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Alpha Delta Pi seniors before Black Diamond Formal. Photo credit: Chelsea Shope (Alpha Delta Pi)

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Breaking Bad: Now that every episode is on Netflix,

the season they trace a serial killer in Louisiana, and

you have been a functioning member of society in the

spanning 17 years throughout. Next season different

it is the perfect time to start watching Breaking Bad. If

Alpha Delta Pi Editor-in-Chief

last year, you have heard a ton about Breaking Bad and

Meredith is a senior studying mass communication. You may contact her at

it. In total there have been 62 episodes, split among 5

Lately my Twitter feed has been full of people asking,

“What Netflix show should I start next?!?” These days

I feel like it is more common for my friends to watch TV on their computer rather than to sit down weekly

and watch it at an assigned time. At the University of South Carolina our lives are constantly filled with

probably 10 reasons (at least) why you should watch seasons. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have both won Emmy’s for their performances, and Guinness

the show goes back and forth through time, eventually

actors will be playing the lead roles because it is

written in anthology format, but it is a much watch that will keep you wondering, and googling, more about different theories behind the shows end.

World Records has called it the highest rated TV series of all time. Also, there will be a prequel coming out soon

titled “Better Call Saul”, a spin off surrounding the life

of Bryan Cranston’s lawyer Saul before he stepped into the picture.

Entourage: There are 96 episodes of Entourage that

are necessary to catch up on before the movie debuts on June 12, 2015. You have over a year to catch up,

making it a leisurely process. You can find all episodes

True Detective: This HBO-GO show is a must watch,

events to attend, and sometimes the best time to catch

even if it is a ‘dark’ show by most of my friend’s

that one lazy day of the week. For those who want to

promise once you start watching one, you will stay

personal favorites:

win, Matthew McConaughey portrays Rusty perfectly,

up on TV is right before bed, or when you are having

standards. True Detective only has 8 episodes, and I

find a new show to watch, here’s a list of some of my

up all night and finish them all. Coming off his Oscar

and Woody Harrelson is a great partner. Throughout

on HBO-Go.

24: I learned the hard way that there are 192 episodes

of 24 to catch up on before the movie comes out. The

release date for the movie keeps getting pushed back, but Kiefer Sutherland, the star of 24, insists it will come

out soon. All seasons are available on Netflix, and I recommend starting now rather than later.


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In today’s society social media has enabled us to be constantly connected to the world around us. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and the newest social media sphere, Yik Yak, we are able to be constantly updated on the activities and feelings of anyone we follow. And though social media is good in many ways, there may be even more ways in which it hurts us. Have you gone out to dinner recently with a group of friends and noticed that every single person in the group was on their iPhone? Our collective social media obsession has left us spending more time focusing on a screen than talking face to face. Next time you walk to class take note of all the people staring into their phones as they walk. The vast amount of time we, as a generation spend on social media has led to a desire and a need to feel constantly connected to the world around us. However, our desire to be constantly connected may actually leave us feeling more alone. According to a study by the International Center for Media and Public Agenda, the more time we spend on social media, the more our personal relationships suffer. To be constantly updated on the activities of our peers may also leave us feeling jealous. We subconsciously compare our lives with the lives of others over social media, and feel that they are having more fun, are better looking, wear

Ideas debate & discuss better clothes. According to an extensive study by the Shenker College of Engineering and Design, social media has also enabled us to create our ideal image of ourselves using our social media profiles.



Kappa Delta

Alex is a freshmen studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

Our ability to post, edit, and delete enables us to show the outside world exactly what we want them to see. There is an instant satisfaction that gratification that directly correlates to someone liking a post. This fascination and craving to present ourselves in a perfect way over social media may in fact be harming our personal lives. Take a second to consider how social media has affected our priorities in life. We spend a significant amount of time thinking of clever captions for our Instagram pictures and obsess over how many likes we get on our pictures. We purposely think of clever tweets hoping to get lots of retweets. Our generation and those below us have also resorted to expressing our feelings over social media instead of talking face to face and addressing our problems. Subtweets, anonymous Yik Yaks, and pictures posted aimed at making others jealous do nothing but waste valuable time that we could be spending doing more enjoyable things. It may be time for us to reevaluate our use of social media and try to cut back. I realized how much time I personally spend procrastinating schoolwork and everyday tasks by repeatedly checking my twitter feed, and how much more productive I would be if I made an effort to spend a little less time on social media. Social media can be a great way to share with friends and family or catch up with old friends, but do not get caught up in the social media addiction and let it leave you feeling unhappy.


