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Meredith is a senior studying mass communication. You may contact her at Seniors have officially hit the one-month till graduation countdown. There is no avoiding the inevitable, and it is time to do everything in Columbia that you kept putting off the other 4 years of your time at USC. Here are a few suggestions of things that you must do as a Carolina student. Gamecocks Baseball Game: Lucky for us, the Gamecocks will be hosting SEC opponents Florida and Alabama before we graduate at our very own Carolina stadium. On April 11-13, the Gators will be here, and on April 25-27th Alabama will be in town. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, part of being a USC student is coming out and supporting our

team in their pursuit of another College World Series win. Five Points Bar Crawl: Normally each sorority’s senior class holds a bar crawl in April before graduation where they attempt as many bars in 5 points as possible. A fishbowl at Kildares, a blue drink at Village, a slushie at Breakers, and more are all necessary parts of saying goodbye to the City of Dreams. If for some reason you aren’t attending one, plan one with your good friends!

Along with these activities, at there are over 20 ‘Signature’ events by their standards, making for a ton of great things to do before you graduate on May 9th or 10th.

Vista: Most people at USC are creatures of habit who go to the same few places in the Vista each time they go out to dinner. Before you graduate, step outside of your comfort zone and try somewhere new. Some of my new personal favorites for a nice night with your friends are Pearlz, World of Beer, and Flying Saucer. Brewery: If you didn’t know, Columbia is now home to River Rat Brewery, located at 1231 Shop Road by the stadium. While the name might not seem attractive, it is actually named for the three rivers that run through Columbia, as well as the working class men who labored on the canal, according to their website. Operating hours are on Wednesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. as well as Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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Rachael is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at lackner@email.

In late February, Warner Bros. Studio made an earth-shaking, ground-breaking announcement. Such an announcement that no other major news or significant reports could even be made following Warner Bros.’ because they would just seem overshadowed by their disclosure. The news? Space Jam 2. Hope you were sitting down for that. But yes, the studio reported that a “Space Jam” sequel is in the works. The original “Space Jam” stared Michael Jordan and grossed over $230 million worldwide. Many details about the sequel remain a mystery, but for now the question in everyone’s minds is who will be bestowed the honor of the lead role in the film and fill the gigantic (both figuratively and literally) shoes of Michael Jordan who starred in the original. As expected, LeBron James’ name was thrown around and several sources claimed that he had already signed on for the project. However, his reps nixed those rumors. So now the question of who will take the lead and play next to Bugs Bunny in the sequel can be mulled over as we see who might be up for the task. Let’s take a look at some potential candidates to clinch the leading role and possible supporting roles as the villains, the Monstars, as I make my fantasy casting. Kobe Bryant: Unlike the multitude of King James bandwagoners, Kobe was the first player I thought to star in the film when I heard the announcement. He seems to be the only obvious candidate for the project with his legacy and stardom. You just can’t deny how significant Kobe, much like Jordan, has been to the NBA and the sport of basketball as a whole. He has not only played for 17 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he holds multiple glorified titles and has set numerous records, including the youngest player in league history to score 30,000 career points, the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest winner, and five-time NBA Champion. Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal lead the Lakers to three consecutive championships from 2000 to 2002. Since O’Neal’s departure from the Lakers, Bryant has the cornerstone of the team ever since. And um, HELLO, he’s Kobe. Although currently plagues by an ankle injury, I’m sure Bryant can ignore the pain long enough to shoot the movie. Role- The lead, originally played by Michael Jordan. LeBron James: While he might have denied early participation rumors as the star of the upcoming film, he is still a viable prospect. Putting my personal feelings toward him aside, like MJ, he is a significant figure in our pop culture and his star-status could bring ridiculous revenue to the film. With two NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player awards, the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, and the


