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SPRINGTIME BEAUTY page 3 NBA DRAFT page 9 Chi Omega sisters enjoying Carolina Cup in Camden, SC. Photo by Cassady Cohick.

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LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO... MEREDITH GAZES Alpha Delta Pi Editor-in-Chief

Meredith is a senior studying mass communication. You may contact her at As my time as Editor-In-Chief comes to an end, that means the beginning of new leaders at The Odyssey. Recently, our new President was chosen as Walker Fritz, an ADPi at USC. Beyond this position, we are hiring many new positions going into Fall of 2014. Below are all of the positions that will be available: Editor-in-Chief: This position’s responsibility is to recruit new writers, write a weekly editor ’s

note, determine the publications layout both of

in both print and online, which makes for a portfolio

advertisements and articles, editing all articles, and

that is seen by people from all over the country.

supporting and motivating staff on campus. While this job is the most time consuming, it is a great resume boost and it is paid!

Writer(s): As a writer you will select a topic you are interested in writing about and weekly contribute a story to the paper. You will submit your article weekly

Social Media Director: This position is responsible for

online and photos that accompany your article are

communicating with the campus community through

encouraged for the greatest online sharing potential. We

various social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook,

hire 2-3 writers per sorority and fraternity for the year

etc. Duties include updating social media accounts,

and we would love to have every chapter on campus

encouraging Odyssey writers to share their articles,


and interacting with the public.

If you are interested in applying head over to www.

Photographer(s): This position is responsible for By

weekly cover photos as well as photo spreads when

joining our organization you can be published up to

major events in the Greek community occur. The

30 times a year, which will help anyone’s resume…no

photography you provide as photographer will be used

matter your major.


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Self health & fitness



Stephanie is a junior studying visual communications. You may contact her at As we are getting further into the warmer weather we all have been patiently waiting for, there are more and more trends popping up on the radar. Bohemian outfits, crisp whites, and bright colors are making their way into our wardrobes for the season. Along with this, comes a whole new set of spring trends in regards to beauty. Bright Hues – Whether you want a pop of color on your pout or a bold tint on your eyelids, using color is a great way to make a statement with your makeup choices. Orange, blue or any other eye-catching colors are great ideas for this season. Be sure to only use one statement color at a time though. It is important to have a shock factor but still stay subtle.

Dewey Skin – The springtime sunshine alone will make you look more bright-eyed and bushytailed, but you can enhance this more with the use of great skin-care products. Make sure your skin radiates the light you want to show off this season. As long as you do not look overly shiny (or greasy for that matter), you will look like you have smooth, lit up skin.

Hair Accessories – The trends with things to put in your hair change constantly. Although I wouldn’t say bow headbands are with the current trends right now, specific other headbands are. Incorporating flowers into your hair is a bohemian and stylish way to look for the spring and summer months. Whether you are going to a music festival or just outside with friends for a day, a bit of floral embellishment in the hair would be perfect. In addition, normal beaded or fabric headbands are a more understated way to add something to your hairstyle. Berry Lips – If you are one who loves lip color and can’t go without, try a berry tint. This season, shades of a deeper berry are great to add color that still looks slightly natural. If

the bright shade of orange mentioned earlier isn’t your cup of tea, go for one of the raspberry shades that will be on beauty stands all over this season. There are so many shades to choose from in this category, so you can’t go wrong. Braids All Around – Although braids have always been a good option for a quick hairstyle, there is something to be said for having a fresh braid during the springtime. If you are looking to do something like this, try to braid the hair at the crown of your head. Leaving some hair down or putting it all up are both good options and can add a lot to a simple spring hairdo. Use White – Although it might sound strange to use white in your make-up routine, it can incorporate a crisp, clean and interesting look. Putting white under your eyes can make them appear larger. Even using a bit of white eye shadow on your lids can create a dramatic but still understated effect. All in all, there are many great beauty trends for the ladies this season. Whether you are trying to go bold or just fresh, there is an option for you. This sunny season is bringing some great trends to the surface with it.

