even more important to be extra careful to keep from bringing in any new diseases or to carry out any diseases you may have had. The need for a strategic plan of action for disease outbreak or some other type of emergency is critical to all in this day and time. If you need help in developing an emergency plan, contact the office. The fall and winter have been busy with several political agendas. First, we had our annual trip to Washington DC; it was one of the best that I had ever attended. We personally met with Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Brett Guthrie. We discussed the Farm Bill and Foreign Trade Issues and our concerns for animal care and animal safety. They seemed glad we made the effort to meet with them and were interested in what we had to say. It was a very productive trip. Then later in the fall we met with Farm Bureau Swine advisory committee and representatives from the State Ag Committee. Again the Farm Bill and the Affordable Health Care Act were discussed. It was interesting to hear Farm Bu-

Bill Cochran, Kentucky Pork Producers Association President, introducing honored guests at the 2014 KPPA Annual Meeting.

reau’s opinion on the Health Care Act. In January at our Annual Meeting, Ag Commissioner James Comer spoke at our Saturday night banquet. I was very impressed with his ideas and view of farming and animal care. He is doing a good job for us. As spring planting begins and summer will be here before we know it, mark your calendar for our summer meeting that will be on July 24, 2014 (location to be announced). Also if you have not became a paid member of KPPA this would be a good time to do so. Hope to see you in July. Bill Cochran President

Spring 2014


KENTUCKY PORK PRODUCERS GATHER IN BOWLING GREEN FOR 2014 ANNUAL MEETING Over 120 producers in attendance The Kentucky Pork Producers held their annual meeting in Jan. 17-18 at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green. Over 100 members were in attendance. From 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. pork producers were invited to attend the Kentucky Commodity Conference activities also being held at the Sloan Convention Center. The pork producer activities began with the Kentucky Pork Council Women Banquet and Scholarship Auction on Friday evening. Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer addressed the group and discussed the importance of defending the rights of family farmers in Frankfort and Washington D.C. Mark Reding presented the Outstanding Service Award to Dr. Robert Stout, State Veterinarian. Eric Heard presented the Outstanding Pork Educator/ Promoter Award to Caleb Ragland. With the help of generous bidders, this year’s auction raised over $5,000 for the scholarship fund. Producer education panels began at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Dr. Edwin Ritchey, University of Kentucky Extension Soils Specialist, discussed composting swine manure. Dr. Merlin Lindemann, University of Kentucky swine researcher, presented an overview of current

Mark Reding (left) presents Dr. Robert Stout with the Outstanding Service Award.


Kentucky Pork Producer News

swine nutrition research being conducted that the University of Kentucky. Producers were given an overview and projection on hog and grain markets from Dr. Steve Meyer, President of Paragon Economics, Inc. and crisis planning from the National Pork Board’s Cindy Cunningham. The Ladies Program included a workshop from local karate instructor Marty Eubanks. The workshop focused on self-defense and included tips on what to do if mugged and techniques for children to defend themselves from physical violence and bullying. Following the producer educational sessions, the Kentucky Pork Producers Association held their annual meeting. The meeting included a financial report, reports from the National Pork Producer’s Council and National Pork Board, a discussion on the status of the Livestock Care Standards Board, an update on the website and an overview of Kentucky Pork

Caleb Ragland was awared the Outstanding Pork Educator/Promoter Award. Ragland was unable to attend the annual meeting due to responsibilities on his farm. Photo provided by Caleb Ragland.

Producer Association activities from Executive Director Bonnie Jolly. The meeting ended with the election of the 2015 KPPA officers and delegates. The annual meeting concluded Saturday evening with the Kentucky Pork Producers Association Banquet. Dr. Gordon Jones presented the Farm Family of the Year Award to the George Watson Family, accepted on their behalf by Roger Thomas. Benji Hudnall pre-

sented the Pork Restaurant of the Year Award to Split Tree BBQ in Bowling Green. Ron Bowman presented Roger Thomas with the Associate Member Award. Bill Tolle was inducted into the Kentucky Pork Producer Hall of Fame by Wendell Ockerman. Entertainment was provided by country and gospel singer Dallas Remington and her band. Remington is the daughter of pork producers Kevin and Sonya Crider of Mayfield.

Top left: Dr. Gordon Jones (left) presented the Farm Family of the Year Award to the George Watson Family. Accepting on their behalf was Roger Thomas (pictured). Top right: Benji Hudnall (left) presented the Pork Restaurant of the Year Award to Jerome Wilson of Split Tree BBQ in Bowling Green. Botton left: Roger Thomas (right) was awarded the Associate Member Award, presented by Ron Bowman. Bottom right: Bill Tolle was inducted into the Kentucky Pork Producer Hall of Fame. Pictured are Tolle (left), his wife Ruth (center) and Wendell Ockerman (right).

Spring 2014


KENTUCKY PORK PRODUCERS PROPOSE ADVISEMENT IN SUPPORT OF “FEEDBACK” PRACTICES AT 2014 PORK FORUM Advisement passes floors of both National Pork Producers Council and National Pork Board unanimously The Kentucky Pork Producers proposed an advisement on the delegate floors of both the National Pork Producers Council and National Pork Board in support of the practice known as “feedback” at the 2014 National Pork Forum held in Kansas City, Mo. Maurice Heard, a pork producer from Rockfield, Ky., presented the advisement on behalf of the Kentucky delegation in order to ensure that the NPB and NPPC’s support of “feedback” was documented. The advisement passed both delegate floors unanimously. “Feedback” is the practice of feeding infected tissue to pigs so that they can build an immunity to the pathogen.

Eric Heard (left) and Maurice Heard represented the Kentucky Pork Producers Association on the National Pork Board delegate floor at the 2014 National Pork Forum. Photo by Bonnie Jolly.


Kentucky Pork Producer News

Recently, this practice has seen widespread use in response to porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). The intestines of piglets that died from PEDv are ground up and fed back to gestating sows so that the sow can create an immunity and pass it on to her piglets. The Kentucky Pork Producers advisement reads as follows: Subject matter: Support Use of Effective Methods to Stimulate Protective Immunity Motion: NPPC/NPB supports use of all effective methods to stimulate protective immunity against enteric pathogens, including “feedback” which is related to the human medical practice of coprophagy. Most recently these enteric pathogens include PED virus. Background: Control of disease can be achieved by a variety of means. This includes biosecurity, immune stimulation and, if a bacterial disease, the strategic use of antibiotics. In some cases, when commercial vaccines are unavailable or don’t deliver a protective response, exposure to tissues or feces containing the infecting pathogen may serve to achieve immune stimulation that is protective against disease challenges.

Dr. Dennis Liptrap (left) and Maurice Heard served as delegates to the National Pork Producers Council at the 2014 National Pork Forum. Photo by Bonnie Jolly.

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Spring 2014

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Kentucky Pork Producer News Spring 2014  

The Kentucky Pork Producer News is the official newsletter of the Kentucky Pork Producers Association.

Kentucky Pork Producer News Spring 2014  

The Kentucky Pork Producer News is the official newsletter of the Kentucky Pork Producers Association.