Cleveland Cavilers’ all-time leading scorer, James has a hefty resume. After rising to stardom with the Cavilers, James became an unrestricted free agent in 2010 and was courted by several teams. ESPN aired an unnecessary and highly scrutinized live special called The Decision where he announced he would sign with the Miami Heat. Although being in Miami has been good to James, he is still criticized as one America’s most disliked, yet popular and influential athletes. While his fame might catch the eye of producers, his abundant endorsements and his blownup life are already seen everywhere and he’s beginning to feel overused and a bit trite, so his participation in the film might encourage a few more eye rolls. Talent stolen by- Pound, the high maintenance Monstar, and originally played by Charles Barkley

Dirk Nowitzki: Trading his German professional basketball team’s jersey for an American one, Nowitzki found himself in a Dallas Mavericks uniform in 1998 and has been wearing it ever since. Nowitzski struggled at the beginning of his American career and was often overpowered by stronger, more forceful NBA players as he grew into his young, tall and lanky body. Fortunately, the Mavericks primed him as he significantly improved his averages all around. The first ever Maverick player voted into the All-NBA squads, Nowitzki, high-scoring Michael Finely, and valuable point-guard Steve Nash were dubbed the Mavericks’ “Big Three.” Nowitzki is also well known for his thick German accent and goofy personality during press conferences and interviews. Talent stolen by- Blanko, the lanky and silly Monstar, originally played by Shawn Bradley

Dwight Howard: With his hard-to-ignore personality and monstrous size, Howard is a perfect fit for the film. After forgoing college and heading straight to the NBA, Howard has always been in the mouths and minds of NBA fans. From his showmanship in his winning performance in the rejuvenated 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Contest where he donned a Superman cape, to his three consecutive titles as NBA Defensive Player of the Year from 2009-2011, Howard is always catching attention. While his rebounding and blocking numbers can’t be disputed, many fans dislike him for his seemingly disloyalty to teams as he moved from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets in less than ten years. As an already ostracized player, Howard would make a great villainous Monstar. Talent stolen by- Bupkus, the flashiest and most in-your-face Monstar, originally played by Larry Johnson

Kemba Walker: After coming into the national spotlight as an NCAA National Champion and the NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player in 2011, Walker left UConn and became the 9th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft going to the Charlotte Bobcats. As one of the younger NBA players, Walker is probably still best known for his college career and many will always remember him for his game-winning basket as time expired during a round against Pittsburgh in the 2011 Big East Tournament and his power in leading the team to both a Big East and an NCAA National championship. His talent gained major sport attention as one of the can’t-miss athletes of the NCAA tournament that year and continues to be recognized for his talent in the NBA as he was crowned as an NBA Rising Star in both 2012 and 2013. He’s also easy to spot with his comparably shorter stature in the NBA. Talent stolen by- Nawt, the small and shifty assist, originally played by Muggsy Bogues Who knows what direction Warner Bros. will take, but I’m crossing my fingers for Kobe to secede the almighty MJ and hoping that technological advancements will make it another smash-hit film.

James Harden: Along with basketball reasons, Harden would be a perfect fit as one of the Monstars for facial hair reasons. His trademark beard is made for a Monstar in the film. Fans often sport shirts with Harden’s signature beard and can purchase flash-drives from Foot Locker that feature Harden and a detachable beard. Debuting in the NBA in 2009 with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Harden grew as one of the key parts in the young core of players on the team with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. After being traded to the Houston Rockets in 2012, Harden took the team’s spotlight as one of the franchise favorites. He quickly became a fan favorite as an explosive scorer with a big personality. Talent stolen by- Bang, the biggest Monstar, originally played by Patrick Earwig (who was known for his great mustache)

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To most golfers and golf fans, Spring is the best time of the year. Come April, Augusta National mesmerizes thousands of fans with the course’s pristine and beauty. Augusta is one of the greatest golf courses in the world. It is by far one of the most private. While most students know of USC and Augusta’s connection, some may not be familiar with the great opportunity available to students every Spring. Hundreds of students work the Masters each year from South Carolina. Those who have worked there or know someone who has, know just how special Augusta National truly is. Having worked the Masters two springs ago, I’ll never forget my week in Augusta, Georgia. The whole city revolves around this event and the traffic and craziness of the tournament is quite a spectacle.