The date March 20th is not only the first day of spring but also the International Day of Happiness. This Kappa Delta designated day was declared by the United Nations as a Carter is a sophomore studying business. day to help individuals from You may contact her at spencermc@email. all 140 countries realize the true meaning of happiness. This International day of happiness was first celebrated last year, making March 20th only the second annual celebration. This day of happiness was originated as a day to look beyond goods and money and focus on true inner happiness. The main idea of this day of happiness is to have every human recognized their own happiness as a “fundamental human goal”.


Americans see this date as a bit of an irony since March 20th is also our first day of spring according to the spring equinox. Various articles have stated spring as Americans “happy time”. For example, Elite Daily writer Ashley Fern wrote an article about “26 Reasons Why Women Come To Life In The Spring”. Some reasons she states is staying darker later, a lower electricity bill, to even being about to walk to your destination as opposed to driving and avoiding the cold. Another less gender specific example We all know that the weather can’t be the only indication of happiness. If this statement

Drink Specials SUNDAY: S.I.N. NIGHT $1.50 House Liquor


MONDAY: $2 Blue Moon, $3.75 glass of wine, $4 Mimosa, $4.50 Rumplemintz TUESDAY: OPEN MIC NIGHT $2 Juarez, $275 Sweet Water Blue & Sweet Water 420, $3 New Castle, $4 Finlandia WEDNESDAY: KARAOKE $1 VODKA special with valid collee ID, $4 Goldschlager THURSDAY: $1 Natural Light, $2 Bourbon, $2.75 Miller, $3 New Castle, $5 Jager Bombs, 1/2 PRICE HOOKAHS FRIDAY: $2 Budweiser, $3 Woodchuck, $4 Rumplemintz, $5 Jager Bombs SATURDAY: $1.50 VODKA special with valid college ID, $2 Budweiser, $2.75 Juarez, $5 Jager Bombs

Hiring new bartenders.

Drop off your resume and an application at the bar anytime after 7 p.m.

2100 A Devine St., Columbia, SC 290295 | 803.331.6968

were true summer should be the all time winning season. The simple fact that spring time means all the flowers are blooming is a huge bonus to the spring season happiness. Almost anywhere you walk there is a flower that can be picked, whether is be a weed or a dazzling sunflower.

Furthering the United Nations International day of Happiness is the website www. The motto of looking past goods and money is explained in detail by the websites homepage: “Advertisers tell us that happiness comes from buying and consuming their products. Celebrities and the media pretend it comes with beauty & fame. And politicians claim that nothing matters more than growing the economy.” This quote is the epitome of what is around humans daily causing this shift of what we should center our inner happiness around. The trending hashtag #happinessday is used daily, extending past March 20th for anyone to post a quote or picture of what makes them happy. In consequence, as an average human I find myself loosing sight of my happiness from day to day. This hashtag is a small way to find happiness by simply searching the hashtag and gazing at ways thousands of humans find there happiness. In all, the International day of Happiness is a movement to have each and every american show what makes them happy. Having the day fall on the first day of spring is just a small ironic tidbit to the whole picture. A flower and warm weather may bring happiness to many but overall monetary items should be what lead to happiness. Lastly, as Pharrell Williams says numerous times in his ever so catchy song “Happy”, Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.

sports talk


Collin is a junior studying business. You may contact him at baxtercd@email. With the amount of success that our Gamecocks have on the diamond I think it is safe to say that there is a fare amount of baseball fans here at USC. One of the most interesting things about being in college is the different lives that others share about where they come from and how things are different. One of the biggest points of pride that people carry with them from home is their favorite sport team. Many of my fraternity brothers are from the New England area and were ecstatic about their World Series Championship last year with the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox were an unbelievably good team last year and as it seems every year for my favorite team the Atlanta Braves,

there just wasn’t enough in the tank come playoff time. The most exciting part of the season by far has to be Opening Day. Every team has hope and with Opening Day comes better weather and every team and fan base in the nation is filled with optimism. I try to attend at least two or three Braves’ games every season making the threehour drive to Atlanta from Columbia each time. Last year a large group of my friends and I attended the opening weekend and witnessed a victory over the Chicago Cubs. On to the season! Let’s look at the American League first. The Red Sox were the class of the American League last season and capped it off with an incredible championship run. They will no doubt be a contender next season but with the Yankees unloading their wallets as usual adding the likes of Masahiro Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran. The Red Sox meanwhile lost some major contributors such as the above-mentioned Ellsbury, as well as Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Stephen Drew. While the Rays and Red Sox will make a push to capture the division I look for the Yankees to once again buy their position up top.


