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CRAVING AND CAVING Hefty, hefty, hefty —

t h e t h re e w o rd s t h a t sum up my weight gain freshman year. To all of you incoming freshmen, I would like to warn you

CARLY KUCHOVA Chi Omega Editor-in-Chief

Carly is a senior studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at

that gaining weight is not a myth! To all you twenty year olds, be careful… If you don’t exercise once you turn 21 or enter your senior year, you will yet again, gain weight — the senior twenty. You know what’s even worse? There’s now a rumor about the Real World “15”. Geeze. No wonder why the world’s top growing industry involves health, workout videos and dieting. So last summer I set out to lose that weight and not let it come back, but as my

loss. As an added bonus, it’s delicious.

Now the carbs — I crave some carbs in my life. You know that whole Atkins diet where you avoid carbs and sugars entirely? Seems like a great idea in essence, but did you know that the creator actually died from his own diet? Yeah, may change your mind about avoiding ALL carbs. So what can you do to cut down on those carbs? Sub some alternatives. If you want pasta, a great choice is wheat pasta or Spaghetti Squash. It doesn’t sound as appetizing but if you have trusted me thus far, then you better believe that it will satisfy your cravings without adding all those extra carbs! By exercising, keeping up a healthy diet, and avoiding my cravings/substitution them, I am almost at prom dress wait — Hollah! But be cautious my friends… weight gain is like a ninja — it catches you by surprise.

progression towards achieving my weight loss goal continues, I’ve realized that I struggle with one thing — cravings. When I’m having a terrible day, I crave chocolate. When I’m starving, I crave pizza. When I’m looking for something quick yet filling, I crave pasta. My cravings overtake my thoughts and every once in a while, a girls just gotta cave.


Caving to the crave means the crave wins. It means that after I take two steps forward with my progress, I take one step back. How the heck can I avoid these cravings without driving myself insane? The first thing I did was that I realize why I craved these things — mostly emotion or habit or finals… So I came to a solution to the two worst cravings — chocolate and carbs. Chocolate craving — I’m a girl and so it’s written in my DNA that I need chocolate. I can’t run from chocolate so I decided to embrace it. I came to the solution of substituting those Easter Reese’s Eggs for something healthier. Two

CREATIVE TEAM Editor-in-Chief Carly Kuchova Chi Omega

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things I found that are healthy and satisfy my craving are dark chocolate and chocolate milk. A little piece of dark chocolate every once in a while is actually HEALTHY for your body. Can you believe it? Something tasty and healthy actually exists. Dark


chocolate lowers high blood pressure and is a potent antioxidant — but I do advise

888.272.2595 |

that you avoid taking this advice to just go on a chocolate-eating binge. You have to make sacrifices to balance the extra calories from the chocolate by eating less of other things in your diet. Low-fat chocolate milk both satisfies your cravings and provides calcium. With the title low-fat, comes less calories. According to new research, chocolate milk is a great post-work out recovery drink. Chocolate milk provides carbohydrate replenishment for your muscles, while drinking water can only replace sweat

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Briana is a junior studying communications. You may contact her at Putting a creative spin on philanthropies is something almost every sorority and fraternity struggles with each semester. While you’re raising money for a cause that is dear to your heart, you always want to make it fun for those participating. There’s the generic games and activities almost every organization seems to be fond of, but why not try something different? Sigma Kappa at Virginia Tech did just that this spring semester. With their usual philanthropy being in the fall, trying something new in the spring was a fresh idea. Not only was this an amazing opportunity to raise money for their philanthropy — Alzheimer ’s Disease Research, their philanthropy chair decided to put a fun, new idea behind it — thus, Sigma Kappa’s “Race To Remember” was born. The “Race To Remember” was a Kentucky Derby themed event, where everyone came out dressed to the nines in their cutest Lilly and derby-styled clothing. Like I said, this was Sigma Kappa’s first time doing a philanthropy in the spring semester, therefore they were hoping for a huge turnout (which did happen). The event was held at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens, which set up a beautiful venue for a little Kentucky Derby horse race. Sigma Kappa personally got star horses and jockeys from all over the world to come in and race around the gardens. Just kidding, but there were actual Kentucky Derby races being televised for people to bet on, so it basically was like the real thing. And, just like the actual races, anyone whose horse won first, second, or third place won amazing prizes from sponsors such as Vineyard Vines, Kiss My Southern Sass, and Southern Proper. If you’re not the luckiest horse gambler, you could still come out for the fun environment. With a giant photo booth, props included, tons of food and drinks, and live music performed by a local band, there was for sure something for everyone to do. Although this may seem like an unordinary philanthropy event, which it was, it ended up having an amazing outcome. Sigma Kappa raise over $1,400 in just a few short hours! It’s unbelievable how much of an effort the Philanthropy Chair, Shannon Cooke, put into this and how amazing the outcome was. Hearing the numbers, my jaw instantly dropped. It’s safe to say that a “Race To Remember” was a highly successful philanthropy event. I can speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to see what Shannon and Sigma Kappa will pull out of their sleeves next in supporting Alzheimer Disease Research.