This coming April, Augusta will once again be transformed into a magical place where everyone is gunning for a green jacket. The story lines will be endless, from Tiger Woods trying to get his fifth green jacket. To questioning if Adam Scott could win back to back years. The 14 year old Tianlang Gang could stir up some interest, too, after breaking the low amateur age record last year. Phil Mickelson always has a strong following at any tournament, especially the Masters. While these will probably all have strong focus come tournament time, there’s always some young guns who get quite a bit of attention. Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlory always seem to have a chance at first place, although they haven’t taken home many tournaments lately. If I had to make a bet on what headline would surround the Masters this year, my money would be on Tiger Woods recovering from his recent withdraw from the Honda Classic. Journalists will blow this out of proportion for either a great reason Tiger will struggle, or an interesting twist of how a few weeks of rest will allow him to finally get that fifth green jacket. While this tournament is a yearly spectacle and anyone who truly loves golf wants to attend or at least watch it on television. The Masters is extremely exclusive and pricey. Not only are tickets requested months in advance, the ones that are acquired are so expensive that the average citizen or scratch golfer struggles to go for more than a day or so. While businesses can have access to tickets, they still aren’t guaranteed or guaranteed to be free. The most reasonable way to enjoy the course and great golf is going during the practice rounds. These are still hard to come by and aren’t cheap, but they are quite a bit more affordable than someone wanting to go on Saturday or Sunday of the tournament. If all this talk about Augusta and the Masters is getting you excited for one of my personal favorite weeks of the year, then mark your calendar from April 8th to April 14th. The great thing about the Masters is the online access so we can all turn from our class work and watch some of the greatest golfers in the world. By chance anyone decides that their computer or television isn’t quite cutting it, a quick drive will get anyone to Augusta in under 90 minutes to go check out the prettiest golf course in the world in person.

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Nichole is a sophomore studying biomedical engineering. You may contact her at I constantly feel as if I am being bombarded by people trying to help me prepare for life after college. I had a hard enough time choosing my major, and now before I can even take a breath, I feel pressured to already start preparing for my career. It seems like I never have any time, but when I was recently asked to list what I was involved in, the list was much shorter than I had expected. The longer I am here at college, the closer and closer the real world feels. Over the past three years, I have been developing my professional skills and building my resume. Here are my best tips on how to get started on gaining the skills and knowledge to prepare for life after college. When I first came to college, I decided to

research things other than Greek Life that I would enjoy getting involved in. Studying abroad, intramural soccer, and volunteering at Pets Inc. were all things I wanted to accomplish. Other possibilities to think about could be an internship, coop, job shadowing, involvement in other fun student organizations, research, or a part-time job. I think by branching out, you will be able to have fun new experiences while building your resume at the same time. Then, it came time for me to sit down and write my first real, official resume. On average, it takes an employer only 10-30 seconds to read a resume. The thought of trying to portray the best version of myself on a single piece of paper that will be looked at for less than a minute is a little terrifying. But, USC has an awesome website (which can be found through the university's Career Center website) called OptimalResume that makes resume writing really easy! It gives multiple resume templates to choose from, examples and formats of every section that can be included on a resume, sample resumes, and writing tips and tricks that are very useful.

Check out our

NEW spring arrivals! 713 Saluda Ave Columbia, SC 29205 803.931.3247

Shop Online: @shopWISH


From there, it was just a process of sitting down and putting it all together. Once my resume was written, I went to the Career Center to have my resume looked over. No appointment was necessary, and I just walked in. I later found out that you can make an appointment with the center. The guy I spoke to was very helpful. He gave me advice on what I could add, a few formatting changes, and answered all my questions. He also informed me of a website that is run through the University of South Carolina and the Career Center called JobMate. After going to the career center a couple times, they will upload your resume on this website and potential employers can search through resumes. You can also search for potential job opportunities through this website. So now, my resume is on this website, and it has helped me find a few summer internships. The tools the University of South Carolina provides were very helpful to me throughout these three years. With a few internet searches and some persistence I have become prepared with a strong resume that I can use when applying for jobs, research positions, or any great opportunities that come my way.

