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THE GRADUATION DEBATE page 2 THAT YELLOW DUST page 3 Senior members of Alpha Delta Pi on the Horseshoe. Photo by Chelsea Shope

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Meredith is a senior studying mass communication. You may contact her at Now that we are approaching our last set of final exams, it’s time to make sure you have done everything you have to do prior to graduation. All information is provided on www., with links to any other websites that might be of help to us. Some things you have to do are check your seat assignment on and pick up your cap and gown at Russell House. Recently, this website has been updated dealing with the ticketing policy for the May 9th graduation. Vice President Joe Biden was recently chosen as the commencement speaker and this decision caused quite an uproar within University of South Carolina seniors, who worry that their relatives won’t

be able to come. It has led to a petition titled ‘Bye Joe Biden’ which had over 1,000 signatures in a matter of days, with a goal of 2,000 signatures. While I understand the frustration behind the petition, the title isn’t what the main goal of the petition is. The main goal of this petition is to make sure that each student graduating, about 1,400-1,500, will get the chance to invite all relatives.

Originally there was not a ticket limit for the commencement, but within days of the announcement of VP Biden as our speaker students were limited to four tickets each and this policy was updated to six tickets each within 24 hours of the announcement in The Daily Gamecock. However, many people have more people than this attending who have all booked airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc., and cannot change their reservations with less than a month to graduation without losing their money. While I am confident our University will figure out a plan to accommodate all guests, the backlash has led to the petition being discussed on local TV stations, as well as all over social media. To keep updated on what our University decides, follow @usc_registrar on Twitter and check out their Facebook. In addition to this recent update, they also added more

important information. Tickets for commencement will be issued on April 24th and 25th from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the ticket windows at Colonial Life Arena. When you go to pick up your tickets, have your photo ID or Carolina Card as well as a typed list of your guest’s names. You will receive one ticket for yourself as well as up to 6 for family and friends. In addition, on Monday April 28th beginning at 8 a.m. additional tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis. You also must present a typed list of your additional guests’ full names on this day. On the day of graduation, Colonial Life’s doors will open at 12:15 p.m. There will be additional security scans due to the high profile of our commencement speaker, as expected. Signs, posters, noisemakers, backpacks, briefcases, and laptops will all not be allowed into Colonial Life. Additionally, purses and bags are discouraged and will be searched. Doors close at 2:20 p.m., so make sure to plan to arrive early due to parking constraints in the areas surrounding commencement due to recent construction of the Coliseum parking lot. Instead of focusing on the negatives and constantly debating this issue with friends and family, enjoy your last 2 weeks on campus and take advantage of the college lifestyle before we become part of the real world.


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Carter is a sophomore studying business. You may contact her at spencermc@

Did you wake up one morning with your eyes a swollen shut, or did you walk to your car one morning before class with a slight yellow tint to your car. If you answer yes to either of these situations you are experiencing the spring epidemic we like to call pollen. Sure spring time means shorts season is here and nightly thunderstorms to lull us to sleep. But what many of us tend to turn a blind eye to is the mounds of pollen we have to walk through on any given day throughout the springtime. When the question is asked what is pollen, many tend to not know the answer. Sure, during this time of year it’s so prevalent you could compare it to the grass around. And even so widespread that sometimes you may not know if it’s grass or cement you are walking on. But when it comes down to actual


Pollen is actually produced from a tiny seed, so tiny it’s naked to the blind eye, from a plant, usually round or oval, that plants use to reproduce. Some plants even use this seed, or pollen, as fertilizer to grow strong for the years to come. Most assume that pollen comes from the flowers that have bloomed at the beginning of spring. Where as, in reality the plants that cause the most pollen are “plain” looking plants. Some examples of these high pollen emitting plants are trees, grass, and most weeds.