4 500 words on school spirit


Katie is a freshmen studying public relations. You may contact her at The University of South Carolina recently announced the schools new tartan pattern. The tartan pattern “Old Cocky” was voted on and was selected as the winning design. Three designs were in the running as the official tartan- including patterns “Tartan & Feather” and “Royal Rooster.” At the end of voting by alumni, students and faculty, “Old Cocky” was the winner. The official pattern was unveiled Wednesday, March 26. The University of South Carolina is one of only a small number of universities in the United States who have registered school tartans. The USC tartan

merchandise will be soon be sold at the campus bookstore. The design will also be sold in other retailers around Columbia. Many products will soon be “Old Cocky” tartan patterned- including ties, flip-flops and headbands. The products will also be available for purchase of the Collegiate Tartan website The pattern is an effort by the university to give students and alumni another way to identify themselves through their apparel. The university hopes that the tartan will be the start of a new tradition at USC. The movement towards an official school tartan pattern began with the school of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management in the Department of Retailing. Many students and faculty have worked hard for years in order to see that the university is able to implement their own tartan pattern. A goal of the tartan is also that portion of the proceeds on tartan sales sold will be used to fund future student scholarships.

500 words on entertainment


According to Rotten

Tomatoes 89% positive

rating, to the majestic voices of Kristen Bell and

Idina Menzel gracing each

viewer throughout the entire movie, there’s no

reason why anyone should


Carter is a sophomore studying business. You may contact her at spencermc@email.

doubt the animated movie

“Frozen" sudden media stir. Since thanksgiving, 10 weeks ago, the movie has made a worldwide total of over a billion dollars worldwide. The movie has surpassed “The

Lion King” as the second-highest non-sequel animated release in history, just under “Finding Nemo”.

Not only does the clever plot show for the films success but the ridiculous number

of posted videos of people singing “Let it Go” only add to the phenomenon. One of the most viewed videos is a man who uses a combination of 21 different Disney and

Pixar character voices to the lyrics and tune of the song “Frozen”. If that’s not enough, YouTube “Families Singing Frozen” and you’ll find numerous videos with over a million

views. John Travolta better be embarrassed now, after butchering the actress Idina Menzel’s name when announcing her award during the Oscar’s. Menzel’s voice is so highly thought of that she is actually being compared to Adele with many commentators

giving her the nickname Adele Menzel, according to E online. For those who don’t

normally enjoy the music style of musicals don’t worry there’s a spinoff of “Let it Go” that adds an upbeat remix so there’s no way around falling in love. On top of music video remakes there’s an actual quiz that Buzzfeed has produced called, “Which Frozen

Character Are You?” This quiz asks a true fan 10 personality questions then proceeds

to “match” you with your most suitable character from the movie. If you aren’t happy with what you got the first time, chances are if you take the quiz for a second time you’ll get a new character.

In contrast to normal Disney movies Frozen’s ending has a bit of a twist. The ending

isn't your normal cliché ending, there’s more of a real approach that Disney movies

in the past have lacked. This feature enables the movie to be appreciated by all ages,

female or even male. This unique quality is huge “it” factor when most movie critics try to explain the authenticity of this newly legendary Disney production.

As my roommates and I have experienced and I know for fact we are not the only

ones of our generation, Frozen’s entire album has been on repeat in our house. This effect happens once the ending credits are over and the catchy songs are all stuck in your head. The only logical way to help this problem is to download not one song but the entire album. Now, “Let it Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, and “Frozen

Heart” are all songs we have on repeat daily. Whether we’re pre-gaming to go out or

it’s the afternoon pick me up between classes. The catchy lyrics to the songs will keep anyone going no matter what age. Our guy friends may laugh at our Disney music but

I’ve caught a few mouthing the lyrics. “Frozen” may not be a movie to watch in the

fraternity house come Thursday night but it definitely has earned the praise our current

social media has given it. Therefore in conclusion, don’t let your friends give you a hard time if you want to rent “Frozen” next time you are at Redbox. You surely won’t regret it, and given sometime neither will they.