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coming to an end and you

most likely want to leave for summer on the best

note possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind

during the last month at school.

“we’re”, and “there” and “they’re”.


Alex is a freshmen studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

Stop the Fellow Greek

Bashing: Though our letters may all be different, we are all part of the same Greek

community. With this in mind, we should be more apt to support one another, instead

Simply using a word correctly, and furthermore,

using grammar

correctly, will make see




the intelligent person you are. Make


of talking bad about a certain sorority or fraternity just based on stereotypes. No

Effort with Your

our philanthropies, and share the bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood, all while

all know how

matter the letters, all Greek organizations share a common purpose – to support attempting to better ourselves and our community.

Nix the Spelling Mistakes: It happens to all of us, but as college students we

should try and stop making some basic spelling mistakes that appear unprofessional

to future employers. Know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, “were” and

Roommates: We

difficult it can be

to live with other

people. Though

roommates can

be a lot of fun, it is

inevitable that they may

get on your nerves from time to time.

Or you may just flat out not get along with your

roommates. No matter the situation, try your best to keep it civil. Not

speaking to your roommate can make for an awkward year. Instead of blowing up about every little thing, try and not sweat the small stuff. Wash their dishes every

once and a while and try to refrain from leaving passive-aggressive notes for every little thing.

Get More Involved with Your Philanthropy: Though the functions and events

that come along with being involved with a Greek organization are great, they should not be the only reason you joined one. Participating in your philanthropy

events with passion and drive can make a huge difference in the outcome. You may also find that there is no feeling like helping others. Because Greek life is such a large part of life at USC, we truly have the ability to make a huge difference for

our respective philanthropies. That being said, try and be supportive with other

sororities and fraternities philanthropies as well. You may find that they will be more than willing to return the favor and support you too.

Appreciate the Little Things: As corny as it may sound, this time truly is the

best time of our lives. And though it may feel stressful at times, try to take a step back every once and a while and be thankful for what you have. For the most part we are all extremely lucky to have many sorority sisters or fraternity brothers that

will be there for us no matter what, for the rest of our lives. We are lucky to go to

such an incredible, beautiful school in the great state of South Carolina. And we are fortunate (though it may not seem it on Monday at 8:30 a.m.) to be receiving a

quality education that will allow us to have a successful future. As you go through

the last month of school before we all leave for summer, keep these things in mind and live it up.

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Spring brings lots of rainy days, but instead of sulking about the bad weather ruining your plans, realize there are many different activities to be done instead.


Kappa Kappa Gamma Katie is a freshmen studying public relations. You may contact her at

Watch a movie: A rainy day is the perfect time to curl up and watch a movie. Whether you want to go back and watch an old favorite, or start a new trilogy, rainy days are the perfect chance. Cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and your favorite film is a great way to enjoy an otherwise gloomy day. If you didn't get a chance to watch any of the Oscar-nominated movies this year, this is a great time to catch up. If you’d rather not stay at home and watch movies, the Nickelodeon Theater is always offering matinee shows. The theater is currently showing The Invisible Woman, and beginning March 7, will begin to show The Past. Cook: Another great way to pass the time is by trying out a new recipe, or bringing back an old family favorite. Gross weather is the perfect time to bake your aunt’s famous chocolate chip cookies to let your kids taste test. It’s also a good way to get your children involved and keep them occupied. By choosing an easy recipe, and finding simple ways


for your child to assist, you can do two things at once. Finally do that DIY

project you’ve been talking

about: There’s always that one cool craft you've wanted to get around to, but never have done. A rainy day forcing you to stay inside is the perfect time to finally get around to painting that wall you wanted, or revamping that old piece of furniture. While it may have seemed like a huge task to tackle in the past, working on the in parts can make a daunting task a lot easier. Go through your Pinterest boards and find the perfect craft for you! Sleep: Sometimes, the best option for a rainy day is just going back to sleep. There’s nothing better than taking a nap hearing the rain fall outside. After all, it’s hard to get sleep in a busy life and work schedule, and you should take any chance possible to re-energize.