According to WebMed “Pollen is the invisible annoyance”, roughly 35 million Americans are sensitive to pollen. Even though we all think avoiding the outdoors is the only solution to avoiding pollen, you actually are more susceptible to severe allergic reactions when the pollen is trapped in a small place like your house. For instance if you ever want to pull a prank on one of your susceptible roommates sprinkle a little pollen on there pillow and they’ll be stuffed up all day. Pollen triggers inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose which leads to a runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness, and itchy/ watery eyes.

To help Americans become more aware of the pollen around them most weather forecasts include the pollen count for the day during the high season, or as we know it spring time. Pollen count calculates the given amount of pollen in a specific amount of air during a particular period, usually done in 24 hour intervals. As many allergic people know, rain may be a nuisance when you have to do something outside for the day but when it comes to pollen season we are all crossing our fingers for rain. Rain washes away the mounds of pollen making the pollen count after big downpour to be significantly lower than it was pre downpour .

Pollen allergies may not be life threatening but they cause discomfort. Even today while walking to class I was behind another student having a conversation on the phone complaining about his discomfort and asking what he could do to get rid of his pollen allergies. There are numerous drugs you can get prescribed to by a doctor like Zyrtec and Claritin. However, if you want to go a more holistic way shutting your windows, dusting and vacuuming regularly, and even using a neti pot daily can help with the suffering. Overall, pollen is that little yellow devil that always seems to be in the way when we are trying to enjoy this newly warm weather.

cause as to why we are seeing this yellow dust around, many tend to not know the answer.

4 Scene on campus


A huge push has been

made in recent years at colleges around the nation

to implement “tobacco

free” campus policies. With

a study coming out from ABC News a few years ago

stating that a third of college


Stephanie is a junior studying visual communications. You may contact her at

students are smokers, it is

clear that the issue is extremely prevalent in our age group. Ages 18-24 make up a

main bracket from which cigarette companies market towards. With this information

now on the radar of college campuses everywhere, more is being done to prohibit the use of tobacco while on school grounds.

According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, about 1,200 colleges

nationwide have gone tobacco free so far. On August 9 of this past year, President

Harris Pastides announced that our Columbia campus of USC would join this growing number of colleges and go tobacco-free starting in January. This ban would include smoking and all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco.

Furthermore, in October USC hosted a “Tobacco Free College and University Summit,

a day long conference providing information and resources to begin to implement

the process of instating a tobacco free campus policy. Healthy Carolina hosted the summit in hopes of adding to their mission to create a healthy campus environment for all students.

Beyond this stage in implementing the process, the university installed signs and

removed any ashtrays around campus in December. As we are well past the January

start date of this new rule, changes are noticeable around campus. While walking to and from classed there are little to no people smoking cigarettes. Although some people may find the new rule a bit annoying, most can agree that the ban has already made our campus significantly healthier for all students.

However, one of the largest changes we have yet to see take place will occur during

football season. As a part of the university policy, this ban on tobacco will include

areas around Williams Brice Stadium and Colonial Life Arena. The parking lots and the former State Farmers Market are areas that are technically school grounds, meaning students will no longer be able to have a cigarette or chew tobacco in these locations while tailgating for athletic events. At this point, large tailgating events have not taken

place under the new ban. This change will be a first for this upcoming football season. While this change may have been noticed by some, or completely passed over by

others, it is inevitably making our University of South Carolina campus healthier for all students, faculty, and staff.

Scene on campus


BANDS TO KNOW BETTER There are many bands in the music world that have found enough success to release a well-known single. Of course, many artists have more than one successful single, but this is becoming more and more of a rarity. The trouble with this, however, is that you might love an artist’s entire album, but never know because it isn’t as popular. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of popular artists whose albums, I believe, are just as valuable – sometimes more so – than their singles. Artist: The Neighbourhood. Single: “Sweater Weather.” Album: I Love You. Sweater Weather resonated with me from the first day I heard it. I love The Neighborood’s darker vibe and the way these emotions come out in each of the songs on the album. Sweater Weather is a bit lighter,, compared to their counterparts, with a faster tempo and chorus, yet all the songs come together to form a cohesive whole. The album is a matured version of the angsty music we were all guilty of loving in our early teens. As a relatively recent band, The Neighbourhood is just getting started. Songs to check out: “Let It Go,” and “Female Robbery.” Artist: Fun. Singles: “We Are Young” and “Some Nights.” Album(s): Aim and Ignite, Some Nights. Both of Fun’s singles took off with incredible force, rapidly making them a household name. The lead singer, Nate Ruess, has an easily recognizable voice which is a key component of each song on both albums. If this is one of your favorite aspects of the singles, then I would highly encourage you to explore the rest of their