As for the AL Central the Tigers have shown that they are the class of the division and maybe even the entire league. The tigers have the best player in the league coming off of two consecutive MVP seasons and a Triple Crown in 2012 Miguel Cabrera. I look for the Texas Rangers to take the AL West barely over the Oakland Athletics. Moneyball will not be able to keep up with the Rangers who have added key contributors such as Shin-Soo Choo and Prince Fielder. In the national league I expect the best teams of last season to return to supremacy with the Cardinals, Braves and Dodgers winning their respective divisions. The Dodgers took out the Braves last year and look to be even stronger and one can't help but admire the ability of the Cardinals to make late post season runs but I am a die hard braves fan so of course Atlanta is going to win the NLCS this year. My prediction is a Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves World Series with the Braves taking the series in 7 games. Like I said Opening Day is upon us and every team is as optimistic as ever. Take me out to the ball game and Let’s go Braves!

6 sports talk


on March 16 to the National

Championship game on April 7, March Madness brackets go through a lot.

Here is a brief overview of the turmoil most (including

my ow n ) b r a c k e ts go


Round 3: Screaming. Despair. Angst. Loud sobs while curling up into a ball. If

you were smart enough to know that Wichita State wouldn’t make it that far, you

shouldn’t be too bummed out. But alas, this is traditionally the round with upsets on

Chi Omega

upsets. This is about the time in March where crumpled up or burnt pieces of paper

Rachael is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

another hole in the wall. But you must leave the past in the past because the Sweet

through in those three short weeks.

containing fans’ brackets fill trashcans and probably about the same time where I add Sixteen is up next. Between my good luck rituals for San Diego State and cheering along with the University of Louisville cheerleaders, I’ll be on edge until they cut down the nets and make it into the Elite Eight.

Sweet Sixteen: Out of these 16 teams, perhaps you thought that the subsequent

Selection Sunday: Promptly after Selection Sunday’s seeds and match-ups are

rounds are carved out in stone. But you though wrong. To everyone’s shock, or dismay,

Between researching each team’s season and referring to Las Vegas’s odds, you might

strides. And some teams cause you to lose a lot of money. No matter what your feelings

announced you head online and print out at least seven different sets of brackets.

go through a few rough drafts before you perfect a bracket. With your confidence

levels rising, you might complete another bracket or so (just for giggles) to have as a back-up in case this year’s tournament is upset-city. I always go with three different brackets; one I fill out going by statistics and logic, one I fill out by listening to my

gut, and a third based on the teams I just really want to see win. But who are you

kidding, your bracket is perfect! Undeniably going to lead you to victory in your office/fraternity March Madness pool, you enter it into Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar

NCAA bracket challenge, where he is giving away $1 billion to whoever has the perfect bracket. You can practically hear Buffett practicing writing your name now in order to perfect it for the giveaway check. Practice your winning smile for the cameras.

Round 1: LOL. No worries here bro. Round 2: Frustration. Tears. Quiet sobs while

curling up into a ball. Perhaps your bracket isn’t billion-dollar worthy anymore, but

maybe you can still claim a prize in the pool with your buddies? You log-in to your ESPN account and check the standings of your pool so far. You seem to still be in pretty

decent shape, so you take a deep breath and wipe your tears off your face (there is no crying in March Madness). Reviewing yours and your other friends’ standings isn’t

too hurtful to your ego. Maybe you would be in better shape if Jim hadn’t picked Harvard over Cincinnati (lets be real, they’re already smart and have an incredible wrestling program, do we have to give them basketball too?) or if Ohio State hadn’t blown it in the last few seconds and lost to Dayton while you were in the midst of a screaming/cursing tantrum. Four teams going into overtime in one night is not doing anything for your anger issues either. I may or may not have kicked a hole in the wall while San Diego State went into overtime. I mean, Fisher had just said he was going to come back next year and the team

almost gave that 68-year-old

man a heart attack while playing

against New Mexico State. It’s OK, these teams are just making it to the third round.