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It was the first semester

of my freshmen year at USC

and the setting could not have been more perfect. I was sitting

on the very top of Horizon Garage with a guy friend; let’s call him Steve. We had sort of

been seeing each other for a


Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at

few weeks after hitting it off

in a theater class. We found common ground in making fun of the professor, he helped me

move a television across campus, we lived in the same dorm building; it was all very cliché of the freshman experience. It was a warm fall night and I thought, “This is it, he’s finally going

to make a move.” As it turned out, Steve and I were not on the same wavelength. Choosing not to take advantage of the romantic spot he brought me to, he was more than content to just

eat his frozen yogurt and stare into the sky. As I fearfully dangled my legs over the ledge of the building, attempting to appear brave and also not drip frozen yogurt on myself, I slowly began to realize that the evening was maybe not a total loss because of one thing – the sunset. Also, the yogurt wasn’t half bad.

With the outlines of Strom and Greek Village framed by splashes of orange and pink, I

realized how truly beautiful our campus can be. I could see students playing soccer on the

Strom fields, sorority girls jogging around their houses and the river in the distance. I don’t know if Steve’s grand plan was just to introduce me to the view on top of Horizon, but I will always be thankful for that confusing date. Or hang out? I still don’t really know what that was. So, before you graduate, go find your own spot somewhere on campus and watch the

Columbia sunset. You will always remember the experience, and it’s guaranteed to lift your

mood. You could also invite a friend to go with you (careful with that) or go solo and relax. Basically, you do you and take advantage of what the south has to offer. Sometimes, it really is breathtaking.

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Cassady is a sophomore studying political science and French. You may contact her at Summer is right around the corner. That means no more cold weather, but lots of sunshine. Of course with summer comes going to the beach, hanging out with your friends, and getting tanner; but it also is an important time for a job. During the summer, it is important to build your resume to further you in your future career endeavors. Here are 5 tips of how to score a great internship over the summer. 1. Build a Resume: Taking the time to write out a professional resume is important. Write out your previous job experiences and make sure you list people who will give you a glowing recommendation as references. Be sure to include you skills, such as typing speed or your strong organization abilities, along with some of your extracurricular activities. Certain websites will give you a template to help create and format the perfect resume for you. 2. Write a Cover Letter: After you have found a job, or internship, that you are interested in applying for, take the extra time to create a cover letter. This is what you personalize your resume with. Include any details that you want your future employer to know about you and let them know why you think you are a great candidate for this position. This will allow the recruiter to get a better idea of how you would fit into their work environment. 3. Research Internships: Knowing where to apply is important, but sometimes it is hard to even find places that are hiring. Google is a powerful tool that should be used for this kind of research. If you are a political science student, perhaps you will search for internships in DC since that is where the political world thrives. If you were a fashion marketing student, you might want to search for jobs in New York or LA instead. The internet is great for connecting you to future employers. 4. Keep up with your Applications: Keep documents of where you applied and any e-mails you exchanged with people from future job opportunities. It is important that you make sure you know who you are still waiting to here from. If you haven’t heard from an employer who said they would reach out to you soon, having documentation would come in handy so you could send them an e-mail reminding them that you are still interested in working for their company. 5. Dress Professionally: Eventually, you may get called in for an interview. First impressions are important, especially in the job market. It is vital that you take the time to wake up early so you can make sure you have plenty of time to look awake and make yourself look presentable. If they are calling you in for an interview, it is also important that you dress the part. No one is going to take you seriously in shorts in flip-flops. So guys, a button down and nice pants is the way to go, for girls, try a nice blouse with work pants and flats. Getting a job over the summer is a great way to make some extra cash, meet new people, make connections, and build your resume. Take the time to research your future career endeavors and make sure you act appropriately when it comes to getting hired. Follow these tips and you are sure to land a great job this summer.