discography. Both a pro and con, many of the songs are very similar; they all rely heavily on catchy beats and full sound. Because of this, they’re a must-see during concert season. Songs to check out: “Barlights,” and “Out On The Town.” Artist: Kings of Leon. Single(s): “Use Somebody” and “Sex On Fire.” Album(s): Mechanical Bull, Only By The Night. Kings of Leon has more than two albums, however, Mechanical Bull and Only By The Night are the ones I listen to and love the most. It’s all about Caleb Followill’s voice. If the fact that you can’t understand every syllable he sings will bother you, then I can’t recommend, but I urge you to at least give the rest of these albums a listen through. I won’t pretend to be unbiased. The band formed very close to my hometown, which bring nostalgia into my KOL fandom. Beyond that, it’s the only rock style music I listen to. The albums are so incredibly thought out, from the mix of tempos to the way things transition. If there’s a road trip in your future, these albums really make the time pass faster. Songs to check out: “Supersoaker” and “Manhattan.” Artist: Young the Giant. Single(s): “Cough Syrup” and “My Body.” Album(s): Young The Giant and Mind Over Matter. Young The Giant offers the perfect walking to class music. Most of the songs on both albums are a complete blast to listen to. Beyond a simple sense of enjoyment, however, you have to respect all the different pieces that overlap to make one song. This is true of all the bands on this list, but it’s slightly more obvious with YTG. The music is complex, but easy to listen to, and the vocals are so full of talent. Most importantly, I believe these albums appeal to truly anyone, no matter their favorite genre. Songs to check out: “Apartment,” “Anagram” and “In My Home.”


Every football season

is clad with crazy stories

and accusations of players behaving badly. From OJ

Simpson and his infamous murder case to the ongoing

Miami Dolphins’ Richie

Incognito bullying disaster,


Rachael is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

it seems as if football

players continue to leave scandal-filled legacies more often than not. Ignoring the

concussion-suicide trend and the boisterous, extravagant off-the-field lives that players often pride themselves on, the sport of football has attracted more negative than positive news as of late.

During the summer of 2013, New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez

became associated with the shooting death of friend Odin Lloyd after the police spent hours searching Hernandez’s Massachusetts home. After he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and five gun-related charges, it seemed as if his once

honored life turned into shambles. His name and likeness were removed from various

locations in the University of Florida football facilities, his likeliness was dropped

from NCAA Football ‘14 and NFL Madden video games, and his endorsement deals with CytoSport and Puma were terminated. With a history including a charge from a

2007 bar fight and two ongoing investigations in a 2012 double homicide and a 2013 Miami shooting lawsuit, this first-degree murder charge might just be the cherry on top on Hernandez’s criminal rap sheet and his Wikipedia page.

Lineman Jonathan Martin stunned sports fans everywhere when he announced

his departure from the Miami Dolphins for “emotional distress” in October 2013. It later came out that he had been bullied and continually harassed by a handful

of players, and fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito held a ring-leading role and was subsequently suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. In February

2014, independent investigator Ted Well’s report concluded that Incognito and two other linemen continually harassed not just Martin, but other young linemen and an assistant trainer through homophobic name-calling, taunting through sexually explicit remarks about their mothers and sisters, improper physical touching, racial

slurs, and derogatory language, all in one locker room. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in March 2014 that Incognito and several other players associated with the crisis will be subject to potential discipline.