Take a deep breath because your picks for

the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight are looking solid.

some teams come out of nowhere. Some teams continue their NCAA tournament towards these teams are or how much resent you hold towards your bracket at this

point, take a deep breath because the next round is down to just single digits. Just keep in mind one lesson---be afraid of the underdogs. Be very, very afraid.

Elite Eight: While your bracket might reflect the always safe bet to pick the teams

with basketball dynasties who are long-standing traditional front-runners, this is the point in the tournament where you pit each of these elite teams against another.

Leaning on Kentucky, Michigan and UCLA to have usual solid running in the tournament has gotten you this far, but by now, those legacies are playing against each other.

Who will win each region and make their moves into the Final Four? How many

holes in the wall have I created by now? Are you listening to your instinct or going

with the more statistically stacked teams? How many tearstains have you left on your original bracket? Final Four: It’s no longer March, but the beginning of April. The

shenanigans with the lower-seeded teams are over. The “madness” has dwindled because we all know these four teams aren’t backing down. Time to put your gameface on because we mean business.

Championship Game: We’ve made it. Through all the screaming in frustration

during games going into overtime, nail biting when

games came down to the last second, and numerous

shreds you have torn up of the piece of paper your bracket was on, it was worth it because it has all led

you up to this point where you can sit back and enjoy the game. Maybe you picked the two teams vying for the championship title or maybe

even picked the team to earn

that distinction, but no matter.

That is all behind us now. We can all relax and just wait until

next March, because that’s what the

doctor ordered us to do when we went in for

heart palpitations the other day. They don’t call

it March Madness for nothing. Maybe next year

Warren Buffett, maybe next year.

sports talk

MARCH MADNESS Congratulations! You

were one of the millions

who participated in filling

out a bracket for NCAA Men’s Basketball. Meaning you also got blind sided

by the early madness that

occurred the first week of


Drew is a senior studying sport & entertainment management. You may contact him at

play. Warren Buffett must

have been laughing at how perfect his offer turned out. His offer of a billion dollars was off the table within 2 days. Absolutely no one could have predicted how insane

the first week of games would be. There were a huge number of upsets and some unexpected teams won multiple games.

Thursday had 4 upsets, a buzzer beater, and 4 overtime games! That is the easiest

way to describe a day full of madness. Friday tried hard to keep the craziness going with Mercer upsetting Duke. The rest of the day had 3 more upsets and a 4 point

play to force overtime. This was definitely the most entertaining opening two days

in recent memory. The time of the cinderella and underdogs has come. It appears the time has come that smaller and less known teams are truly believing they can

beat the Goliath. Any bracket that had Ohio State and Duke falling would have


surprised me. Especially if someone had Tennessee making it to the second week after being a play in team.

The weekend didn’t let up either. Kansas was upset by Stanford, and Kentucky

took down an undefeated Wichita State. Both of these games were great to watch and always fun to cheer for an underdog. Looking at how the first week has played out, everyone has to be excited for the upcoming games. I’m sure the upcoming match ups will hold a ton of excitement and there will surely be an overtime or buzzer beater to come. Dayton versus Stanford will be a great game to start the weekend. While Kentucky versus Louisville will undoubtedly lead to a game with high octane offense and extreme hostility between two in state rivals.

Florida has the best odds of winning it all at this point, but how will the rest of

the tournament play out? I don’t think anyone would have guess the SEC would have been undefeated during the first week of play. This March has definitely been

one to remember and lucky for us its just getting started. There’s only one question left to ask. If the SEC finishes with an even better record than starting 7-0, are we gonna be able to put basketball in the same category as football and baseball? The

way this tournament is playing out the SEC could become even more of a power

house conference. Although, we need to be patient since this could just be the craziest March Madness ever.