6 Ideas debate & discuss


Collin is a junior studying business. You may contact him at baxtercd@email. Every semester that you spend as a student of South Carolina becomes shorter and shorter. Somehow, even though I’m pretty sure it was like January a week ago we are coming to a close this semester. With a few weeks left the Thomas Cooper Library is bound to see plenty of faces it hasn’t seen all semester. The unbelievable crowdedness of Thomas Cooper during exam week looks like a zombie invasion. Students hobbling around with no sleep, passed out on computers and desks or fighting their natural state cracked out on Adderall or Vivanse. As a freshman I never went to the library. That was due to the dorm that I was in. At the honors dorm the study rooms were a thousand times more spacious and comfortable and I didn’t have to reserve them. That was on the old reserve system, let alone the new one that is a complete pain in the you know what. I see rooms all over the library that are empty then go onto the system and see they are all taken. Secondly the two hour maximum is not a favorite of mine either because if I am only studying for an hour or two I am not going to the trouble of acquiring a room and wasting twenty minutes of my limited study time. If I want a study room it is because I want to study for hours on end from when the sun goes down until it reminds me in the morning how much sleep I am missing. As an upperclassman I frequent the library yearround except for exam week. There are two locations that I find to be the best for cramming a semesters worth of information into one week. First is an on-campus location and that is the 300 Main engineering building. This almost always is a place of solitude that I can have a room to myself or with my group and study without any distraction whatsoever. I am not an engineer but I do enjoy their facilities and it makes sense that such a difficult field would have better facilities for studying. Last semester it seemed that people for the first time were encroaching upon the gem that I had discovered but the small crowds are nothing in comparison to that to Thomas Cooper and friends. The next location is an off-campus location and one of my favorite spots in Columbia. They have won several Carolina awards for best coffee in Columbia as well as Best of Columbia awards yet I can usually find plenty of space and relaxation here. Cool Beans coffee shop is located across the street from the Horseshoe on College Street. The coffee to say the least is fantastic and nothing on campus can compare to it and I like it because I am supporting local as oppose to mega-corporate giants like Starbucks. The environment of the shop I would liken to that of a bed and breakfast. It even kind of looks like a bed and breakfast. The building is old and a majority of the lighting is a cozy yellow that just puts you in a relaxation mood. It is quite a trendy place and If you have ever been to Asheville, North Carolina, Cool Beans looks like a piece that was taken out of the artsy city. These two locations by far are the best places to study but there are plenty more. So come on people quit swamping the library and get off the floor of hallways because you don’t have space and explore this campus for better options face on because we mean business.

Ideas debate & discuss




Alex is a freshmen studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at The warm weather is finally here to stay in Columbia.

Why not enjoy the last few weeks before finals start by spending as much time as possible outdoors? From

shopping, to eating, to adventurous activities, Columbia and the surrounding areas provide plenty to do outside.

The Riverwalk: A favorite spot among many USC

students and Columbia residents alike, the West Columbia Riverwalk is a beautiful spot to go for a run

or walk with friends. The 3.5-mile path follows the

Congaree River and offers beautiful views of the scenery and the Columbia skyline. The Riverwalk is also a great

place to sit outside and do homework or just relax in the sun.

Riverbanks Zoo: If you are looking to be more

adventurous while still taking advantage of the beautiful

Columbia weather, check out the Riverbanks Zoo located just a few minutes from campus. The zoo is open every day of the week and tickets are only $11.75. The

Riverbanks Zoo also offers zip line tours throughout the zoo or over the Saluda River. The Village at Sandhills: The Sandhills are a great place to go if you are looking

to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat, while still enjoying the outdoors. This outdoor shopping center is located on Clemson Road about twenty minutes from

campus. It is the perfect place to shop for that last minute formal and end of the year

function outfits. The Sandhills features many great stores, including some student favorites – Belk, Handpicked, and Victoria’s Secret. There are also multiple hair and

nail salons, and a movie theatre. The dining options at the Sandhills are sure to please

every taste. Restaurants include Moe’s, Cracker Barrel, Five Guys, Starbucks, Panera, Marble Slab, and many others.

Outdoor Bars and Restaurants: USC students also have the option of hanging

outside at some of the most popular bars in 5 points. Breakers, Jake’s, Saloon, and Pav’s all have outdoor patios or porches so students are not forced inside once the

weather warms up. Columbia also has plenty of restaurants that offer outdoor seating. Pawley’s Front Porch, a Columbia favorite, offers plenty of outdoor seating. Check it out on a Tuesday night and take advantage of the $5 burger and fries deal. The

Blue Marlin in the Vista also has beautiful outside seating perfect for a date night or dinner with your parents.

Carowinds: For some fun before school ends head up to Charlotte with a group of

friends and spend the day at Carowinds Amusement Park. Carowinds is a short hour and a half drive from Columbia. From now through the end of the semester everyone

pays kids price, and tickets are only $40. Carowinds has everyone’s favorite classic rides as well as 13 thrilling roller coasters, proving there’s something for everyone.

With so many things to do outdoors, be sure to spend some time outside in the beautiful Columbia weather before heading home for the summer!