In the middle of the 2013 NCAA football season, Heisman Trophy front-runner

Jameis Winston was hit with an allegation that he raped a fellow Florida State University student in December 2012. While he evaded charges at the time and went

on to win the Heisman Trophy and the BCS National Championship Bowl, federal investigators are beginning to crack open the case again and look into the case and how investigators and law enforcement handled the situation at the time.

In early April 2014, the University of Missouri’s football program first suspended

then released former No. 1 overall recruit in the nation Dorial Green-Beckham. A police investigation of a suspected burglary incident implicating domestic abuse closed without an arrest. Mizzou’s athletics department released a statement quoting

coach Gary Pinkel as saying: “Dorial’s priority going forward needs to be focusing

on getting the help he needs.”

I scoffed when I first read that sentence. “Help” is not what Green-Beckham needs.

“Help” is not what any of these football players need. “Help” is not what the sport

needs. All of the above need discipline, and maybe a good slap on the upside of the

head. While I just left out numerous bar fight charges and felony accusations made against a mass of other football players, these stories have drawn the most media attention in the past year. Yeah, just the past year. Football’s culture of violence and

destruction is seemingly never-ending. We must ask ourselves what we love about this game and how to shift this unjustified stigma for the sport that the frequent

media coverage of players in trouble has created. Throwing in excessive incomes, fame, and media and cultural prominence, we perceive that football players are

more likely to get themselves into trouble. Despite the recent coverage on the latest

scandals and the notions the media would like us to believe, we shouldn’t perceive the acts of a few to define the population of these athletes. We should instead shift

our attention on the positive and understand that there are a few rotten eggs in every bunch. Allowing the poor choices of a handful of athletes determine our perception is not what the sport is about.

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Jordan is a sophomore studying elementary education. You may contact her at It seems an app called Tinder has taken the University of South Carolina and especially Greek Village by storm. If you don’t know, Tinder is a phone application that matches individuals profiles linked to their Facebook accounts and shares information like first name, age, mutual friends, mutual likes, a couple of pictures and a bio you can edit. Then, the application allows you to go through a list of possible suitors in your area where you can either “swipe left” to say you’re not interested or “swipe right” to say you are. Then if you do “swipe right” and the other individual does as well you will be notified and then allowed to engage in a private chat over the app. After this, the choice is yours

and the app has basically done its job.

I personally downloaded the app about two months ago when I went on a trip to visit some friends at the University of Chapel Hill. My friends there were obsessed with Tinder and eventually talked me into getting an account. Before I knew it I was on a swiping spree and had a major feeling of confidence occur every time I got a match. I personally never contacted one of my matches but I received hellos, weird compliments, and pick up lines that were hilarious such as, “If I was on dancing with the stars I’d want you as my partner.” The app at the beginning was more of game to me and then I started getting matched with people that I actually found attractive and thought I would like to meet. Many girls and guys I know have used this application to actually meet up with their matches and have used it as a real dating application. Personally, I met up with a guy a while back and have now been seeing him for a couple weeks now. It’s embarrassing every time I have to tell anyone that we met over Tinder but it’s true that had it not been for this application we most likely would have

get your hammock on at the horseshoe


Get your gear on 208 candi lane suite a (near the zoo) columbia, sc 29210

never crossed paths. Still, with the stories of success like mine also come the stories of horror. Many people have now called Tinder an application for one night stands and have matched up with people that ended up being a little on the crazy side. So my big question is how safe is this application really? If you grew up like me in this digital world your parents probably tried to stress online safety. First of all, the app makes it clear that you are in the area by using location as the main source which in a college town isn’t as scary as somewhere more rural in my opinion. Secondly, you really have to be careful about meeting these individuals because you don’t really know anything about them. Meeting in a public place is for sure the right way to go and if they’re trying to meet up alone you should probably just stop replying. Overall, I believe Tinder is just us young adults dating in the 21st century and I think it’s absolutely fine to use but at the same time continue to be careful and remember that not everyone is what they seem over a phone or computer screen.