10 Ideas debate & discuss


Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at Am I quiet or loud? Introverted or extroverted? Do I like being active or prefer to stay indoors? What are my interests? I had to answer all of those questions when filling out my study abroad housing application a few days ago, and the process of figuring myself out helped me to realize what I am about to embark on. I’m actually going to London this summer, and going to live with someone and meet new people. The dream became a reality. I remember coming into college as a freshman and hearing about everyone studying abroad. It always sounded really fun, and all my friends who had done it certainly encouraged it, but it’s always been the type of thing to think, “Yeah, I will probably do that eventually.” For me, I was pushed into taking the initiative to actually

plan my trip once I prioritized my extracurricular activities and time. I had some internship opportunities I could pursue, but I was also looking forward to taking some time off from hard work and really relaxing this summer. Also, my older sister is getting married at the end of June, and I knew I needed to pursue something that would allow me to be flexible so I could help her plan. Once I thought about all my prior engagements and plans, and talked to my friends, I realized the best option would be to study abroad for the month of July. Once I declared my decision over Friday brunch, one of my sisters looked at me and said, “You know the application is due Monday, right?” I don’t know how, but somehow I pulled all of my forms and deposits together that weekend and was able to apply on deadline that next week. I met with an advisor, spoke to my parents, and the dream began to take an actual, realistic shape. For now, I’m playing the waiting game. I have most of my forms turned in and I’m waiting for my pre-departure orientation. I’m also starting to think about some of the more practical questions I have- do people in London wear sorority shirts? No, right? So I need to buy clothes then. I haven’t left for England yet (I fly there on the Fourth of July, how un-American), but I already know that this experience will

shape my life for the better and impact my goals and ideas. So, if I could, I’d like to encourage everyone to at least look into studying abroad before they graduate. Also, double check your application deadlines, or you may have the most productive weekend of your life.

500 words on careers




perfect internship and

job opportunities can be stressful, especially

as a second semester s e n i o r.



September, I have looked for opportunities that are


This summer, I will be staying at the University of Washington with several other

LAURA GROVE Delta Delta Delta

Laura is a senior studying retailing with an emphasis in fashion merchandising. You may contact her at grovel@email.

buying, merchandising, or

visual related, and applied to both department stores and brand name companies. The companies I applied to were located as far as Dallas, New York, and Seattle, and my determination to find a job helped me land an opportunity in each of these locations. However, none of them except one truly felt like the perfect fit.

Starting at the age of sixteen, I have been working for Nordstrom beginning in

their Fashion Board program for high-schoolers, and moved on to being a salesperson and eventually a store intern. I know mostly everything about the company values,

employee system, products, and store layouts. I understand how customer service

is the most valued component of their company, and how satisfying customers can

lead to increased sales and multiple purchases. My history with Nordstrom was the reason I chose to be a retailing major and it has always been my dream to be a

buyer for the company. However, I wanted to experience working for a company on a corporate level after graduation, and did not want to put all my hopes into their corporate internship program since just under a thousand students fight for forty spots in the program.

I was fortunate enough to be selected as USC’s only retailing student to get to

attend the National Retail Federation conference in Chicago late September, and was able to network with several companies including Estee Lauder, Saks, Tory

Burch, Anthropology, and others. Through this student networking conference, I was given several interviews with these companies, which turned into two job offers.

The companies I was offered jobs are both great companies, but neither compared to my experience with Nordstrom.

Heading into spring break, I had gone through my second round of interviews

with Nordstrom and received an email during the week stating they would like to

speak with me. Feeling a mix of emotions during our phone call, I listened to the recruiter talk to me about my interviews and feedback. I was immediately relieved when she told me she wanted to secure my spot in the program and offer me the

internship! I was ecstatic that the company I have always wanted to work for and modeled my own jewelry business after (Laura Grove Design) wanted me to work for them in their corporate offices. Though I am very thankful for all of the opportunities

I have been offered, I truly feel that Nordstrom is where I belong and that I will be able to grow and learn a lot with the company. Landing this internship was not easy, and it took a lot of persistency to attain it. I have showed my loyalty to them

by turning down several jobs and offers since I began working for them because I truly believe in the company values, structure, and growth opportunities. I have

enjoyed being an employee for Nordstrom, and feel that I am part of a family rather than a workplace. There are so many opportunities for growth in the company, and employees in higher positions are always very helpful.

interns, and working forty hours a week. We will be assigned to a department and work with buyers who manage that department. For example, if I was assigned to

the Women’s Dresses department, I would get to work with the Women’s Dresses buyers and see how they evaluate sales, select dresses, communicate with vendors and designers, etc. We also will get a discount to the store, have a nice salary for

interns, and sit in on buying meetings. I am thrilled to have been offered a position into such a competitive program, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

My advice to those applying to jobs and internships is to be persistent with

companies, network, write thank you letters after interviews, and show them how

devoted you are or will be to their company. I would also suggest doing research before interviewing so you know about their values, what they stand for, what they sell, and how they operate. Hard work pays off and it could land you the opportunity of your dreams!