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recently announced that beginning in 2016, the

LESLIE MCCREA Delta Delta Delta

writing portion of the SAT will be optional for testtakers.




after gradation. Getting a salaried job after graduation is reason alone to have the desire and need to learn to write.

Leslie is a sophomore studying communications. You may contact her at

after much criticism and

controversy over the SAT. The argument that the SAT multiple-choice design does not accurately describe a student’s knowledge may be up for discussion, but the fact that writing is essential in all forms of adult life is non-negotiable.

In a report published by the College Board itself, it was found that more than 51

percent of 160 American companies frequently or almost always take writing into consideration when hiring and promoting salaried employees.

A Los Angeles Times article, directly following the announcement by College

Board to make the essay optional, is quoted stating that “Those shifts [in the SAT],

officials said, are part of a wider effort to better align the exam with what students learn in high school and will need in college...”

Students who take the SAT are often students that are interested in higher

education. The purpose of higher education is to put students in the workplace

The problem is not necessarily the desire in students; it is the lack of motivation

from the beginning of their educational careers. That is why the National Commission

on Writing for America’s Families, Schools, and Colleges created the National Writing Project. This institution aims at valuing writing and allowing it to be a basic right to all learners, and a “cornerstone of equity.”

In a country with such a strong public school system as the United States has,

it would seem that writing would be valued as that cornerstone quality without a

doubt. A report released by the American College Testing Program (ACT) states that only 51 percent of high school students are “prepared” for college-level reading, meaning that they would get a C or higher in a college-level class.

But, if the essay is being taken out of a standardized test that so many students

and universities deem to be important, then what motivation is there to enhance students’ writing skills?

The essay portion of the SAT was put into place seven years ago, but since then,

many universities and colleges have been focusing more on the critical reading and mathematics scores over the essay scores. Why is that?

Virginia Tech even states on its website that only the critical reading and math

scores on the SAT are taken into account for admission. Yet, this year, the university is working to create a new Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE) that integrates writing as an important factor in every major offered.

The intention of a new curriculum program at Virginia Tech is to combine

technology and increased discourse, both oral and written, into a more common general education for students across campus. If the university is putting time and

effort into the integration of writing into student’s academia, then why is writing discounted during the admissions process?

An article by Jeremy S. Hyman in U.S. News and World Report, entitled 11 Skills

You’ll Need for a Career, lists the number one skill as “writing clearly and forcefully.” Writing is a threshold skill that cannot be discounted or replaced by anything

else. Whether a job requires frequently e-mail correspondence, or the creation of technical documents, being able to communicate through written word will always be necessary.

Almost 70 percent of corporations polled in the College Board Report say that

two-thirds or more of their salaried employees have some responsibility for writing in their positions.

With the separation of the essay, the SAT will go back to its original 1600 point-

maximum, with the optional essay graded on a different scale. The ACT however, does not have any known plans to take the essay out of the exam.

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Kappa Kappa Gamma Jennifer is a junior studying public relations. You may contact her at Living in a house with four gorgeous girls frantically searching for the perfect outfit, mixing drinks at the bar, and playing all kinds of vulgar music causing you to dance like Miley Cyrus is absolutely distracting. Not that I’m complaining. I’m usually the DJ. But what is most distracting are the boys. And boy, are there a lot of them. These boys consume most of our conversations. Girls tend to have a nickname or an inside joke attached to boys, and when something happens with one of them, our entire group of friends is informed. What is it about guys? Why do we become so crazed and obsessed to the point that their lives are our lives? Are men the only entertainment women can have? Or can we just change the channel from them and

find something more interesting to entertain ourselves

Despite all of this, I couldn’t help but think: can we

with? Or perhaps are they a just guilty pleasure? Like

really get over people who used to mean something to

that cheesy soap opera you can’t get enough of.