8 Lookbook fashion


When celebrities team up with designers to launch collections, consumers have the opportunity to score celeb styles at an affordable price. Incorporate your fashion icon into your wardrobe by shopping Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop this summer.


Laura is a senior studying advertising & public relations. You may contact her at

Zooey Deschanel has launched her debut collection, To Tommy From Zooey, by collaborating with fashion superstar, Tommy Hilfiger. The line incorporates Zooey's famous mod style with Tommy's traditional american sportswear aesthetic. While many refer to Tommy's style as nautical, the collaboration has been nicknamed "Modical." What better description could you want for a fresh, updated summer wardrobe? From dresses, to handbags, to jewelry, the line runs the gamut on your summer must-haves. The best part? Zooey herself stars in the lookbook.So what can you expect from Zooey's first collection? Tried and true American, nautical colors: red, white, and blue. However, the traditional colors have been tied into updated silhouettes. For day, the line features a darling pleated dress, a flirty v-neck fit and flare, and the perfect little white dress with a surprise of color underneath. Other favorites include an updated tennis dress with fringe skirt, and a modern, printed wrap dress. For night, you can expect conservative cocktail dresses in luxe fabrics to be paired with stackable bangles and clutches. Overall the line exudes an air of effortless summer dressing that will have you feeling both comfortable and chic. The line is currently in stores.Looking to make a statement this summer? Look for Kate Moss's collaboration with Topshop. If you're craving the perfect summer party dress, this line is the way to go. Kate's collection keeps the cool, rebellious vibe of Topshop while adding her own glamorous touch that is, as always, ahead of the curve. The line is divided into four segments: Tailoring Noir, Cocktail Hour, Balearic Dressing, and Pyjama Dressing. Expect sexy jumpsuits, sequined biker jackets, and fringed cocktail frocks to be layered with luxe, beach-glam pieces. The line is set to hit stores in early May.

Lookbook fashion



I have always been creative and loved fashion. I dreamed of being a fashion designer when I grew up, but realized my passion for jewelry making when my mom started making and selling custom pieces she made to friends and neighbors. I would help her with her orders to fill and would also create my own pieces. She would host jewelry shows at our house and invite our whole neighborhood and all of her friends. I always looked forward to these events because it was a time everyone got together and had a good time while getting to see my mom’s new line. Through helping her pick out materials at AmericasMart (a large wholesale building filled with clothes and jewelry), making the products, selling them, and promoting events, I had an understanding on how to run a small jewelry business from a young age. I never pursued my own jewelry line until entering college, when I realized quickly how many expenses there are, and that I could turn my passion of fashion and jewelry into a profit. I started selling monogrammed items purchased wholesale from AmericasMart, and after creating my own website through the USC I.T. center, I realized I wanted to start designing products myself. During the summer of 2012, I created a jewelry line and sold two jewelry styles to The Bilt-House, an established boutique in Buckhead, GA, shortly after. I currently offer a full line in My Kim Collection in Columbia, SC, am soon to put a line in A Hott Mes boutique in Irmo, SC, and have been sold in Moxy in The Vinings, GA, Edyn Boutique in Brookhaven, GA, and Festivity in Columbia, SC. I hope to continue expanding through online sales, sell to boutiques

nationwide, and eventually be sold in big-box retailers. I also am in the process of creating a rep program where mothers and daughters can sell jewelry for a profit, similar to how my mom and I got started.


The University of South Carolina has recognized my hard work and efforts, and created a video interview for my business. You can find it through my jewelry facebook page,

Laura is a senior studying retailing with an emphasis in fashion merchandising. You may contact her at grovel@email.