12 Lookbook fashion






Pawley's Front Porch

Motor Supply Company Bistro

Pawley’s Front Porch: This burger joint was visited by Guy Fieri on his Food Kappa Kappa Kappa Network show, “Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives,” so Katie is a freshmen studying public you know it’s got to be good. relations. You may contact her at The restaurant offers a variety of burgers named after areas around South Carolina, and features popular South Carolina food items. The Isle of Palms, a Pawley’s favorite, is topped with house made pimento cheese and jalapeno bacon. Their half-pound burgers are cooked to order, letting the customer the burger how they want. Pawley’s also has various ongoing events and specials that make a meal there even more exciting. The restaurant is hosting a canned food drive, and for 5 canned goods donated for Harvest Hope, you will receive a free fried pickle. There are also daily specials offered- on Mondays kids eat free from 4 p.m. until close, and on Tuesdays there are half price burgers from 5- 7 p.m. If you’re unable to come into the restaurant, but are craving Pawley’s, you can always go get a meal from their food truck. You can follow the truck on Twitter at @PFP_FoodTruck to get updates on where the truck is serving meals.


of Asian cuisine. Miyo’s offers Chinese cuisine, Korean style BBQ, Japanese sushi, and Thai and Vietnamese inspired dishes. Many customers have been impressed with Miyo’s effortsthe restaurant was named the best Asian, Chinese and Sushi restaurant by the Free Times 2013. Along with their impressive food menu, Miyo’s offers customers a large variety of beverages. They offer an assortment of teas, soft drinks, martinis, cocktails and beers. There is also a selection of Asian beverages including sake that makes Miyo’s unique. Free Times rated Miyo’s as the best take out food for 2013. The multiple locations of Miyo’s around Columbia makes it easy for customers to enjoy their food wherever they live.

Motor Supply Company Bistro: This restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, and instead of focusing on a certain type of food, is a blend of Italian, Asian, French and American cuisine. What makes this restaurant stand apart from many others located in the Vista is how all of their food is from local farms, or is house-made. In the Best of Columbia 2013, Motor Supply Company won the category for best specialty drink for the restaurants innovative cocktail menu. The menu at Motor Supply Company changes daily, ensuring that customers will never get bored of the options. The innovate chef, Tim Peters, was recognized for his hard work by the Free Times this year and was awarded best chef. Miyo’s: Miyo’s has been around Columbia since 1996, and makes strong efforts to offer patrons a wide variety of options. The restaurant prides itself on its mixture of various types


14 Humor lol @wis10: Corn dog spill closes Louisiana interstate #wis10. @BrentonRules: What should my major be if I want to become an Instagram fitness model. @colt_straight: Definitely sprayed vomit all over pavs tonight #casual. @Dory: why do i still think that anyone born after 2000 is 4 years old. @paigekomisarow: There is a junior at this bar. Junior in high school. I'm a grandma and I need to stop coming

to MNP. @JennyJohnsonHi5: I kinda wanna party with the Pope. @katieholstein: I wish this exam tomorrow could study for itself, it's 2014 why is that not possible yet. @MensHumor: The way you feel while mumbling through that part of the song you don’t know is how I feel about all my life decisions. @TheFakeESPN: Eagles also interested in Tebow, so they have someone to hold

Mark Sanchez’s clipboard in the event Nick Foles gets injured. @CollegeTownLife: I don't know what's worse: the decisions I made for my bracket or the decisions I make when I'm drunk. @UberFacts: Men take double the amount of selfies women do. @funnyordie: Nobody ever says, "Everything happens for a reason!" when they find $20 on the ground. You need to lose your job or wife to say that s•••.


Scar 4 3 14 proof5  
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