us? Or will we always have a soft spot for the special

I was confronted with the answers one night as my friends and I proceeded to pour drinks and swap clothes in preparation for our plans. We later entered a party one by one scanning, the room for our friends. Some people who we hadn’t seen in a while greeted us with hugs. At that moment I spotted someone who I absolutely didn’t want to see on my girl’s night out. He was cuter than ever, and he had just spotted me... Nothing. Not a smile. Not even a wave. I figured it was time to “change the channel,” and find something better to entertain myself with. Though, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to move on. I had a hard time cutting down on the thousands of diet cokes I have a day. How could I get over a guy? All I knew was that I was ready to try. I also knew I was not alone because my amazing friends would help me. Whether it was hiding my phone, forcing me to go out or wiping my tears, they would help me move on to the next one.

ones? And if we do hold some feelings for people from past relationships, do we ever really move on? Maybe certain people are easier to get over than others. Perhaps there will always be someone in the background, but they’re presence isn’t necessarily a negative one. Maybe they are reminder to us of what we learned and how we have grown. And maybe, when the timing is right, they can return to the surface. After all, when its over, is it really over? The silver lining of ending one relationship is being able to start a new adventure. Whether that be staying single for a bit and focusing on yourself, or getting back out there and meeting someone new. One thing is for certain, no matter how many boys that come in and out of your life, you will never be alone. Best friends are always there for each other. Look forward to what lies ahead of you, enjoy every obstacle and embrace the past; that is how a girl can move on.

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Dear Virginia Tech and Pi Beta Phi,You have treated me very well over the past four years, even when I didn’t deserve Pi Beta Phi it. You’ve gotten me through difficult exams and papers, Jordan is a senior studying and long nights and hangovers. communications and French. You may Virginia Tech, you’ve given contact her at me the opportunity to grow as a student and a person. You welcomed me into the Hokie community and family, and through Pi Beta Phi, you gave me a home away from home. I may have one biological sister back home, but here, I have almost 200 sisters, and across the world I have many more than that.


It is a reflection of my time at Virginia Tech and in Pi Beta Phi. I remember sitting at home in Northern Virginia and making a list of universities I would apply for admissions. I’m sorry, but Virginia Tech, you weren’t even on my radar at first. Having a sister who was a UVA student really messed me up in terms of having an open mind when applying to colleges. My parents made me add Virginia Tech to the list of schools we would visit during spring break of my junior year in high school. The weather at Virginia Tech has certainly never changed. It was mid-April when I first visited here and the sky spat out snow flurries during our tour. “It doesn’t always snow in April!” students shouted to our tour as they hustled across the Drillfield from class to class. I now know that is inaccurate, as it just snowed a few weeks ago. I remember being accepted to Virginia Tech in February of 2010 and coming down for a visit as an “admitted student.” I felt something when I stepped on campus for the second time. I knew that Virginia Tech was where I was meant to go to college, even if I let myself think for the longest time that it maybe wasn’t for me. I had to carry my open mind with me the following spring when I wanted to join a sorority. I remember when I went through sorority recruitment, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t find my home in Oak Lane like my mother found her home in her sorority, and as my cousins had in their chapters. As the rounds of recruitment continued on, I was drawn more and more to Pi Phi. It wasn’t the bright pink and green Lilly Pulitzer decorations that graced the walls of the house during philanthropy round, and it wasn’t the philanthropy and sisterhood videos that demonstrated what life could be like if I became a part of this chapter. It was the conversations I had day after day during recruitment and throughout my time in Pi Phi that solidified the fact that Pi Phi is the place for me. I remember stepping through the doors of 65 Oak Lane on preference night and knowing that I would be here on Bid Day. Do you ever just have a feeling and know that something is going to turn out a certain way? It’s an amazing feeling when things actually work out. As I am so close to graduating, I have been taking the time to look back on my time in college. There are some decisions I could have made differently, but I don’t think I would change a thing about my college experience. Virginia Tech and Pi Beta Phi have helped me grow as a person and I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else for college or in Oak Lane. Love always, Jordan

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MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL Too lazy to clean? You’re not alone. Here are some quick and easy ways to make your home cleaner without actually having to do much (quite possibly the laziest thing I’ve ever said).