I also have been recognized by the No Limits website (http:// as well as the National Retail Federation, and was chosen as 1 out of 26 students nationwide to attend the Shop.Org13 Conference because of my experience in online retailing. ( news/default.html#lauragrove). After college, I plan to intern at Nordstrom Corporate in Seattle, and plan to let my mom handle my jewelry business in the meantime. I hope that all students realize that the opportunities to start their own business are endless at the University of South Carolina, who has given me endless tools and resources to develop Laura Grove Design. Through USC, I have been given the opportunity to create a website, host campus events, participate in the community, create a window display in the Coliseum to showcase my jewelry, give back through silent auctions, and have access to research that has helped me develop a better understanding on how to grow my business.

Delta Delta Delta

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Cassady is a sophomore studying political science & French. You may contact her at With an end to another school year and summer just around the corner, there is not a better time to reinvent yourself. I’m not saying you need to change your personality or anything major, but changing up your look or things around you can make you feel like a new person. Start off this summer season with a good start feeling and looking great with these tips. 1. Change Your Hair Let’s be honest, whenever you want a change in your life, that translates to a change in your hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, after all, color can be fixed, and it will always grow back. A recent trend has been cutting off your long locks. Chopping off your hair gives

you a fresher look and makes your hair super healthy. If you decide to do this, make sure you donate your hair (if you have enough) to a foundation like Locks of Love.

2. New Clothes After being bundled up in winter clothes for so long, it’s time to shed all those layers and get on to your summer style. However, are you tired of wearing the same old thing you always do? Change up your style this summer. Get out of your comfort something and buy some pieces that you normally wouldn’t. Mix and match things until you find some new great outfits! 3. New Diet A new healthy diet can help you feel like a newer, and healthier, version of yourself. You won’t notice any weight loss immediately, but how you feel will quickly change. You’ll notice you have more energy, your skin will clear up, and overall you will have a better attitude about yourself. What’s better than that? 4. Organize Your Space Summer means going home, back to your childhood bedroom, staying in your apartment in Columbia, or moving somewhere completely different. Give

your space a makeover! It’s so important to love where you live because after a long day, hanging out in your room is the best way to end it if you are comfortable. Try painting your walls a new color, moving around the furniture, or getting rid all of your old knick-knacks that have been cluttering you room. 5. New Makeup One of the best ways to change up your look is to try out new makeup. If you never wear eye shadow, try going out and buying a new palette and experimenting with colors. YouTube has a ton of “beauty gurus” that have tutorials that can show you cute and cool ways to experiment with new makeup and show you different looks. One of my favorite palettes is by the brand Naked. While it is a little pricey, it will last you at least a year! This summer, try something new. Whether you get a new hair cut or simply re-organize your room, these tips are sure to make you feel like a new and refreshed person. There are a ton of other things you can do to make you feel brand-new, you just have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and think outside of the box.

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Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at So often we as college students feel that inevitable push to

succeed, to do something different, to pave our own ways and be stars and still find down time for ourselves to “relax.” We are expected to be authentic and create new things, yet remain

true to tradition and fall in line with societal norms. We have

to be young and free, yet older and wiser each and every day. All of those expectations leave us with this overwhelming

sense of dissatisfaction. We never feel like we have done

with something bigger and better. The stress to outweigh

are not only set by our professors and parents, but also our

After some wallowing, I realized how ridiculous I was being.

enough, earned enough, proved enough. These expectations

friends and ourselves; we aren’t solely pushed by examples of success, but by some inner desire to outdo ourselves. It isn’t

enough anymore to hang the A on the fridge, we have to also

be recognized for that A and earn some kind of reward for it. Then we have to go and earn another. We have forgotten

what it means to be content, and we’re also afraid of feeling that way.

I began reflecting on that after going through a sort of

break-up with someone I was close with. Of course I was upset at the feeling that I had lost something important

to me, but I also had a feeling of failure. It was almost as

if I needed to immediately remedy the loss by replacing it

heartbreak with success began dragging my mood down.