8 sports talk

HEARTBREAKING ENDING This 2013-2014 basketball

season has highlighted many different teams from across the nation. Basketball

followers couldn’t help but notice the success from underdog Wichita State

over the passing months,


Rachael is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

Syracuse shocked fans

when they lost two games back-to-back after going undefeated for nearly four months, and the nails of diehard rivalry fans were bitten when several games came down to the last few seconds in their perspective heated match-ups.

But perhaps one team that has been glossed over in the high-energy world of

college basketball is our very own Lady Gamecocks. While many may roll their eyes

at the mention of women’s basketball, our team had an astounding amount of success this season. Calling this season’s theme “Be The Change,” the team proved that they held the power to change their program for the better. Gamecock fans showed up

to home games with an undisputed amount of pride for the team. Devotees showed

support for breast cancer and coach Nikki at the Think Pink game, displayed a neon sea of fans during Women’s Basketball Tweet Week, and poured into the Colonial

Life Arena to watch the NCAA National Championship tournament Selection Show with the team.

Ending the regular season as SEC champions set the team up with a #1 seed in the

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Head coach Dawn Staley was crowned SEC Coach of the Year, guard Tiffany Mitchell was named SEC Player of the Year, and

freshman Alaina Coates lived up to her potential and was deemed SEC Freshman of the Year and SEC Co-6th Woman of the Year.

With a locker room full of trophies and honored distinctions, the team headed

into the NCAA tournament carrying their “Be The Change” theme with them and a

#1 next to their names. In an effort to rally Gamecock nation in support of the team while they were away from home, Gamecock Athletics utilized social and digital media. By creating a graphic with the picture of the team and the number of the

teams left in the tournament, the ladies encouraged fans to take a picture with the graphic and tweet, post, or email it to the team.

The team dominated Round 1 against Cal State, Northridge and again in Round 2

against Oregon State. Their display of talent and drive proved they deserved their #1 seed and would be in the tournament for a while.

Unfortunately, the graphic interaction stopped with the number 16. While the

Gamecocks proved they deserved their seed and the hype built around them, they ended their tournament run in the Sweet Sixteen against University of North

Carolina, Chapel Hill. The Gamecocks rode right behind the Tar Heels throughout the game, but a strong second half was not enough to seal the Gamecocks’ ticket to the

Elite Eight. The crushing ending to such an empowering season was heartbreaking. The highly decorated program ended the season leaving Gamecock nation with

so much to cheer for and be proud of. We’ll have to see what comes next year with new recruits and new motivation to once again prove that they are the change.


March Madness has come and gone. This year ’s tournament has been one of the most exciting in recent memory. From huge upsets, to knocking the number one seeds out, to buzzer beaters and overtime battles. While all of this was great to watch, it’s over. Now we must wait until June 26th to see what happens to the stars of March. While there were plenty of stars in the tournament, not all of them will be entering the NBA draft. The greatest question left is to see how the young basketball players will handle entering the NBA before even being 21 years old. Let’s start with the underclassmen. There were quite a few freshmen studs this year. Andrew Wiggins of Kansas appears to be the first overall pick and is an absolute insane athlete. He has been compared to Andre Iguodala, one of the top high flyers in the NBA today. Right behind Wiggins, his Kansas teammate Joel Embiid seems to have all the qualities NBA teams look for in a big man. He’s been compared to Hakeem Olajuwon, although comparing a college freshman to an NBA hall of famer can be quite bold. Analysts haven’t worried about bold predictions

when it comes to these freshman, mentioning that Duke’s Jabari Parker could be a Carmelo Anthony prototype. Even saying that Julius Randle of Kentucky could be the next Zach Randolph with their similar body builds. The freshmen phenomenons don’t end there. They are rounded out with Noah Vonleh of Indiana and Aaron Gordon of Arizona. Both are very strong power forwards that have great size and athleticism, and have much promise in the NBA. While these freshman have some great potential, they are still so young that they could easily be busts. There are some sophomores that have proven their abilities for two seasons now and have demonstrated their great skills. Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State has an immense amount of talent, but after his incident in the stands with some fans, his character could be in question. Gary Harris of Michigan State has proven he’s a leader and great scorer, and could be a great addition to some NBA teams. These sophomores are quite talented, but most people will have their eyes on North Carolina State’s top scorer T.J Warren. The whole country saw him drop 40 points in back to back games, proving he’s