Kappa Kappa Gamma Jennifer is a junior studying public relations. You may contact her at

1. Throw everything in your closet. I know, you’re laughing. I laughed as soon as I watched myself type that out. But seriously, you’d be so surprised at how much cleaner your room is INSTANTLY when it all magically disappears. Look! A floor! But, you know, when the day comes that your closet is about to burst open at any given moment because it’s too full, my next suggestion is to neatly fold and hang everything you can, putting them in their proper places. Weird, right? But organization really does work. 2. Declutter your bathroom counter and nightstand. College apartments are small, and dorm rooms are even smaller. Don’t cheat yourself out of useful space by constantly keeping everything on top of your most accessible counters. Take a few seconds to move things underneath the sink (in the case of the bathroom), to a drawer, or inside of the nearest cabinet. Life is easier when you actually have room to do your makeup and sit a glass of water.

3. Tidy up your main living space. No matter where you live, there’s inevitably going to be that one room where you and your roommates spend most of your time. Don’t lie, it’s probably pretty disgusting looking right now. Take time out of your week every now and then to relocate things to their proper location so you’re not staring at them all the time. This also means collecting random plates, cups, and silverware from everyone’s rooms and placing them in the dishwasher. Oh, don’t forget to actually do your dishes. 4. LIGHT housework, guys! Okay, I know we all despise sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and the like, but there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself. If you don’t have a vacuum, walk around and see what you can pick up off the floor. Yeah, I know, you’re probably making a really weird face right now, but you’d be surprised at how much of the crap on your floor is actually Dorito crumbs than can be picked up with your hands. If you do light housework every once in a while instead of waiting until you absolutely have to, you’ll be dealing with much less dirt and disasters. 5. Wipe down counter tops, desks, dressers, etc. Every single surface in your living space gets covered with dust, grime, and other unmentionables whether you can see it or not. In the case of most college apartments I’ve been to, you CAN see it! Invest in a bottle of Clorox wipes (they’re like, $10 for a bottle of three at Costco) and give everything a nice wipe down. Surprise! Your counters have somewhat of a shine to them. I know, who knew?! Dusting the surfaces in your bedroom can also help reduce the effects of allergies as well as improve your overall health. Happy Spring cleaning, loves!

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Graduation is a bittersweet feeling. It’s happiness and success. It’s a validation that all of my hard work, stressful all-nighters and dedication were worth something. It’s seeing the final product of something I’ve worked toward my whole life.

MORGAN COYNER Kappa Kappa Gamma

Morgan is a senior studying religion and culture. You may contact her at morgan.

But graduation is also a sadness of not living down the hall from my best friends anymore. It’s leaving behind the place that has been more like home than my hometown was over the last four years. And balancing all of these emotions takes effort. There are certainly some things I will miss when heading into the real world. And there are some things I’m just not ready to adjust to in my life as an adult. 1. Getting up early. Yeah, I’ve never been much of a morning person. College has given me the opportunity to arrange my schedule so that being a morning person isn’t a necessity. Unfortunately, teaching doesn’t lend itself to that kind of schedule. I’ll have to be up, ready to go, and full of energy really early in the morning for five days of the week. 2. Budgeting. I’ve squeaked by during the last four years in terms of money. My parents

have always been around to bail me out. I’ve lived on campus for three years, so remembering to pay rent each month might be a struggle. 3. Cooking. I’ve had a meal plan every semester, and we have the best dining in the country. Every time I go home, my parents spoil me and cook for me. I’m not even sure I know how to cook anything other than Ramen noodles anymore. 4. Looking presentable every day of the week. This means pants in the winter. No more leggings. No more Nike shorts. No more philanthropy t-shirts. These staples are being downgraded to the weekends, and maybe not even then. I’m not 5. No more naps. On the rare occasions that I did make it out of bed in the morning, an afternoon nap was always on the to-do list in the afternoon. Once I get home from work, there’s dinner, lesson planning and grading papers. That fills up all my time before bed because if I’m getting up early, I’m going to bed early, too. 6. Being far away from my friends. With the exception of a few high school friends at other colleges, my best friends have lived down the hall or down the street from me. In June, I’m moving to Alabama, which is a decent distance from where all of my friends are going. I don’t think I’m quite ready to start over and make a whole new group of friends. I’ve never been good at goodbyes, and I’ve never really handled change well. Leaving Virginia Tech combines both of those things in the worst way. Venturing into the real world is not only leaving behind a place but a lifestyle. I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at a time.