Not only was the end to that relationship the right call, but

it served to prove how much I love other aspects of my life

and self. True, I don’t have something I once did, but I’m also

really happy with where I am in live and the things I’m doing. Put very simply, I’m proud of myself and the things I have

accomplished so far. That being said, before you graduate, try to find contentment with your life. Shut out all the stress of

graduation and future careers or partners, and take a moment to recognize how far you’ve come already. Count your blessings and find something you really love about yourself, something that no one can take away from you. These are

supposed to be the best years of our lives, so let’s make them.

12 Ideas debate & discuss "THE LAST SUPPER" With the semester winding down, many students will try to cherish all of their time left with their friends from far away. So many students at our University come from out-of-state and decide to return home for the summer. For those students splitting up and leaving Columbia for the summer, I would suggest going out to a nice dinner with some of your friends. As college students, I know that many of us don’t ever want to spend a lot of money on dinner- because frankly we do not have that money to waste. However, I think that splurging on a nice final meal, and a great last memory with some college friends is worth the cost. Some restaurants that I think students would enjoy going to are Motor Supply Company Bistro, Miyo’s, Hunter Gatherer and Liberty on the Lake. Motor Supply Company Bistro is a popular restaurant for dates for university students. The restaurant is nicer than many typical dinner locations for students, but the menu and service is worth it. It’s open daily for lunch and dinner, and offers a large variety of meal options. Instead of focusing on a certain type of cuisine, Motor Supply Company is a blend of Italian, Asian, French and American cuisine. In the Best of Columbia 2013, Motor Supply Company won the category for best specialty drink for the restaurants innovative cocktail menu. This would be great for those students over 21 to enjoy and relax after a week of stressful finals and studying. Miyo’s has been around Columbia since 1996, and desires

to offer their guests a wide variety of food options on their menu. While it’s popular with locals around Columbia, I feel that many students overlook Miyo’s for other sushi restaurants around campus. Going to Miyo’s and trying something new towards the end of the year would be a great end of the semester celebration. What’s great about Miyo’s is their variety of food options. In fact, the restaurant prides itself on its mixture of Asian cuisine. Miyo’s offers Chinese cuisine, Korean style BBQ, Japanese sushi, and Thai and Vietnamese inspired dishes. The restaurant was named the best sushi by the Free Times 2013. Along with being named the best sushi restaurant, Free Times also rated Miyo’s as the best take out food for 2013. This makes it easy for students who don’t want to sit around and eat in the restaurant to go back to their apartment and eat their food. Miyo’s also has the same menu as M-Vista if the location suits you better. Hunter Gatherer: Located right by the end of the Horseshoe, Hunter Gatherer is a unique restaurant that I recommend trying with your friends. In addition to their menu, they also brew their own beer! Pale Ale, Wheat, and ESB Beers are all only $4.25 or you can try 4oz samples for just $1 each. While the menu isn't very long, they have a wide variety of dishes to fit anyones interest. Some of my favorites are the Carolina Crab Cakes, Mac & Cheese (with a goldfish crust!!), and the gyros. They have pizza, burgers, salads, and even tofu

KATIE CROWLEY Kappa Kappa Gamma

Katie is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at for vegan needs. Every Thursday they hold jazz nights, making it a great place to go with all of your friends for some live music. Liberty on the Lake: This is a change to the classic favorite Liberty Tap Room in the Vista. Offering the same menu, Liberty on the Lake is located about 30 minutes away on Lake Murray. While you might be thinking that's too is worth the drive. Call days in advance when nice weather is planned and make a reservation for the outdoor patio during sunset, you wont regret it! They offer great specials throughout the week. For example, on Monday is a burger & brew special for $9, Tuesday's special is $20 for a rack of ribs, fries & slaw, and Saturday is ladies half price martinis. Make sure to try out this beautiful restaurant before you graduate! It is also a great place to go with your family.