sports talk



Drew is a senior studying sport & entertainment management. You may contact him at a deadly scorer. Nik Stauskas of Michigan appears to be the next big thing born in Canada since Steve Nash. His change from spot up shooter last year, to the Big Ten’s player of the year this year shows his ability to adapt and grow. All of these players will hopefully have an opportunity in the NBA, but it’s their decision to come out of college early. Unlike the following seniors who either enter the real world or try their luck in the NBA. Doug McDermott ended his career at Creighton being one of the NCAA’s most proficient scorers of all time. How he will be able to handle the NBA is yet to be determined though. Adreian Payne of Michigan State has the size and athleticism that he may succeed in the pros, as long as he can bulk up some more. Shabazz Napier from Connecticut will definitely have teams looking at him after his great performances in March. Overall, all of these players have a shot to be great, but who will take full advantage. Check out the draft in June and find out.

10 Lookbook fashion


Chelsea is a senior studying advertising and public relations. You may contact her at What better way to usher in the spring season that’s finally arrived, than with a new treat for your feet? This season is all about five easy footwear trends that you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe, and carry into summer. In need of something to freshen up your spring wardrobe? Footwear is a great quick-fix you can carry on through the summer. Gladiator Sandals: This spring’s hottest trend is the gladiator sandal. Ankle length or knee high, any flat, strappy pair will do. Avoid a heel, as this makes the look

a little over the top. Pair with jorts, a slitted maxi dress, or a cute floral mini, anything to juxtapose the hard, city edges these shoes provide. Stick with neutrals, i.e. black or nude, and let your weekend warrior shine!

Neon kicks: You’re first instinct was right; I am talking running shoes. The best part is, neon and printed running sneakers are something almost every sorority girl already has in her closet, no purchase necessary! While these shoes already take you the gym and class, they are now fashionably acceptable to pair with the cute shorts, yoga pants, or comfy jeans you already wear to run errands and lounge in on the weekends. White pumps: This spring is bringing the 80’s back with white POINTED toe pumps. These shoes can carry you from your internship to pint night when paired with neon brights. Or, for a look that’s more high fashion, wear with all white. Try a pair that’s open on the side to add a little fun to this timeless trend. Menswear-inspired loafers: Back again, menswear-

inspired oxfords are key for spring. While boyish, when paired with a girly top and jeans, or a flouncy skirt, these shoes provide just the right amount of hard and soft. If you just want to invest in one pair, go for a staple brown or black. Once you fall in love with the trend, opt for something more fun— a rose gold metallic or patterned pair. Birkenstocks: While I know the aversion that comes with the mention of birkenstock sandals, give me a few sentences to explain myself. First of all, these aren’t you’re grandmother ’s sandals— spring birkenstocks are being sold by all designers, from Givenchy to Zara, in fun metallics and spring hues. These shoes offer both comfort and style, and can be easily worn with any piece. Try black or white leather paired with an opposing shade of skinny jeans, or a pair of great printed cropped pants with metallics. And yes, the taupe and brown hippie shades made by the actual Birkenstock brand also fit the bill.

Lookbook fashion


STAY COOL THIS SUMMER After the longest winter

South Carolina has had

in years, most of us don’t want to think about being cool. However, lightweight,

cooling fabrics are part of the new spring styles that will

keep us enjoying the weather

Additionally, showing some skin is necessary in order to avoid a heat stroke, but

LAURA GROVE Delta Delta Delta

Laura is a senior studying retailing with an emphasis in fashion merchandising. You may contact her at grovel@email.


An important element of spring and summer weather to consider is layering. Typically,

moderation is key. If wearing shorter cut shorts, avoid wearing a plunging neckline and vice versa. A look I like to wear for class as summer approaches are my Kut from the Kloth

denim shorts that are able to rolled up shorter or longer as desired. That way, I can adjust the rest of my look accordingly. I love to pair them with my Madewell tanks, which come

in lightweight fabrics perfect for the rising temperatures. I’ll throw in a plaid Zara cotton button up with adjustable three-quarter length sleeves as a jacket if necessary. Lightweight button ups, such as this one, are great alternatives to jackets because they’re light enough to easily carry in a purse, yet great to wear if the AC is blowing in class.