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Adam is a junior studying biochemistry and psychology. You may contact him at

Stop now, and take the moment to think fast

When each sun sets below the mountains high,

On all you have accomplished up to now;

(I sear without regret to God above)

On all the days that blend into your past,

I ponder to myself as day turns night,

It’s curious enough to wonder, “How?”

“What else is there to do but learn and love?”

Your dreams lie closer with each setting sun

The contents of my mind drift oh so far,

As long as your pursuit of them stays strong.

Confined by those who do not share my view.

The day you understand what you’ve become,

But like reflected light from distant stars,

You’ll find you knew the right way all along.

An open heart and mind direct my truth.

If forward is the only way to go,

With all you’ll ever need within your reach,

Stop only for reflection; then proceed.

The time has come for me to take my bows.

Your worries will have no more room to grow

But somehow still, as off the stage I leap,

If you neglect to ever plant the seed.

It’s curious enough to wonder, “How?”

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Hayley is a freshman studying university studies. You may contact her at Now that my freshman year of college is over, I can finally relate to the things people say about your college days-- it goes by insanely fast. This year was coming to a close way before I was prepared for it to. It’s some of the best times of your life, but there are also points where you’re stressed beyond belief. You make friends that you know are going to be there for you whenever you need them. Maybe you even met your future bridesmaids your freshman year. Certainly, there are a few things I wish I could have changed from this year, but hey everybody makes mistakes and you always learn from them right? I think that my good decisions outweigh my bad ones in any scenario. I found out who my true friends from high school were; the ones I still talk to as if we haven’t been apart for months, and then there’s the ones that I was friends with solely because I saw them five times a week. In high school, it was all about who knew the most people and who were the most popular and all that jazz. Here it really doesn’t matter and honestly no one cares. As the old saying goes, it’s better to have four quarters than a hundred pennies. I wish I had stopped to smell the roses more this year though, that is one thing I do regret. Football season went by in the blink of an eye and I didn’t even think twice about cherishing those good times spent with my friends dying from either the heat or the torrential downpour during those games. I wish I had learned people’s names the first time I saw them, so that I didn’t feel so stupid asking them over and over again until I finally got to know them. However, looking back, there are quite a few things I’m really glad I did. During first semester, if I even vaguely recognized someone I would ask him or her to come play volleyball on the quad or go grab food with me. Everyone was happy and excited to make new friends. It was never awkward and I made some really good friends that way. I feel bad for those people that stayed in their dorm rooms 24/7 doing homework or playing video games all the time because college is the only place where it’s not weird to go up to someone you don’t know at all and start a random conversation. Do that in the real world and people will think you’re crazy. Now, I’m not saying that people are mean and cruel in the real world, I’m just saying it’s a tad odd to walk up to someone in the middle of New York City and start a conversation about your life. Cherish the moments you know you’re going to look back on and reminisce with a smile on your face, because those are the ones that mean the most nowadays. You might have some of them captured on film but others can’t amount to the pedestal you’ve put them on in your head.

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Sofia is a sophomore studying communications and public relations. You may contact her at Now I know finals are approaching and most people get super stressed and can also sometimes get stuck in someone else’s studying wrath. I always take out my anger on my roommates and I know sometimes I need to step back and disappear when I’m in a pickle. Fighting with the people you care about just because you put your stress on them isn’t worth the strain on your relationship. So, here are some five common things to avoid for not only your own benefit, but also for others. Now I know finals are approaching and most people get super stressed and can also sometimes get stuck in someone else’s studying wrath. I always take out my anger on my roommates and I know sometimes I need to step back and disappear when I’m in a pickle. Fighting with the people

you care about just because you put your stress on them isn’t worth the strain on your relationship. So, here are some five common things to avoid for not only your own benefit, but also for others.

1. Taking your stress out on your roommates. Take it out on your parents! Sometimes you forget that your parents were young adults at one time and know what stress feels like. Your hormones are still going crazy and they understand that. Instead of throwing things around your apartment and snapping at your roommate over dirty dishes, just step back and call your parents. They were there when you were stressed in high school and they are still going to be there for you now. Sometimes you just need their advice to level you instead of freaking out and making a weird living situation for the next two weeks. 2. Eating greasy foods. Sure you are on the go from exam to exam and project to project and a quick bite to eat is all you can squeeze in, but maybe try a lighter option than a greasy burger. Greasy food only slows you down more and makes you more tired because of all the fat. Your body needs energy to keep moving so grab a banana from Turner in the on-the-go line and get some peanut butter and veggies. Not only will you feel better, but you’re body will also thank you for the nutrition.