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THE ADDERALL DEBATE Adderall has seen a dramatic increase in universities across the countries. Pharmacies are having trouble keeping it on their shelves and filling orders it has become so popular. As college students we are under a tremendous amount of stress especially during finals week. With up to six exams and papers to complete all in a short period of time it is a no brainer why students are looking for a little more help to complete what is being asked of them. Also as college students of this era with smart phones and a complete lack of normal sleep schedule our brains are trained to be erratic and not be able to focus. Sure if we acquired more sleep or if we weren’t constantly feeding our brain stimuli with our phones, televisions and computers then maybe we would be able to focus better but if we are being realistic with ourselves then we know we are not going to drastically change our lifestyles, rather we are going to pop a pill or two for a week. Yes that is the method for the madness that is the aderrall craze, amongst other stimulants such as vyvanse and ritalin. Personally I choose to avoid the drugs, even though I do struggle tremendously with my ability to focus. For me the issue is becoming dependent on it in order to ever get things done. I have plenty of people that I know who need these drugs

in order to complete every major assignment throughout their college careers. Do I think my friends are addicted, no, but it is an issue. Yes drug companies, and pharmacies claim that the drug’s addictiveness is dangerous but almost everything we indulge in that brings us pleasure is addictive in one way or another. The word addictive does not scare a college student because we hear that about everything and for the overwhelming majority of us, we will never become addicted to any of the substances that we are constantly warned about. It’s not ignorance on our parts we just have experience with everything we are supposed to be scared of and we thus do not fear it. Most of my friends who do develop any sort of addiction whether it is a tobacco issue or in this case adderall most are well aware of it. For most the addiction will last only in college and fade away after graduation but some may continue with their problems. I believe the adderall demand will only increase from here and this is just the beginning. I read a statistic that was quite alarming that stated 95% of those that report issues with ADHD are either fake or unsubstantial. That’s a lot of people trying to acquire focus enhancement. I think this will increase exponentially and we will start to see a major focus by universities to stop it. We have already seen campus police enter Thomas Cooper and write tickets for those not prescribed the



Collin is a junior studying business. You may contact him at baxtercd@email. drug. Some other universities such as UNC-Chapel Hill have declared the drug officially as a cheating method that could result in expulsion. I personally don’t have a huge problem with the drug and I know my fellow classmates will continue to use it but I am going to take a different turn then you would think. We don’t need it. We just don’t. The more I see it the more I think that people could honestly receive placebo’s of the drug and operate the same. I think people believing it will help them focus will automatically focus more. Its like a magic window to get all of your stuff done that the drug provides when in fact we could already complete this. We could complete it but we don’t and the drug boom is going to continue because the fact of the matter is our brains are different and most of us didn’t even get thru this article without checking our phone, another website or leaving and coming back. College students brains are different and overworked and although I will continue to avoid it myself, I don’t blame all those that want some mental help.

14 Humor lol @MorganBrinton: If I spent half the time doing my school work as I think about dreading it, I'd already be done and have straight A's @TheFakeESPN: Michael Phelps announces boredom with weed. @espn: “Small-town guy named Bubba now has two green jackets. It's pretty wild.'' -Bubba Watson @Dejay_Jazzy_Jay: Let's get trippy and go missing like we on a milk carton. Baby girl you already know I'll spoil you like sour milk

@JennyJohnsonHi5: "Blood Moon" sounds super gross, like the moon is having its menses. @z_v_t: Total lunar eclipse... Gee big shocker columbia weather messes it up @JennyJohnsonHi5: If your key ring is full of keychains with clever sayings, plus a stick filled with glittery water, I know you had a baby in high school. @gilly_kerner: I'm really going to miss being serenaded to sleep by the soft sounds of the trains this

summer @FranceInDC: If making out with a puppy is wrong I don't wanna be right @gilly_kerner: My wifi is reminding me of my relationship with a light switch...on and off ;) hahah!!! @DrinkingTicket: There have been reports of a homeless man riding around campus on a bike screaming at students. @AdmiralSackett: RIP spring 4/12/14 - 4/14/14


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