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SPRING BREAK '14: STRANDED IN AUBURN For spring break this

year I was strapped for

cash, to say the least. While my ideal trip would

have been to venture to Miami with some of my best friends from my


Collin is a junior studying business. You may contact him at baxtercd@email.

fraternity, I knew I could not afford it. After hearing

of the minimum $25 covers for clubs and the cheapest drinks still costing around $15, I knew that if I had chosen to go to Miami I would be begging for change for the remainder of the semester.

The trip I ended up going on was extremely last minute. My girlfriend’s group

of friends in Alpha Chi Omega were meeting some friends from the University of Texas and staying in a beachfront house in the Gulf Shores of Alabama. The house was already full, but they said they would take us in as extras who could sleep on

an air mattress if we chipped in a little money for communal food. It worked out perfectly for them, and for us, and I had the opportunity to go on spring break for next to nothing.

The ride down was one of the craziest parts of the trip. Usually, when my girlfriend

and I take a trip, I drive. However, I had recently discovered that my license was expired, so my girlfriend had to, which would become important because her car was about 10 years older than mine.

About five hours into our trip, after listening to some of the worst music known

to man – the downside of going on a road trip with three girls – we had some car trouble. We were coming into Auburn, Ala. when the car ’s brakes went out. Kind of hard to continue our trip and we were lucky not to have hit anyone.

The only mechanic open in town, and open for only an hour longer, told us the


Grab your brothers,

a pint

pull up a chair!

car could not be fixed until Monday. We were another four hours from Gulf Shores

with no car. The connections we had with friends in Auburn were useless because 95 percent of the student body was not there, seeing as it was also their spring break.

At least we were stranded at Auburn University and not the middle of nowhere

in the deep south, like in some of the small towns we passed with picketers waving

American flags with signs stating “STOP OBAMA NOW.” Stop what, I’m not sure; they didn’t get that far with the signs, but these were quite the political activists picketing random side roads.

So what did we do to escape our predicament? We tried every car rental place in

town, since one of us was a 24/7 Hertz member, but they were either closed or out

of cars. We were out of connections. So we explored Toomer ’s Corner, an Auburn hotspot, and even saw an Auburn baseball game – until we found our solution.

Through contacting the USC AXO president and then the Auburn AXO president

we were able to find a girl leaving for Gulf Shores that very afternoon and for some

reason she actually decided to take us poor strangers. This showed me the strength of Greek life and sisterhood. We made it to Gulf Shores and had a great week but, of course, before leaving Auburn I had to put up the Five in a row sign with Aubbie because all tigers are the same.

326 S. Edisto Ave. Columbia, SC 29205 803.251.4474

12 Lookbook fashion




As this long winter is finally (hopefully!) wrapping up, upgrade your Alpha Delta Pi warm weather wardrobe with these five trends that Chelsea is a sophomore studying are so easy, everyone can try advertising and public relations. You them. Follow the shopping may contact her at guide below to integrate five key pieces into your wardrobe from each big spring trend that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?!” And the best part— these trends can be integrated together.


1. The tailored shirt: This spring, ditch your classic white t-shirt in favor of something more polished— the menswear inspired tailored shirt. Choose a white t-shirt constructed with a dress shirt fabric and a menswear inspired silhouette. While this white tee can still be worn with anything, this style lends just a little more sophistication to everyone’s favorite basic. Pair with a pencil skirt for a day at your internship, or

dress down with fun, printed pants for a night out with the girls. J. Crew is a great place to start when looking to add this piece to your wardrobe.