3. Sitting at your desk all day. I know you need to cram in as much information as you can, but your butt can cramp up! If you allow yourself to get away from your notes for ten minutes to walk around your mind will be much clearer when you return. You’re brain can only focus on one thing for so long and getting fresh air can give you the quick clarity and stress-reliever that you need. 4. Keeping to yourself. Before I told you to not take your stress out on your roommates and that’s true, but also not talking to anyone will drag you down as well. You are silent all day reading a textbook and at times you just really need to socialize to make sure that you are still a human being with friends and emotions. Give someone a hug, shake their hand, do something! It’ll help you know that there are still people in this world and not robots on the third floor of Newman and machines in the empo. It’ll also stimulate those senses you thought you lost, touching another person has been proven to boost someone’s mood! 5. Giving up. Don’t give up. You are so close to being done with schoolwork and then you can have a great, free summer away from school. You’re at Tech because you’re smart and you deserve to be here so don’t let the stress get to you. You can do it. We are almost there so just pull through and get the grade you know you deserve.

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Meghan is a junior studying agricultural economics & political science. You may contact her at As a participant in TKE’s philanthropy week, I can safely say that they did not let the weather get them down! Their philanthropy supports a great cause, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that it has never been so much fun to raise money “for the kids.” The first night was a cookout and volleyball

tournament. Even though it started pouring rain about halfway through the night, nobody let that dampen their spirits. After several competitive rounds of volleyball, Zeta Tau Alpha/ Delta Sig took first, Kappa Kappa Gamma/Phi Delta Theta/Theta Delta Chi took second, and Chi Omega/ Delta Tau Delta/ Zeta Psi took third place. All participants and spectators left the event completely soaked but it was worth a little rain. The second night of the philanthropy was a Talent Show in the GLC. Everyone enjoyed the renditions of songs from Mulan, Hercules, and Ariel just to name some of the highlights. I haven’t seen that many Togas together in one place since freshman year! The final day of the philanthropy consisted of

percentage nights at Moe’s and Frosty Parrot. In my mind, any excuse of queso is a good excuse for queso so I waited my hour at Moe’s in order to indulge in some. Later that night was a frantic scramble to finish addressing enough letters to earn 500 points and a last minute call for online donations. Over the course of three days, TKE raised over $15,000 for the kids. The final winners were Delta Delta Delta/ Sigma Chi in first, Kappa Kappa Gamma/Phi Delta Theta/ Theta Delta Chi in second, and Sigma Kappa/Pi Kappa Phi in third. Huge shout out to the TKE brothers for organizing and coaching all of us through such a successful philanthropy and all of the participants. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a great week to raise money for the kids!


Lookbook fashion

Photos provided by Tori Hyde

LEAH GAY Chi Omega

Leah is a senior studying apparel housing & resource management. You may contact her at Last night, the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society, better known as FMDS, put on their annual spring fashion show. Each spring, FMDS allows you to step outside of the typical small town vibe of Blacksburg and into a world of fashion and excitement. Student designers enter their favorite pieces into the show to be walked down the catwalk in front of hundreds of guests. As always, this year they did not disappoint. The theme was “Urban Jungle” and spectators saw clothing with a variety of interpretations of the topic, which were made by extremely talented undergraduate students. The atmosphere of the fashion show was amazing. The audience was buzzing with excitement as soon as the fashion show coordinators, Rachel Carter and Katie Brassington,

stepped on stage to announce that the show was beginning. The DJ was excellent. Throughout the show he kept the tempo upbeat and exciting. Every model seemed to be having a great time strutting their stuff to his dubstep mixes. The stage was a perfect height so that spectators could see the models even from the back row. All the student designs and brand name clothing were well styled and modeled excellently. It is always interesting to see how the student designers, ranging from first time designers to fourth year veterans, will handle creating a cohesive line of garments. Every year, one of my favorite things is to see the reactions of the designers who are participating in the fashion show for the first time. Kayla Franco, who just entered her designs in the show for the first time, said, “This was my first time seeing my clothes on a runway in college and it was so exciting!” It is also great to see the reactions of veteran designers as they notice the changes between each show. Cassie Lintelman is a senior apparel student who has designed for the show for the past four years. Looking back Lintelman said, “It was thrilling to get to see all the things I have done over the years in one show and to see the progress I have made through my studies and experiences as a student and member of FMDS.” Both new designers and old designers alike were pleased with how the show turned out.