Finally, choose spring trends that are lightweight and comfortable, yet also flatter your

we’ll feel hot outdoors, and dress accordingly, yet as soon as we enter our classrooms

body type. Not every trend is meant for every body type, so shop for styles that flatter

vests and lightweight jackets in for spring that can be thrown into a tote and layered

silhouette. Read my past articles online to find dresses and silhouettes that flatter each body

are immediately freezing. One of my favorite brands, Sanctuary, has some great spring

when appropriate. Spring and summer fabrics are typically more lightweight in nature, but when shopping for the future heat waves that are soon to occur in Columbia, look

for blends, cotton elements, and sheer characteristics. Avoid heavy fabrics like denim or

polyester, even if they are on trend. When living in the armpit of the South, some trends are worth avoiding for comfort purposes.

you rather than the latest fad. However, don’t limit yourself to only one color range or type if you need help deciding which styles flatter you. As we enter the rising temperatures of summer, stay cool by choosing lightweight materials that can be layered, such as a tank

with a button up, show skin appropriately and in moderation, and choose styles that flatter your body type while keeping up with the season’s spring and summer trends.

12 Ideas debate & discuss

FINALS WEEK The school year is coming to a close, and once again that means more cramming. Finals are here and it is time to regurgitate all the knowledge you have acquired over the past 4 months onto a piece of paper in roughly two hours. Sounds stressful. Here are some tips on how to survive finals week!


Cassady is a sophomore studying political science & French. You may contact her at

1. Don’t Procrastinate: Waiting until the last minute doesn’t help anybody. It leaves you stressed, and at times, your work can be less than high quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve crowned myself the Queen of Procrastination from time to time, but save that for later, don’t try it during the most stressful week of the school year. 2. Sleep: If you’re exhausted and you are still trying to cram every last bit of information into your head the night before your exam, go to sleep instead. Sleeping will do your mind and body more good than having information go in one ear and right out the other. If you still feel like you need some last minutes of studying, set your alarm to wake up an hour earlier than you normally would so you can memorize those last few equations or definitions. 3. Take Breaks: Don’t just take a social media break, take a planned 30 minute or hour break from studying. If you start scrolling through twitter or taking buzzfeed quizzes, you’re going to end up taking a 3 hour break after you’ve wound up on Netflix instead of the 20 minutes you had previously allotted. Try going for a walk outside instead. The weather is great this time of year, and a walk can help clear you head and prepare you for another few hours of having your nose in a book. 4. Form Study Groups: Studying with other people from your class can be helpful. Get a group of friends together that are in one of your classes and meet up at the library or Panera. Getting together and talking about the information can help you better understand and remember the material! 5. Don’t Stress: Easier said than done, but try your best. Stressing out will do you no good. Take a deep breath, study as much as you can, and do your best. USC also offers many ways to help students de-stress such as bringing puppies to campus. Who doesn’t feel better (and happier) when you get to play with a cute little pup! Finals week can be overwhelming. Don’t let stress overcome you and try to stay focused throughout the week. Manage your time wisely and follow some of these tips and you will be smooth sailing up until summer break.


Scene on campus


14 Humor lol @kubicks: I miss the days when having wiggly teeth was exciting. :( @assemblygreens: I found $80 in my jeans. The kid in me said, “buy Nerf guns & candy,� but I listened to the adult in me & bought beer, Nerf guns & candy. @DiGiornoPizza: pizza is the closest muggles get to being magical @iCARLLLL: I think if glitter was a flavor it would be quite scrumptious @WLTX: Remember #Gamecock fans: just one member of this year's women's team is a senior. More good things expected...

@zach_roth: Just saw a guy argue with the greek week organizers because he wanted to get a free cup and he wasn't in a fraternity #highlightofmyday @ShivMan631: Last night we saw girl crying in store. I hope she ok. Hey girl I hope and pray u ok. SMILE Girl shit happen.. peace and have a loko day @nbcnightlynews: Update: For first time since January 2007, there were no U.S. military deaths in combat in Afghanistan in a month (March 2014) @JennyJohnsonHi5: People who say "Karma is a bitch" a lot are usually huge

assholes. @CollegeTownLife: I hate it when people say "text me"... like no, how about you save your breath and the risk of me forgetting and just text me? @CollegeConfesss: "Witnessed a girl "shoot the boot" and drank a mixture of alc in someone's dirty shoe" -University of Rhode Island @CollegeConfesss: "Sometimes when my roommates aren't home, I like to go outside into the garden, cover myself with dirt and pretend I'm a carrot" -SEMO


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