2. Art inspired prints: Looking to make a statement this spring? Opt for clothing with art inspired prints. While on major runways this look was shown as a full-on head-to-toe ensemble, it can be transitioned into everyday life when paired with something basic, or just more understated. For example, grab a great, printed pencil skirt and pair it with a basic, simple blouse (like your white tailored shirt!). Or, you can opt for a great, brush stroke inspired blouse and pair with white jeans or shorts. 3. The color of the season: This spring is all about pastels. Rather than opting for traditional green and lavender hues, try my new favorite color, blush pink. Blush gives girls the opportunity to wear pink while shedding the super-girly image with which it has long been associated in favor of something more chic. This season, blush has made its way on to every item imaginable— bags, to accessories, to apparel. Maintain playfulness by pairing with soft hues, or give your look an edge by pairing with harsh, black accessories, such as a pair of black, strappy wedges or sandals. Don’t be scared to pull this color into your beauty routine as well! Check out this great blush clutch from Vince Camuto: http://www.vincecamuto. com/product/kashcl/kash-clutch.html 4. Sporty chic: Going for ease this season? Embrace the sporty chic trend— think cool pants with leather or mesh side detailing; slouchy, oversized sweatshirt-esque tops; and innovative crop tops. While at first this trend can be intimidating, it sure is one to try. Take cues from this sports bra-inspired crop top from Alexander Wang: http://www. us&utm_content=10&utm_medium=affiliazione&utm_source=linkshare_us&tp=40548 5. Cool Crops: While the tailored white shirt is my new favorite basic, the crop top is definitely the IT going out blouse of the spring season. However, not just any crop will do. Search for cool colors (lavender, mint, blue); new fabrics, i.e. neoprene or leather; art inspired prints (like above); and studded detailing. These crops look best paired with high waisted skirts, shorts, or pants, and will carry you through into the warmer months. British-it store TopShop is a great place to begin shopping for this addition to your ensemble.


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The Brazilian native, Alexandre Birman, began designing shoes Delta Delta Delta at the youthful age of twelve. He grew up Laura is a senior studying retailing with in a family that had and emphasis in fashion merchandising. You may contact her at grovel@email. a strong prominence in South America’s footwear industry, so naturally had a knack for this talent. His brand represents “luxury, femininity, and sophistication” according to his website, and is known for using unique materials pertaining to his heritage such as reptile skins and wooden soles. Spring 2008 marked his first collection, which was named recognition in VOGUE and later landed him the Vivian Infantino Emerging Talent Award in 2009 after major success in American department stores. Since then, Birman has been given several other awards and recognition in the fashion industry, media, and celebrities.


His most recent collection, Spring 2014, consists of bright colors, hints of reptile skins either as accents or borders to his shoes, and unique materials such as wood, suede and velvet. His designs include ankle boots, lace ups, strappy sandals, sky-high stilettos, flats, and classic pumps with his iconic reptile twist. One of my favorites in his recent collection is the mustard yellow strappy heels with a delicate feather cut out from the same material as embellishment. The heels are wrapped in a beautiful royal blue, black, and same yellow used for the straps to match accordingly. They are completely wearable, with colors that are vibrant yet still easily woven into your spring wardrobe. Birman often relates his shoes to his heritage, such as the connection with cobogos motif in his Fall 2013 collection, which was used by Brazilian architects years ago. He also laser cuts patterns and embellishments onto his shoes, such as the yellow feather in his most recent collection, or cut out leather resembling lace in his fall collection’s black booties. He also incorporates unexpected twists on trends, such as putting red fringe on the back of his suede pumps and booties, crochet, and different patterns. His designs are unique, yet always conducted in a tasteful and elegant manner. Alexandre Birman is the shoe designer to watch, and takes such careful attention to detail in his handmade shoes that they are considered wearable masterpieces. Each shoe is designed with such attention to detail and craftsmanship that only Birman himself can pull off these pieces of art. This Brazilian designer has shoes that can be found in department stores across America, including Neiman’s, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as in his flagship stores in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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