The backstage crew and fashion show coordinators work extremely hard to please the designers, so it was very rewarding for them to see a happy designer at the end of the show. Their hard work was also evident for the audience. The show ran flawlessly, with no models bumping into each other or coming out at the wrong cue. Running a huge production like “Urban Jungle” can leave a lot of room for errors, but the FMDS crew proved that they could rise to the challenge! My absolute favorite part of the night was when the show closed with a model carrying a live snake as the words “Urban Jungle” were revealed across a large screen. She strutted past the audience calmly as the snake wiggled its head around in the air. When she finished her catwalk she turned around one last time and kissed the snake on the head. The crowd erupted in applause and it was one of the strongest endings to an FMDS fashion show I have seen thus far. I am sad to say that was the last FMDS fashion show that I will have attended as an undergrad, but I am so happy to have been apart of it for the past 4 years. FMDS never disappoints with their amazing professionalism and high quality modeling and garments. If you missed out this year and you have the privilege of being at Virginia Tech next spring, I would highly recommend attending the show!

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@ComedyPosts: It’s May already wasn’t it New Year like last week

@jcrew: Life is too short to wear boring outfits @JimmyTatro: Weekend 2 is when you’ll see the #jcrewtruths most hipsters at Coachella because weekend 1 is so mainstream @ShitLiquorSays: On the bright side, I’m not @brii_20: team no sleep addicted to meth

@mtc823: I used popcorn as confetti last night… I hate myself this morning

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Morgan is a senior studying religion and culture. You may contact her at morgan. I’m sick of hearing guys talk about how oversized t-shirts and Norts are not cute, and that sorority girls shouldn’t be wearing them on a daily basis. So I’m here to set a few things straight. I don’t dress for anyone other than myself. That means I don’t care if you approve or disapprove of my outfit. If I cared what you thought in the first place, I surely would not be wearing Norts. Some days I choose to dress up, put on make up, and put in a lot of effort with my hair. Other days are not that glamorous. Occasionally, I wake up late, or I can’t find anything to wear that I feel comfortable in. This is not your concern, nor is it any of your business. Not everything that I do is about you. Get over it.

To go further, some girls really do dress for the gym

of wearing something different. How you dress really

and actually go. I have plenty of friends who can only

doesn’t bother me at all. Some of you could comb out

fit in going to the gym right after class. Instead of

your bed head every once in a while, but I’m not over

going home and changing in between, they wear their

here writing articles about it. I accept you as you are,

workout clothes to class. No need to judge her. Are you

and I expect you to do the same. Even if I am in neon

going to the gym every day?

Norts and a shirt that you think is too big for me.

Leggings. Sweet, beautiful leggings. This sort of

Here’s the part that confuses me the most. You LOVE

goes hand in hand with those hated oversized t-shirts.

when we choose to be comfortable in the winter. All

Leggings aren’t pants, right? Any shirt worn with

I hear is how great some girl’s ass looks in her yoga

leggings has to be long enough to cover my butt. Well,

pants. Well, boys, she isn’t wearing them so you

there’s your answer to the oversized t-shirt. I’m not

can check her out. She’s wearing them because they

trying to make a fashion statement. I’m not trying to

are comfortable. I’m not wearing a dress to campus

turn you on while I’m rushing to take my test. I am

every day just because it’s spring now. You get to be

aiming for comfort. And here’s one thing about t-shirts

comfortable every day in your shorts and t-shirts. I’m

you will never understand: sometimes you have to get

going to be comfortable, too.

them big so your boobs will fit. Nothing is worse than a shirt that’s too tight and has to constantly be pulled at and adjusted all day. I don’t have time for that. That’s just how it is, guys. I never say anything about your stupid athletic shorts or the fact that you wear mostly t-shirts instead

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. You can’t love when we wear comfy clothes one season and then chastise us for it the next. Just accept that regardless of what you say, we’re going to wear what we want because when we get dressed in the morning, we are only thinking of ourselves.


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